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garden playhouse

Garden Playhouse: What’s Best For You?

A garden playhouse can provide months of fun for your child. Most children would give their teddy’s left arm for one. The problem is that some of them are made from materials that may be affordable, but they’re also cheap. It’s one thing to have our house floors usurped by plastic toys, but it’s another […]

most popular trampoline

The Most Popular Trampoline (With Free Shipping to Dublin and Ireland)

What’s the most popular trampoline? It really depends on a few factors, including who is using it: what age, what experience? Where they’re using it: will this be at home, how much space is available? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we only stock BERG trampolines. This is for the simple reason that these are by […]

football goals

3 Most Popular Football Goals

The best football goals are now available with free shipping. Just as well. It’s the time of year when everyone is trying to check off their Christmas lists so they can relax and enjoy time off with family and friends. And while some kids (and adults) are harder to please than others, luckily football fanatics […]

basketball gifts

Basketball Gifts For Christmas

As Christmas looms, it can be a struggle trying to come up with gift ideas for loved ones; especially when they don’t really know what they want themselves! Whether it’s a child or an adult, it’s easy to focus on the shiny and new technology. These are fun and have their place, but nobody needs […]

hot tub for christmas

A Hot Tub for Christmas?!

If you have a special someone (perhaps Santa himself) who enjoys an occasional drink and a dip into hot water in the outdoors, then a hot tub might be a great Christmas gift. Though we usually imagine ourselves perched in a hot tub in above-freezing temperatures, some in our range of hot tubs are incredibly […]

best electric go-kart

The Best Electric Go-Kart This Christmas?

“What’s the best Electric Go-Kart?” Every kid wants the latest and greatest toy and gadget on Christmas, and Go-Karts are no exception. Thankfully, our range of BERG Electric Go-Karts are all based on the same chassis and have similar features, which makes the preference down to a few key areas. Namely how they look, what […]

playhouse for christmas

A Playhouse for Christmas?

“Can I get A Playhouse for Christmas?” It can be a worry when you first see your kid’s Christmas list. What nobody wants is to have the experience of seeing Santa Clause pay hundreds for the latest trendy toy only to have their child look at it with bewilderment, throw it aside and play with […]