5 Funny Gardening Fails

5 Funny Gardening Fails

We all have days when we aren’t at our sharpest but these people are certainly taking it to a whole new level when gardening. We have rounded up five of the best gardening fails from around the world, expert gardeners please look away now. Here is our collection of excruciating gardening fails.

1: Mowing On A HoverBoard

We have all seen some lazy people in our time but this man might be up there with one of the laziest we have ever seen. He is using a hoverboard to do the work his legs and body should be doing to manoeuver the lawn mower around the garden to cut it. This is an incident waiting to happen.


2: Hedge Cutting Suspended From A Crane 

No, your eyes are not playing a trick on you, that man is really suspended from a crane on a tractor mower cutting the hedge. How he can think this is a good idea is beyond comprehension. 



3: Spraying The Grass

This gentleman thinks nothing of cutting corners and paints over his sun-bleached lawn to make the grass greener. He is pulling out all the stops to fake it so people can see how green his lawn is from his expert level maintenance.


4: Formula One Garden Pitstop

This creative gardener has only gone and shaped his hedges into a formula one pitstop. The time and effort he must have spent to get his hedges looking like that must have been insane. 


5: WheelBarrow Man

Note to self ‘don’t ever attempt this because it is never going to turn out well’.  We can see here that this individual is balancing and pushing a wheelbarrow full of grass clipping up a skinny wooden board to dump the contents into a container, however, it doesn’t exactly go to plan.


There’s no doubt, gardening can be a tough hobby, especially for inexperienced gardeners. There are some mistakes every gardener will probably make at one time or another however if you exercise some of these bad practices in your home garden then it is time to let someone else take over the reign of gardening at home.

Making Use Of Your Garden Space

Making Use Of Your Garden Space

Everybody has a little bit or lots of space in their garden that could be put to better use. We are here to tell you that the benefits of maximising that space are endless. These benefits are not just for you but for your children especially who are the next generation. There are numerous things you can do with space in your garden or backyard to help keep them fit and healthy, you can fill that space with sports toys like a soccer goals/rebounder or a basketball hoop, a trampoline to bounce up and down to give you a feeling ecstasy and a work out to remember or maybe even a playhouse for a child to keep them entertained for hours.

Regular physical activity is good for everyone but it’s particularly important for your kids. The first five years of their life are key for their growth and development. It’s during this time that they’ll develop the habits or skills that will follow them into adulthood. It’s very important and should be a focus for parents to provide kids with the toys, opportunities and experiences that positively influence their choices around active play.

Whatever toys you fill that space in your garden with, its beneficial for children and here’s how;-

  • Allow healthy growth and development
  • Being a healthy weightMaking Use Of Your Garden Space
  • Reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes or cancer later in life
  • Building their bodies -strong hearts, muscles and bones
  • They learn basic fundamental movement skills
  • Improved functional movement, balance, coordination and reaction time
  • Increased mental wellbeing
  • Improved social skills, self-esteem and confidence
  • Experiencing fun and enjoyment through the use of outdoor toys

Improving your health through exercise, practising sports and providing your kids with healthy ways to have fun are all great way to develop and positively impact a child. The choice to fill that space in the garden is one of great significance to the child even though you may not think it at the time. Creating a sports star or a healthy active child will definitely make you a proud parent for the future.

6 Hilarious Lawn Mower Fails

 Check out these 6 hilarious lawn mower fails from around the world.

1: On Your Bike

Lawn Mower Fails


Walk behind lawn mowers can be hard work especially when they aren’t self-propelled but this Lance Armstrong wannabe has found his own unique approach to the problem. Who needs a gym membership when you have a cycling lane in your garden.

2: The Crane Mower

The Crane Mower


I hope it ended well for this misunderstood creative genius. Someone should really tell him that we sell great value hedgetrimmers here at Douglas Forest & Garden, it must be costing him a fortune in crane hire fees every time the hedge gets overgrown.

3: Lawn Mower Chauffeur

lawn mower chauffeur


Need to get to the shops but you don’t have a car? No problem, we’ll take the lawn mower. Just attach a shopping trolley to the back and you can drive to, from and around the aisles in Tesco. It couldn’t be more convenient, except for the three hour commute back home.

4: The Mountfield

The Mountfield


I know, it’s not really a Mountfield tractor mower, but I couldn’t resist and apparently this gardening “enthusiast” couldn’t resist mounting his flowerbed.

5: The Happy Couple

the happy couple


Yes this man is in love with and attempting to marry his lawn mower. I hope for his sake he doesn’t try to get her motor running in the honeymoon suite.

6: The Gun Show

The Gun Show


Honestly I don’t know why these people hold hedgetrimmers in such contempt. But on the upside if he gets together with the guy the on the bike they can start their own lawn mower themed gym. That’s if he hasn’t already slipped a disc by the time he’s halfway finished.

That brings our list of lawn mower fails to an end. If you find yourself guilty of any of these fails then maybe you should consider reading our article on grass cutting tips. If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, visit us online or in-store today. You can get directions to us on our contact us page.