trampoline with a safety net

Trampoline with a Safety Net

Looking for a trampoline with a safety net? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide the best products available on the market. We only sell products that we’re confident we can stand by. That’s why we only stock EXIT and Berg trampolines. These are the best products on the market, with plenty of options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a regular configuration, a flatground or inground trampoline, we have everything you need. Here are some of the best trampolines which include safety net options.

The Berg Grand Favorit Trampoline with Safety Net

The Grand Favorit comes in at 17ft x 11.5ft and includes a safety net. Despite its size and quality, it has a very reasonable price of €799. This system uses protective edges and a rustproof frame to keep it in good functioning order all year round. Rather than being round, the Berg Grand Favorit is ovular, which gives you the strength of a round trampoline while allowing a great bouncing surface across its diameter. It uses Berg’s “Goldspring Solo” springs which are gold coated to provide year-round protection against the elements, while also providing extreme bounce and durability. It has a thick PVC protective edge around the perimeter to increase safety, and it’s easy to unpack and assemble. This model comes with free delivery in Ireland.

The EXIT PeakPro

The EXIT PeakPro Rectangular is 15ft x 9ft in size. Circular shaped trampolines can somehow appear incongruous in some gardens.  With its rectangular shape, this PeakPro is better suited for some gardens where it can be tucked away into a corner. This trampoline is best suited for kids who are already experienced with trampolines as it can allow for very high jumps. The spacious surface area of the trampolines allows for some real acrobatics, which is why the safety net is so important. On the net is a jump measuring scale so your kids can measure their performance and compete with their friends.
This is a sturdy trampoline which won’t fail you easily. Its legs and top rail have an extra-thick 76mm diameter so it can handle a serious beating — as well as our Irish weather. It comes with free delivery when you order online (though please be aware that we have a backlog due to high demand. Contact us directly if it’s currently unavailable. 

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What's the Difference Between All These Trampolines

What’s the Difference Between All These Trampolines?

What’s the difference between all these trampolines? There are so many trampolines available in Ireland that sometimes making a decision can feel a bit overwhelming. You might be worried that the one you choose isn’t the right match or isn’t good enough. You probably want one that will last for years rather than weeks, but it can be hard to figure out which one that is when you’re just looking at the box or a few images online. You probably don’t want to fork out money on high-end models if it doesn’t necessarily provide any additional value. To make things simple, we won’t mention the difference between inground, flat ground or regular trampolines. Instead will describe the different ranges in terms of their price range, value, size. With regards to quality, we don’t stock anything that we don’t trust. We find a brand that we use ourselves and trust, and we stick with it. 

Smaller Gardens

If you have a smaller outdoor space, or perhaps you just plan to use this trampoline for your young kids, then a smaller form factor is probably best suited for your needs. For this, the Berg Talent range is excellent.  This range comes in three smaller-than-average sizes, with the widest being 10 foot and the smallest being 6 foot. 

Good Quality TrampolinesWhat's the Difference Between All These Trampolines?

The Berg Favorit range is great if you want a regular-sized trampoline, but you don’t need to spend extra cash on ‘nice but not essential’ features. The Favorit range has good 20mm padding that tapers out to 10mm around the further edges. This is enough for kids and amateurs who won’t be achieving great jumping heights. It has good quality springs and a durable design that will last years. It can take a lot of weight: 46 stone (290kg) in total.  The Favorit range is available in four sizes: 9ft, 11ft, 12.5 and 14ft.

Higher End Trampolines

The Berg Champion range takes everything good about the Favorit range and makes it better. It has 30mm thick padding for extra safety, can take a jumping load of 64 stone (406kg).  The greater strength and elasticity means larger people can achieve greater jumping heights with this model.

Professional-Level Trampolines

The Berg Elite range is for serious professionals or those who really want the best of the best. It has the same jumping load of the Champion range but has extra thick padding of 45mm, which is available with different textures to maximise safety for those who are able to achieve the great jumping heights. 

choosing a trampoline

Choosing a Trampoline

It’s no wonder people find choosing a trampoline to be tricky. There are so many options on the market, so many sizes and types. But one thing is for sure, no matter what type you buy, you’re going to be providing an excellent opportunity for you and your kids to have fun while staying fit and active. We have a vast range of EXIT and Berg Trampolines with Free Shipping in Ireland

Choosing a Trampoline: How Much Space Do You Have?

