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what's the best hoverboard?

What’s the Best Hoverboard?

What’s the Best Hoverboard? It all depends! With different styles and different battery sizes and quality levels, there’s an option for most people. We’ve written in the past about choosing a hoverboard. It mainly comes down to the price, battery capacity (and therefore maximum distance), and speed. But of course, if you’re planning on doing […]

best electric hedgetrimmer

The Best Electric Hedgetrimmer

Are you looking to find the best electric hedgetrimmer? We have a few Stihl trimmers that we can get behind. Stihl is one of our favourite manufacturers for power garden tools, and they’re always on our list. You can view our full list of hedgetrimmers, or read our overview below. The Best Electric Hedgetrimmer If […]

Go Karts VS E-Scooters

Go Karts VS E-Scooters: Which Is Better?

If you need to decide between Go-Karts VS E-Scooters, then here’s a few ideas to keep in mind when making your decision. One thing is for certain; karts are never going to go out of style. These have been around even before we had automobiles! We’re a proud supplier with one of the largest range […]

what tractor mower is best

What Tractor Mower Is Best For Your Yard?

What Tractor Mower Is Best For Your Yard? Do you need something with power and a towbar, or do you need something with a bit more finesse? If it’s your first-ever tractor mower, this can be a gamechanger. Not just in terms of getting the work done efficiently, but in terms of the sheer pleasure […]

EXIT's Trampolines

EXIT’s Trampolines

EXIT’s Trampolines are very impressive, well-thought-out pieces of equipment. For years, we solely stocked BERG because they are the industry standard, but in recent years we’ve come to love what EXIT can do. With many offerings that compare very well with BERG’s. Our full range of trampolines come in different configurations that give you more […]

outdoor toys for christmas

Outdoor Toys for Christmas

Looking for outdoor toys for  Christmas gifts? They’re a great choice, especially for those of us with kids who like to get outside. We always have a great range of toys to keep kids active throughout the year. We aim to provide robust, dependable items that won’t outlast your child’s enthusiasm. To achieve that, we […]

segway hoverboard

The Segway Hoverboard: Ninebot S

The Segway Hoverboard, the Ninebot S, is an impressive piece of technology. It has a relatively unique form factor compared with regular hoverboards which enable better balance and control and ultimate allow for safer operation. The Segway Hoverboard: What’s Different? The Ninebot S‘s knee support does two things. Firstly, it offers improved ‘proprioceptive feedback’. What […]

hot tub party ideas

Hot Tub Party Ideas

Here are a few Hot Tub party ideas to daydream about while we wait for COVID to become a non-issue.  At this stage, we’re all dreaming about how we can get together and have fun. Even in Ireland, Hot tubs can be a great way to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family in […]