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best go kart in 2022

Best Go Karts in 2022

What are the Best Go Karts in 2022? There have been countless different ride-on toys over the years, but one of the few that has remained in the spotlight for years has been the go-kart. These are great toys for kids with a simple design that stands both the tests of time and wear and […]

christmas karts

Christmas Karts

Soapbox racing became popular in the 1930s, and the world’s first ‘Go-Kart’ was built and sold in the 1950s. Today, we’re well into the 2020s and even today kids love and appreciate go-karts. There’s a lot to be said for go-karts as a gift. They’re very robust and reliable with few separate parts it’s more […]

kids karts for christmas

Kids Karts for Christmas

Looking for Kids Karts for Christmas? Whether you’re looking for something for a toddler or an older child, we have one of the greatest ranges of Berg Go-Karts in Ireland. If you’ve followed us on social media you’ll know we’re in business for decades and we’re all about quality. We’re always on the lookout for […]

Themed Karts for Kids

Themed Karts for Kids

Themed karts for kids are growing in popularity. With so many types of ride-on toys available on the market today, you’d think that go-karts would have gone the way of the dinosaur. But their popularity has never waned for the same reason they didn’t when we were kids: they’re a whole lot of fun! (and […]

four wheel toys

Four Wheel Toys

Despite all the excitement around e-scooters and other electric transportation, four wheel toys are still as popular as ever. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have been offering the best Berg Go-Karts for years now.  We also offer a range of other fun transportations for kids of all ages. Go-Karts They’re a tried and trustworthy […]

Go-Karts for Children

Go-Karts for Children

Looking for Go-Karts for children? We have a great selection of some of the best quality karts on the market, that are designed to last for years and accompany your child as they grow. BERG are well-known for being one of the oldest and best go-kart manufacturers, and today they also build Go-karts for toddlers […]

Go Karts VS E-Scooters

Go Karts VS E-Scooters: Which Is Better?

If you need to decide between Go-Karts VS E-Scooters, then here’s a few ideas to keep in mind when making your decision. One thing is for certain; karts are never going to go out of style. These have been around even before we had automobiles! We’re a proud supplier with one of the largest range […]

Kids Electric Police Bike

Kid’s Electric Police Bike

This Kid’s electric police bike is something else! We all wish we had this toy when we were kids! BMW designed this bike for kids aged between 3-7 years old and includes stabilisers built-in for safety and support. This makes it as safe as it is fun. Officially licensed by BMW, it has lots of […]

choosing a go-kart

Choosing a Go-Kart For Your Kids

If you’re looking for help choosing a Go-Kart for your kid, we have a few ideas that can help steer you on the right track. We exclusively stock Berg Go-Karts because they are everything you would want. They’re well-known for their sturdy construction and longevity, not just in terms of the build but in terms […]

best electric go-kart

Best Berg Electric Go-Kart: Which One Is It?

What’s the best Berg Electric Go-Kart? That depends on the style you want. BERG provides some of the best outdoor toys available, and their range of Go-Karts are no exception. They have a full range of karts for kids aged from 10 month-olds to adults kids. Many in their range have different features and options. […]

BERG Electric Go-Karts

BERG Electric Go-Karts: The Extra Blue

BERG Electric Go-Karts are known for their incredible durability and re-usability. BERG’s line of outdoor toys and equipment are unparalleled, we’re also proud carriers of their world-renowned trampolines, and we also stock their range of non-electric Go-Karts. When it comes to Go-Karts, BERG has almost three decades’ worth of experience under their belt. They recently […]

go karts for toddlers

Go Karts for Toddlers

Are you looking for Go Karts for Toddlers aged between 10-30 months? BERG has a massive selection of Go Karts for Sale for kids and adults of all ages. Most of our products come with free shipping to your door anywhere in Ireland. Go Karts for Toddlers: The Go2 BERG’s Go2 range is made especially […]

best electric go-kart

The Best Electric Go-Kart This Christmas?

“What’s the best Electric Go-Kart?” Every kid wants the latest and greatest toy and gadget on Christmas, and Go-Karts are no exception. Thankfully, our range of BERG Electric Go-Karts are all based on the same chassis and have similar features, which makes the preference down to a few key areas. Namely how they look, what […]

kids go-kart sale

Kids Go-Kart Sale: 4 Deals For Kids Aged 3+

Our Kids Go-Kart Sale is just in time for Christmas. Go-Karts never go out of style. And with the holidays approaching, you may see your kids mention one of these on their Christmas list. If you are looking for a discount, we stock BERG Go-Karts, which are well known for their durability, longevity, and capacity […]

benefits of outdoor play

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

The benefits of outdoor play are becoming more necessary. Today, as technology is becoming increasingly the default, we’re seeing an increase in various childhood issues. Many people are pointing fingers at technology for the rise in obesity, ADD/ADHD and other issues. An argument can be made that technology is addictive to young children, and its […]