Unusual Barbecue Recipes

Unusual Barbecue Recipes For Your Grill

Here are two unusual Barbecue recipes to try out if you’d like to play around with more than the usual drumsticks and burgers (not that there’s anything wrong with those!). Check out our full range of gas barbecues on sale if you don’t have one already.

Unusual Barbecue Recipes: Chicken and Bacon Pot Mix

This will work with any hooded barbecue available in Ireland. Given the long cooking time this is best done before you expect guests. Cut five chicken breast into quarters (halve them then slice each half down the centre) and put these aside. Then in a separate bowl, mix a tablespoon of garlic powder, onion powder, chilli powder, pepper. And half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Give it a mix with a spoon, then sprinkle it over your chicken breasts before massaging it over the breasts with your hands.
Next, get American style bacon rashers that are long and thin. You want to use enough of them so that they completely cover the base of a bread dish in such a way that they overlap and create a base. Half the bacon should be hanging outside the dish as in the end; you will wrap them around everything inside the dish.
Add one layer of chicken breast into the base so that the bottom of the dish is completely covered, you can then add a light layer of BBQ sauce over them.
Next, add about ten slices of cheddar to create a layer. Then add another layer of chicken breasts on top, adding another layer of BBQ sauce. Add sliced green bell peppers on top of this, and finally a layer of sliced red onion (half an onion is all that you need).

Add another bit of BBQ sauce if you like.  Then a layer of sliced red bell peppers. Another layer of cheese. Another layer of chicken. Then finally wrap the bacon over the top of the mix and cover the dish with tin foil. Place the hood over the barbecue and allow it to bake for at least 60-90 minutes or until done.

Barbecued Orange Chicken, Bacon and Cheese Roll

There are many unusual Barbecue Recipes which will work with a hooded barbecue such as the Campingaz 4 Classic LS. Here’s one that’s particularly delicious and looks great.Unusual Barbecue Recipes

Cover a chopping board with a strip of cling film.
Get your chicken breasts, slice them in half, then place them on a chopping board and cover them with another bit of cling film. Use a mallet to pulverise them just enough until they’ flattened out. Then take away the upper layer of cling film, leaving the chicken on the board for now.
Take a large orange and half it. Scour out the pulp so that you have both halves of the skin intact (you’ll use those later). Add the flesh to a sieve and juice it with a fork over a pot. Then bring the juice to the boil. Add honey, paprika and stir the mixture. Then using a brush, coat the flattened chicken breast with this mixture (which should still be laying on the cling film).

Add a layer of sliced ham over the chicken mixture, then add a layer of cheddar cheese.  Finally, take your wooden spoon’s handle, place it across the mixture on your chopping board. You’re going to use the spoon to wrap the mixture into a roll. Use the cling film beneath the mixture to roll it (being sure not to get any inside). Finally, wrap the roll in streaky bacon and add the orange’s caps to either end of the mixture. Place it on the grill using forks to create a spit for your wooden spoon. Rotate it now and then until all sides of the bacon are a golden brown and it cooked thoroughly throughout. When done, you will have a fantastic looking orange chicken, bacon and cheese roll. Enjoy!  

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How To Maintain Your Barbecue

How To Maintain Your Barbecue

Want to know how to maintain your barbecue? We all know that the fun of a grill is being able to invite family and friends to your yard, cook them up a storm and make some fantastic burgers. But the not-so-fun part is the maintenance. We’ve all enjoyed barbecues in Ireland for years now — enough to know that the day-after clean-up can be a bit of a hassle. Here are a few tips to keep it easy and ensure your barbecue is ready and serviceable for the next weekend of sunshine.

Avoid Strong ChemicalsHow To Maintain Your Barbecue

Our range of Campingaz BBQs include easy-to-clean surfaces, but not all grills are made equal.  Strong chemicals might remove the dirt from your barbecue, but chemicals can also be unhealthy and can stay on surfaces after the fact (and potentially affect the taste of your food, to boot!). Instead, just use ordinary dish soap and a scouring pad like steel wool (provided you don’t use too much force as it can damage your barbecue). It’s very straight forward to clean the grill with water and soap. You may still have a little discolouration on the metal after cleaning, but that’s caused from heat and not dirt – so provided you have cleaned it well, the stain is not a problem.

