best tractor mower accessories

Best Tractor Mower Accessories

What are the best tractor mower accessories for sweeping, spreading or aerating? It depends on the size of your workload and the make and model of your machine. In addition to having one of the most extensive ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland, we also provide a full range of accessories for Cub Cadet and Stihl tractor mowers. Let’s look at the accessories based on category.


We carry tow sweepers that work well on most tractor mowers. Both tow options can be emptied from the driver’s seat. You’ll find this is a huge advantage when you’re working in a large area. Agri Fab’s 44″ sweeper has been designed to prevent ‘skipping’, which happens when leaves and debris prevent the brushes from turning with the wheels. This often resulted in having to make multiple passes. Agri Fab improved this tendency drastically, and you’ll see a far better result.  The 52″ Sweeper can hold 708L of leaves and debris and has semi-pneumatic tyres which can significantly improve traction.

Best Tractor Mower Accessories: Spreadersbest tractor mower accessories

Spreaders come in a range of options. The capacities for tow spreaders are 85lb and 130lb.  The 85lb Tow Spreader gives an 8-10’ spread-width, and each fill will cover roughly half an acre (2000m2). The 130lb Tow Broadcast Spreader is a heavier duty alternative which has a spread-rate control and can cover up to 2,300m2 on each fill. This model works with all makes of tractor mower with a universal hitch pin included. It also has broader, larger tyres which keep it running well on less even ground. 


Aerators can go a long way to removing compaction sods, allowing for significantly improved fertility and growth. The 40″ Aerator has ten aeration disks working in unison and covering a metre width area. It aerates to 6.5cm and doesn’t cause soil plugs, and it has a transport position to safety move this when not in active use. The 48″ Aerator is, of course, bigger and better. It covers a 1.2-metre width and uses a weight plate to provide substantial penetration even in thick, tangled sods. It uses eight spools, having a set of 32 coring-points (four per spool) which can each remove ¾-inch plugs from the earth. This also has wider profile tyres adding to stability while preventing damage to the lawn while in use. 

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side discharge tractor mowers

Side Discharge Tractor Mowers

Side discharge tractor mowers are often a more suitable choice for larger green areas that don’t necessarily require a perfect ‘manicured’ look, while still providing an excellent clean cut. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stock one of the best ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland. We stock both Stihl and Cub Cadet tractor mowers. The Stihl range is great for domestic and commercial properties that require pickup, but for larger spaces that are more about maintenance than aesthetics, the Cub Cadet range is second to none.

Side Discharge VS Mulching

Using a side discharge tractor mower can sometimes offer a better cut quality when compared to mulching. When you’re cutting grass in a side discharge system, it’s shooting grass clippings out immediately. This means blade deck has the must suction to draw the blades of grass up towards the blades. This is important because, in general, you should aim to only cut 33% off the length of the grass at any one time. Cutting the grass in this way helps maintain lawn health, prevent damage and discolouration.  If you’re looking for a tidy lawn, it’s important to cut the grass regularly to prevent long clippings from getting shot out and making it look like you’re making bails. 

Side Discharge Tractor Mowersside discharge tractor mowers

Side discharge tractor mowers are often less prone to clogging, and because it tends to be more efficient, it allows for cutting larger areas with less hassle.  Mulching can put more strain on the engine as it’s cutting through more grass continuously. The already-cut clippings are still swirling around within the deck. Mulching also tends to clump up the grass a little more, so if it’s too long or the weather is damp or wet, it’s going to be more problematic to cut. The clumps can accumulate inside the deck and around the blade, which reduces the ‘suction’ action. This means that not only is it more prone to having issues, it’s also going to have a less even cut. This can be an essential factor for those who are looking for a more manicured look.

Cub Cadet’s range of side discharge mowers allows you to tackle large green areas that don’t require the added task of accumulating and dumping clippings. Used in this mode, it can handle many more extensive residential or agricultural areas. If you still want to use your tractor mower to attain a tidy finish, you can use the addition mulch kit and grass catcher accessories.  

