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Playhouse For Kids: View Our Full Selection

A playhouse for kids is not like most other toys. While many toys come and go and there is little mass placed on them, a playhouse can become a touchpoint for fun, activities, and incredible memories that last a lifetime.  View our full selection of incredible EXIT playhouses for kids.

EXIT provides three main categories of playhouse. The ‘Aksent’, the ‘Crooky’, and the ‘Loft. Each category differs mainly in its base ‘house’, with extendable integrated toys and swings available to extend their functionality.

Playhouse for Kids: The Aksent 

The Aksent is described as a ‘wooden play tower’. Its base has a tall-standing house with a slide and a sandpit underneath. One of the great things about EXIT’s playhouses is that they actually look great. EXIT constructed the Aksent from cedar wood and it has a lovely Scandinavian, cartoonish finish to it so that it looks great and also fun for the kids. To add to its fun, you can purchase the versions with either a single or double swing attachment. 

Kid’s Playhouse: The Crooky

EXIT made the ‘Crooky’ base to look like the kind of cartoon-Western log cabin where you would find Yosemite Sam. With an incredible cedarwood finish that makes it weatherproof, it’s going to look good and provide plenty of fun for your kids. Some of its upgradable designs include a version with a balcony.

Kid’s Playhouses: The Loft

playhouse for kids

The Loft range goes for a more ornate appearance compared with the Crooky and Askent. EXIT Built these to look like a Scandinavian home. They look great and will provide months and months of fun for your kids. The Loft series comes with different sizes for the slide for younger or older children, so it’s just a matter of finding the best style for your kids.

While kids are going to differ in terms of their interests, age and size, most will enjoy any of these options. We would recommend stopping by, checking out the options and seeing what makes the most sense for the look and feel you’re after in your garden. 

If you have any questions about our kids’ playhouses or anything else, please give us a call today on 021-4965132.

outdoor toys

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys let kids (and adults) have a great time while staying active. At Douglas Forest and Garden we have it all. Check out our full selection of outdoor garden toys for all ages.  

Outdoor Toys for Sports

Whether you need sports toys like football goals or basketball nets, trampolines, or go-karts, it’s all here. We have eight different types of EXIT goals, including the super handy and low-cost EXIT Flexx pop-out goals that you can take with you to the park.

We also have a great selection of basketball nets and backboards for hanging up in the drive or back garden. These come in sizes for kids, teens and adults, so there’s no excuse not to get out and throw a ball around. We also currently have deals going on for basketballs. 

Go-Karting down Patrick’s Hill dressed as Batman is one thing. But if you’re looking for Go-Karts for around the garden and estate, we have a great selection of BERG kids’ Go-Karts, that come in sizes for kids aged three months to six years plus.

If you’re a jumpy sort of person we also have a great selection of BERG trampolines. These have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. We stock regular ‘on-ground’ trampolines and also the ‘in-ground’ variety which is more permanent but also more discreet and accessible. 

Outdoor Toys for Kidsoutdoor toys

Possibly one of the cooler things we stock (if you’re a kid) are the playhouses. EXIT is one of our two main providers for all things outdoors. Their playhouses, like their other toys, are robust, long-lasting and lots of fun. Let’s admit it, we all wished we had a playhouse when we were kids.

These playhouses can take a lot of weight. Yes, even our weight, with most being stress tested to handle up to 125kgs at a time… but unfortunately, as adults, we won’t fit … Still, hope is not lost! We might not have had one ourselves, but let us instead live vicariously through our children!

These come with various options and features to provide months and months of fond memories for you and your kids. We hope this quick rundown of some of the items we stock was helpful. To view the whole selection please see all our toys for outdoors. And if you have any questions, please give us a call on 021-4965132

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3 EXIT Toys For Outdoors

When the fair Irish summer weather kicks in, we really must try to enjoy it while it lasts. The more we can do to keep kids having fun and getting outdoors the better. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stock some of the best quality garden toys in Ireland.  EXIT is one of our go-to manufacturers for outdoor sports and leisure equipment. Here are four of their popular toys for outdoors.

