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Hot Tub FAQs

Hot Tub FAQs

We’ve been getting more inquiries lately, so here are some more hot tub FAQs to address some common questions. Hot tubs are not a new invention! In ancient Rome, the public bathhouse became popularised, with everyone having access to elaborate and highly advanced technology, which allowed the water to be heated from beneath the bath […]


A Multi-Tool Worth Considering

It’s often the case that a multi-tool is much lesser than the sum of their parts. They’re often made from lesser quality materials or are prone to breaking down, taking not just one tool but many tools with it. Thankfully, Stihl produces the Kombi engine system, a superb solution for many tasks that makes a […]

Tree Surgery Equipment

Tree Surgery Equipment: Where to Find It

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a large range of tree surgery equipment. We have supported the arborist and forestry profession for years, so we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our site easier to navigate so that, should you need a […]

High-Quality Yard Tools

High-Quality Yard Tools

If you need high-quality yard tools, it can often be a minefield trying to find a trustworthy product. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine what is reliable and what is not. We’ve done a lot of searching over the years and distilled our range down to the best […]

Tree Felling Equipment

Tree Felling Equipment

Tree felling equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, much of it is low quality and doesn’t last as long as it should. At Douglas Forest & Garden, we’re known as one of the best suppliers of tree surgery tools in Ireland. And we don’t take that lightly. We ensure we always provide […]

Popular Items During Lockdown

Popular Items During Lockdown

There have been many popular items during lockdown (not counting toilet paper!). We’ve all been feeling the social squeeze, and it’s important to find other outlets to enjoy ourselves and get together when many of our usual opportunities are on indefinite hiatus. As a home and professional store for garden equipment and outdoor toys, we’ve […]

Best Value Inflatable Tubs

Best Value Inflatable Tubs

What are the best value inflatable tubs? While it depends on your price range and how many people you intend on seating, Lay-Z-Spa has some great ‘middle of the road’ offerings that have a lot of the premium features but don’t have the premium price tag. We offer the full range of hot tubs (available […]

robomowers on discount

Robomowers on Discount

If you’re looking for robomowers on discount, the iMow range is currently on offer with a nice little discount to set you up for spring and summer. Now is definitely the time to be considering the purchase of any lawn maintenance equipment, and the iMow is definitely something to consider. Especially if you have a […]

tree surgery tools

Tree Surgery Tools

If you’re looking for tree surgery tools, we have one of the largest ranges of arborist equipment in Ireland. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we seek out the best quality items we can find for our customers. We’ve been in the business for long enough to know that it serves everyone to only stock and […]

four wheel toys

Four Wheel Toys

Despite all the excitement around e-scooters and other electric transportation, four wheel toys are still as popular as ever. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have been offering the best Berg Go-Karts for years now.  We also offer a range of other fun transportations for kids of all ages. Go-Karts They’re a tried and trustworthy […]

equipment for the garden

Equipment for the Garden

It’s March, and some of our customers are looking for equipment for the garden. Many of us are getting the feeling that we’re shifting from winter to spring, the days start earlier, we rise earlier, and the promise of summer is becoming brighter by the day. Here are some essential outdoor items for those of […]

personal transportation

Personal Transportation: The Oxboard

If you’re looking for electric personal transportation, you can’t go wrong with the Oxboard range. We carry them for their hoverboards and e-scooters, which are second-to-none in terms of their build quality and features. Oxboards are built to be durable but also light enough to carry, making them ideal for those of us who want […]