Trampolines range in diameter from about 2 metres to up to 5 metres. They also need at least one metre of space around the sides to prevent injury or harm when getting on and off the trampoline. Trees, poles and walls need to be kept a fair distance from the trampoline. Make sure you keep that in mind when making a decision. 


The price range can vary, with the Berg Favorit range offering the best in terms of quality and price. But for kids, especially, we recommend any model that includes a safety net. This enclosure removes the risk of someone falling off the edges. Be aware also that with the lower-end trampolines on the market, the springs may be close to physical contact with the trampoline user. This is potentially dangerous, so we recommend you seek out models that have a covering over the springs. All Berg and EXIT models have a protective cover over these springs. 

Regular, Inground and Flatground

There are many different arrangements for your trampoline. A regular trampoline is raised from the ground on legs and is the easiest in terms of setup. Flatground and Inground Trampolines require more work on your part as you will need to dig a trench in your yard to accommodate the trampoline. These models are more aesthetically pleasing as they take up less visible space in the garden. Inground models are more flush with the ground, whereas Flatground models tend to be slightly more raised. Both have a smaller profile in your garden.  Another advantage of the inground and flatground models is that they’re less prone to taking off when the wind kicks in – provided you anchor them properly.  But in general, they tend to be slightly less springy than regular trampolines. The Berg and Exit range have aerated jumping surfaces which help improve the springiness. This also applies to Flatground Trampolines

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Best Inground Trampolines

What Are The Best Inground Trampolines?

Which are the best inground trampolines? That depends on what you want it for, who will be using it and for what purposes. We have the full range of Berg and EXIT in-ground trampolines which have something for everyone. With an Inground trampoline, you’ll need to dig a pit beneath the trampoline. The depth you’ll need for this pit will depend on the size of the jumping surface. Details of this are in each item description.

The Best Inground Trampolines in Terms Of Cost

The best value options by EXIT and Berg are the EXIT InTerra and the Berg Inground Favorit.  Each option comes in different sizes, with the same basic setup. The EXIT InTerra comes in 10, 12 and 14-foot options with a price range between €449.00 – €649.00. The Berg Inground comes in 6.5, 9, 11, 12.5 and 14-foot options. The prices range between €229.00 and €679.00 for the largest option. The two smaller options are perfectly priced and sized for kids, or for adults who have space restrictions or prefer to use this solely for the workout or health benefits.  Berg’s offering also has an option for a safety net which we recommend, especially for children. 

Size and QualityBest Inground Trampolines

If you’re looking for a more extensive setup, this is going to provide two crucial benefits; A more substantial area means it’s safer to perform stunts. It also provides a greater area with more springs and more potential energy, allowing for greater jumping heights. The higher-end models also have the best quality in terms of padding. While the full range has excellent durability, the top end models take the extra step of coating all metal springs in gold to prevent corrosion and increase longevity. The two contenders in this space are the EXIT Supreme which comes in one size at 14ft x 8ft, this costs €1049, and the Berg Inground Grand Elite which ranges between €1,199.00 – €1,549.00. The padding in both options is protected against wear and tear as well as the effects of UV light, which can deteriorate the materials and typically bleaches the materials over time when left outdoors.

View our full range of trampolines (including free shipping anywhere in Ireland). If due to high demand you cannot order online, you can reserve yours by calling today on 021-4965011.

inground trampolines

Inground Trampolines

Inground Trampolines offer an excellent compromise for those who want to keep a tidy outdoor space but want to maximise the fun and enjoyment. In-ground trampolines are also much easier to step onto than their regular counterparts. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a range of BERG trampolines which are well-known for being one of the world’s best manufacturers of trampolines. Built to last, this range can put up with our Irish weather without much difficulty. Here a few of BERG’s best Inground trampolines starting with the lowest in cost.

BERG Inground Trampolines: The Favoritinground trampolines

The Favorit comes in five different sizes with an optional safety net, and so its price ranges from €229 to €679. While being the entry-level model, it’s still equipped with BERG’s GoldSpring Solo springs which are weather-resistant and incredibly robust. It has thick protective padding along its edge. Made from PVC on the upper and under layer, it’s built to last years. The optional safety net has a self-closing entrance to prevent people from stumbling through it accidentally. Though of course, as with any trampoline, children must be supervised at all times.  As with all the other models, BERG’s trampolines are UV resistant so that the sun doesn’t bleach or damage them as you typically get with other trampolines left outdoors for long periods. 

