the best robot mower

Best Robot Mower: Which Stihl iMow Is Best For You?

The Best Robot Mower is the best one for the task at hand. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we believe in the right tool for the job. Not everyone needs the newest, fastest, most powerful gadget. Sometimes less is more. So with that in mind, let’s talk about Stihl’s range of robot mowers

Stihl is one of our go-to manufacturers for professional and domestic gardening equipment. They have superior quality in everything they do, with robust materials built to last. Their robot mower range is no exception.  Stihl has a range of six different robot mowers ranging from entry-level for small gardens to a more professional level for large lawns.

The Best Robot Mower for Small-Medium Sized Gardens

The Stihl RMI 422 is the entry-level robot mower which can maintain lawns up to 800 square metres in size. Yet it’s still packed with nifty features. Once you install it, it’ll mow, recharge and schedule itself automatically. As with the other models, it mulches the grass rather than collecting it. Its cutting height can be adjusted between 2-6 centimetres. 

The Best Robot Mower for Gardens up to 3000 square meters

The Stihl RMI 632 can cover almost four times more than the entry-level robot thanks to a much larger lithium-ion battery. Aside from that, it shares most of the same features. It has the same cutting height of 2-6 centimetres. Its cutting width is about 33 percent larger than the 422 at 28 centimetres versus the 422’s 20cm. Its larger battery adds an extra five kilos to its weight so that the 632 is fourteen kilos versus the 422’s nine.

The Best Robot Mower for Lawns Up To 5000 square metresthe best robot mower

The Stihl 632 can cover the largest area while also satisfying gadget lovers. The 632 allows you to control the iMow using a smartphone app. This lets you change your mowing plan, check on its status, or tell it to delay a mowing session if it’s not a convenient time (Sunday mornings for example!).

As you know, robotic mowers aren’t toys (at least not toys for children). So during its active times, young children, bystanders and animals need to be kept clear of the working area. Please refer to the operating instructions for further information.

Thank you for reading. We hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 021-4965132

the stihl AR 2000

The Stihl AR 2000 battery pack

The Stihl Cordless Battery range uses lithium-ion technology. This is the better battery technology out there, which offers simplified starting, better operation and reduced maintenance.  While Stihl Battery Powered Tools have excellent power and are extremely appealing for their ease of handling, minimal vibration on the hands, reduced weight, and quieter operation, they are not suitable for heavy-duty use out of the box — this is due to the constraints placed on them by the current state of lithium battery technology which reduces run time significantly. This is where the Stihl AR 2000 battery backpack comes in.the stihl AR 2000

The Stihl AR 2000

Stihl designed their battery-powered products to be interoperable. Whether you use an onboard battery or the AR 2000, they will all work together without a hitch. The AR Battery system supports the more full professional product line and also heavy-duty domestic users.  You wear the AR 2000 on your back. Weighing in at 7.8 kg, this backpack provides a total of 916 Watt-hours of battery energy.  This is almost four times the power you’d get from a Stihl AP300 battery pack.

Reducing Weight and Fatigue

With the backpack, you plug a cable directly into the handheld tool. Since there’s no battery hanging off the tool in your hands, the tool is much lighter.  This makes it ideal for extended use.  The AR 2000 works seamlessly with your electric tool’s built-in power settings. It has an in-built processor to communicate with the tool you’re using. The control unit talks to the motor and battery to make sure the perfect amount of current is supplied to give the best efficiency and performance during use.  There are also diagnostic tools available If you need to have your tool run for more extended periods, simply adjust it to its lower power settings and this will allow you to extend the length of time you’re able to use the tool.

