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above ground pool

Preparing your Garden for an Above Ground Pool

Once you’ve decided on purchasing an above ground pool for your garden, the next thing is to make sure that you have your space prepared to ensure it’s okay to leave outside for extended periods during the summer months. The ground is probably the most important step, so here are a few things to consider […]

Foundations for a Good Trampoline

Foundations for a Good Trampoline

There are three foundations for a good trampoline. Durability, quality, and safety. You need something safe. And it needs to be of a high quality, with excellent features. And it needs to be durable. For this reason, we provide BERG and EXIT trampolines first and foremost. Both brands are absolutely excellent in terms of their […]

choose your trampoline

Choose Your Trampoline

To help choose your trampoline, we can provide help with your next trampoline purchase. It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, whether you’re a novice, or a parent seeking a good product for their kids, or an athlete who is looking for the most advanced equipment on the market, we have all of the […]

EXIT's Trampolines

EXIT’s Trampolines

EXIT’s Trampolines are very impressive, well-thought-out pieces of equipment. For years, we solely stocked BERG because they are the industry standard, but in recent years we’ve come to love what EXIT can do. With many offerings that compare very well with BERG’s. Our full range of trampolines come in different configurations that give you more […]

trampoline deals ireland

Trampoline Deals in Ireland

If you’re looking for trampoline deals in Ireland, we have some good offers. Autumn is typically when the excitement dies down, and so there are some good opportunities for the more patient shopper who is willing to forego instant gratification for a few extra euro in their pocket! We have one of the largest ranges […]

trampoline with a safety net

Trampoline with a Safety Net

Looking for a trampoline with a safety net? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide the best products available on the market. We only sell products that we’re confident we can stand by. That’s why we only stock EXIT and Berg trampolines. These are the best products on the market, with plenty of options to […]

Choosing a Basketball Net

Choosing a Basketball Net

When you’re choosing a basketball net it’s important to consider a number of factors. Where will the net be placed? How much space do you have? Is there a wall available that can allow safe mounting of the net, or would it need to be a free-standing version that is supported by a base? What […]

Best Value Football Goals

Best Value Football Goals

What are the best value football goals? When we’re sourcing new products, we consider many aspects of a design. Our priority is to find equipment that is going to last. There are many types of football goals on the market, which simply don’t hold up to a beating. For this reason, we’ve come to only […]

Best Inground Trampolines

What Are The Best Inground Trampolines?

Which are the best inground trampolines? That depends on what you want it for, who will be using it and for what purposes. We have the full range of Berg and EXIT in-ground trampolines which have something for everyone. With an Inground trampoline, you’ll need to dig a pit beneath the trampoline. The depth you’ll […]

garden playhouse

Garden Playhouse: What’s Best For You?

A garden playhouse can provide months of fun for your child. Most children would give their teddy’s left arm for one. The problem is that some of them are made from materials that may be affordable, but they’re also cheap. It’s one thing to have our house floors usurped by plastic toys, but it’s another […]

football goals

3 Most Popular Football Goals

The best football goals are now available with free shipping. Just as well. It’s the time of year when everyone is trying to check off their Christmas lists so they can relax and enjoy time off with family and friends. And while some kids (and adults) are harder to please than others, luckily football fanatics […]

playhouse for christmas

A Playhouse for Christmas?

“Can I get A Playhouse for Christmas?” It can be a worry when you first see your kid’s Christmas list. What nobody wants is to have the experience of seeing Santa Clause pay hundreds for the latest trendy toy only to have their child look at it with bewilderment, throw it aside and play with […]

playhouses for outdoors

Playhouses For Outdoors: How To Keep Them Maintained

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best playhouses for outdoors.  Produced by EXIT, a company with a reputation for building superb toys and equipment that can last in almost any weather conditions. Our customers sometimes ask about how long these playhouses last and how much they can be altered.  Maintaining Your […]

childrens swings

Children’s Swings

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we aim to provide the best quality outdoor toys and children’s swings in Ireland. And to make things easy, we provide free shipping for most of our items. Whether you’re looking for sports toys or swing sets attached to a playhouse, we have it all. Here are three Children’s Swings […]

sports gear

Sports Gear

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a lot of sports gear suitable for many situations, whether a community area or home. If you’re looking to pick something up, we also save you time by providing free shipping everywhere in Ireland. Just add whatever you need to your shopping cart and you’ll get it in […]