The BERG Champion

Ranging in price from €459 to €1,089, The Champion is a higher-end offering. Coming in four different sizes (9,11,12.5 and 14 feet) with the option of comfort or deluxe safety net, as well as BERG’s higher-end “Twinspring” gold weatherproof springing system, AirFlow jumping mat which reduces air pressure allowing for much higher jumping height and sturdy steel construction. Its PVC Padding is also thicker for extra safety.

The BERG Elite 

The Elite is a much bigger sized trampoline. Ranging from €839.00 – €1,409 and coming in 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft, an arrangement of colours and two safety-net options (as well as a no safety net option). As with the Champion, the Elite has extra-thick PVC padding, the option for a higher quality safety net with self-closing entrance, and its TwinSpring GoldSpring technology is placed at an angle so that the increased area of the jumping mat doesn’t reduce its springiness.  The springs are also extra long to accommodate the larger jumping surface. 

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best compact trampolines

Best Compact Trampolines

If you’re looking for the best compact trampolines to suit your garden space or yard, we have a few ideas. We only stock BERG trampolines for the simple fact that they set the industry standard. Strong, durable, built to last, with excellent attention to detail, if you’re looking for a trampoline that will stick with you for years to come, these are the ones to choose.

Best Compact Trampolines: What Are the Options

BERG provides a range of compact trampolines in various styles to suit different setups. BERG’s standard range comes in 9ft, 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft diameters at the larger end of the range. They also have larger options for much larger spaces, but that’s for another post!

The entry-level is the BERG Favorit. These are excellent, high-quality trampolines that are built to last while skipping on a few features to provide value over frills. These come with a safety net, but of course, as with all trampolines, you must supervise children and teens as misuse of the trampoline can result in injuries.

The BERG Champion range provides everything that the Favorit does. It also has the option for a deluxe safety net. It uses an “Airflow” mat, which reduces air resistance which can enable up to 50% more airflow and therefore more spring. The Champion also uses a different springing system which makes them longer and more supple without reducing the surface area of the mat. Key areas of the Champion are also coated in extra-thick PVC, which gives them a longer lifespan. 

In-Ground Trampolines

The Berg Inground Favorit offers everything the standard Favorit range does. It also creates a lower profile by integrating with the lawn. This may be ideal for some people interested in finding the best compact trampolines for their space. But a sunken trampoline might not be suitable for all areas as it requires digging a pit beneath the mat surface. This makes it ideal for permanent setups. But if you intend on putting the trampoline away when it’s not in use, then this is not going to be ideal and you may prefer a standard setup.

If you don’t see something you’re interested in this post, be sure to check out our full range of trampolines. And if you have any questions, you can call us any time on 021 4965 132

most popular trampoline

The Most Popular Trampoline (With Free Shipping to Dublin and Ireland)

What’s the most popular trampoline? It really depends on a few factors, including who is using it: what age, what experience? Where they’re using it: will this be at home, how much space is available? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we only stock BERG trampolines. This is for the simple reason that these are by far, the best in terms of quality, durability and longevity. The range is suitable for all types of environments, from domestic to sports clubs. See our range of trampolines for Dublin and Ireland. If you’re looking for some insights, here is a list of the three most popular trampolines based on usage.

The Most Popular Trampoline based on Value and Portability

The BERG Champion comes in four different sizes ranging from 9ft – 14ft. The price range varies depending on the size, ranging from €639.00 – €1,089.00. the Champion is also available with two different safety nets depending on your needs (the Deluxe and Comfort). The Comfort is strong and durable, while the Deluxe offers additional protection. It has a reinforced top edge that is always tight and the supporting posts are curved for additional strength and durability. The netting in the deluxe is also of a higher quality built to last years. 

The Berg Talent is BERG’s entry-level model. This is a regular trampoline, supported on legs and available with a net enclosure for safety. The Talent comes in at €299 and is built for smaller garden spaces. As with most BERG trampolines, it has GoldSpring tech which helps make it more weatherproof. It has a thick PVC protective edge, and the safety net has a self-closing entrance. 

