choosing a go-kart

Choosing a Go-Kart For Your Kids

If you’re looking for help choosing a Go-Kart for your kid, we have a few ideas that can help steer you on the right track. We exclusively stock Berg Go-Karts because they are everything you would want. They’re well-known for their sturdy construction and longevity, not just in terms of the build but in terms of the fun they can provide for kids aged 6+. 

Choosing a Go-Kart for Toddlers

Berg has Go-Karts for everyone aged ten months onward. The Berg GO²  range comes in different colours and is specially designed for toddlers aged 10-30 months. It grows as your child grows. At first, the pedals can be folded away so that your child can scoot along, developing and improving their balance and motor skills. And when they’re ready, you can fold out the pedals and let them take things to the next level. 

Go-Karts for 2 to 5-Year-Oldschoosing a go-kart

Berg built the Buzzy range especially for two to five-year-olds. As the kids get older, their interests start to become apparent, and the Buzzy range comes in all shapes and colours to allow your child’s imagination to run wild. Examples include a “Jeep” model and a John Deere Tractor model. 

Karts for kids aged 3-8

The Berg Buddy range is perfect for kids aged from three to eight. With a two-year warranty on the frame, these will grow up with alongside your child and provide countless hours of fun and exploration. These come in a range of styles, such as the Choppy, designed to look like a chopper bike. Or the Berg Lua, with mint and pink colours, adjustable steering wheel and seat. 

Choosing a Go-Kart: The Rally Range

The Rally Range is designed for kids aged from 4-12 years and comes in four main styles. These have a tight turning circle making them very manoeuvrable. They also have BFR pedals (Brake, Forward, Reverse). This means the pedals act as breaks and help you come to a full stop; you can then reverse quickly. The Pearl comes in a fun colour combination with the frame on four pneumatic tyres to provide comfort and suspension. The Rally Force comes in a hot green colour with a front spoiler. 


Most of the Berg Go-Karts for older kids (not toddlers) also work with the Berg Go-Kart Accessories. This includes trailers, sirens and other fun add-ons to let your child’s imagination run wild!  If you’d like to find out more about our range or would like to make an order (with free shipping) for Go-Karts, give us a call on 021 4965 132.

best electric go-kart

Best Berg Electric Go-Kart: Which One Is It?

What’s the best Berg Electric Go-Kart? That depends on the style you want. BERG provides some of the best outdoor toys available, and their range of Go-Karts are no exception. They have a full range of karts for kids aged from 10 month-olds to adults kids. Many in their range have different features and options. Their Electric offering, the E-BFR, is no different. 

Best Berg Electric Go-Kart: The Berg Hybrid E-BFRbest electric go-kart

Not everyone wants to go full-electric. While your hybrid car might switch to diesel once you get going, the E-BFR Hybrid Go-Kart increases the juice when you increase the leg power. It uses a torque sensor to gauge how hard you’re peddling and provides power assistance to match your efforts.  It has four power levels. At the lowest is Eco, followed by Tour, Sport and finally TURBO and has three braking systems, a coaster brake, a handbrake and a parking brake.

The Berg X-Plore Electric  Go-Kart

With sturdy off-road pneumatic tyres and a swing axle, the Berg X-Plore can handle the rough and tumble around a yard or uneven lawn. As with the other karts in the range, the seat is adjustable so that as you grow, it can continue to accommodate you. The X-Plore models come in three types: The E-BFR which has an electric assist. The X-Plore BFR and BFR-3, which have similar dimensions to each other and are not electrical in design but have off-road capabilities.

Berg Extra Sport E-BFR

The Extra Sport E-BFR comes in two striking colours: Red and blue. With a classic design, these two karts have mudguards and a front spoiler, and as with all Berg Karts, they are compatible with the range of Berg Go-Kart Accessories. These include trailers, sirens, and other cool add-ons which can add to the fun. As with the other E-BFRs, the kart is guaranteed for two years and is built to last for many more after that.

