Adjustable Tripod Ladders: Which One Is Right For You?

Adjustable tripod ladders are vital for certain tasks. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we solely stock Hendon because their ladders offer a sturdy, excellently designed, safe way to trim trees, bushes and hedges at medium to tall heights. The advantage of the 3-leg adjustable ladder is that it is self-supporting, and because it’s adjustable, you can use it on uneven ground with confidence. Hendon is one of the few manufacturers on the market that meet the BSI EN131 Professional standard, whendon adjustable tripod ladder

What is the Best Adjustable Tripod Ladder?

Hendon adjustable ladders are some of the best in the business. Their back leg is telescopic and can adjust in 150mm (5.8 inch) increments, while the front two legs can be independently adjusted in 50mm steps using its spring loading pins.

Like Hendon’s standard Tripod ladders, Hendon makes the 3-leg adjustable ladder from welded aluminium alloy extrusions, making it lightweight yet strong. The ladder’s Safe Working Load is 100kg (15.7 stone, or 220 pounds).

What About Non Adjustable Tripod Ladders?

We’re sometimes asked which of the four ladder types is the best for a given task. For most of our customers, one of the Standard Hendon Tripod Ladders is more than adequate. These come in a range of lengths from 1.2 metres to 4.8 metres. 

The ‘Heavy Duty Hendon Tripod Ladder‘  is best for heavier users, or for professionals looking for something even more robust and durable. It has greater durability and strength thanks to an extra-thick frame, as well as a different geometry to allow it to withstand greater forces of pressure and weight. These adjustments give the Heavy Duty range a Safe Working Load of 150kg (23.6 stone or 330 pounds).

The ‘Hendon Tripod Ladder Platform‘ range offers similar sizes as the heavy-duty and standard range. But the main difference with this range is that they have a platform and safety handle on the upper rung, designed for those who are not comfortable at heights and would like some extra security while reaching those extra-high places. Hendon achieves this by making the top working step much deeper, at 175mm (6.89 inches). They also added a handrail for you to lean on or hold on to, making it ideal for more cautious gardeners.

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