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Why Go Inground?

Why go inground when choosing a trampoline? For families, nothing beats a solid trampoline for getting the kids out, moving and having fun. With so many health benefits to the activity, including lymphatic drainage (!) it’s hard to knock it as an antidote to the trappings of modern life. But there’s one big problem… Why […]

all weather hot tubs

All-Weather Hot Tubs

All-Weather Hot Tubs are essential in our country. These are hot tubs designed to withstand colder temperatures during the winter months, as well as being able to tolerate wet and stormy weather. Portable jacuzzis are the best option for most people. These can be easily inflated, filled and heated when you want to use the […]

right soccer goals

The Right Soccer Goals To Improve Your Aim

Choosing the right soccer goals to improve your aim can be complicated. If you’re anything like me, you probably make decisions more complicated than they need to be! Here are a few things to consider to make this a quick and easy decision rather than something you have to spend an afternoon researching. Here in […]

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy In Winter

Keeping your lawn healthy over winter can be a challenge in Ireland. With our wet days,  it doesn’t take much traffic for your lawn to turn into a mud track. Here are some tips to keep your grass in good nick – even if it’s icy or we have a couple of weeks of non-stop […]

Stihl Battery Efficiency

Stihl Battery Efficiency Tips

Stihl battery efficiency is top class. These are some of the best quality Lithium-Ion systems you can get. Though they’re quite strong, battery-powered garden tools can really challenge the state of the technology. If you have battery-powered tools, follow some of these tips to keep them lasting years. Keep Your Tools In Good Condition The […]

Zero-Turn VS Tractor Mowers

Zero-Turn VS Tractor Mowers

With ride-on mowers, comparing Zero-Turn VS Tractor Mowers can be a challenge. With so many options out there with different features, it’s hard to know what’s going to suit you best. While professional tractor mower users will have a different set of criteria, for domestic Zero-Turn Mowers we have these tips and considerations to help […]

Pressure Washing Adaptors

Pressure Washing Adaptors

We’re sometimes asked if “Pressure Washing Adaptors” that connect to your hose work. These are passive ‘wands’ that typically attach to your regular hose. Many of these have been well marketed online. They have a long, narrow nozzle that attaches to your regular garden hose. These may have good looking construction and have a handle […]

trampoline deals ireland

Trampoline Deals in Ireland

If you’re looking for trampoline deals in Ireland, we have some good offers. Autumn is typically when the excitement dies down, and so there are some good opportunities for the more patient shopper who is willing to forego instant gratification for a few extra euro in their pocket! We have one of the largest ranges […]

pressure washing

Pressure Washing with the Stihl RE 143 Plus

Pressure washing can make all the difference to your yard, windows and car. Consumer-level washers have been on the market for years, and many of us had our fair share of bad ones. As with many devices these days, there’s a large range of options available on the market. You can often get some great […]