Popular In-ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are far more popular today as they take up less most popular trampolinespace and have a tidier appearance compared to a regular trampoline. Another advantage is that they’re more accessible since there’s no need to climb up before entering.  The most popular model in this range is the Berg Inground Elite. This comes in different sizes ranging from 11-14ft. The price range is between €839 – €1,409. While some sunken trampolines have inferior performance due to air pockets collecting underneath and causing a ‘cushion’ effect that dampens the springiness, BERG uses their ‘AirFlow’ jumping mat, which reduces cushioning and allows for much better jumping. In-Ground Trampolines can be fitted with a safety net making them more suitable for younger jumpers.

The Best Flatground Trampolines

Flatground trampolines differ from in-ground trampolines in that they’re not fitted with a safety net. These are more suitable for experienced trampolinists. BERG offers a few in their range. The Berg Flatground Champion comes in 4 sizes ranging from 11ft to 14ft, with a price ranging from €739 – €909 depending on the size. Finally, for clubs and indoor centres, the most popular model is the Berg Flatground Ultim Elite + Aerowall. Priced at €2,748, this 5×3 metres with an ‘AeroWall’ for jumping off and performing advanced tricks. This is definitely one for more experienced jumpers!

We hope this gives you an idea of our range. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can reach us on 021 4965132.


trampoline safety tips

Trampoline Safety Tips

Keep these trampoline safety tips in mind before you order your trampoline. While Trampolines can be safe for adults and kids and injuries are rare, most trips to the hospital caused by trampolines in Dublin were a result of one jumper colliding with another, individuals falling off the edge of the trampoline, or individuals attempting stunts.

Trampoline Safety Tips: Be aware of these trampoline injury statistics

One report estimated that 75% of all trampoline injuries occurred to children under 15 years of age. About 15% of those were injuries to children under 6 years of age. In extreme cases, where misuse of the trampoline caused severe injuries or even death, most victims were teenagers aged between 12 to 19. 

These are sobering statistics which highlight the importance of trampoline safety. So with all of that in mind, don’t let that stop you or your kids from enjoying yourselves. Provided there’s proper supervision and real rules in place, a trampoline is a fun and safe way to exercise, get outdoors and have fun. To help keep it that way, here are a few trampoline safety tips to keep in mind.

Seven Trampoline Safety Tips

  • Have adult supervision at all time, and a spotter next to the trampoline in case they lose their footing.
  • For safety reasons, children under 5 shouldn’t be allowed to use the trampoline.  To stop the younger kids from climbing on unsupervised, keep chairs and ladders stored away. 
  • Never allow more than one person to jump at a time. Collisions can easily happen when people share a trampoline and this is one of the most common causes of injury.
  • Keep the trampoline away from fences, lamp posts, trees or other potentially dangerous objects.
  • Somersaults, flips and other stunts should not be allowed. It’s easy for people without experience to try these stunts, and easier still for them to give themselves an injury in the process.
  • Never allow children to jump off the trampoline. Kids should be encouraged to stop jumping, move to the edge and slide off safely. A common injury with trampolines are broken or sprained ankles from jumping off the trampoline onto the ground. 
  • Wet trampolines are dangerous. Don’t allow kids to play on wet days and ensure it’s dry and provides safe footing before each use.

If you have any other questions, or you’re looking for further trampoline safety tips with regards to the placement or other factors, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965 132

How To Secure Your Trampoline

How To Secure Your Trampoline in High Winds

In Ireland, you didn’t often have to worry about how to secure your trampoline. But these past few years have seen increasingly extreme weather. While Dublin trampolines may have escaped this current round, the recent hurricane along the west coast has taken many of Ireland’s trampolines on unnecessary journeys. When the weather gets extreme, we have to make sure we’re not adding to dangerous debris that can get swept up and cause damage or injury. Not to mention the fact that we’ll lose some expensive pieces of outdoor equipment.  Here are a few tips to help avoid that.

How To Secure Your Trampoline in High Winds: Keep It Indoors

When possible, it’s always best to take the trampoline indoors when more extreme weather hits. We’ve all seen Twister — even cows are fair game! Unless you have a sunken trampoline, which has its underside sheltered and as it’s surrounded on all sides, it’s easier to hold down with weights, putting it at less of a risk of being lifted. If you don’t have a sunken trampoline and you don’t have the space to store it fully assembled, consider disassembling and keeping it in storage for a few days. 