Alternatives to the Stihl AR 2000

If the Stihl AR 2000 is too much power (or weight) for your needs, you can use different Stihl battery pouches to carry the batteries. You strap these onto the battery belt on the waist.  Like the backpack, they reduce fatigue and improve handling when compared with having the battery attached directly to the tool.  Have any other questions about our Stihl Battery Powered range? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 021-4965132.


the stihl electric kombi

The Stihl Electric Kombi

At Douglas Forest and Garden, Stihl is one of our preferred manufacturers for garden and forestry tools. Stihl makes solid, robust and user-friendly products. The Stihl Electric Kombi, the KMA 130 R is no exception. The 130 R is basically multiple tools in one. Including a strimmer and hedge cutter,

The Stihl Electric Kombi’s Handling

The electric motor has an impressive amount of power for strimming, brush cutting, hedge cutting, etc. When you compare the 130 R to regular machines, it is extremely lightweight. And because it uses electricity rather than a combustion engine, it’s also lighter and much quieter than a traditional system. It’s not running with a two-stroke engine,  so you don’t get the numbness/discomfort you’d typically get from a machine vibrating in your hands for extended periods. Because of this, it’s really easy on your body and is perfect for those who need a tool that has excellent handling. the stihl electric kombi


The KMA 130 R Kombi runs on battery, so its runtime is limited by the state of the art in battery technology. You can use it along with a battery pack to extend its runtime on a single charge. But even with the Stihl AP300 battery pack, there is a limit to its runtime which will allow you to get a morning’s work done, but it may make it less-than-ideal as a primary tool for professional use. For example, as a hedge cutter, you might get it to run for about 60-90 mins.  As a strimmer, you will get about 20 mins runtime on full throttle. 

Who is the Stihl Electric Kombi for?

If you’re a home-owner with a medium to small sized garden and need to do some hedge cutting and strimming, but you don’t want to spend extra money or take up extra space with multiple tools, then the KMA 130 R is ideal. The KMA 130 R is also excellent for those with mobility issues who need something with excellent handling, or who for whatever reason may have difficulty with the numbing effects of a handheld combustion engine tool. It is also cost-effective when you compare it with professional-level equipment. If you are a professional, you may not want it as your primary tool unless you are using it in conjunction with a backpack, such as the Stihl AR 2000. 

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The stihl battery powered chainsaw

Are Battery Powered Chainsaws Any Good?

We’re often asked, “Are Battery Powered Chainsaws Any Good?” Our answer is always, “it depends on the job”. It goes without saying that if you’re a professional you’re going to need a high powered performance chainsaw. But these saws are heavy, extremely powerful. They are overkill for domestic use. If you’re looking for a saw for your home and garden, perhaps for cutting firewood, then a battery-powered chainsaw is a good choice.

The Stihl MSA 120 C-BQ

The stihl battery powered chainsaw

The thing about an electric saw is that it’s light and easy to use. For example, the Stihl MSA 120 weighs in at just 3.7kg. It’s also much, much quieter than a higher powered chainsaw. It makes short work of medium and small sized pieces of wood. You can also maintain your outdoor area or use it for chopping firewood.

How long does the battery last?

The Runtime depends on the battery you use. For this reason, we recommend the AK20 Battery, which will give your Stihl MSA 120 C-BQ a running time of up to 35 minutes. This might not sound like much, but it’s really plenty of time for basic maintenance and also for wood cutting for your home fire, where you’re only going to be using the battery-powered chainsaw for a few minutes at a time.  It really is the right tool for the job for most domestic cases, and that’s why we recommend it. 

Are battery powered chainsaws any good for cutting medium sized branches? 

For this, we’d recommend the slightly larger MSA 140. The Stihl Msa 140 C-bq Chainsaw, which provides 20% more cutting power. It’s more suitable for larger trees (as well as for cutting firewood). It is still compact and easy to handle. Though please keep in mind that for safety reasons, with any chainsaw we cannot offer free shipping as they need to be purchased in-person.  Please feel free to call in to us here at Douglas Forest and Garden in order to check it out and see if it’s right for you. Chainsaws have caused dozens of serious injuries and deaths in Ireland over the past 15 years and battery-powered or otherwise, they must be treated with respect. We also provide training materials for safe usage of chainsaws. To find out more please call in or ring us today on 021-4965132.

Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Any Good?

We’re often asked, “Are robotic lawn mowers any good?”.  Robotic lawn mowers have become more and more popular over the past 10 years and they’re becoming more advanced. The question of whether they are any good comes down to what results you’re after. If you want a “well-manicured”, clean, green look, then how a lawn mower’s blades cut of the grass matters. You will want a machine which doesn’t fray or tear the blades of grass (which can cause browning and drying), so in this case, we would still recommend one of our range of push lawn mowers in Cork.

Push and ride-on lawn mowers have more powerful engines and higher RPM. This cuts the grass cleanly, which tends to keep it green and soft. Manual mowers also allow you to give your lawn that clean ‘striped’ appearance. A robotic lawn mower like the iMow cuts in a random pattern. But if you want an almost entirely automated management of your lawn, which never overgrows, we recommend a robotic lawnmower. Here’s a breakdown.


The Stihl iMow

We stock Stihl’s iMow lawnmowers, and the higher range model, the Stihl iMow 632 PC can cut an area of grass up to 4,000 square metres. You can remove the keypad so it’s easy to program (you don’t have to be crouched down to set it up). We currently have this model on sale.

The iMow RMI 422 P is the smaller model than the 632. It can cover up to 1,000 square metres — perfect for most homes. All Stihl iMowers run off Lithium-Ion batteries and are completely self-sufficient once they’re installed. This means that, theoretically, once they’re set up and properly programmed you shouldn’t have to touch them again. They have a timer scheduling system that’s very similar to that of a water sprinkler, so you can choose the days and times you want it to start cutting your grass. 

The iMow knows its own battery life and will automatically return to its charging dock without your help. Once recharged, it can resume cutting if needs be. 


One of the chief concerns with robotic lawn mowers is their safety. Are they safe to run unsupervised? The simple answer is yes. The iMow has built-in safety sensors. If it hits an obstruction like a rock, football, or tree or something left in the garden, the lawn mower will bump into it and then turn away in the opposite direction.

If someone tries to reach under, sensors will instantly stop the blades, and then the iMow will turn around 180 degrees and move 10 feet away before re-activating the blade.

The blade is deep inside the unit and is surrounded by a safety skirt so that the sensors can detect danger long before anything is at risk of ever touching the blades. To increase safety, rather than the blade itself being height-adjustable, the entire unit raises or lowers closer to the ground.


The eight adjustable heights (from 1-8) are adjusted by simply turning a knob on the panel. This raises or lowers the entire deck rather than the blade. You can also set it up to go to up to 4 different zones, and have it go to some zones more often than others. If you see one area needs more attention than another, you can change the plan so that it spends more time in that area than other areas. This ensures that your lawn can look good all of the time.


The iMow is the only robotic lawn mower that uses a standard lawnmower blade. Both sides of the blade are sharp, and to increase the lifetime of the blade, every time the iMow hits an obstruction it stops, then automatically reverses the direction of the blade until it hits another obstruction. This means that over time, wear and tear is evened out and the blade lasts twice as long. 


So, is a robotic lawn mower any good? It’s a question of the results you’re after. It depends on what you are personally after. If you want a well-maintained garden with no work on your part, we recommend the iMow hands down. If you want lush, green grass, you may prefer a regular lawn mower.

I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have any other queries don’t hesitate to check out our range, or call us on 021-4965132.

Accessories For Battery Powered Machinery

Accessories For Battery Powered Machinery

Stihl battery powered machinery are cordless tools that make home gardening simple and environmentally friendly. What makes these tools complete is the addition of accessories. They will make working with Stihl battery powered machinery much easier, more comfortable and ensure a better job. There is a wide range of accessories available all providing different functions. Here is our full range of Accessories For Battery Powered Machineryaccessories for battery powered machinery.

