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ninebot's best scooters

Best Ninebot Scooters

If you’re looking for the best Ninebot scooters, we have them. Ninebot are a Segway company dedicated to personal transportation. If you’re on the market for an e-scooter, then there’s no better place to look than Ninebot. They have been in the business for twenty years, long before the electric scooter crazy started to blow […]

hot tub comparison

Hot Tub Comparison: Lay-Z-Spa’s Entry Level Versus Top Model

Let’s make a hot tub comparison: What’s the difference between Lay-Z-Spa’s entry-level hot tub versus their top of the range model? While Lay-Z-Spa’s most basic options are still great, they pull out all the stops on their higher-level products. These are full of features designed to help you and your whole family relax and enjoy […]

Choosing a Hedgetrimmer

Need help choosing a hedgetrimmer? When you’re at work, and the job needs doing, the last thing you want is to be messing around with a tool that isn’t quite doing what it’s supposed to. A hedgetrimmer that isn’t fit for purpose will mean you’re going to spend more time picking sticks and clumps of […]

Black Friday's Best Deals

Black Friday’s Best Deals: What’s On Offer?

Looking for Black Friday deals? We have some great products on sale this week. It’s the perfect time to pick something up, especially if it was already on your Christmas shopping list. Here a few of our select offers with the best discounts. You can also view our full Black Friday Offers if you have […]

are electric scooters legal in ireland?

Are Electric Scooters Legal In Ireland?

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Ireland? This is a question some customers are asking us, and we all want to make sure we’re on the right side of the law. We are a major provider of E-scooters in Ireland. All our products are okay to use around your yard and in areas that are not […]

choosing a ride-on lawnmower

Choosing a Ride-On Lawnmower

Choosing a Ride-on lawnmower can take a lot of time and consideration. With so many options with different features and brands, it can be hard to be certain in your decision. Whether you’re planning to purchase a Zero-Turn or a regular tractor mower will depend on a few factors, such as the size of the […]

Why Choose a Flatground Trampoline

Why Choose a Flatground Trampoline?

Why choose a flatground trampoline? We mentioned in a previous post how inground trampolines provide a cleaner look to your garden. It’s much tidier and avoids the look of the steel or aluminium frames that a regular trampoline uses to keep the jumping surface raised off the ground. Flatground trampolines are even sleeker. They’re designed […]

Best Kids E-Scooters under €300

Best Kids E-Scooters Under €300

The Best Kids E-Scooters under €300 are now far superior in quality and performance when compared to earlier models. Battery life has improved a lot since hoverboards, and electric scooters first came on the scene. We currently stock some of the best-performing models available. You can view all our Electric Scooters here, which come with […]

new e-scooters

New E-Scooters

Ninebot’s new e-scooters are really impressive, able to travel a seriously long-distance on a single charge. How do they achieve this? For those of us who were around in the late nineties, the Segway was heralded at the time by technologists as “a revolutionary invention in human transport”. We’ve all seen the photos, and Segway […]