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arborist safety

Arborist Safety

Tree surgery is one of the most dangerous professions. As such, arborist safety gear is essential. There are also some basic rules that all professionals know. If you’re doing some tree work as an amateur, it’s critical to understand the following safety tips. Make a Complete Assessment Before Beginning Before beginning any work, take a […]

trampoline deals ireland

Buying a Family Trampoline

Are you planning on buying a family trampoline? Then there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the one you want. Buying a Family Trampoline: Consider the size You want to make sure that there is plenty of space around your trampoline in your yard. This is for safety reasons. A trampoline […]

Lay Z Spa: What You Should Know

While there are many portable hot tubs on the market, Lay Z Spa hot tubs are our first choice and here is what you should know about the range. In addition to having a great warranty, they have high-quality materials and a pump that all combine to give you a durable, reliable hot tub that […]

Garden Pool Accessories To Up Your Game

We’ve all grown up with the experience and memory of a paddling pool in Ireland. Sure it was great fun, and we had a great time, but you can’t argue with the fact that after a few hours of playing and the outdoor air-cooled, it became too cold to bear, and it was time to […]

summer swimming pools

Summer Swimming Pools

As summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to get the best use of your outdoor space. If you have a family, especially smaller kids, then a garden swimming pool can be an excellent option for those warmer months. Summer Swimming Pools for the Garden If it’s just the kids going for a […]

buying a trampoline

Buying a Trampoline: an Overview

If you’re considering buying a trampoline this summer for you or your kids and you’re not really sure where to start, here is a brief overview to give you an idea of what you can expect and how to go about everything. Trampoline Shapes and Types There are three main types: a regular trampoline, a […]

maintain your hot tub at home

How to Maintain Your Hot Tub at Home

We occasionally get questions from customers about how you maintain your hot tub at home. So here are a few guidelines to give you an idea of what you can expect and how to get the most out of having a hot tub in Ireland. Keep your water clean When running your tub, the most […]

tree climbing equipment

Tree Climbing Equipment

Whether you’re a professional arborist or enjoy tree climbing as a sport, tree climbing equipment is essential to ensure a better and safer experience. Equipment comes in many shapes and forms; much of it is similar to other climbing equipment. The essential item for any tree-climbing is a quality climbing harness that supports your weight […]

chainsaw boots

Chainsaw Boots

Proper protective clothing is essential for anyone operating a chainsaw, and this means investing in chainsaw boots. Every cut you make with a chainsaw carries risk, and having adequate PPE helps ensure that you walk away unscathed. Regular steel-toecap boots are not enough; Regular fabrics and materials can invite the blades of a cutting saw […]