Stihl AL101 Charger

The Stihl AL 101 charger is for STIHL Lithium-ion batteries. This quick charger has an operating mode indicator and an active battery cooling feature. It will fully charge the AP 100 battery in 90 minutes, AP 200 in 165 minutes and an in 250 minutes the AP 300 battery. The AL 101 weighs 0.7kg and a power output of 0.1kw.

Stihl AL300 Quick Charger

The Stihl AL 300 for STIHL Lithium-ion batteries and has an operating mode indicator and an active battery cooling feature. It will fully charge the AP 100 battery in 50 minutes, the AP 200 battery in 55 minutes and in 75 minutes the AP 300 battery. The quick AL 101 charger weighs 1.2kg and a power output of 0.3kw.

Stihl AL500 Hi-speed Charger

The Stihl AL 500 is a hi-speed charger for the AP 180 and the AR 900 Lithium-ion batteries. It takes 30 minutes for this charger to the AP 180 battery with 100% charge and 130 minutes for the AR 900 battery to have 100%. For convenient storage, it can be wall mounted. The AL 500 weighs 1.3kg and a power output of 0.6kw.

Stihl AR2000 Backpack Battery

The Stihl AR2000 backpack battery has a high capacity perfect for longer running times. It is a sturdy housing with a base and charge level indicator consisting of six LEDs. The AR 2000 is a  comfortable and ergonomic harness equipped with an integrated carry handle and a protection cover for the rain. It weighs 7.8kg, has a charge voltage of 41 volts, a capacity of 21.8ah and a battery energy of 916 Wh.

Stihl AR3000 Backpack Battery

The Stihl AR 3000 backpack battery is the highest capacity lithium-ion backpack battery for longer running times. It has a charge level indicator with six LEDs, so you will always know when to recharge the unit. The AR300 has an integrated carry handle, comfortable harness, lap belt and a central buckle. There is a connection cable with a plug and an AP adapter. It weighs 8.2kg, has a charge voltage of 41 volts, capacity of 29.3ah and 1148 Wh battery energy.

Stihl AP Carrying System

The Stihl AP carrying system is a durable belt with a battery bag for carrying STIHL AP batteries and it is ergonomically shaped. The battery will be worn on the battery belt which reduces the amount of weight in your hands when working. From the battery, energy is transferred to the tool through the flexible cable and the AP adapter.

Stihl AP Holster inc Connecting Cable

The Stihl AP holster inc connecting cable allows energy to be transferred from a STIHL AP battery to the BGA 100 tool. It can be combined with the battery belt carrying system to make work more functional.

Stihl Battery Bag

The Stihl battery bag is mainly used to carry another AP battery easily. It can also carry accessories such as safety glasses, gloves and others. The battery bag attaches to the battery belt easily.

Stihl Carry Bag for Batteries

The Stihl carry bag for batteries aid the safe transport and storage of up to 2 Stihl Lithium-ion batteries and 1 Stihl charger. This soft bag is a great accessory for making your work less strenuous.

Stihl Support Foot

The Stihl support foot protects the battery from hitting the ground. This foot avoids any damage being caused to the battery. It has an additional handle for short-term extending of the shaft for the HLA 85, HTA 85 and HTA 65 tools.

Stihl Harness for Battery Belt

The Stihl harness for battery belt is a comfortable harness for working. It is easily attached to the battery belt to make your work easier.

Stihl Carrying Strap

The Stihl carry strap makes for a more comfortable operation of the Stihl FSA 65 and Stihl FSA 85. The strap includes the attachment clip.

Stihl Catcher Plate

The Stihl catcher plate is perfect for catching and removing cuttings. This accessory has a bar length of 50 cm and can be mounted on both sides for all the HLA, HSE models, HSA 66 and the HSA 86.

Stihl Support Cushion

The Stihl support cushion is perfect for helping you with your home gardening work. It has a simple hook for retrofitting the AR 900. This accessory works well in conjunction with the harness, the BGA 85 can be attached during pauses in work.

