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What's the Difference Between All These Trampolines

Are Trampolines Dangerous?

Are Trampolines Dangerous? We all want to put safety first, and nobody wants to see themselves or their children come to harm. This is why it’s natural and proper to be concerned about the safety of any toy or form of play that you present to your kids. Unfortunately, trampolines have a bit of a […]

BERG Go-Karts For Kids

Going Electric with Go Karts

Electric powered ride on toys have been the biggest thing this decade, but going electric with go karts is still not as well known. The great Go-Kart manufacturer, BERG set out to change this with the incredible E-BFR range of electric go-karts. Going electric with Go-Karts: Who are Berg? For decades, Berg have been known […]

ride on toys that rock

Ride-on Toys That Rock

Some things never go out of style, and that includes ride-on toys. Here are a few that every kid loves (and many of us dreamt of having when we were small). The Xootz BMW 4 Series A fun electric kids car is the Xootz BMW 4 series. BMW officially licensed the car, and it has […]

choose your trampoline

Inground and Regular Trampoline Comparison

Here’s a quick inground and regular trampoline comparison post for those looking to make a decision. An inground trampoline differs from a regular trampoline in that you lay the jumping surface flush with the ground. This is achieved by digging a trench beneath the jumping surface. The result is a much tidier appearance in your […]

hot tub party ideas

Hot Tub Autumn Discounts

If you’ve been waiting for hot tub autumn discounts, you will be happy with the nice reductions for the coming autumn and winter. Contrary to popular assumptions, hot tubs are absolutely fantastic during the cooler months. In fact, it’s one of the few ways to really get outdoors in our Irish weather. When you’re in […]

Cordless Garden Tools

Cordless Gardening Tools

We’ve come a long way in the last couple of decades regarding cordless gardening tools. In the past, if we wanted anything electric in the garden or yard, we had to use a wired tool. That has changed as lithium-ion battery technology has improved over iterations. We’re now at a point where, while it’s not […]


The Right Strimmer for the Job

Having the right strimmer for the job at hand can make a massive amount of difference. Not all strimmers are made equal. We’ll go over a few options available so you can quickly decide what kind of garden strimmer you need. Is it a small area with lighter growth? If you use the strimmer in […]

tree surgery tools

Preparing for a Tree Climb

Whether you’re an arborist or a non-professional, preparing for a tree climb is extremely important. This can be hazardous work when undertaken without proper climbing equipment or preparation. Especially if you plan to use a cutting saw. Ensure you have appropriate clothing Appropriate PPE gear and clothing is essential when climbing. Your clothing should allow […]