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tow spreader

Tow Spreader: The Agri Fab Tow Broadcast Spreader

A tow spreader is useful for fertilising and applying pesticides to a large green area, as well as being a helpful way of gritting any private or publicly accessible properties that are prone to icing.  If you have a large domestic or commercial yard and you also have a ride-on lawnmower, you might benefit from the Agri Fab Tow Broadcast Spreader. Our range of Agri Fab Spreaders also come in hand-operated models, but this larger capacity, towed version of the Smart-Spreader has an extra-large 58kg hopper.

Agri-Fab Tow Spreadertow spreader

The Agri-Fab 58kg Tow Spreader comes with a universal hitch-pin so that it can be used with any ride-on or lawn-tractor, regardless of manufacturer.  The extra capacity makes it possible to cover an area of up to 7600 square metres on a single fill. Of course, this depends on your rate of spread and the type of material you’re spreading. Grit is not going to spread as far as fertiliser, for example.

To accommodate different spread material, reduce waste and get the right amounts in one pass, the tow spreader has an easy-to-use spread-flow control. This opens the flow plate in the hopper so that more or less medium can be spread. Your manual includes a simple table to help you determine the area of the space you’ll be spreading over. By calculating this with your average speed, you can decide which setting you’ll need to get the job done. 

In terms of build quality, the Agri-Fab 45-0463 Towed Spreader is sturdy and durable. It has a  fully-enclosed, commercial-grade gearbox built to last, a tubular steel frame and rust-free poly hooper. To work well with a tractor lawnmower, the tow spreader also features large pneumatic tyres. These improve the manoeuvrability and traction on rough or uneven terrain. 

When Using the Spreader

As with a pull spreader, you use a slight bit of overlap between passes to ensure an even spread. Be careful around trees and plants. Agri-Fab doesn’t recommend you use powdered chemicals as these don’t spread well compared with grit or regular fertiliser.  You can damage your grass by putting too much fertiliser in one area. To prevent this, you can soak the area thoroughly with a garden hose. 

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lawn care tips

Winter Lawn Care: 4 Tips For 2019

As Autumn shifts further towards winter, we’re not getting many dry days. If you haven’t done so already, you may be waiting to pull the lawnmower out for final mowing session. Here are a few winter lawn care tips to help keep the grass in excellent condition, especially if this turns out to be a particularly wet or frosty one.

Gradually cut the grass short

Ideally, you gradually reduce the height of the lawnmower so that the grass it cut lower and lower. The gradual reduction in grass height prevents the grass from going in to “shock”. But still shortens it enough to deter rodents from nesting. In urban areas, rodent infestations are less common, but field mice can create nests in taller grass during the winter. This tears up large areas of grass and create ‘dead patches’ that can take months to heal.

Winter Lawn Care: use an aerator.

Frost and cold weather solidifies and compresses the earth, which can cause damage to your lawn. An aerator adds space to the soil which can prevent over-compaction. Some experts will also apply fertiliser at this point – this is something worth experimenting with to see if you notice appreciable results. If you’re aerating and fertilising using a tractor mower, avoid doing this in a strip pattern as you would when cutting the grass, as this can cause your lawn to grow in unnaturally straight-looking patterns. 

Keep the lawn clear

We all know this but it bears repeating — don’t leave anything on the lawn over the winter months. Check to ensure there’s nothing forgotten about, like a compost bin lid that came loose in the wind, a trailer for your tractor mower, or a few blocks from your greenhouse project that were left aside — they’ll kill the grass. 

Winter Lawn Care: Avoid Making Pathways

You might get away with it in summer, but as the ground turns to mud, taking the same pathways through the grass will kill the grass and create hardened pathways that can be difficult to fix next year. And of course, this applies ten times over for vehicles. If you must pass through the lawn try to take different routes each time when possible. 

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Agri-Fab garden sweeper

How Agri-Fab Lawn Sweepers Can Save Time

Someone recently asked us how Agri-Fab Lawn Sweepers work and whether they’re any good. A lawn sweeper is a very effective replacement for a manual, old fashioned rake. A lawn sweeper clears up grass, leaves and clippings. If you spend any amount of time raking your garden, you’re going to want one of these. There are two kinds of lawn sweepers, push and pull, and we carry three models:

  1. The Agri-Fab 26″ Push Lawn Sweeper

    The Agri-Fab 26″ Push Lawn Sweeper is manually pushed around your lawn as you would use a lawnmower. The 26″ push lawn sweeper does the job in half the time compared with using a garden rake. It’s easy to push, and it uses a set of 10″ brushes that rotate 4.5 times per wheel rotation, and the brush height is adjustable so that you can get it to snap up any leaves in its path and throw it into its 200 litre container as you glide along most surfaces, including gravel and mulch.