Stihl Battery Slot Cover

The Stihl battery slot cover is perfect for covering a battery slot on a Stihl cordless machine. This slot cover protects dust and dirt from getting in during storage.

To purchase some of our accessories for your cordless tools, visit us online today or call us on 021-4965132.

Battery Powered Machinery - PRO Batteries

Battery Powered Machinery – PRO Batteries

Battery Powered Machinery - PRO BatteriesAt the heart of all battery powered machinery are their batteries. These keep the battery powered tools in operation to complete whatever home garden tasks need to be done. Stihl PRO batteries are lithium-ion batteries with varying performance classes which give the Stihl cordless machines their power. They have a high energy density, loads of power output, no memory effect, short charging times, long running times and can be used with all battery powered machinery.

These long lasting durable batteries can be charged without an appreciable loss of energy. They deliver a great performance even when they are partially discharged. The performance of these batteries remains the same throughout the entire time of operation. Stihl PRO batteries can be taken out and replaced in seconds. These batteries are available with different capacities for different tools. Here is our full range of battery powered machinery PRO batteries.

Stihl AP100 Li-ion Battery

The Stihl AP100 is a lightweight Lithium-Ion PRO battery. It has a charge level indicator including four LEDs. This battery has a power of 36 volts, perfect for the HSA 66 hedge trimmer, KGA 770 sweeper and FSA 65 grass trimmer. It has an energy content of 76Wh, a weight of 0.8 kg and a charge voltage of 42 volts. The AP 100 a different battery life on different products.

Stihl AP200 Li-ion Battery

The Stihl AP 200 is a 4.0 ah capacity Lithium-Ion battery. It offers excellent run times on Stihl cordless tools. The AP 200 has an integrated LED charge indicator which displays clearly when the battery needs charging. It is compatible with the AL 100, AL 300 as well as the AL 500 charger unit. The battery weighs 1.3kg, has an energy content of 151Wh and a charge voltage of 42 volts. The AP 200 has a different battery life on different products.

Stihl AP300 Li-ion Battery

The Stihl AP300 is a powerful 6.0 ah capacity Lithium-Ion battery. This is the most powerful handheld battery Stihl offers. It gives increased run times for bigger jobs in home gardens. There is an integrated LED charge indicator in this battery which indicates when the battery needs to be charged. It is compatible with the AL 100, AL 300 and AL 500 charger unit. The battery weighs 1.7kg, has an energy content  227Wh and a charge voltage of 42 volts. The AP 200 has a different battery life on different products.

To learn more about our Pro batteries visit us online today or call us on 021-496-5132.

Stihl Cordless Range

Stihl Cordless Range

Stihl Cordless RangeCordless garden tools make moving around your home garden simple and hassle-free. When there are no cables to restrict your movement, you can get into all those hard to reach spots. You can cover more distance without the hassle of a cord when gardening. The Stihl cordless power tools range gives you convenience without compromising on performance. The cordless tools in this range are extremely quiet which means you can garden for as long as you want without disturbing anyone. These tools are also emission-free, making for a better garden environment. Here is the full Stihl cordless range.

Stihl HSA 45 Cordless Hedgetrimmer

The Stihl HSA 45 cordless hedge trimmer is a very lightweight tool with a great cutting performance. It is ideal for cutting branches in the outdoors of your garden. This hedge trimmer has a single-sided cutting blade with a tooth spacing of 24mm, screw-on tip protector, integrated cut protection and an integrated battery with a charge level indicator. It weighs 2.3 kg, has a battery charging time of 145 min/210 min (80%/100%), cutting length of 50cm and a total length of 91cm.