Berg Black Edition E-BFR

To some, the Best Berg Electric Go-Kart is the Black Edition. It has a unique design on the tyres and the spoilers. The Berg frames are robust enough to handle professional use, and the standard size for the E-BFR range is 165cm length x 81cm width x 86cm height, with a max user weight of 100kg.

If you’d like to find out more about our range or have questions about our free delivery to anywhere in Ireland, give us a call today on 021 4965 132

BERG Electric Go-Karts

BERG Electric Go-Karts: The Extra Blue

BERG Electric Go-Karts are known for their incredible durability and re-usability. BERG’s line of outdoor toys and equipment are unparalleled, we’re also proud carriers of their world-renowned trampolines, and we also stock their range of non-electric Go-Karts. When it comes to Go-Karts, BERG has almost three decades’ worth of experience under their belt. They recently began producing Electric Go-karts under the BFR Range, and the Extra Blue is their newest in this range. Here’s what makes the BERG Extra Blue E-BFR a great choice.

BERG Electric Go-Karts: The Extra Blue E-BFRBERG Electric Go-Karts

The Extra Blue comes with a two-year warranty and is suitable for kids from ages five and up. Though of course, it’s recommended that an adult accompanies kids under 12 at all times. As with most of BERG’s range, it has a smooth riding experience with pneumatic tyres. The tyres are attached to a swing axel, a type of independent suspension which reacts to irregularities, bumps and cracks on a surface so that you can experience a smoother ride. 

BERG’s full range of Go-Karts can accommodate children of all ages and sizes. The BERG XXL Frame is suitable for tall people to allow for years of fun. As your kid grows, they can continue using the Go-Kart. You can adjust the seat into eight different positions. Find the ideal position for you in the go-kart so you can reach the pedals at all time, then get back to tearing around without a care in the world! 

It also uses coaster brakes. Like the old school bicycles, you can stop simply by reversing slightly on the pedals.  This provides a much more effective and comfortable method for braking. It also includes a parking brake. In terms of appearance, it has reflector mudguards which protect you from mud and water splashes.  It can also attach to BERG Go-Kart accessories, including a trailer, second seat or flashing lights.

Like all BERG Electric Go-Karts, this should not be used on public roads or in public spaces. The BERG E-Go-kart also comes with an electric motor for pedal support. The 24V/240Wh battery is removable so that it’s easy to charge.

If you’d like to order the BERG Big Blue E-BRF (or try it out), call us today on 021 4965 132

go karts for toddlers

Go Karts for Toddlers

Are you looking for Go Karts for Toddlers aged between 10-30 months? BERG has a massive selection of Go Karts for Sale for kids and adults of all ages. Most of our products come with free shipping to your door anywhere in Ireland.

Go Karts for Toddlers: The Go2go karts for toddlers

BERG’s Go2 range is made especially for toddlers and they come in three colours, blue, pink and mint green. As long as your tike weighs under 20kg this is suitable for them. All three versions come in the same dimensions, 65 x 45 x 44cm and weighs in at a light yet sturdy 3.85kg.

The BERG GO² is BERG’s smallest go-kart. It’s designed to ‘grow up’ with your toddler, starting with when they can scoot and continuing with them until they can learn to pedal. Its peddles are fold-up, so for the earlier months, your child can scoot around like a push car. Its wheels are spaced nicely away from the seat so that your toddler won’t squish their toes, and the wheelbase is extra-wide to give them plenty of stability. When your child is old enough, you can fold down the pedals so they can use it just like a grown-up go-kart.

With a little bit of basic assembly, this toy will be ready to be your child’s companion for the next two years of their life. Of course, it goes without saying, but since these Go-Karts don’t have brakes (and your young one would be too young to know how to use it properly anyway), these are not suitable for use without adult supervision. And as with any Go Kart for toddlers, they are unsuitable for public roads, slopes, driveways, or near water. 

Go Karts for Older Children

To keep the Go2 light and easy to use for toddlers as they learn to scoot, they’re constructed lightly. This makes them perfect for younger children, but it also means they’re unsuitable for children over 36 months. If your toddler has older siblings who might want to have a go (or get a bit jealous) it’s best to provide them with their own Go Kart. For example the Buzzy range for kids aged 2-5  years old.

