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getting the axe

Getting the Axe

Whether you’re an arborist who is working day-to-day in the lumbar industry or a homeowner who needs to keep things tidy during the spring and summer growing months, or you need to cut wood for your stove or fire, an axe is an indispensable, simple tool that helps you get the job done. At Douglas […]

Best of the Bestway Pools

The Best of the Bestway Pools

For the longest time, an outdoor pool in Ireland was out of reach. It was either too expensive or too impractical.  But in recent years we are seeing affordable, portable outdoor pools. Leading the charge with high quality outdoor pools is Bestway. And we provide the best of the bestway pools in Ireland which are […]

is the lay z spa worth the effort

Lay Z Spa: Is it Worth the Effort

The Lay Z Spa is arguably the best range of inflatable hot tubs available on the market, which enables you to enjoy garden luxury on a budget. Having test-driven it ourselves and hearing responses from our family, friends, and customers, we are happy to report that the Lay Z Spa is worth the effort. With […]

Summer Garden Machinery

Summer Garden Machinery

As we head into the warmer months, what is the best summer garden machinery? Things are starting to grow, and soon there will be an explosion of growth. But, to tackle it, we need to keep things under control. Trimmers Every year is a battle to keep everything under control, and one of the best […]

Setting Up a Berg Champion Inground

Setting Up a Berg Champion Inground

Setting up a berg champion inground trampoline can feel daunting, but it’s surprisingly simple once you have everything prepared and you know what you’re doing. Here’s a quick checklist for you to use alongside your manual to ensure you get your inground trampoline set up efficiently without any frustrations. Setting Up a Berg Champion Inground […]

Remove term: Starting Out With an Escooter Starting Out With an Escooter

Starting Out With an Escooter

When starting out with an Escooter, the worst mistake you can make is to go straight from the store to the road. It’s important to give yourself time to get to know your escooter. Find a place around your yard or neighbourhood where there’s no traffic and take time to get the feel for turning, […]

how to prune a rose bush

How to Prune a Rose Bush

You can prune a rose bush at any time, but the best time is in late winter or early spring when the bush begins to show new growth. Pruning is an important activity that will keep an old bush producing blooms for decades to come. Rather than focusing on the calendar, pay attention to the […]

berg biky

Best Balance Bike for 2-5 year olds

The best balance bike for 2-5-year-olds that we’ve come across is the fantastic Berg Biky range. These training bikes offer excellent quality and durability with safety and comfort suitable for your tikes. When it comes to learning to cycle, you’re going to want something that takes your child safely from walking to cycling without developing […]