Keep It In Shelter

If you can’t take your trampoline indoors, secure the trampoline in an area in your outdoor space that’s best sheltered from the wind. When the weather gets extreme, the surface area of your trampoline acts like a “wing”. It only takes so much wind force to lift the trampoline out of your garden and deliver it swiftly through the window of your neighbour’s greenhouse. Not fun.

Get a Trampoline Tie-Down Kit

In situations where the trampoline must stay indoors, the best solution is to secure it to get a trampoline tie-down kit. You can purchase a trampoline tie-down kit that is suitable for the size, make and model of your trampoline. Our BERG anchor kit is €45 and is compatible with all BERG models.

A tie-down kit uses large stakes with a corkscrew design. These are screwed into the ground, increasing the grip on the ground. Straps attach from the corkscrew stakes to the trampoline. Once set up, they’re hardly noticeable and can be left all-year-round.  When the weather gets extreme, you could also consider using sandbags on top of and around the legs of the trampoline.  

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best kids toys in 2019

The Best Kids Toys in 2019

The best kids toys in 2019 are those that get kids away from screens and outdoors. Kids need to be active, with fresh air and active play. Child obesity is becoming an epidemic worldwide, with obesity rates doubling between 1982 and 2008. There is a worrying correlation with the rise of computer games and the ease and accessibility of “convenience foods”. With that in mind, here are some kids toys in 2019 that’ll give them the best chance of a healthy, happy childhood.

The Best Kids Toys in 2019: Go-Kartsbest kids toys in 2019

In recent years there’s been a massive influx of electrically assisted transportation. Devices such as E-scooters have taken over the scene. Unfortunately, kids want the electrically assisted models. This means that a great chance to promote healthy activity for your kids could be taken away.  To help combat this, Berg has a whole range of Go-Karts available, whether you have a younger child or in the older age brackets up to 12 years of age. And we also stock Berg’s fully electric and hybrid models. We recommend a hybrid model as a good compromise if your child is adamant on the electrically assisted version.

Berg Trampolines

Trampolining is an ageless outdoor activity that’s just good enough to be an Olympic Sport. Kids absolutely love trampolines, and once there’s suitable caution and parently oversight, they can be an excellent way to encourage healthy activity in your kids. In addition to promoting flexibility and strength, children tend to exercise their creativity, developing their own imaginative games. Whether you’re looking for a trampoline in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland, we provide free delivery to your door.


While typically team sports tend to repel the quiet, introverted kids, many still get enjoyment out of basketball. Your kids can hone their skills dunking, jumping and throwing as a solo activity; Flexing their joints in the fresh air as nature intended. Of course, just one basketball ring is enough for a group to get a game going, making it extremely flexible, and one of the reasons why decades later, basketball is still up there as one of the best kids toys in 2019.

Most of our If you’d like more ideas for your kids, or you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact us on 021 4965 132

trampoline outdoors

Can You Leave Your Trampoline Outdoors All Winter?

As the summer is coming to an end and we offer free delivery of trampolines in Dublin, we’ve been asked once or twice whether it’s okay to keep a trampoline outside in the rain. We stock BERG trampolines because they’re hardy, long-lasting and able to take a beating outside for years. And they’ll definitely put up with poor Irish weather for sustained periods. If you’re planning to use your trampoline, by all means, keep it outdoors (though never use the trampoline when it’s stormy).

Leaving Your Trampoline Outdoors

Make sure to give regular sprays of oil to the steel parts. And bear in mind that even with a BERG trampoline, harsh weather will accelerate the deterioration of the materials. If you’re using the trampoline it’ll be worth it, but if you’re not using your trampoline, we’d recommend you keep it indoors or dismantle it if there’s a lack of storage space. In between uses, it’s best to consider using a trampoline cover to keep the materials protected and clean. It’ll also prevent a buildup of debris on the surface which can cause issues.

Trampolines Can Be Slippery When Wettrampoline outdoors

If you or your kids use the trampoline while wet, make sure to check the surface isn’t slippery. Especially if you leave it outdoors for a long period without use; It can develop a slippery layer from fallen leaves and other organic materials. Of course, you should always inspect the trampoline before each use (especially the padding).

