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regular trampolines

Regular Trampolines on Sale

If you’re looking for a regular trampoline on sale, EXIT has some great models. These are top quality trampolines with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a trampoline that is built to last. We provide both Berg and EXIT trampolines. Both of these brands are considered some of the best regular trampolines available […]

trampoline deals ireland

Buying a Family Trampoline

Are you planning on buying a family trampoline? Then there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the one you want. Buying a Family Trampoline: Consider the size You want to make sure that there is plenty of space around your trampoline in your yard. This is for safety reasons. A trampoline […]

Setting Up a Berg Champion Inground

Setting Up a Berg Champion Inground

Setting up a berg champion inground trampoline can feel daunting, but it’s surprisingly simple once you have everything prepared and you know what you’re doing. Here’s a quick checklist for you to use alongside your manual to ensure you get your inground trampoline set up efficiently without any frustrations. Setting Up a Berg Champion Inground […]

best inground in 2022

Best Inground in 2022

We’ve already taken a look at some of the best trampolines on the market, but what is the best inground in 2022? There are a few options depending on what you need. So why would you choose an Inground trampoline over a regular? Why Inground? It’s down to what you can accommodate and your personal […]

best trampoline in 2022

What is The Best Trampoline in 2022?

What is the best trampoline in 2022? With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit intimidating. But if we were to break it down based on the popularity and price to quality, one particular model is probably best suited for most situations. So based on the price, quality and performance, what […]

inground option

The Advantage of Going Inground

The advantage of going inground may outweigh the hassles involved in the installation. If you care about the aesthetic of your garden or yard, then a trampoline can be an ugly sight to behold, especially if you’re somewhat limited in space. But at the same time, a trampoline is a fantastic toy for kids and […]

Great Gifts

Great Gifts For Christmas 2021

It’s that time of the year when we start thinking about getting gifts for our loved ones. It can be tricky finding a great gift for people, especially these days when most of us get what we want ourselves. It’s a lot easier when it’s a secret santa exchange with a spending limit. But sometimes […]

Foundations for a Good Trampoline

Foundations for a Good Trampoline

There are three foundations for a good trampoline. Durability, quality, and safety. You need something safe. And it needs to be of a high quality, with excellent features. And it needs to be durable. For this reason, we provide BERG and EXIT trampolines first and foremost. Both brands are absolutely excellent in terms of their […]

importance of airflow

The Importance of Airflow for Trampolines

When you have a trampoline, it’s good to consider the importance of airflow. Especially when all about getting the most bounce for your buck. You want something safe, durable and can get you airborne effectively. A trampoline works by storing elastically charged potential energy as you fall into the jumping mat and giving it back […]

choose your trampoline

Choose Your Trampoline

To help choose your trampoline, we can provide help with your next trampoline purchase. It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, whether you’re a novice, or a parent seeking a good product for their kids, or an athlete who is looking for the most advanced equipment on the market, we have all of the […]

Elite Trampolining

Are you looking to experience elite trampolining? For most of us, our range of regular trampolines are more than enough for everyone to enjoy. But for those of us who are out to find the newest and greatest experiences, to hone their skills and become champions, then you can’t beat the Berg Flatground Ultim Elite. […]

two things to do in lockdown

Two Things to Do in Lockdown

Many of us are finding the 2021 lockdown tougher than the previous periods. It feels all the more frustrating when a vaccine is just around the corner, yet cases are peaking to all-time highs.  If you’re getting a bit of cabin fever at the moment, look no further than your own home to provide you […]

Why Choose a Flatground Trampoline

Why Choose a Flatground Trampoline?

Why choose a flatground trampoline? We mentioned in a previous post how inground trampolines provide a cleaner look to your garden. It’s much tidier and avoids the look of the steel or aluminium frames that a regular trampoline uses to keep the jumping surface raised off the ground. Flatground trampolines are even sleeker. They’re designed […]

Why Go Inground?

Why go inground when choosing a trampoline? For families, nothing beats a solid trampoline for getting the kids out, moving and having fun. With so many health benefits to the activity, including lymphatic drainage (!) it’s hard to knock it as an antidote to the trappings of modern life. But there’s one big problem… Why […]

trampoline deals ireland

Trampoline Deals in Ireland

If you’re looking for trampoline deals in Ireland, we have some good offers. Autumn is typically when the excitement dies down, and so there are some good opportunities for the more patient shopper who is willing to forego instant gratification for a few extra euro in their pocket! We have one of the largest ranges […]