If you have any questions about our range or would like to order the Go2, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965132

best electric go-kart

The Best Electric Go-Kart This Christmas?

“What’s the best Electric Go-Kart?” Every kid wants the latest and greatest toy and gadget on Christmas, and Go-Karts are no exception. Thankfully, our range of BERG Electric Go-Karts are all based on the same chassis and have similar features, which makes the preference down to a few key areas. Namely how they look, what accessories they offer and their battery life. Here are a few of the best options we have this Christmas.

The Berg E-BFR Range: What You Need To Know

BERGs electric go-karts come in six versions. All are suitable for kids aged six plus. They have similar weight (ranging from roughly 48-60 kilos). They’re all also roughly the same size. Though each model is different they are all roughly sized a little under or over 168 x 85 x 87.5 cm. They will require assembly by Santa Clause the night before Christmas, and these can go to quite high speeds, up to 16kmph, so they require adult supervision and should not be used on public roads. 

The Best Electric Go-Kart For Those That Want To Peddle: The Berg Hybrid E-BFR

Berg’s Hybrid E-BFR combines full automation with good old fashioned exercise. This means it’s healthier for your kids, it’s also able to last longer on a single charge. With this model, the harder you pedal, the more the motor will kick in to propel you thanks to its built-in torque sensor. The 250-watt motor is connected to a 24-volt battery, which can provide up to two hours of propulsion. The Hybrid has four settings: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo, so the battery life will vary depending on how much you work you want the motor to take on. The Hybrid also has an LCD display which includes a speedometer, current battery capacity and distance travelled. 

The Best Electric Go-Kart for Off-Road Adventures: The Berg X-Plore E-BFR

The Berg X-Plore E-BFR is both themed and outfitted for more “off-road” adventures around your garden and yard. It is equipped with sturdy off-road pneumatic tyres which are built to handle rough terrain and pathways without any problem. You can also equip it with some of BERG’s great Go-Kart accessories, such as sirens, lights, or rollbars.  

Of course, the best model for your kid really depends on their personality, interests and temperament. So it’s always best to ask them what they’re after before having Santa Clause pull the trigger. If you have any questions about our range (or about our free shipping offer to anywhere in Ireland), please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 021 4965 132


kids go-kart sale

Kids Go-Kart Sale: 4 Deals For Kids Aged 3+

Our Kids Go-Kart Sale is just in time for Christmas. Go-Karts never go out of style. And with the holidays approaching, you may see your kids mention one of these on their Christmas list. If you are looking for a discount, we stock BERG Go-Karts, which are well known for their durability, longevity, and capacity for good fun. Here are a few notable models currently on sale.

The Berg Buddy Range (Suitable for 3-8 years)

The Berg Buddy range has a great selection of Go-Karts for kids aged 3-8 years. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some with a fun twist that kids love (such as the BERG ‘Choppy’, made to look like a Chopper Motorcycle). There are two models in their selection that are currently on sale.

The Berg Buddy Lua 279.00 259.00kids go-kart sale

The Lua is all about style. This striking Go-Kart combines pink, mint and cool graphics that kids love. It has all of Berg Go-Karts features, including forward and reverse peddling, as well as peddle-braking.

Berg Buddy B-Orange Go Kart 279.00 259.00
The B-Orange is the same as the Lua but with a metallic orange colour. The swing axle gives the Go-Kart stability and will provide your kids with hours of fun over the Christmas and New Year.

Kids Go-Kart Sale: The Berg Farm Range (Suitable for Ages 5+)

The Berg Farm Range takes all the core features that BERG are well-known for, and add in some cool themes that let your kids go wild in their imaginations. The Farm Range currently has five models on sale. Each of the discounted models has the same pricing, we reduced them from the standard €789 to €669 for a great saving of €120. The Farm Range have a tyre and exhaust look to make them appear like a tractor. Whether it’s a John Deere or a New Holland, your kids will love this. Here are two highlight models:

Berg Fendt BFR Go Kart + Free Passenger Seat 

The Fendt is very popular, with deep-tread tyres combined with the swing axle, these have a solid grip in the mud and works well even on uneven terrain. As with all other models, it has a back-pedal brake and also allows you to easily pedal both forwards and backwards. 