Trampolines Can Also Be Bouncier When Wet

It’s true that a trampoline can have more ‘bounce’ when soaked. In sunnier climates, trampoline users sometimes intentionally hose down their trampoline to add weight and bounce. Very reminiscent of that Hollywood “summer water sprinkler vibe”. In Ireland, we usually have a slightly different view on getting wet outdoors. But if you go out with the intention of getting soaked it can be good fun (as long as you’ve your warm clothes ready for when you come back inside). Still, we’d always recommend you fully read the safety instructions on your trampoline and follow their guidelines. Even if someone on YouTube is doing something that looks fun, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to copy them so always check first.

We hope this answers some questions you might have. If you’re looking to order trampolines in Ireland, give us a call today on 021 4965132

exercise for kids

Exercise for Kids: 3 Tips To Get Kids Active

Exercise for kids is something we have to consciously consider these days. With technology encroaching on all aspects of our lives, from education to entertainment. As with any home and garden centre that supplies kid’s toys, we’re no stranger to active kids! And aside from seeing our own little monsters in action, we see every day that the best way to get kids out exercising is to create an environment that inspires active play.

1. Create an Environment that Encourages Exercise

One way to make children see the activity as a form of punishment (and thereby set them up for a stagnant lifestyle) is to try and enforce regimented, gym-style exercise on kids. Children are spontaneous. They’re creative. And they already get too much structure in the school system. While it can be clear when children need activity if we try to enforce it can have the opposite effect. Rather than enforcing activity, we must inspire play. The reality of our modern age, we have teams of attention experts working on making games as addictive as possible. So to inspire your children to an alternative, you need to up the ante. 

2. Outdoor Toys: Natural Exercise for Kidsexercise for kids

We see time and time again, that when you take your kids out of their normal environment (the sitting room with their computer games), they seek new forms of stimulation. When families visit our garden centre, children instantly seek stimulation and gravitate to the things they can play on. Whether it’s playing house with the outdoor furniture on display, or our range of kids outdoor toys (at least the ones we can safely leave out!), children are always able to create their own games given half an opportunity. 

Find out what your children are interested in. Maybe it’s basketball or football, or playing house. Maybe it’s racecar driving, or they just love to move. Whatever the case, when you create an environment that has exciting possibilities for play, you automatically inspire exercise. You don’t have to do anything to inspire activity. Activity will happen. 

3. After you’ve set up the right conditions, create boundaries

Once you have created exciting alternatives that inspire movement and imagination, you can safely declare certain times of the day as “no Playstation” or “not internet” periods. Or if they’re the rebellious type tell them that certain times of the day are “No playing outside” periods so they rebel in the right direction! 

We hope this gives you some ideas. Most of our children’s toys include free delivery anywhere in Ireland, so be sure to check them out. And if you have any questions, you can call us on 021-4965132.

berg dublin

Berg Dublin: All Berg Trampolines and Toys

BERG is Dublin’s Go-to for outdoor Go-Karts and Accessories. We gladly stock all BERG products and recommend them for their durability and design. BERG has a reputation because their products last for years with minimal care. You can view our full range of BERG toys and accessories (Free Shipping to Dublin). Or read on for an overview of some of BERG Dublin’s best products.

BERG Trampolines

View our full range of BERG Trampolines with free shipping directly to your home.  BERG makes the most well-known “Regular” trampoline, the kind you raise up on legs. And they also build “In-Ground” and “Flat-Ground” trampolines. All BERG trampolines are built to last and require minimal maintenance.

We recommend “Flat Ground” trampolines if you want to maintain a tidy look to your garden while letting your kids (or you) have some fun. Rather than raising the trampoline on legs, you dig a hole beneath. This puts the jumping surface at ground level.  As with anything, there are pluses and minuses. The flat ground trampoline is tidier. And it lets your kids play more creatively since there isn’t a need to mount the platform. The downside is that a flat ground trampoline is unsuitable for younger children as there are no protective nets to keep them within the bouncing surface. 

If you have younger kids but you’d still like to have a lower profile, you can also consider BERG’s “In-Ground” range of trampolines. These also have the jumping surface at ground level, but they come with a safety net around the edges. 

