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Tractor Mower Equipment

Tractor Mower Equipment

The type of tractor mower equipment you have can unlock a great deal of functionality for your machine. While anyone who owns a tractor mower knows the benefits it provides, many people are unaware of what the right ride-on mower accessories can offer. So let’s take a quick look at what else your tractor mower […]

tractor tow trailers

Tractor Tow Trailers For Your Yard

Too many options while looking for tractor tow trailers for your yard? We have a great assortment we selected for their quality. They are versatile, sturdy and built to take the rough and tumble inherent in any kind of yard work. Whether you’re an arborist or other professional, or someone who happens to have a […]

D:\Desktop\Preparing Clay Soil for Gardening

Preparing Clay Soil for Gardening

Preparing clay soil for gardening is a common challenge in Ireland. We get quite a bit of clay soil in some areas. If you have a garden or yard with a high level of clay, you know that plant growth can be a challenge. Clay soil is heavy, difficult for plant roots to grow due […]

equipment for the garden

Equipment for the Garden

It’s March, and some of our customers are looking for equipment for the garden. Many of us are getting the feeling that we’re shifting from winter to spring, the days start earlier, we rise earlier, and the promise of summer is becoming brighter by the day. Here are some essential outdoor items for those of […]

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy In Winter

Keeping your lawn healthy over winter can be a challenge in Ireland. With our wet days,  it doesn’t take much traffic for your lawn to turn into a mud track. Here are some tips to keep your grass in good nick – even if it’s icy or we have a couple of weeks of non-stop […]

best tractor mower accessories

Best Tractor Mower Accessories

What are the best tractor mower accessories for sweeping, spreading or aerating? It depends on the size of your workload and the make and model of your machine. In addition to having one of the most extensive ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland, we also provide a full range of accessories for Cub Cadet and […]

side discharge tractor mowers

Side Discharge Tractor Mowers

Side discharge tractor mowers are often a more suitable choice for larger green areas that don’t necessarily require a perfect ‘manicured’ look, while still providing an excellent clean cut. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stock one of the best ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland. We stock both Stihl and Cub Cadet tractor mowers. […]

tow spreader

Tow Spreader: The Agri Fab Tow Broadcast Spreader

A tow spreader is useful for fertilising and applying pesticides to a large green area, as well as being a helpful way of gritting any private or publicly accessible properties that are prone to icing.  If you have a large domestic or commercial yard and you also have a ride-on lawnmower, you might benefit from […]

lawn care tips

Winter Lawn Care: 4 Tips For 2019

As Autumn shifts further towards winter, we’re not getting many dry days. If you haven’t done so already, you may be waiting to pull the lawnmower out for final mowing session. Here are a few winter lawn care tips to help keep the grass in excellent condition, especially if this turns out to be a […]

Agri-Fab garden sweeper

How Agri-Fab Lawn Sweepers Can Save Time

Someone recently asked us how Agri-Fab Lawn Sweepers work and whether they’re any good. A lawn sweeper is a very effective replacement for a manual, old fashioned rake. A lawn sweeper clears up grass, leaves and clippings. If you spend any amount of time raking your garden, you’re going to want one of these. There […]

3 SmartLINK Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better

Agrifab SmartLINK accessories are perfect for homeowners looking to create beautiful garden lawns. These attachments are quality and durable products which can be fitted onto all types of tractor mowers. SmartLINK attachments are made with the very best components which make the job of lawn care quick, easy and long-lasting in your garden. Here are […]

4 Agri Fab Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better

4 Agri Fab Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better

Gardening is a lot of tough work. It is so rewarding when you see the results of your garden lawn looking more beautiful and healthy. If you’ve been putting off gardening because the thought of upkeeping your garden lawn seems overwhelming, fear no more because we have the solutions to make gardening easier for you. […]

2 Must-Have Garden Trailers For Garden Maintenance

2 Must-Have Garden Trailers For Garden Maintenance

Homeowners hate the mess that this time of year brings, leaves and debris landing all over the garden and around the home. To keep your garden looking clean and beautiful, you need to regularly upkeep it and remove anything which upsets its appearance. Many garden tasks like getting bags of fertilizer or emptying a bunch […]

3 Lawn Sweepers That Will Make Your Lawn Look Better

3 Lawn Sweepers That Will Make Your Lawn Look Better

Keeping the lawn tidy requires regular maintenance. The beauty of a lawn gets compromised when it is cluttered with debris. Things like leaves, grass clippings, twigs and other forms of debris ruin the appearance of a lawn. Raking and bagging debris can take hours, even days. Lawn sweepers will significantly reduce the time required for […]

Why You Should Use Spreaders On Your Garden

Why You Should Use Spreaders On Your Garden

A spreader is a gardening essential that all homeowners should have to take care of their garden. If you want to keep your garden healthy, using a spreader is definitely one of the best ways to do so. Garden spreaders are pieces of equipment that will equally distribute fertilizer, seeds and any other products needed […]