1. The EXIT Spinner SeeSaw

toys for outdoors

Kids these days aren’t always as easily amused as we were. The EXIT Spinner SeeSaw tackles boredom on both the X and Y axis. Up and down is for us old fogies. The future is up, down and sideways! Kids from ages 3+ love the Spinner Seesaw. It has a solid steel frame with a tripod design that can be anchored for stability while still easily moved if you need to shift things around to cut the grass.

2. The EXIT Galaxy Basketball Backboard with Hoop and Net

Basketball is a great, healthy activity for kids and adults alike. It increases stamina, reaction times and encourages whole-body movement and jumping — which promotes strong muscles, bone density and lymphatic drainage. Most importantly it’s a whole lot of fun. Every net needs a ball, and EXIT provides a great indoor/outdoor basketball which is competition size and has a good grip. 

3. The EXIT AquaFlow Water Track 

This AquaFlow Water Track is one of the most fun and educational toys for outdoors. Younger kids are endlessly fascinated by water and they love this toy. It uses a series of water gutters and bins to help children explore and have fun with water and physics. 

Your kids will be able to sail their bath toys through the water chute. You can adjust how much water flows through the track.  It uses a bin at the end of the track to collect and re-use the water and it’s very easy to clean.  We hope this gives you some ideas, but if you have any questions or would like to see our full range, please stop by or call today on 021-4965132.

Bouncy Castles for Sale: The H20GO! Turbo Splash Water Parks

Looking for bouncy castles for sale? Summertime is all about getting out and making the most of the weather while it lasts, and this is doubly the case for kids. These days it can be a challenge to get them to lift their eyes from the screens. At Douglas Forest & Garden, we have a range of kids outdoor toys that can encourage even the squarest of eyes to get out and enjoy the outdoors. And this year, we’re delighted to announce we now have the H2GO! bouncy castles for sale.

The H20Go Bouncy Castles are the kind of thing we all dreamt of having when we were small. They provide hours and days of fun for your kids. Suitable for young people aged from five to ten years of age, and with the capacity for four to give kids at a time, they’ll have an absolute blast this summer. (This can also be a great way to distract kids while the grown-ups enjoy the hot tub). Here are the 3 bouncy castles we have for sale:

1. H20go! Turbo Splash Water Park Bouncy Castle

The H20Go Turbo Splash is composed of a climbing wall, water slide and splash pool (which is also a great zone for your kids to soak their friends using the built-in water blaster). There’s also a hidden bucket that will randomly soak people trying to get into the slide while also keeping the slide nice and slippery.bouncy castles for sale

The H20Go! Turbo splash includes an auto-inflater, so this thing will be up and ready within about 2 minutes. Then it’s just a matter of plugging in the water supply. This is all very easy — and easier again is letting the kids enjoy themselves outdoors.

2.  H20go! Tsunami Waves Water Park Bouncy Castle

The Tsunami Waves bouncy castle has the capacity for up to seven kids and has two slides, a tunnel and a larger pool. This ensures that your kids can have fun even when there are a few extra friends around. As with the Turbo, this inflates in a couple of minutes making it really easy to set up (and put away).

3. The H20go! Hurricane Blast Water Park Bouncy Castle

The Hurricane Blast features a ‘shower tunnel’ to soak your kids as they use the slide, and also a safe ‘blob pool’ at the end of the slide so that they land safely and don’t take off across the garden! The main feature of this model is the curved slide, which kids love.  The Hurricane is also easy to set up using the heavy-duty inflation device included.

How to Choose the Right Trampoline For Your Children

Trampolines are considered one of the best ways to entertain your kids. There are lots of types of trampolines available on the market nowadays. They were invented somewhere around the 1930s’ by a young gymnast George Nissan and his coach. The first trampoline was used as a piece of equipment and was made of tire inner tubes and scrap steel. Before becoming a fun toy for children, trampolines were used for training astronauts and athletes.

Modern versions come in all shapes and sizes, with safety handles and nets for small kids. Trampolines can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the type of the house the family lives in. Indoor trampolines are usually of a small size, they can be foldable and have support handles. Those which are meant to be used outdoors are much larger and have a safety net.

Today, it is impossible to imagine a typical backyard without this enjoyable toy for children. Any family can afford this item, as they are represented in various price categories. An enormous number of models is represented in the stores, and it is easy to choose the one which fits your taste, size of the yard and wallet. Of course, it is better to invest once into a good thing which will be used for many years, than to go for a cheaper variant of doubtful quality and made of unsafe materials.

