paddling pools with free delivery

Paddling Pools With Ireland Delivery

If you’re looking for paddling pools with Ireland delivery, we can help. We have free delivery for any order over €125, and we have a range of paddling pools available to suit your needs. We also have hot tubs and family pools available in our garden pools section. As with our other products, we source the best quality companies with the best quality products. We look for pools that can take a beating and can last more than one summer.

Smaller Paddling Pools

Our smaller paddling pools may not qualify for free delivery if bought alone, but if you’re looking for a small pool for toddlers, the Sunnyland Splash is ideal. It has a little slide and a shallow, safe design. It uses bright, fun colours to keep your younger kids entertained for hours. It’s easy to inflate and fill with water, and you can attach your garden hose to the pool so that the centre of the pool sprays a little fountain of water.
The Bestway Fill ‘N Fun paddling pool is suitable for older children aged 3+. It has an excellent design, and its dimensions are 2.44m x .46metres in height. It’s easy to set up; you just unfold it and fill it with water. Rather than an inflatable wall, it uses rigid, durable PVC sidewalls. It has a sturdy vinyl base designed to take a beating.

Paddling Pools With Ireland Delivery: Water Slidespaddling pools with free delivery

If you’re looking for a miniature waterpark for your kids, we have the solution. H2OGO! Provide a range of water parks designed to provide endless hours of fun for your kids throughout the summer weeks. The Splash Tower Mega Water Park is an inflatable paddling pool combined with an inflatable slide and climbing wall. You attach a regular garden hose to the tower and transform it into a fun and unusual attraction for your kids. It’s easy to set up and includes an inflator that will get everything up and running in about two minutes. The only difficulty will be getting your kids to come in for their dinner!
The Turbo Splash Water Park takes everything fun about the Splash Tower Mega and adds a curved slide instead of a straight slide, an even larger play pool area and a water gun. This means that as your kids are taking turns on the slide someone else can shoot them with water.

You can view our full range of waterslides here, and if you have any questions give us a call today on 021 4965 132

Paddling Pools With a Twist

Paddling pools provide days of fun for kids during the summer period. And while we might have easy to entertain in our youth, kids nowadays have so much on offer that they can sometimes need an extra bit of excitement to draw them away from their screens. Luckily, outdoor toys have progressed along with everything else. We have many great garden pools to suit different needs, so why not check out our full range? Here are three great options for toddlers to 10-year olds:

A Paddling Pool Play Centre for Toddlerspaddling pools for toddlers

The Sunnyland Splash paddling pool is perfect for toddlers. It’s friendly and safe, has lots of fun colours and a little inflatable slide on the side. In the centre of the paddling pool is a smiley sunshine face which has a fountain for a nose (this connects easily to the garden hose). Lots of fun to be had here.

Paddling Pools on Fanta: The H20GO! Splash Tower

H20GO! are a brand that makes the kind of outdoor toys we could only dream of when we were small. The Splash Tower is like an inflatable Aquadome for out your back garden. You get a regular little paddling pool and make it into the splash pool for a giant inflatable water slide, and attach a climbing wall. Your garden hose connects to the top of the “tower” (about two metres in height). This toy is perfect for kids aged 5-10 (with adult supervision, of course). It’s effortless to set up — you may look at the photo and imagine yourself blue in the face trying to pump it. But thankfully, all of H20G0!‘s products include an air blower that will have the whole thing inflated in less than two minutes and keeps it that way automatically for the duration of your kids’ playtime.

Parental Advisory: Your Kids May Refuse To Come In For Their Dinner

The H20GO! Hurricane Blast is the kind of outdoor toy that might just transform our Nintendo Switch addicted youths into potential future Olympians! This extra-large pool has a bigger play pool and a climbing wall for kids to reach the tower. As for the slide, it’s more extended slide and has a big bend on it ends in a splash pool. The hurricane blast allows more space for more kids at once, so it’s great for larger groups and will provide countless hours of entertainment.

Many of our paddling pools come with free delivery. For any questions contact us on 021 4965 132

slip n slide for kids

Slip N Slide For Kids

A Slip N Slide can provide endless hours of fun, and let’s admit it — we all wanted one when we saw them on the telly when we were kids! H2OGO!’s range is a perfect easy-to-setup option for your garden. You’ll find it very quick and easy to set up — it’s just a matter of attaching a garden hose for the water, and your kids are good to go! With summer looming and no sun holidays looking likely this year, we expect these to sell out fast but you can pre-order today for delivery in Mid-June. There are three options:


The Single is €23.99 when you pre-order, and has one 5.4-metre lane for your kids to enjoy and is excellent for flat gardens. To set it up, you get your hose and fill the “Speed Ramp” with water. The Speed Ramp does what it sounds like, and allows kids to enjoy the water slide even if the garden is flat. Just fill the ramp with water to weigh it down, and fill the inflatable air cushions with air to keep things nice and safe.

2. H2OGO!’s DOUBLE SLIP 16FTslip n slide for kids

The Double Slide is €24.50, is 4.8 metres in length and ideal for kids aged 3+. This model has two separate lanes so two kids can slide together, and the ride ends with a little splash pool finish. In addition to the hose, the Double Slip N Slide has built-in sprinklers to make sure the two lanes are nice and slippery!


Coming in at €31.99, the Triple Slide has the same length as the double, but it’s wider and has a larger splash pool to accommodate three kids at the same time.

Let’s Not Let Environmental Concerns Slide!

If wasting water or soaking your petunia bed are concerns, H20GO! have a neat little device to make sure your kids don’t end up wasting water and turning your garden into a marsh! It’s called the H20GO! Water Saver Timer, and it’s a simple, child-friendly pedal that runs the water continuously for 30-60 seconds at a time. The timer saves water by only running when the slide is used, helping the environment while covering for our kids’ lack of adherence to schedules and checklists!  It uses 4 AAA batteries (not included). The Water Saver costs €34.99 and is also available for pre-order.

If you have any questions about pre-ordering online, you can call us on 021 4965 132