Stihl FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer

The Stihl FSA 45 cordless strimmer is a compact and high-performance tool perfect for trimming and clearing tasks that need to be done in your garden. It has an integrated battery that has a charge level indicator and an adjustable mowing unit working angle which is very useful for trimming vertical edges as well as many other tasks. The FSA 45 has a shaft and loop handle which offers tool-free adjustment, is simple to change between mowing lines and PolyCut blades without switching its mowing head, spacer bracket. It has a total length of 110cm and a cutting diameter of 230mm.

Stihl BGA 45 Cordless Blower

The Stihl BGA 45 cordless blower is an easy to manoeuvre tool which is great for cleaning outdoor areas in your garden. It has a round nozzle, a wall holder with a charging function perfect for practical storage and an integrated battery with a charge level indicator. The BGA 45 uses Lithium-Ion battery technology, it weighs 2kg and has a max airspeed of 44 m/s.

To learn more about our battery powered machinery call us today on 021-496-5132 or visit us online to order some of our cordless tools to keep your garden in great shape.

Battery Powered Lawnmowers Cork

Battery Powered Lawnmowers Cork

Battery Powered Lawnmowers CorkStihl battery-powered lawn mowers are innovative and powerful machines with full freedom of motion. Stihl cordless lawnmowers offer people the support they need to maintain their garden. They effortlessly mow lawns, borders and around plants. They provide great comfort for users as they do not feature a cable allowing users to move freely throughout the garden not restricting their movement. They have an efficient motor with an automatic blade speed adjustment which ensures long lasting battery performance and an excellent cut every time.

The high-performance Stihl battery-powered lawn mowers all have different cutting height adjustments. Their comfortable ergonomic mono handlebars allow for compact storage and user convenience as well as being easy to transport thanks to their lightweight and compact shape. Their batteries also fit other machines i.e Stihl hedge trimmers, brush cutters and more. Here is our full range of battery powered lawnmowers.

Stihl RMA 443 Lawnmower

The Stihl RMA 443 lawnmower is a high quality and mobile garden machine. It has high-quality lithium-ion batteries as well as high energy reserves. The motor has an activatable eco mode and a flow optimised blade which makes this lawnmower energy-saving in operation. The RMA 443 has a foldable grass catcher box which can hold 55l of grass clippings and is simple to empty. This lawnmower is easy to manoeuvre, lightweight and can be quickly and space-savingly stored or transported because of its QuickFix quick-clamping device. It has a cutting width of 41cm, a cutting height of between 25-75mm and is perfect for lawns up to 400m² in size.

Stihl RMA 443 C Lawnmower

The Stihl RMA 443 C lawnmower is a high standard machine that won’t disappoint in making your garden beautiful. It is fitted with a powerful Stihl PRO battery system making it perfect for medium-sized lawns. This mower has an energy-saving eco mode which positively affects the machine’s operation time whilst mowing, collecting and mulching. Its flow-optimised blade consumes very little energy because the RMA 443 C produces minimal air resistance during every cut. It can be easily adjusted to the desired level in several stages with its central cutting height adjustment features. The mono-comfort handlebar ensures that the foldable grass catcher box which can collect 55l of clippings is easy to empty. This lawnmower has a cutting width of 41cm, a cutting height of between 25-75mm and is ideal for gardens areas up to 400m².

Stihl RMA448 TC Lawnmower

The Stihl RMA448 TC lawnmower is perfect for dealing with large sized lawns. It offers great freedom since it is cordless. The lawn mowers working range is high in eco mode due to the automatic adapting of the motor power. This means the charge of the lithium-ion battery lasts even longer. There is constant propulsion by the 1-speed drive. The RMA448 TC can also be fitted with the mulching function. Its flow-optimised blade always makes cutting effective. Its mono-comfort handlebar and 55-litre capacity foldable clippings catcher box ensure easy emptying and comfortable handling. The lawnmower comes with six different blade settings so it is easy for users to cut grass with speed and precision. This lawnmower has a 46cm cutting width, a cutting height of between 25-75mm.

Order your very own battery powered lawn mower online today or call us in store on 021-496-5132.