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summer toys on sale

Great Summer Toys on Sale

When the beautiful weather comes out, there’s always the worry that the kids will want to stay inside. Great summer toys help take young impressionable eyes off the screens and into the fresh air. Here are some popular picks for this summer: Summer Toys: The Bestway 6-Foot Round Pool Bestway swimming pools come in various […]

love gardening

How to Love Gardening

Enjoying your garden is not about spending planning and preparing. It’s not about eliminating all the weeds. And it isn’t all just about having the right garden machinery. To truly fall in love with gardening, you need to fall in love with the process. That means making the process itself a pleasure. Here are some […]

Safely Using a Chainsaw

Safely using a chainsaw is very important. While professionals are trained and versed in safety measures, domestic users are more prone to making errors which can lead to severe injury or accident. We provide a range of chainsaws and maintenance services for professional and domestic users. Here are some tips to ensure safe and effective […]

regular trampolines

Regular Trampolines on Sale

If you’re looking for a regular trampoline on sale, EXIT has some great models. These are top quality trampolines with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a trampoline that is built to last. We provide both Berg and EXIT trampolines. Both of these brands are considered some of the best regular trampolines available […]

above ground pool

Preparing your Garden for an Above Ground Pool

Once you’ve decided on purchasing an above ground pool for your garden, the next thing is to make sure that you have your space prepared to ensure it’s okay to leave outside for extended periods during the summer months. The ground is probably the most important step, so here are a few things to consider […]

best performing stihl imow

The Best Performing iMow

No matter what your budget or garden size, you probably want the best performing iMow at the right price. If you’re looking for a Stihl iMow, this post will give you some suggestions based on features and price. The Best Performing iMow on a Budget The Stihl RMI 422 is the budget option in the […]

essential arborists equipment

Essential Arborists Equipment

As one of the most dangerous professions, arborists must rely on the highest quality gear to ensure they can complete their work on time, efficiently and safely. Here’s our list of Essential Arborists’ Equipment.  We have provided Irish arborists with the equipment they need to get the job done. Here are a few of the […]

Kids E-Scooters

Kids E-Scooters by Ninebot

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been ahead of the posse when it came to ride-on toys such as scooters. We scoured the market, selecting the best quality scooters that are great value for money and also, very importantly, safe to use. This is doubly so when kids will be using the scooter. So it […]

tilling your garden

Why it Helps to Till Your Garden Plots

Knowing how to till your garden can help getting a new plot ready to go. If you have an old plot where weeds and grass have taken root, you may need to till your soil. This will loosen up the dirt allowing air and nutrients to reach your crops, and it will also let you […]