Berg Claas BFR Go Kart + Free Passenger Seat

The Claas has a cool ‘exhaust’ along its side which kids love. This looks especially well when you add in one of the available accessories, such as a lift bucket, pallet fork or rollbar with flashing light.

If you have any questions about our Kids Go-Kart Sale, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965132

benefits of outdoor play

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

The benefits of outdoor play are becoming more necessary. Today, as technology is becoming increasingly the default, we’re seeing an increase in various childhood issues. Many people are pointing fingers at technology for the rise in obesity, ADD/ADHD and other issues. An argument can be made that technology is addictive to young children, and its negative effects can be sobering. A 2018 study by Cyber Safe Ireland showed that 92% of Irish children aged between 9 and 13 own a smart device. Now, more than ever, we need creative ways to encourage activity in younger people. Thankfully, kids tend to be drawn to outdoor toys. Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to encourage them as much as possible.

Benefits of Outdoor Play: Neurological Development

The growing trend of kids spending time indoors on their devices is very new. We do not know with certainty how this can affect a child’s development. But what we do know is that the brain is plastic. It can change and adapt depending on what we do in our day. “Exercising your brain” is a thing. Your kids need plenty of stimulation to create new neural connections so they become smarter, abler, healthier adults. Physical activity and interaction with the environment is a huge source of new stimulation that is impossible to gain from a smart device.benefits of outdoor play

The benefits of outdoor play also extend to your child’s physiology. Active outdoor play increases flexibility (and crucially, prevents inflexibility), and helps to refine their motor skills beyond the thumb and index finger, to incorporate the whole body in a wide array of movements that are essential for development, muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. 

We all have a natural need for physical exercise and activity. When we run, climb on the playhouse swing, jump, skate, or ride a bike in the fresh air and sunshine. They like to use their whole body when they play outdoors (so make sure your kid is dressed for the weather) and find such physical activities interesting and challenging.

When children are climbing, pushing or swinging, the fine and gross motor movements required to balance and coordinate their body is bathing their brain in neural activity. It’s stimulating muscle fibres to strengthen and lengthen. It’s stimulating bone density and strength, and most of all…it’s fun! When it comes to outdoor play, the benefits cannot be underestimated.  So get them out there having fun!

kids go karts for sale

Kids Go Karts for Sale

We currently have some kids Go Karts for sale. As winter descends upon us, some activities become less appealing even for kids. Some equipment gets put away in storage, some, unfortunately, some goes in the bin. But others continue to provide value, year in and year out. BERG’s range of Go Karts are hardy and durable, and as far as outdoor activities go, Go Karting remains fun even during the winter months. While we have a whole range of Go Karts for sale, today we want to focus on two areas that are very popular.

Themed Kids Go Karts for Salekids go karts for sale

Go Karts are easily one of the top-rated outdoor sports toys for active children. If your child is interested in playing pretend, there are themed Go Karts which, when combined with accessories, can add weeks of additional value to the Go Kart. For example, the Farm Range includes a John Deere ‘Tractor’ Go Kart for ages 5+. It has three gears and is modelled to resemble everyone’s favourite farming equipment, including a faux ‘exhaust’. Some of the accessories available include a working lift bucket, a pallet fork and a rollbar with a flashing light. The lift bucket and pallet fork work using a winch and pulley system which is great fun.

The Specials range also have different themes and configurations which can be a lot of fun. These include the BERG ‘Chopper’ Go Kart, built to resemble the motorbike. This also comes with a two-seater “sidecar” configuration.