The Burners

Clean the burners as any remaining grease or grime can leave off thick smoke. This can make cooking on the grill like cutting onions. Also, give the diffuser plates a scrape to remove the grease and dirt, and give them a clean with water and soap to remove the heavy dirt. Again, discolouration doesn’t matter. Once you have the grime off, you’re going to have a clean and tear-free cooking experience.  Be sure that the holes on the burners are open and clear.  Any debris or dirt is going to cause a blockage, which will increase the risk of smoke (and tears), and can cause an uneven temperature on your cooking surfaces.

How To Maintain Your Barbecue While It’s Outdoors

You might get grease on the outer frame, thermometer, as well as on the inside of the grill. If you’re leaving it outside for a few days, it can be okay to leave the grease! Provided it’s for a relatively short period, it can act as a protective coating to prevent rusting. Of course, it will also need a protective layer to keep the rain away. When you’re ready to use it again, remove the grease from the surfaces.

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barbecues ireland

Barbecues Ireland: The Best Options For Any Situation

We have some of the best barbecues Ireland has to offer — with free delivery to your door!  View our full range of BBQs Ireland. Whether you’re camping, need something compact, or you’re seeking the highest-quality option that can bang out burgers for family and friends, we have something for every situation. We selected our range based on the best manufacturers, including Campingaz, who have been innovating in the space since 1949. 

Fully-Featured Barbecues Ireland, Delivery Includedbarbecues ireland

We have a select range of full-featured BBQs. The Campingaz 4 Series has several high-end options which are perfect for your garden space.  The Classic LS, like the rest in the series, is built to solve two of the biggest niggles with barbecues — the mess, and the risk of food poisoning! While most barbecues have an uneven cooking temperature across the surface of the grill, the Campingaz designed their range to cook with an even temperature throughout. This means that you don’t have to worry about one stray sausage ruining your friend or family member’s weekend. A significant pain that often accompanies barbecues is the tricky nature of clean-up. Dried and burnt food clings to cooking surfaces, and these surfaces are often not fully removable. Campingaz has fully-removable surfaces so you can take them out, give them a quick run over with some steel wool, and then throw them into the dishwasher with everything else without the messy and time-consuming scrubbing that nobody wants after a great day of relaxation in the sun.

Options For Camping and Smaller Spaces

If you have a smaller space or would like to be able to take your BBQ away with you on a trip, we have the Party Grill range. The beauty of the Party Grill 400 is that it can do more than burgers and sausages (if you are so inclined!). Campingaz built this to accommodate all sorts of cooking for all different tastes, from BBQs to making a cup of tea. Even the lid can function as a Wok. So if you ever crave a stir fry, you’ll have the option! As with all of our options, there’s a built-in ignition, and you can replace the gas cylinder during cooking. So if you ever had that experience of your gas running out during cooking, unlike some options out there, you can easily switch the cylinder without ruining the food.

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BBQ Ireland Delivery

We provide a BBQ Ireland delivery service direct to your home — so you can enjoy the barbie without the queue! We have taken into account the different setups people have at home and selected a range that suits everyone, from shared flats with a balcony to those of us who have a nice outdoor space to enjoy. We provide one of the best ranges of BBQs in Ireland, including Kuhn, Party Grill and Campingaz.  Here are a few highlights from our selection:

The Kuhn Rikon Tabletop Gas BBQbbq with delivery in Ireland

The Kuhn Rikon is an excellent compact barbeque which provides portability and easy storage with a beautiful and intelligent design. While most portable options focus more on substance over style, the Kuhn Rikon manages both very well. This is the perfect option for smaller homes with a more confined outdoor area or apartment dwellers who may have a smaller outdoor space, such as a balcony. The Rikon has beautiful (removable) beech wood side trays, which help with your cooking endeavours but are also removable, which is especially handy for more restricted spaces. The Rikon sits on your table or any well-support surface, has an integrated thermometer, and works with your regular butane or propane camping gas cartridge. It also comes with a full set of high-quality utensils which cost €19.99 to buy separately.

The Campingaz Master 3 Series LS BBQ Ireland Delivery Included

On the higher end, for those who have more space, is the Master 3 Series LS. This is the perfect option for those of us who love eating but could do without so much maintenance. This model helps prevent the usual problem with BBQs, which is that they don’t cook all the food evenly. Nobody wants to give their friends and family food poisoning, and the Campingaz range achieves even heat distribution to help prevent this risk so the master chef can relax and enjoy the party.  The other major hassle that can accompany a barbeque is the clean-up, and Campingaz addressed this with their “InstaClean” system, which means all the cooking surfaces are easily removed and thrown in the dishwasher so we can let the robots do the dirty work.

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