  2. Agri-Fab 52″ Pull Lawn Sweeper

    Agri-Fab yard sweeperThe 52″ Pull Lawn Sweeper weighs about 38kg and is towed by your tractor lawn mower (using a nice and easy hitch connection). These have an easy to use pull-to-dump lever so you can just give it a yank and drop all the collected debris in the one spot for mulching, composting or dumping. 
    Here’s a home-made video somebody recorded of the Agri-Fab pull lawn sweeper in action. It has the same concept as the push lawn sweeper. The main differences are that it uses semi-pneumatic tyres for better traction, and its effective area is twice the width of the push lawn sweeper. It also has more than three times the capacity with its 708-litre container.

  3. The Agri-Fab 44″ Tow Smart Lawn Sweeper

    The 44″ Smart Tow is another pull lawn sweeper. Aside from being slightly narrower than the 52″ Pull by 8″, it has an updated ‘Smart’ design which prevents it from occasionally skipping. It also has a 708-litre container.  This means that the sweeper almost always rakes up the leaves,p so that you don’t have to go back over an area. One of the key advantages of the 44″ Tow Smart is that it allows you to cut grass using the mower and sweep at the same time so that you can get the job done in one go. The hitch system also works in a way that helps avoid obstacles. 


I hope that this explains how Agri-Fab Lawn Sweepers work and shows that they are much more effective than using a manual garden rake. Especially if you have a medium to large sized garden. If you have any further questions or would like to order, please don’t hesitate to call us on 021-4965132.


3 SmartLINK Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better

Agrifab SmartLINK accessories are perfect for homeowners looking to create beautiful garden lawns. These attachments are quality and durable products which can be fitted onto all types of tractor mowers. SmartLINK attachments are made with the very best components which make the job of lawn care quick, easy and long-lasting in your garden. Here are 3 SmartLINK accessories that will make your garden lawn better.

3 SmartLINK Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better1: SmartLINK 53″ Plug Aerator

  • The SmartLINK 53″ Plug Aerator penetrates far more deeply than a surface-aerator
  • It ensures water, air and nutrients reach the whole root system
  • It is equipped with 20 aeration-knives which are rust-proof for longevity
  • Working width: 42”
  • Assembled product dimensions – L=42” x W=13” x H=13”
  • Carton dimensions – L=42” x W=8.5” x H=7.5”
  • Weight: 28lbs

2: SmartLINK 42″ Tine Dethatcher

  • The SmartLINK 42″ Tine Dethatcher will loosen and lift the offending growth which allows the turf to breathe again
  • It is equipped with 20 tines that are heat-treated for strength and durability
  • Weights can be added for increased penetration where conditions suit
  • It will loosen and lift the offending growth, allowing the turf to breathe again
  •  Working width: 42”
  • Assembled product dimensions – L=42” x W=9” x H=9”
  • Carton dimensions – L=43” x W=10.25” x H=10.75”
  • Weight: 20lbs

3: SmartLINK Base Only

  • The SmartLINK Base Only is a robust and highly durable platform
  • Its welded drawbar and heavy-gauge steel deck ensure a lengthy service-life
  • Pneumatic tyres ensuring rolls smoothly over rough ground
  • Comes with a weight tray which can be loaded if added pressure is required when aerating or dethatching
  • Attachments can be fitted in seconds as no tools required
  • Assembled product dimensions – L=55” x W=53” x H=19”
  • Carton dimensions – L=47″ x W=16.5″ x H=6.5″
  • Weight: 62 lbs

Upkeeping your lawn is an essential part of home gardening. By searching for new pieces of garden maintenance equipment you will ensure your home looks even better. Successful results come from using the best attachments available. If you would like to find out more about our accessories to improve the appearance of your lawn, visit us online today or call us now on 021-496-5132.

4 Agri Fab Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better

4 Agri Fab Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better

Gardening is a lot of tough work. It is so rewarding when you see the results of your garden lawn looking more beautiful and healthy. If you’ve been putting off gardening because the thought of upkeeping your garden lawn seems overwhelming, fear no more because we have the solutions to make gardening easier for you. Here are 4 Agri Fab accessories that will make your garden lawn better.

