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how to currectly prune a branch

How To Correctly Prune a Branch

Knowing how to correctly prune a branch can save you a lot of time, prevent accidental damage to your trees, and ensure that they heal rapidly and cleanly after the cut. This post is for you if you have some trees in your yard that needs to be pruned or maintained and you may benefit […]

Creating Your Own Japanese Garden

Creating Your Own Japanese Garden

Creating your own Japanese garden can be a pleasurable undertaking for any garden or yard space. You don’t have to make it complicated. You design your Japanese Garden based on simplicity and nature and compose it based on three elements; Stone, plants and water. You may have an area of brush that needs clearing that […]

Planning your Garden

Planning your garden doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes some time to mull over some ideas and imagine yourself in your new surroundings. It can help to draw a basic plan of your yard that integrates features and elements of the existing space. For example hills, trees, privacy issues (that may need privacy […]

Remove term: Maintaining Trees and Shrubs Maintaining Trees and Shrubs

Maintaining Trees and Shrubs

Maintaining trees and shrubs helps keep them healthy, encourage the best kind of growth and instead of having it die out prematurely, you can help promote longevity. It just takes some good soil support and occasional pruning. In Ireland, it’s often best to have well-drained soil. Especially for younger trees. Though it may mean your […]

D:\Desktop\Using Hedgerows for Privacy

Using Hedgerows for Privacy

Using hedgerows for privacy is something many of us have been considering in the last year. When the extend of our holiday didn’t stretch far beyond our own gardens, the need for your own space unobserved by neighbours is often something we feel we’re lacking. Thankfully, with a bit of patience and planning, it’s possible […]

D:\Desktop\Preparing Clay Soil for Gardening

Preparing Clay Soil for Gardening

Preparing clay soil for gardening is a common challenge in Ireland. We get quite a bit of clay soil in some areas. If you have a garden or yard with a high level of clay, you know that plant growth can be a challenge. Clay soil is heavy, difficult for plant roots to grow due […]

Chainsaw Suppliers in Cork

One of the Biggest Chainsaw Suppliers in Cork

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are one of the biggest chainsaw suppliers in Cork. We have an extensive range of saws for both professional and domestic uses, as well as a few that walk a line between the two worlds. Let’s take a look at all three categories and see what we have on […]

D:\Desktop\Yard Maintenance on Autopilot.jpg

Yard Maintenance on Autopilot

If you’d like to put more of your yard maintenance on autopilot, then you’re living at the right time in human history! We’re experiencing a time of huge progress, where incredible technologies are becoming faster, cheaper and more energy-efficient. This means that automatic machines such as the Stihl iMow are becoming more affordable, more reliable […]