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Berg Go-Karts Specials Range

Berg Go Kart: Choosing one for Christmas

Are you choosing a Berg Go Kart for Christmas? Berg Go-Karts come in an amazing variety of styles and colours, each catering to different personalities and interests. Berg has been in the game for generations. They know a thing or two about how to appeal to different kids and adults alike. Here are a few […]

inground trampoline by berg

Inground Trampoline by Berg

Inground trampolines can remove many of the problems with a regular setup. With a regular trampoline, the jumping mat is raised off the ground using raised metal legs. This setup can create an increased risk of injury due to falling off the platform or misstepping when mounting or dismounting. It also means there’s more of […]

Stihl Multi Tool

The Stihl Combi Set

The Stihl Combi Set, more correctly known as the Stihl Kombi System, is one of the most verstale tools you can use. Whether you are a professional working in landscaping or someone who is looking to maximise storage efficiency, the Kombi System is a great option. The Stihl Combi Set The Kombi is a system […]

Chainsaw Protection

Chainsaw Supplies Ireland

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have one of the largest selections of chainsaw supplies Ireland has to offer. Whether you’re a professional arborist or landscaper or simply doing the occasional work around your garden or property, having the right chainsaw and the right supplies can make the job safer and easier. You can view […]

Chainsaw Trousers Ireland

We provide one of the largest ranges of Chainsaw Trousers in Ireland. All with free and fast delivery for purchases over €60. Chainsaw PPE is essential for anyone operating a chainsaw. It only takes a split-second for life-changing injuries to occur. The best way we can protect ourselves from this is by wearing appropriate gear […]

Which Leaf Blower Should I Get

Leaf Blowers Ireland

We provide some of the best leaf blowers Ireland has to offer. Cleaning up leaves and debris after some autumnal weather can take a lot of time if you don’t have the right equipment. Raking and sweeping can double the time it takes. Leaf blowers skip all the messing around and help you herd those […]

how to sharpen your chainsaw

The Stihl Chainsaw Sharpener

The Stihl chainsaw sharpener is an essential bit of kit for any arborist or landscaper who is using their chainsaw regularly. A sharp blade goes a long way to ensure safe use of your machinery and increase your work efficiency. The best way to sharpen your Stihl chainsaw is with the 2-in-1 filing guide. This […]

maintain your hot tub at home

Buy Hot Tubs Online with Fast Irish Delivery

You can buy hot tubs online with fast delivery anywhere in Ireland with Douglas Forest and Garden. We were one of the first companies in Ireland to provide portable hot tubs to our Irish customers. We have spent the past few years sourcing and testing to find the best manufacturers. What do we have on […]