Self-Propelled Kids Go Karts for Sale

While this post focuses solely on Go Karts for Kids, it’s worth mentioning that these models are also suitable for adults, since you’ll almost be tempted to have a go yourself. Go Karting as a professional sport for adults can handle incredible speeds, with the fastest models accelerating from 0-60mph in 1.5 seconds. BERG found this to be a little excessive for kids, so they have capped their speed at 16kmph! The E-BFR range of electric go-karts still move at relatively significant speeds. While they’re for kids aged 6+, we recommend supervision at all times. It’s worth noting that the E-BFR range is considerably more expensive, ranging from €1,799, so it’s not going going to be suitable for everyone.

Have any further questions or thoughts? Feel free to contact us today on 021 496 5132

best kids toys in 2019

The Best Kids Toys in 2019

The best kids toys in 2019 are those that get kids away from screens and outdoors. Kids need to be active, with fresh air and active play. Child obesity is becoming an epidemic worldwide, with obesity rates doubling between 1982 and 2008. There is a worrying correlation with the rise of computer games and the ease and accessibility of “convenience foods”. With that in mind, here are some kids toys in 2019 that’ll give them the best chance of a healthy, happy childhood.

The Best Kids Toys in 2019: Go-Kartsbest kids toys in 2019

In recent years there’s been a massive influx of electrically assisted transportation. Devices such as E-scooters have taken over the scene. Unfortunately, kids want the electrically assisted models. This means that a great chance to promote healthy activity for your kids could be taken away.  To help combat this, Berg has a whole range of Go-Karts available, whether you have a younger child or in the older age brackets up to 12 years of age. And we also stock Berg’s fully electric and hybrid models. We recommend a hybrid model as a good compromise if your child is adamant on the electrically assisted version.

Berg Trampolines

Trampolining is an ageless outdoor activity that’s just good enough to be an Olympic Sport. Kids absolutely love trampolines, and once there’s suitable caution and parently oversight, they can be an excellent way to encourage healthy activity in your kids. In addition to promoting flexibility and strength, children tend to exercise their creativity, developing their own imaginative games. Whether you’re looking for a trampoline in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland, we provide free delivery to your door.


While typically team sports tend to repel the quiet, introverted kids, many still get enjoyment out of basketball. Your kids can hone their skills dunking, jumping and throwing as a solo activity; Flexing their joints in the fresh air as nature intended. Of course, just one basketball ring is enough for a group to get a game going, making it extremely flexible, and one of the reasons why decades later, basketball is still up there as one of the best kids toys in 2019.

Most of our If you’d like more ideas for your kids, or you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact us on 021 4965 132

berg dublin

Berg Dublin: All Berg Trampolines and Toys

BERG is Dublin’s Go-to for outdoor Go-Karts and Accessories. We gladly stock all BERG products and recommend them for their durability and design. BERG has a reputation because their products last for years with minimal care. You can view our full range of BERG toys and accessories (Free Shipping to Dublin). Or read on for an overview of some of BERG Dublin’s best products.

BERG Trampolines

View our full range of BERG Trampolines with free shipping directly to your home.  BERG makes the most well-known “Regular” trampoline, the kind you raise up on legs. And they also build “In-Ground” and “Flat-Ground” trampolines. All BERG trampolines are built to last and require minimal maintenance.

We recommend “Flat Ground” trampolines if you want to maintain a tidy look to your garden while letting your kids (or you) have some fun. Rather than raising the trampoline on legs, you dig a hole beneath. This puts the jumping surface at ground level.  As with anything, there are pluses and minuses. The flat ground trampoline is tidier. And it lets your kids play more creatively since there isn’t a need to mount the platform. The downside is that a flat ground trampoline is unsuitable for younger children as there are no protective nets to keep them within the bouncing surface. 

If you have younger kids but you’d still like to have a lower profile, you can also consider BERG’s “In-Ground” range of trampolines. These also have the jumping surface at ground level, but they come with a safety net around the edges. 

BERG Dublin: Go-Kartsberg dublin

Our range of Berg Go-Karts caters for kids aged from ten months to twelve years old. For the youngest, we have the Berg GO² Blue. Suitable for ages 10-30 months, this tiny go-kart helps your toddler develop, starting with scooting and building up to pedalling.  The pedals fold down when your child is ready to use it.

