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The Best Value Ride-On Mower

The Best Value Ride-On Mower for Medium Lawns

The best value ride-on mower has got to be, hands down, the Stihl tractor lawnmower: The 32″, 37″ a 43″ and a 49″ deck size are all twin blade systems. These are ideal for Irish grass with our wet weather. You have a twin-piston engine that’s well known. Made in Austria, this is a durable […]

Multitool For The Garden

A Multitool For The Garden

Stihl’s Kombisystems are a great multitool for the garden. We’ve been selling machines for over thirty-five years, and when we find a product we like, we’re delighted to sing its praises! The Kombisystem is a German-made product. Stihl manufactures this top-quality Kombi system in Europe. It has a range of four engines with fourteen different […]

Improving Your Outdoor Privacy

Improving Your Outdoor Privacy

As we’re becoming more comfortable enjoying our outdoor spaces, improving your outdoor privacy can become more of an issue. Whether we’re enjoying an outdoor drink or languishing in your hot tub, a design that improves your privacy can go a long way to improving the quality of your experience and your ability to relax and […]

mulching your garden

Mulching Your Garden

Mulching your garden is a cost-effective way to promote a healthier landscape with a lot less work. It blocks the germination of weeds. It cuts off the sunlight and reduces the number of weeds you need to contend with. It can also prevent sunlight from drying out your soil. Mulch also helps regulate the soil […]

value leaf blowers

Two Value Leaf Blowers For Your Garden

If you’re looking for value leaf blowers, there is currently a sale on two models in our arsenal. It’s already autumn, and as the rain falls, the leaves start to stick to the pathways and pavement. When that happens, tidying up is important as it’s not just about making everything look good. It’s also a […]

importance of airflow

The Importance of Airflow for Trampolines

When you have a trampoline, it’s good to consider the importance of airflow. Especially when all about getting the most bounce for your buck. You want something safe, durable and can get you airborne effectively. A trampoline works by storing elastically charged potential energy as you fall into the jumping mat and giving it back […]

make light work of hedging

Make Light Work of Hedging

When you have a small-sized garden, you don’t really need the biggest or most powerful machinery. But if you’ve got any length of hedging at all, around your property, using manual hedge clippers can be a bit of a strain. But then, getting a large hedge trimmer comes with so many downsides. It’s heavy to […]

Best Selling Battery-Powered Lawnmower

The Best Selling Battery-Powered Lawnmower

When you’re using a typical petrol-powered mower, you have a lot to contend with. We all take it for granted, but when you think about it, it can add up to a fairly cumbersome user experience, especially when you have a smaller lawn that just needs a bit of trimming. First, you’ve got the petrol, […]