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6 Hilarious Lawn Mower Fails

 Check out these 6 hilarious lawn mower fails from around the world. 1: On Your Bike Walk behind lawn mowers can be hard work especially when they aren’t self-propelled but this Lance Armstrong wannabe has found his own unique approach to the problem. Who needs a gym membership when you have a cycling lane […]


Viking MI 632 PC iMow Review

The Viking MI 632 PC iMow has an impressive battery life which means it can mow the grass for 150 minutes at a time before it has to return to its docking station. This long battery life means that the Viking iMow can handle lawns up to approximately 4,000m² in less than 15 hours of […]

6 Chainsaw Safety Tips

6 Chainsaw Safety Tips

When using a chainsaw, it doesn’t matter if it is for personal or professional use. You need to follow certain safety procedures in order to avoid serious injury to yourself or others. Here are 6 chainsaw safety tips. 1: Always Wear Protective Gear Chainsaw PPE clothing is essential when using a chainsaw. It can mean […]

STIHL MS661 C-M Chainsaw 25″ Review

The STIHL MS661 C-M Chainsaw 25” gets it’s immense power from it’s 91cc engine. The saw’s two mix technology means you don’t have to compromise on cutting ability while still managing to deliver fuel savings of up to 20% over other STIHL two stroke engines in the same performance class who lack the technology. The […]

Viking MB 248 18″ Push Lawn Mower Review

The Viking MB 248 18″ push lawn mower is perfect for small to medium sized gardens up to approximately 1,200m². It is a compact and cost effective lawn mower that really comes into it’s own when manoeuvrability is an issue in gardens with lots of corners and obstacles. Whether your garden is large or small, […]

STIHL fs38 brushcutter second image

STIHL FS38 Brushcutter Review

The STIHL FS38 brushcutter is great value and is perfect for home owners. It has a surprisingly high amount of power compared to its weight, just over 4kg. It has enough power to complete household trimming while remaining light enough to remain easy to operate and manoeuvre. The FS38 has a fully adjustable front loop […]


Brushcutters: Selecting & Installing Attachments

Strimmers are extremely versatile and can handle a variety of tasks around your garden, providing you select and install the right attachment for the job. If you’re the type of person who likes a tool that can complete more than one task, brushcutters are for you. Brushcutters can be used to clear hard to reach […]

4 Tips For Cutting Grass

4 Tips For Cutting Grass

Mowing your grass can actually negatively impact it if carried out incorrectly. Some of the side effects include temporary stoppage of root growth, reduction in grass food recycling and storage, the cut leaves can allow harmful organisms to enter the plant and cause disease, reduced water absorption by the roots and a temporary increase in […]


STIHL HS45 Hedge Trimmer Review

The STIHL HS45 hedge trimmer is a great product at at a very reasonable price. It’s long 24” blades are perfect for trimming hard to reach hedges, bushes and shrubs around the garden. It is geared more towards light garden trimming rather than being used as a professional machine, however it still delivers outstanding performance. […]

5 Lawnmower Care Tips

5 Lawnmower Care Tips

There are very few pieces of gardening equipment that have to put up with the stress that a lawnmower does. That’s why taking proper care of it is essential if you want it to keep working as it should and to reach its maximum lifespan. There are several things you can do to make sure […]