BERG Dublin: Go-Kartsberg dublin

Our range of Berg Go-Karts caters for kids aged from ten months to twelve years old. For the youngest, we have the Berg GO² Blue. Suitable for ages 10-30 months, this tiny go-kart helps your toddler develop, starting with scooting and building up to pedalling.  The pedals fold down when your child is ready to use it.

There’s a range suitable for each age group up from toddler, including themed versions for all ages, such as the “BERG Buzzy Jeep” for the youngest kids and the Berg Jeep Revolution BFR-3  for ages 5+. Most of the older kids’ Go-Karts are also compatible with the full range of accessories, which range from trailers to passenger seats, loudspeakers, pallet forks and bulldozers. It’s safe to say that there’s plenty for everyone. 

Free Delivery to Dublin

We’re offering Free Delivery to Dublin for all BERG toys and accessories. Simply add what you’d like to the shopping cart, complete your order, and your kids will be in for a nice surprise within a couple of working days. If you need help choosing the right BERG toy for your kids, or you’d like more information regarding our delivery service, please give us a call on 021-4965132

sunken trampolines

Sunken Trampolines: When And Why To Choose One

A sunken trampoline might be something to consider as a great excuse for kids and adults alike to get out and enjoy the great summer weather.  While a traditional trampoline is just as fun, one downside is that they can create a messy look in your garden or outdoor space. The other issue, in particular, if your outdoor space is exposed, is that wind can get under and send it flying. If you forget to take it in during a storm you can place your property at risk of damage. View our range of sunken trampolines, AKA flat ground trampolines

What are Sunken Trampolines?

You install a sunken trampoline into the ground level. This is especially useful if you have a smaller garden as it blends in better with the surroundings. Kids seem to enjoy the in-ground trampoline more as they’re able to access it more easily and run and jump onto it, rather than having to climb onto the stage first. 

Sunken Trampolines: Setupsunken trampolines

Sunken trampolines require the digging of a large hole. This requires a lot of work, but the advantage is that the trampoline remains hidden away and tidy. The other unintended advantage is noise. Traditional trampolines can become quite loud and creaky. This is far less of an issue with a sunken trampoline, as the only active part of the setup are the springs. There are no metal leg supports and so the energy of the jump goes into the earth rather than into a steel frame. 

We recommend using a BERG sunken trampoline since it uses “Airflow” technology. The Airflow allows air to pass through the springing surface so that pockets of air beneath the trampoline don’t cushion your fall and thereby reduce its springiness.  This is especially important in this setup, as under the ground the air has nowhere else to go. 

If you have any other questions regarding our range of trampolines, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 021-4965132

outdoor toys

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys let kids (and adults) have a great time while staying active. At Douglas Forest and Garden we have it all. Check out our full selection of outdoor garden toys for all ages.  

Outdoor Toys for Sports

Whether you need sports toys like football goals or basketball nets, trampolines, or go-karts, it’s all here. We have eight different types of EXIT goals, including the super handy and low-cost EXIT Flexx pop-out goals that you can take with you to the park.

We also have a great selection of basketball nets and backboards for hanging up in the drive or back garden. These come in sizes for kids, teens and adults, so there’s no excuse not to get out and throw a ball around. We also currently have deals going on for basketballs. 

Go-Karting down Patrick’s Hill dressed as Batman is one thing. But if you’re looking for Go-Karts for around the garden and estate, we have a great selection of BERG kids’ Go-Karts, that come in sizes for kids aged three months to six years plus.

If you’re a jumpy sort of person we also have a great selection of BERG trampolines. These have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. We stock regular ‘on-ground’ trampolines and also the ‘in-ground’ variety which is more permanent but also more discreet and accessible. 

Outdoor Toys for Kidsoutdoor toys

Possibly one of the cooler things we stock (if you’re a kid) are the playhouses. EXIT is one of our two main providers for all things outdoors. Their playhouses, like their other toys, are robust, long-lasting and lots of fun. Let’s admit it, we all wished we had a playhouse when we were kids.

These playhouses can take a lot of weight. Yes, even our weight, with most being stress tested to handle up to 125kgs at a time… but unfortunately, as adults, we won’t fit … Still, hope is not lost! We might not have had one ourselves, but let us instead live vicariously through our children!

