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best go kart in 2022

Best Go Karts in 2022

What are the Best Go Karts in 2022? There have been countless different ride-on toys over the years, but one of the few that has remained in the spotlight for years has been the go-kart. These are great toys for kids with a simple design that stands both the tests of time and wear and […]

best hot tub in 2022

Best Hot Tub in 2022?

What’s the best hot tub in 2022? Hot tubs exploded in Ireland in the last couple of years, but we’ve been in the business for a lot longer. We’ve seen and tested some great products on the market and also encountered some awful ones. And so when we recommend a product we do so only […]

inflatable vs portable

Inflatable versus Portable Hot Tub

There are now plenty of hot tubs on the market, and plenty of questions around inflatable versus portable tubs. While fixed structure tubs are not so popular in Ireland, we are seeing some hard-sided portable hot tubs. We hear a lot of questions about inflatable hot tubs. Especially the Lay-Z-Spas we reviewed and offer to […]

ninebot escooter

Safe Riding on Your Escooter

Safe Riding on Your Escooter is essential. Escooters are great fun and handy way to zip around, but they can also be potentially very dangerous when not used correctly. We have one of the best ranges of escooters in Ireland with maximum speeds of up to 20kmph. That’s nothing to be sneezed at.   So here […]

best property saw

The Best Property Saw

What’s the best property saw for domestic tasks? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been working with landscapers and arborists for decades. Working with the professionals, finding out what works, and testing things ourselves, we quickly became satisfied with Stihl. Their chainsaws are hands down some of the best bits of machinery you’ll find anywhere. […]

lay-z-spa temperature

Lay Z Spa Temperature FAQ

We’ve been huge proponents of hot tubs in Ireland — well before it was cool! So we’ve had years to compare offerings, and having reviewed Lay-Z-Spa tubs over the last few years, providing them to our customers, listening to their feedback and questions and seeing how the tubs perform in Irish weather, here are a […]

inground option

The Advantage of Going Inground

The advantage of going inground may outweigh the hassles involved in the installation. If you care about the aesthetic of your garden or yard, then a trampoline can be an ugly sight to behold, especially if you’re somewhat limited in space. But at the same time, a trampoline is a fantastic toy for kids and […]

Taking a Dip in the Maldives

Taking a Dip in the Maldives

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have all found ourselves redefining (sometimes grudgingly) what it means to go on a break. We’ve had to re-assess our living spaces, and make the best of our situation. One of the strange consequences was that many people came to appreciate the benefits of having their own hot […]