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Hoverboards With The Best Range

Hoverboards With The Best Range

What are the hoverboards with the best range? Really the greatest limitation to your hoverboard is the battery, and this is also the most expensive part of the device. Until battery costs come down, this will continue to be the case. But if you’re looking for a hoverboard with great range, check out our full […]

professional vacuum cleaner

Professional Vacuum Cleaner

What’s a good professional vacuum cleaner that also works as a wet vac? The Stihl SE 122 Professional Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice for anyone who requires a high-powered machine for work. Whether it’s outdoors, around your yard or workshop, in a building or perhaps while performing renovation work, the Stihl SE 122 has […]

hover boards for kids

Hover Boards for Kids

Are you looking for hover boards for kids? While other providers have a large selection, we’ve carefully curated our offers to only provide the best quality boards which are built to take a beating. The boards we’ve selected have great batteries and will last you for years to come. Read some of our highlights below, […]

two things to do in lockdown

Two Things to Do in Lockdown

Many of us are finding the 2021 lockdown tougher than the previous periods. It feels all the more frustrating when a vaccine is just around the corner, yet cases are peaking to all-time highs.  If you’re getting a bit of cabin fever at the moment, look no further than your own home to provide you […]

E Scooter Legislation

E Scooter Legislation

E Scooter legislation is due soon in Ireland. Electric scooters are amazing fun and becoming very popular worldwide, but in many countries, including Ireland, they were legally in a grey area. As we have one of the best selections of E-Scooters in Ireland, this was an important topic for our customers. There’s news that the Oireachtas […]

stihl power hose

Stihl Power Hose: The RE 110

A Stihl Power Hose is one of the best you can get on the market, and the RE 110 is an excellent mid-level washer than can get the job done for most domestic tasks. We offer free delivery in Ireland when you purchase online from Douglas Forest and Garden if you want to view our […]

Go-Karts for Children

Go-Karts for Children

Looking for Go-Karts for children? We have a great selection of some of the best quality karts on the market, that are designed to last for years and accompany your child as they grow. BERG are well-known for being one of the oldest and best go-kart manufacturers, and today they also build Go-karts for toddlers […]

buying a jacuzzi

Buying a Jacuzzi: What’s Involved?

Buying a Jacuzzi or hot tub these days isn’t as expensive as it once was. You had to have a dedicated section of your lawn or garden to install the system in the past. It needed year-round maintenance and cleaning. Most people opted to build a decking area for it, which also needed to be […]