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Professional Battery Kits

Professional Battery Kits

Professional Battery Kits are the thing that’ll change your electric garden equipment from a ‘nice to have to a fully functional replacement for your regular old petrol-powered or plug-in range of equipment. There are many advantages to battery-powered landscaping machinary. It has lower energy costs, not just because it’s better for the environment, but also […]

automated lawnmower

An Automated Lawnmower

It wasn’t long ago that an electric, automated lawnmower was considered the stuff of science fiction. Yet today, they are available with a great range of different makes, models and brands. If you have a larger yard area and lack the time or the grá for repetitive tasks, the advantage of an automated lawnmower can’t […]

clearing brush

Clearing Brush

Clearing brush can be a nightmare in Ireland. As we step into Spring it doesn’t take long for thick briars, nettles, briars and thick-stemmed weeds to creep out and take over a green space, field or yard. And once summer kicks in it can be require repeated work to keep things from going wild. Thankfully, […]

hedge trimmers Cork

Hedge Trimmers Cork

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have one of the best ranges of hedge trimmers Cork has to offer. We also have a great range of gardening machinery suitable for the home or workplace. You can view our range of  hedgetrimmers or keep reading for a few highlights suitable for different people in different environments. […]

going cordless in the garden

Going Cordless in the Garden

Many people are going cordless in the garden. With the advent of superior battery technology, many things are now possible that were totally impractical just a few years ago. Many of us have larger garden spaces or areas where it’s inconvenient to run cables to carry out some garden work, so the ability to make […]

getting a sit on mower

Getting a Sit On Mower

A sit on mower is not a small investment. You need to ensure that it meets your requirements without issues. For example, you might not want to get an entry-level machine if you have large areas to cover, such as a couple of GAA pitches requiring regular mowing. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide […]

choose your trampoline

Choose Your Trampoline

To help choose your trampoline, we can provide help with your next trampoline purchase. It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, whether you’re a novice, or a parent seeking a good product for their kids, or an athlete who is looking for the most advanced equipment on the market, we have all of the […]

kayaking on a budget

Kayaking on a Budget

Kayaking on a budget can be difficult when so many makes and kayak models cost upwards of €1,000. Many kayaks are built for a specific type, such as whitewater, slalom or surfing. But for those who are just looking to get out on the water, things can get expensive, with many touring boats costing a […]