These come with various options and features to provide months and months of fond memories for you and your kids. We hope this quick rundown of some of the items we stock was helpful. To view the whole selection please see all our toys for outdoors. And if you have any questions, please give us a call on 021-4965132

trampoline maintenance

4 Trampoline Maintenance Tips

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a range of trampolines available to suit everyone, young and old.  We use BERG trampolines for their durability and strength. We choose BERG for their top quality materials, but you’ll still need to perform trampoline maintenance to ensure it last years. Here are a few things to watch out for.

Make Sure Your Trampoline is on Level Ground

If your trampoline isn’t properly adjusted for slopes or bumps on the ground, the frame could suffer localised stresses over time. It doesn’t take much to shift the forces of energy into one area, so take the time to level out the ground and ensure your trampoline is well placed. Perform regular maintenance to ensure that the trampoline hasn’t shifted and everything is still firm and level.

Keep It in The Shade

We’ve had people replace otherwise perfectly good trampolines because they started to look worn after a few years. While this is more of a cosmetic issue, it’s still one that is important for many. If you can, we recommend keeping your trampoline out of direct sunlight as over time the surface will be sun damaged, causing discolouration and a more worn look.

Trampoline Maintenance Is All About Keeping It Clean

It’s easy for mud and debris to build up over time on any product left outdoors. Keeping everything clean and clear will increase your trampoline’s lifespan. trampoline maintenanceWhile performing trampoline maintenance, be sure to give the surfaces a wipe with warm soapy water using a bristled brush. In particular, take time to clean mud out from around the springs. Afterwards, apply a light spray of oil on the springs.

Put It Away When It’s Not In Use

You can purchase trampoline covers which help keep it clear of dirt, debris and water damage. But if you don’t plan on using the trampoline over the colder months, it’s best to put it in storage when possible. Remove the springs and mat. You can leave the frame itself outside (though you may want to apply a liberal spray of oil just to be sure).  Keep the mat and springs in a dry place, and oil them when you re-attach them in the spring. 


If you have any further questions, or you’re looking to purchase a trampoline, please don’t hesitate to drop by, or call Douglas Forest and Garden on 021-4965132

berg trampolines

Which Berg Trampoline Is Best For You?

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stick with brands we trust. We’ve tried many different brands of trampolines and after bouncing around between different models over the years we settled on Berg. Berg trampolines have the right balance between price and quality, their trampolines are durable, built to last and their back-up service is unmatched. For these reasons, Berg is also our preferred brand for Go-Karts.

Berg Trampolines

berg trampolines

We’re often asked what the difference is between the different Berg trampoline ranges. With so many options it can get a bit confusing between the Talent range, the Favorit range, Champion range and Champion Elite range.  The main things you need to know is how much ground space you have, what kind of restrictions are there to your space? Are you in an urban area or countryside? How many kids do you have — the more kids, the larger jumping load you’ll have to take into account.  

All ranges are available in-ground and regular. There are also different safety nets available.  If you have any specific requirements, there’s going to be a Berg Trampoline to suit you and your family’s needs. 

The Talent Range

The Berg Talent is a range of smaller trampolines, designed to fit in smaller gardens. Whereas all other categories come in four standard sizes, Berg Talent come in three extra-small sizes ranging from 6ft, 8ft and 10ft.

The Favorit Range

The Berg Favorit is the entry level for the standard-sized Berg Trampolines and for this reason Favorit are the most popular. All Favorit, Champion and Elite range models are available in 4 sizes: 9ft, 11ft, 12.5 and 14ft.

The Favorit are a decent trampoline that take a jumping load of 46 stone (290kg) in total weight. The padding on the Favorit is 20mm thick and it tapers out to 10mm around the edges. That might not seem like a lot of padding — it’s less than the higher-end models, but it’s still one of the best on the market. 

The Champion Range

Berg Champion models have double gold spring technology. A Berg Champion can take a jumping load of 64 stone (406kg) which is a massive increase in strength. The other major difference with Champion compared to the Favorit range is the thickness of the padding. Champion trampolines have padding 30mm thick (that’s 50% more padding).

The Elite Range

The Berg Elite are the absolute top of the range. As with the Champion range, they take a jumping load of 64 stone (406kg) . However, the elite range has extra thick 45mm padding with different textures for maximum safety at greater heights. Check out the video here for an overview.


We hope that this helps clarify the difference between the ranges of Berg trampolines. But if you have any questions drop in to Douglas Forest and Garden, or give us a call today on 021-4965132