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best performing stihl imow

The Best Performing iMow

No matter what your budget or garden size, you probably want the best performing iMow at the right price. If you’re looking for a Stihl iMow, this post will give you some suggestions based on features and price. The Best Performing iMow on a Budget The Stihl RMI 422 is the budget option in the […]

electric lawnmower - the right choice for domestic

When Is an Electric Lawnmower The Right Choice?

Is an electric lawnmower the right choice for your needs? We’ve been providing lawn and garden machinery to our customers for decades now. Lawnmowers come in many configurations and sizes, and if you’re very discerning about getting the right tool for your needs, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Saying that there are some […]

Cordless Or Petrol Powered Machinery

Choosing Between Cordless Or Petrol Powered Machinery

Choosing between cordless or petrol-powered machinery can be tricky when you have a few different considerations pulling you in different directions. This article will give you a framework and quick over to help you decide between regular and battery-powered garden tools more easily. Choosing Between Cordless Or Petrol Powered Machinery Consider your trade-offs when deciding […]

Cordless Landscaping Solutions

Cordless Landscaping Solutions

Cordless landscaping solutions are growing in range and in performance. What does it mean to go cordless in the garden or at work as a landscaper? The benefits are clear for anyone who has had to contend with tangled extension cables or a jump start chord that jumps plenty — but doesn’t start. Battery operated tools […]

Battery-operated Machinery

Battery-operated Machinery

For years, reliable battery-operated machinery was a pipe dream. While battery technology was being explored as early as 1912, it wasn’t until the 1970s that lithium batteries became available commercially. Lithium to Lithium-ion Before the advent of lithium-ion technology, the idea of using batteries for something like an electric leaf blower would have seemed insane. […]

Stihl's Electric Sweeper

Stihl’s Electric Sweeper

Stihl’s Electric Sweeper, the KGA 770, may be pricey, but it’s potentially one of the best battery powered machines you can get for large areas. Whether it’s a warehouse, a school, or a petrol station, the KGA 770 makes light work of the task at hand and helps you free up time for other tasks. […]

Electric Leaf Blowers

Electric Leaf Blowers

Electric leaf blowers have a lot of advantages in comparison to your regular petrol powered motors. While they’re not as powerful, you gain a great deal of advantages in terms of usability and handling. Suffice to say, a cordless leaf blower is a great option for many households and for those of us who don’t […]

Professional Battery Kits

Professional Battery Kits

Professional Battery Kits are the thing that’ll change your electric garden equipment from a ‘nice to have to a fully functional replacement for your regular old petrol-powered or plug-in range of equipment. There are many advantages to battery-powered landscaping machinary. It has lower energy costs, not just because it’s better for the environment, but also […]

going cordless in the garden

Going Cordless in the Garden

Many people are going cordless in the garden. With the advent of superior battery technology, many things are now possible that were totally impractical just a few years ago. Many of us have larger garden spaces or areas where it’s inconvenient to run cables to carry out some garden work, so the ability to make […]

best electric hedgetrimmer

The Best Electric Hedgetrimmer

Are you looking to find the best electric hedgetrimmer? We have a few Stihl trimmers that we can get behind. Stihl is one of our favourite manufacturers for power garden tools, and they’re always on our list. You can view our full list of hedgetrimmers, or read our overview below. The Best Electric Hedgetrimmer If […]

Stihl Battery Efficiency

Stihl Battery Efficiency Tips

Stihl battery efficiency is top class. These are some of the best quality Lithium-Ion systems you can get. Though they’re quite strong, battery-powered garden tools can really challenge the state of the technology. If you have battery-powered tools, follow some of these tips to keep them lasting years. Keep Your Tools In Good Condition The […]

Battery Operated Garden Tools

Battery Operated Garden Tools

Battery Operated Garden Tools have come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. Stihl has been at the forefront of this movement with the introduction of cutting edge lithium-ion batteries. As technology advances, lighter, more powerful machinery has come available. And with better battery technology also comes longer operating times before a recharge is […]

electric garden tools

Electric Garden Tools

Electric garden tools are becoming more popular each year. As battery technology improves, the advantages of a lighter, quieter power tool become more appealing to more people. In particular, Stihl’s range of domestic-use battery powered garden tools is excellent for less-intensive professional use, at home and around the garden. With much lighter designs, these are […]

electric garden shears

Electric Garden Shears: The STIHL HSA 25

Electric Garden Shears are growing in popularity. We provide a full range of STIHL electric garden tools, which can be used interchangeably with STIHL’s full range of battery packs and chargers. This provides you with a full range of cordless garden tools for around the garden and yard.  When you’re using a regular large two-stroke […]

Electric Lawnmowers

Stihl’s Electric Lawnmowers: The 448 TC

Electric Lawnmowers are growing in popularity as the battery technology improves. Stihl provides a growing range of battery-powered garden tools, and this includes battery-powered lawnmowers. These batteries can be used interchangeably with all of Stihl’s cordless electric range. Today we’d like to go over one of STIHL’s flagship cordless lawnmowers The RMA 448 TC is […]