4 Agri Fab Accessories That Will Make Your Garden Lawn Better

1: Rollers

If you’re looking for that ‘perfect’ lawn, a lawn roller can go a long way toward to achieving this goal.  Using a garden roller is one of the easiest ways to make your garden look fantastic. These accessories are like small steamrollers that you can push or pull across your lawn. They help level and flatten the soil to promote stronger root growth which improves the overall appearance of your lawn.

2: Sprayers

Liquid fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are effective for lawn applications.  Lawn sprayers control harmful insects from attacking and damaging your lawn. There are some insects that are actually good for your lawn. With these tools, you will be able to manage harmful insects and diseases that can affect the health and appearance of your lawn. Sprayers are perfect for spraying large areas, carrying a great amount of liquid and a consistent application rate.

3: Spreaders

Lawn spreaders will help you maintain a healthy lawn. These tools will equally distribute lawn care products needed for your lawn to thrive. With such equipment, all unwanted elements on your lawn are prevented such as weeds, insects and diseases and uneven application of lawn care products. It is a helpful and efficient tool not only for homeowners and farmers growing plants and produce.

4: Aerators

Garden lawns tend to get compact over time. It is important to check your soil to determine if it is compact or not. The lawn needs aeration when the soil is hard. Lawn aerators will be able to make the root system access water, air, and nutrients easily. Brown spots on your lawn can be a sign that the lawn needs better aeration. A quality aerator will ensure a quality performance, therefore, making your garden better.

Let’s be honest, gardening requires tough work and long hours. However, with these 4 garden accessories, you can make it much easier on yourself. To learn more about our garden accessories, call us on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.


2 Must-Have Garden Trailers For Garden Maintenance

2 Must-Have Garden Trailers For Garden Maintenance

Homeowners hate the mess that this time of year brings, leaves and debris landing all over the garden and around the home. To keep your garden looking clean and beautiful, you need to regularly upkeep it and remove anything which upsets its appearance. Many garden tasks like getting bags of fertilizer or emptying a bunch of leaves and debris require going back and forth from one place to another. Garden trailers help you carry big loads from place to place easily. A trailer is a large container which can hold heavy loads and can be attached to ride on mowers. Using a trailer is the best option to save yourself time and big physical efforts. They can do tasks for you most of the time in just one trip. Here are 2 must-have garden trailers for garden maintenance.

2 Must-Have Garden Trailers For Garden Maintenance

1: 17″ Poly Tow Dump Trailer

The 17-inch Poly Tow Dump Trailer is a stylish and ultra-functional garden maintenance tool. It is produced with a tailgate and recessed hardware which allows for easy dumping. With this trailer, no material will be left behind. The tipping mechanism is foot controlled and works with a single stepping motion making it easy to use. This trailer is accustomed to rusting and can easily cope with significant impact thanks to its highly-durable poly body. Its wide-profile pneumatic tyres will not damage the work surface when working while also improving manoeuvrability. A universal hitch-pin allows it to be attached to all makes of tractor mowers. It has a huge load capacity of 800 lbs. It weighs 32 kg and the full size of this trailer is 72 x 41 x 29.5” (L x W x H).

2: Convertible Poly Push/Tow Dump Trailer

The Convertible Poly Push/Tow Dump Trailer is a versatile trailer that has a tough poly bed. This trailer will not rust due to its di-chromate hardware and as well as that it is really easy to clean. The high sides on this trailer allow you to have no issue transporting big loads and bulky items. Its large diameter pneumatic tyres allow smooth movement over all types of terrain. A heavy-duty axle provides the trailer with great strength and durability. A universal hitch-pin is attached meaning you can add it to all tractor mowers. It has an impressive load capacity of 300 lbs. The Trailer can be used with all makes of ride on mowers. It weighs 27 kg and the dimensions of this trailer are 1422mm x 875mm x 762mm (LxWxH).

To see our full range of garden trailers, visit us online today or for more information, call us today on 021-496-5132.

