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value leaf blowers

Two Value Leaf Blowers For Your Garden

If you’re looking for value leaf blowers, there is currently a sale on two models in our arsenal. It’s already autumn, and as the rain falls, the leaves start to stick to the pathways and pavement. When that happens, tidying up is important as it’s not just about making everything look good. It’s also a […]

leaf blower deals

Leaf Blower Deals

Everyone is seeking cheap leaf blowers this time of year.  It’s understandable. When you leave your yard for just a couple of weeks and the fallen foliage combined with heavy rainfall results in a slipper mulch that’s as dodgy to tread on as ice. While we don’t usually experience as much snowfall or ice as […]

stihl vacuum shredder

When to Use a Vacuum Shredder

Are you considering buying a vacuum shredder, but unsure if it’s suitable for your garden? While leaf blowers are a handy way to keep your lawn tidy, unless you have a clearing nearby, you’re often still left with the task of cleaning the leaves and debris afterwards. One possible solution for this is the Stihl […]