There’s a range suitable for each age group up from toddler, including themed versions for all ages, such as the “BERG Buzzy Jeep” for the youngest kids and the Berg Jeep Revolution BFR-3  for ages 5+. Most of the older kids’ Go-Karts are also compatible with the full range of accessories, which range from trailers to passenger seats, loudspeakers, pallet forks and bulldozers. It’s safe to say that there’s plenty for everyone. 

Free Delivery to Dublin

We’re offering Free Delivery to Dublin for all BERG toys and accessories. Simply add what you’d like to the shopping cart, complete your order, and your kids will be in for a nice surprise within a couple of working days. If you need help choosing the right BERG toy for your kids, or you’d like more information regarding our delivery service, please give us a call on 021-4965132

battery powered go-kart

Battery Powered Go-Karts

Battery Powered Go-Karts are relatively new, but Go-Karting is a time-tested way for kids (and adults) to have fun. While there are an incredible array of options out there for all ages and sizes, we only stock BERG battery-powered go-karts for a few reasons. Firstly, BERG is an excellent manufacturer of outdoor toys. They also build outdoor pools, sports toys and more. BERG build their equipment to last years. The BERG Electric Go-Kart range is no exception. 

Just like their pedal-powered Go-Karts, the E-BFR range is robust, solid with a “heavy” feel to them that makes you feel comfortable strapping your tikes in there and letting them whizz around the garden and drive.

Battery-powered Go-Karts: Speed

The Berg E-BFR is equipped with a 250-watt E-Motor with hybrid pedal support. Some of the Berg Electric Go-karts can reach speeds of up to 16km per hour when combined with pedalling. Without pedalling, they can still coast along at good speeds that will keep both kids and adults happy.

They’re easy to steer and are comfortable for kids and adults alike. The braking system uses a back-pedalling. When you come to a complete halt, backpedalling switches from a braking function to a reversal function. 

How Long Does the Go-Kart Battery last?

battery powered go-kart


The BERG Battery Powered Go-Kart uses a 24V removable battery which provides a minimum of 2 hours of driving – if you aren’t pedalling. The battery longevity depends on what mode you use the battery. The most basic battery assistance is through the “ECO” and “Tour” modes, which help remove the heaviness of pedalling and allow you to cruise with less effort at decent speeds. Models equipped with the “Sport” and “Turbo” modes are able to enjoy faster acceleration and higher speeds without any pedal assistance. Due to the speed of some of these models they are not suitable for children under 6 and children under 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Battery Powered Go-Kart: Comfort

BERG’s Electric Go-karts have highly adjustable, very comfortable seating, which means that the Go-Kart can adapt as your child (or you!) grow. Provided you are under 100kg. BERG  Go-karts use pneumatic tyres which mean they are natural shock absorbers, and the front wheel axel will move with rough terrain in a way that reduces bumps and vibrations from the ground beneath you.

If you have any other questions regarding our range of Go-Karts, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 021-4965132

outdoor toys

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys let kids (and adults) have a great time while staying active. At Douglas Forest and Garden we have it all. Check out our full selection of outdoor garden toys for all ages.  

Outdoor Toys for Sports

Whether you need sports toys like football goals or basketball nets, trampolines, or go-karts, it’s all here. We have eight different types of EXIT goals, including the super handy and low-cost EXIT Flexx pop-out goals that you can take with you to the park.

We also have a great selection of basketball nets and backboards for hanging up in the drive or back garden. These come in sizes for kids, teens and adults, so there’s no excuse not to get out and throw a ball around. We also currently have deals going on for basketballs. 

Go-Karting down Patrick’s Hill dressed as Batman is one thing. But if you’re looking for Go-Karts for around the garden and estate, we have a great selection of BERG kids’ Go-Karts, that come in sizes for kids aged three months to six years plus.

If you’re a jumpy sort of person we also have a great selection of BERG trampolines. These have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. We stock regular ‘on-ground’ trampolines and also the ‘in-ground’ variety which is more permanent but also more discreet and accessible. 