Round or rectangular?

For many parents, an important thing is a shape of the trampoline. Rectangular and circular trampolines have their own pros and cons. The choice depends on your personal preferences and living conditions. The rectangular trampoline is mostly used by professional athletes during competitions. This shape allows the sportsmen to perform various tricks and twists and gives them more space during the contest. Because of their professional purposes, they are made of high-quality materials and are much stronger than round trampolines. That is why this kind of equipment is normally more expensive.

The downside of being made of strong materials is the fact that rectangular trampolines are heavy and, as a result, hard to move around. So, many families might see it as a trouble in case they want to replace it or put it into the storage for winter, for example. One of the good things is that this shape fits perfectly into the corner of the backyard and thus allows you to use space more rationally.


Round trampolines are meant to be used as a mass product by most of the families with kids. Much less steel is used to make a lighter frame for this type of equipment. For this reason, they are usually much cheaper than square or rectangular ones. It is possible to assemble and disassemble them without professional help.

They are often equipped with safety details such as handles, nets or other accessories. Another thing is that due to the shape, the person using a circular trampoline tends to stay in the middle of it, which is an obvious advantage for those who have small kids. While using this shape, weight is evenly distributed between all the springs, so they are stretched evenly. This means that they are not worn out very quickly.

Keep it safe

Do not forget that no matter how expensive and safe your trampoline is, it is always important to follow certain rules in order to avoid injuries.

  • Read the instructions carefully before installing the trampoline.
  • Use the net to put around the trampoline for more safety.
  • Make sure there is an adult watching the children while they are playing.
  • Put soft mats or sand under the trampoline and remove hard or sharp objects from below it.
  • Use comfortable clothes and don’t wear jewelry.

Do not forget to have fun and enjoy precious moments with your family! If you are still looking for the perfect trampoline, but not sure which one to choose, contact Douglas Forest & Garden. Our team will be happy to help you.

3 Fantastic EXIT Trampolines For Kids

3 Fantastic EXIT Trampolines For Kids

There is nothing quite like jumping around on a trampoline in your garden. Trampolines are the ultimate toy which encourages and challenges kids to exercise outdoors. With our range of trampolines, the options are endless. Choosing the right trampoline can be difficult, a number of factors need to be considered, like the size, the price, the colour, the bouncing comfort and the overall quality. All our trampolines are attractive due to their modern and cool design as well as great quality. They guarantee safety and last a long time meaning great value for money. Here are 3 fantastic EXIT trampolines for kids.

3 Fantastic EXIT Trampolines For Kids

1: EXIT Supreme ground trampoline

An EXIT Supreme ground trampoline is a round shaped, top quality trampoline. This trampoline lies lovely and safely at ground level. You never have to worry about a child falling off with this outdoor toy. It has double-conical springs which ensure a high bounce and a soft landing. The de-aeration system of the padding and jump mat ensures that air can easily escape while jumping. Included also is a feet safety system which prevents feet from getting caught in the springs. This trampoline is long-lasting due to its extra strong padding being UV-resistant and its frame is galvanised. Due to being powder coated, there is no chance of rusting. The EXIT Supreme comes in 10, 12 or 14 ft sizes along with a choice of two colours green or grey. Manual is included for easy assembly.

2: EXIT Silhouette Ground Level Trampoline + Safetynet

The EXIT Silhouette Ground Level Trampoline is a modern and beautiful inground trampoline. It has lovely black padding with a refreshing green colour featuring throughout. Children can easily go in and out of this trampoline because they don’t have to climb. Its protective edge is thick and covers the springs effectively. A safety net securely covers the space between the protective edge to ensure safe jumping for kids. The protective edge has wide deaeration strips which provide optimal comfort during bouncing. The trampoline has long springs which guarantee solid jumping and comfort. The frame is powder coated and galvanised to prevent it from rusting. The separate parts of the frame are mutually locked using spring clips so that they cannot come apart while in use. This trampoline can be assembled very easily due to its construction. The EXIT Silhouette Ground Level Trampoline + Safetynet comes in 8, 10, 12 or 14 ft sizes but only in the one colour.

