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inflatable paddleboarding

Inflatable Paddleboarding

Inflatable Paddleboarding is a great way of getting into SUP, the fastest growing water sport in the world. Stand-Up Boarding has become phenomenally popular in recent years, and it’s no wonder. It’s a great, relaxing sport that exercises your body, improves your balance and coordination, and gives you some great moments to get out on […]

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Summer

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Summer

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Summer isn’t always that easy, but with the right ideas, you can be sure that your sprogs can get the most of the fresh summer air, the great sunshine, and get that well-needed exercise and interaction that’s essential for health. We’ve been providing a great range of garden toys (including […]

Popular Items During Lockdown

Popular Items During Lockdown

There have been many popular items during lockdown (not counting toilet paper!). We’ve all been feeling the social squeeze, and it’s important to find other outlets to enjoy ourselves and get together when many of our usual opportunities are on indefinite hiatus. As a home and professional store for garden equipment and outdoor toys, we’ve […]

two things to do in lockdown

Two Things to Do in Lockdown

Many of us are finding the 2021 lockdown tougher than the previous periods. It feels all the more frustrating when a vaccine is just around the corner, yet cases are peaking to all-time highs.  If you’re getting a bit of cabin fever at the moment, look no further than your own home to provide you […]

outdoor toys for christmas

Outdoor Toys for Christmas

Looking for outdoor toys for  Christmas gifts? They’re a great choice, especially for those of us with kids who like to get outside. We always have a great range of toys to keep kids active throughout the year. We aim to provide robust, dependable items that won’t outlast your child’s enthusiasm. To achieve that, we […]

best paddling pools

Best Paddling Pools for Your Kids

What are the best paddling pools for your kids? With so many outdoor toys to choose from, it’s never a bad idea to do your research and find the best products are out there. There are so many water toys and paddling pools, and here at Douglas Forest and Garden, we’re careful to sell only […]

paddling pools with free delivery

Paddling Pools With Ireland Delivery

If you’re looking for paddling pools with Ireland delivery, we can help. We have free delivery for any order over €125, and we have a range of paddling pools available to suit your needs. We also have hot tubs and family pools available in our garden pools section. As with our other products, we source […]

Paddling Pools With a Twist

Paddling pools provide days of fun for kids during the summer period. And while we might have easy to entertain in our youth, kids nowadays have so much on offer that they can sometimes need an extra bit of excitement to draw them away from their screens. Luckily, outdoor toys have progressed along with everything else. […]

outdoor play ideas

Outdoor Play Ideas For The Family

If you’re looking for outdoor play ideas for the family, we have plenty to offer this summer. Many of our items include free shipping anywhere in Ireland. Here are just a few from our selection.  Playhouses Playhouses never go out of style because children love to play pretend. EXIT’s range of Playhouses creates a perfect […]

slip n slide for kids

Slip N Slide For Kids

A Slip N Slide can provide endless hours of fun, and let’s admit it — we all wanted one when we saw them on the telly when we were kids! H2OGO!’s range is a perfect easy-to-setup option for your garden. You’ll find it very quick and easy to set up — it’s just a matter […]

Kids Bouncy Castle

A Kids Bouncy Castle With a Twist

A Kids bouncy castle never goes out of fashion. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a whole range of kid’s outdoor play equipment. As we head towards spring, some great toys are available on early sale. In days of old, we had to have our parents haul us to a holiday park or abroad […]

BERG Electric Go-Karts

BERG Electric Go-Karts: The Extra Blue

BERG Electric Go-Karts are known for their incredible durability and re-usability. BERG’s line of outdoor toys and equipment are unparalleled, we’re also proud carriers of their world-renowned trampolines, and we also stock their range of non-electric Go-Karts. When it comes to Go-Karts, BERG has almost three decades’ worth of experience under their belt. They recently […]

best kids toys in 2019

The Best Kids Toys in 2019

The best kids toys in 2019 are those that get kids away from screens and outdoors. Kids need to be active, with fresh air and active play. Child obesity is becoming an epidemic worldwide, with obesity rates doubling between 1982 and 2008. There is a worrying correlation with the rise of computer games and the […]

childrens swings

Children’s Swings

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we aim to provide the best quality outdoor toys and children’s swings in Ireland. And to make things easy, we provide free shipping for most of our items. Whether you’re looking for sports toys or swing sets attached to a playhouse, we have it all. Here are three Children’s Swings […]

playhouses with a slide

Playhouses with a Slide: 3 Great Options

At Douglas Forest and Garden we provide a full range of premium playhouses with a slide, as well as other outdoor toys. While the summer is coming to an end, now is actually one of the best times to consider one, since there can be great deals (and we offer free delivery anywhere in Ireland). […]