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Tree Rigging Equipment

Tree Rigging Equipment for Professions

As providers for tree rigging equipment for professional arborists, we’re always keeping our ear to the ground, looking for new equipment that can provide superior to weight ratios, that meets standards through rigorous safety testing, and can do all that for a reasonable price. So with that in mind, we have a couple of new […]

the Most Popular Hot Tub

Most Popular Hot Tub?

What’s the most popular hot tub on the market at the moment? As with anything, it depends on what type you’re looking for (a regular fixed tub or a portable, or inflatable?). We focus primarily on inflatable hot tubs. We think they’re ideal for Ireland. Rigid bodied portable hot tubs aren’t really that portable. Sure, […]

electric lawnmower - the right choice for domestic

When Is an Electric Lawnmower The Right Choice?

Is an electric lawnmower the right choice for your needs? We’ve been providing lawn and garden machinery to our customers for decades now. Lawnmowers come in many configurations and sizes, and if you’re very discerning about getting the right tool for your needs, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Saying that there are some […]

Electric Blower With Power

An Electric Blower with Power

Electric cordless power tools have a lot to offer. Especially if you are looking for something lightweight and easy to handle. You can’t beat electric for handling. It has none of the heavy machinery of a combustion engine; Just an electric power tool is just your power source, the battery and your simple electric motor. […]

Handheld Garden Power tools

Handheld Garden Powertools

Handheld Garden Powertools have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. We’ve been quietly watching the state of the art and seeing how Stihl has consistently brought out some neat, handy tools that can make things easier for those working in the garden and even professionals who are looking for something to […]

Reliable Garden and Lawn Equipment

Reliable Garden and Lawn Equipment

At the beginning of every year we take a review of our products, check the state of the industry and ask ourselves if we can do better. At the end of that we take our top picks and write a little about them. We’ve already covered a large number of areas this year. Now is […]

Best Chainsaw in 2022

What’s the Best Chainsaw in 2022?

What’s the Best Chainsaw in 2022? Every year we like to review our product range, examine the wider market and see what’s out there. Our goal is to evaluate what we have in stock and ensure we alway provide the best machinery on the market for the best price. This goes with all of our […]

Best Ride On Lawnmower 2022

The Best Ride On Lawnmower in 2022

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been lawnmower and tractor mower suppliers for years. We started with our primary focus on mowers back when we were a local brick and mortar business. We’ve supplied ride on lawnmowers in Cork for decades, so we know the industry inside and out. And as is the case with […]

best trampoline in 2022

What is The Best Trampoline in 2022?

What is the best trampoline in 2022? With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit intimidating. But if we were to break it down based on the popularity and price to quality, one particular model is probably best suited for most situations. So based on the price, quality and performance, what […]

best electric scooter 2022

The Best Electric Scooter in 2022

If you had to just pick one, what would be the best electric scooter in 2022? While the last couple of years have been a weird blur in our collective memories, 2021 was the year when personal electric transport took off. As one of Ireland’s largest providers, we have seen a massive surge in popularity […]