Outdoor Toys for Kidsoutdoor toys

Possibly one of the cooler things we stock (if you’re a kid) are the playhouses. EXIT is one of our two main providers for all things outdoors. Their playhouses, like their other toys, are robust, long-lasting and lots of fun. Let’s admit it, we all wished we had a playhouse when we were kids.

These playhouses can take a lot of weight. Yes, even our weight, with most being stress tested to handle up to 125kgs at a time… but unfortunately, as adults, we won’t fit … Still, hope is not lost! We might not have had one ourselves, but let us instead live vicariously through our children!

These come with various options and features to provide months and months of fond memories for you and your kids. We hope this quick rundown of some of the items we stock was helpful. To view the whole selection please see all our toys for outdoors. And if you have any questions, please give us a call on 021-4965132

kids outdoor toys

Kids Outdoor Toys For This Summer

Our reliance on technology increases year after year. With this shift, it’s becoming increasingly important to encourage kids to get outside and play. Physical activity is essential for a child’s mental development. But it can be hard sometimes getting them to choose the real world over their gadgets. At Douglas Forest and Garden, you can view our full range of kids outdoor toys to help get them outside, having fun. 

Berg has a range of fun “Real Life” gadgets to keep your kids away from the screens and out in the garden. Berg is well known for their kid’s Go-Karts, with a range covering from ages 10 months to 8 years. And these can be great fun when combined with their accessories. Combined, they make the perfect kids outdoor toys.

Berg G0-Kart Accessories: The perfect outdoor toys for kids

Berg’s range of accessories includes trailers which can be used for play as well as for practical work (some kids will consider tidying up the garden as ‘play’ if you frame it right!). kids outdoor toysYou can also purchase flags to hang from the kart, reminiscent of a rally car, and just in case your kids aren’t loud enough already, there’s the ‘Berg Buddy Siren’ attachment which has three different siren sound effects and also serves as a loudspeaker. Kids love this when combined with the Berg Blue Flashing Light.

For the more industrious kids, there are ‘farming attachments‘, which include a pallet fork, bulldozer and lifting unit. These actually work — albeit slowly. Still, it’s enough for your kids to have hours of fun outside, which is the main thing. See it in action here

That’s just some of the kids’ outdoor toys we stock here at Douglas Forest and Garden. If you have any questions or are looking for further ideas for your kids, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 021-4965132

outdoor activities for toddlers

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Are you looking for some outdoor activities for toddlers? In recent years, society has become highly focused on safety, sometimes at the expense of allowing kids freedom to play and explore. Luckily, there are things that even toddlers can enjoy outdoors which, under supervision, allow them to explore and have fun without putting them at risk. Go-Karts have been around in different forms for decades, but the BERG models are simple and functional while using materials for the 21st century. 

BERG offers an entire range of superior quality toys for kids and adults alike. BERG’s Go-Karts for Toddlers are no exception. These Go Karts are solid yet lightweight. Let your toddlers play and have fun safely with BERG’s go-karts.outdoor activities for toddlers

Children aged 10-30 months love the BERG Go. The BERG Go has fold-up pedals so that your toddler can scoot without the pedals getting in the way.  This allows your child to learn to scoot around until he or she is ready for the next stage. 

Can You Use A BERG GO On A Lawn?

The Berg Go is made for paved yards and indoor use. Its thick, wide wheels allow it to roll in the garden on a well-cut lawn. Make sure there are no excessive slopes. The BERG GO does not have brakes, so adult supervision is required at all times. To ensure safety at all times, ensure that your child is clear from any areas used by vehicles (including your own driveway).

Is Trampolining Safe For Toddlers?

We’re often asked about outdoor activities for toddlers. Sometimes we’re asked if it’s safe for toddlers to use a small trampoline. The simple answer is no. We do not recommend trampolines for children under the age of three. For young children over the age of 3,  we can recommend our regular trampolines. These trampolines are off the ground, so we advise you to purchase one with safety netting. Especially if you plan to leave your children without constant hands-on guidance. 

Looking for more outdoor ideas for toddlers? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 021-4965132