3 Lawn Sweepers That Will Make Your Lawn Look Better

3 Lawn Sweepers That Will Make Your Lawn Look Better

Keeping the lawn tidy requires regular maintenance. The beauty of a lawn gets compromised when it is cluttered with debris. Things like leaves, grass clippings, twigs and other forms of debris ruin the appearance of a lawn. Raking and bagging debris can take hours, even days. Lawn sweepers will significantly reduce the time required for clearing the debris cluttering your lawn. They operate like a vacuum, easily gathering debris into its bag with its spinning brushes. There are two types of sweepers available, push sweepers and ones that attach to the back tractor mowers. Here are 3 lawn sweepers that will make your lawn look better.

3 Lawn Sweepers That Will Make Your Lawn Look Better

1: 26″ Push Lawn Sweeper

  • The 26-inch push lawn sweeper gathers up detritus 50% quicker than raking
  • A push-only machine, therefore, cannot be towed behind a ride-on mower
  • It will save you hours of strenuous work
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Fantastic pickup efficiency due to the set of 10-inch diameter brushes which rotate four-and-a-half times for every wheel turn
  • Its brushes can be raised and lowered to suit the surface it is working on
  • Large capacity 200-litre debris-catcher, allows you to get lots of work done between each emptying-break
  • Debris-bag is collapsible for compact storage
  • 10” x 1.75” semi-pneumatic tyres
  • Sweeping Width = 66cm
  • Brush Diameter = 25cm
  • Wheels = 250mm x 44.5mm
  • Suitable for Areas Up To 2000 m2
  • Weight = 13.5kg

2: 44″ Tow Smart Sweeper

  • The 44-inch tow smart sweeper doesn’t leave anything behind and covers very large areas fast
  • Fast and efficient over very large areas
  • 710-litre debris-bag which keeps stops to empty at a minimum
  • The collecting bag can be emptied from the seat
  • Its offset hitch allows you to simultaneously cut and sweep
  • Brush-height is adjustable, quick-and-easy using a single button
  • Flexible to use on different surfaces
  • Can be attached to ride on mowers
  • Debris bag easy to remove and collapse for storage
  • Exclusive one-button height adjustment
  • Ergonomic dumping-lever
  • Supplied with a universal link-pin
  • Brush Diameter = 25cm
  • Wheels = 25.5cm x 44.5cm
  • Suitable for areas up to = 8000 m2
  • Weight = 41 kg

3: 52″ Tow Lawn Sweeper

  • The 52-inch tow lawn sweeper is a heavy-duty sweeper that will reduce your lawn care time in half  
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Fitted with a 24.4 cubic foot flow-through bag
  • Equipped with an easy-to-reach rope allowing you to unload from the seat of your tractor
  • The universal fit attachment lets you connect it to any tractor mower
  • Foldable bag for compact storage
  • Adjustable brush height
  • 708L hopper capacity
  • Collector bag can be emptied from the driver’s seat
  • Hopper is collapsible for easy storage
  • Semi-pneumatic tyres for excellent traction
  • Universal garden tractor hitch pin
  • Wheels = 11″ x 2.5″
  • Suitable for areas over 8000 m2
  • Weight = 42kg

A lawn sweeper is a great help when maintaining a beautiful appearance of a lawn. To learn more about our lawn sweepers, visit us online or call us today on 021-496-5132.

Why You Should Use Spreaders On Your Garden

Why You Should Use Spreaders On Your Garden

A spreader is a gardening essential that all homeowners should have to take care of their garden. If you want to keep your garden healthy, using a spreader is definitely one of the best ways to do so. Garden spreaders are pieces of equipment that will equally distribute fertilizer, seeds and any other products needed to upkeep and maintain the health of your garden. Therefore, you should really consider buying a top quality fertilizer spreader to get the most out of your garden.

Why You Should Use Spreaders On Your Garden

Fertilizer is to gardens as food is to humans. Plants that are well nourished and healthy allow great returns on foliage, grass growth, fruit and tubers. Having a healthy garden takes work and fertilizing is one of the key ingredients necessary to reap the benefits of a healthy garden. Here are the benefits of using garden spreaders.