3: EXIT JumpArenA All-in 1 Trampoline

The EXIT JumpArenA All-in 1 trampoline is a top quality trampoline that will look beautiful in your garden. Thanks to its beautiful green greeting and black powder-coated and galvanised frame, this trampoline looks luxurious and doesn’t rust. The cover edge has reversible sides which are both a different colour so you can choose between a lovely green padding or grey padding. The screw connections in the frame keep it fastened securely while jumping. The springs of the trampoline are protected by the net which prevents dangerous situations. The jumping mat is made of high-quality Ten Cate material, especially from the United States. The trampoline comes with a ladder containing a set of steps for easy access to the trampoline. A frame-suspended bag allows children to store their shoes and other items before entering. The padding contains drainage holes to drain away any rainwater. The EXIT JumpArenA All-in 1 Trampoline comes in 8, 10, 12, 14 or 15 ft sizes and in the one colour.

If you’re still not sure which is the perfect trampoline for you, then contact Douglas Forest & Garden, we will help you find the perfect trampoline for you and your needs. Visit us online today or call us on 021-496-5132.

3 Toys That Would Be Perfect Gifts For Kids On Christmas

3 Toys That Would Be Perfect Gifts For Kids On Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and as parents, we all want to make it a time to remember for our children. A huge part of the occasion is giving and receiving presents. A question lots of parents ask themselves is ‘what presents should I get for my child?’. If you are one of those parents, don’t worry we’re here to help. It’s never too early to get a start on finding the coolest gifts you can buy for your child. If you want to make sure your little one has presents they will enjoy getting on Christmas morning, then look no further. Here are 3 toys that would be perfect gifts for kids on Christmas.

3 Toys That Would Be Perfect Gifts For Kids On Christmas - Image 3

1: Berg Buzzy BSX Go Kart

The Berg Buzzy BSX go-kart is a sturdy and sensational go-kart, It is suitable for kids between the ages of 2-5 years. The four wheels and swing axle make this go-kart super stable even going around the tightest corners. Within seconds you can easily go forwards, backwards and come to a standstill. The pedals remain within reach at all times. The BSX has a stunning colour combination of yellow, black and blue. The seat and steering wheel are adjustable so that children can enjoy this go-kart for years to come. The dimensions (lxwxh) of the Buzzy BSX go-kart are 83x49x50 cm, it weighs 7kg and the maximum weight it can withstand is 30kg. Note with this go-kart it is important to keep an eye on children when playing with this toy as its small parts can be a choking hazard and also there is no brake feature.

3 Toys That Would Be Perfect Gifts For Kids On Christmas - Image 2

2: Berg Rally Pearl

The Berg Rally Pearl go-kart is a real eye-catching toy.  With this fantastic go-kart, your child will be driving in style in the neighbourhood or at home. The Rally Pearl has exciting colour combinations, it is a mixture of yellow, black and dazzling purple/pink colour. This compact go-kart has a small turning circle which makes it very agile and manoeuvrable while driving. The BFR system in this machine lets you drive forward, backwards and brake by using the pedals. There are 4 pneumatic tires and a swing axle which adds extra comfort, reduces noise and adds stability while driving. The Berg Rally Pearl is perfect for kids aged between 4-12. The dimensions (lxwxh) of the go-kart are 124x70x64cm, it weighs 25kg and the maximum weight the go-kart can withstand is 60kg.

3 Toys That Would Be Perfect Gifts For Kids On Christmas - Image 4

3: EXIT InTerra ground-level trampoline Rectangular

The EXIT InTerra ground-level trampoline is completely integrated into the garden. This high performance jumping mat comes with green padding and a unique ventilation system so air can escape easily while jumping. It lies completely within the garden which means the utmost safety as it cannot fall. The InTerra ground-level trampoline gives your garden a beautiful look with its rectangular shape. There are 17.7cm long double-conical springs in this trampoline which ensure high bounces and soft landings. It has a strong padding and a foot protection system which prevents users feet from getting tangled while jumping. The metal frame of this trampoline is galvanised and powder coated making it weather resistant and incapable of rusting. It is 244 x 427×3 cm in size (length, width, height). Assembly is required however don’t worry as the manual is included making it easy to put together.

Any of these three toys would be perfect presents for your child this Christmas. To see our full range of kids toys or learn more about these three products, visit us online today.