  • Fertilizing helps promote a greener, lusher lawn.
  • The use of these pieces of equipment prevent all unwanted elements coming onto your garden such as insects, weeds, disease and uneven application of fertilizer.
  • Spreaders make the application of spreading materials much easier and faster.
  • Promotes new growth and allows plants to reach their maximum potential.
  • Maintains the healthy parts of grass and plants.
  • Fertilizing ensures plants are getting the right nutrients at the right time of year so they can withstand different seasons.
  • They provide an even application of fertilizer, seed and any other lawn products.
  • Prevents uneven feeding due to an equal distribution of fertilizer.
  • Makes the application process much easier and faster.
  • Disease and infestations prevention on garden plants and crops.
  • They promote precision gardening and farming.
  • They increase soil production and health.
  • Boosts nutrients in plants and crops.
  • Fertilizers help crops and plants grow faster.
  • Improves the health and overall structure of plants.

Garden spreaders really benefit to a better, healthier garden. With their capability of providing proper application throughout your garden, you get to maintain a healthy lawn, plants or crops. Garden spreaders can be of different types where their function can also alter. To see our full range of garden spreaders, visit us online today.

4 Of The Best Aerators Available For Your Lawn

4 Of The Best Aerators Available For Your Lawn

A garden lawn is what really beautifies a garden and the surroundings of a home. It is important to take great care of your lawn regularly and one of the best ways to ensure this is by using an aerator on your lawn. A lawn aerator is a tool which perforates soil with small holes in order to allow air, minerals and nutrients to penetrate the roots. Aeration helps the roots grow deeply, the grass to grow and as a result a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Here are 4 of the best aerators available for your lawn.

4 Of The Best Aerators Available For Your Lawn40″ Spring Tine Dethatcher

The 40″ Spring Tine Dethatcher comes with 20 sprung-tines which are 3/16” diameter providing fantastic durability. This aerator will delicately and comprehensively tease-out any build-up of moss and thatch, allowing your grass to flourish. Its 40-inch working-width makes it easy to cover very large areas in very little time. The 40-inch aerator sits on a pair of 7″ x 1.5″ semi-pneumatic wheels which run smoothly over bumpy ground. It comes with a universal link-pin which aid the use with ride-on mowers. There is a simple to use cantilevered handle which makes it easy to raise and lower the tines and a 40″ weight tray which can hold up to 70 lb.

48″ Spring Tine Dethatcher

This model is perfect for larger sized lawns. The 48-inch aerator comes with 24 heat-treated tines which will thoroughly get rid of thatch or moss on the surface of the lawn. Heat treated tines are incredibly durable and strong. One of the main features of the 48″ Spring Tine Dethatcher is its weight tray, it can hold up to 70lbs for more effective thatch removal. There is an easy-to-use cantilevered handle which allows easy lowering and raising of the tines for transportation purposes. Its 7″ x 1.5″ semi-pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth movement of the unit, even on the rough and bumpy ground. A universal link-pin is included to make it simple to use with tractor mowers.

40″ Spike Aerator

The 40-inch Spike Aerator aerates the largest of grass areas with great speed and efficiency. It has 10 sharply spiked aeration discs and it offers working-depth adjustment by way of a 102cm ballast-tray so you can be rest assured a thorough job will be done. Aeration discs come in the shape of a star to slice the surface allowing the aeration process to happen. It can be used in conjunction with any tractor mower due to its universal hitch pin. You can add up to 45kg of ballast to its weight-tray. This aerator is easy to transport and store as it is equipped with a foldable tow bar.

48″ Plug Aerator

The 48-inch Plug Aerator is best used when the moisture content of the surface is at its highest. It has 32 coring-points with four per-spool that remove ¾-inch plugs from the lawn. Its coring-points are produced from heat-treated steel, allowing them to remain firm under heavy loads. When this aerator is used you will be left with a beautiful, green-looking lawn. This model is able to penetrate the toughest soil-types thanks to its 140lbs weight tray feature. It has a 48-inch working-width, allowing you to cover a lot of ground quickly with each pass. It runs on wide-profile pneumatic tyres that provide traction and manoeuvrability. The aeration-spools can be raised with the cantilevered handle. The aeration-depth can be adjusted up to 3-inches to suit them and it comes with a universal hitch-pin is included making it suitable to use with all tractor mowers.

If you are planning to buy a lawn aerator then do your research in order to find the one that possesses the most required features. The 4 lawn aerators listed above are highly recommended by the specialists. To learn more about our aerators, visit us online today or call us on 021-496-5132.