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maintain your hot tub at home

Buy Hot Tubs Online with Fast Irish Delivery

You can buy hot tubs online with fast delivery anywhere in Ireland with Douglas Forest and Garden. We were one of the first companies in Ireland to provide portable hot tubs to our Irish customers. We have spent the past few years sourcing and testing to find the best manufacturers. What do we have on […]

Portable Whirlpool ‘Jacuzzi’ Hot Tubs

If you’re looking for Portable Whirlpool ‘Jacuzzi’ Hot Tubs, you can’t go wrong with Lay-Z-Spa. However, if you’re unsure what the difference is between a ‘whirlpool tub’ and a ‘jacuzzi’, there is none. It’s like the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a hoover. The name ‘Jacuzzi’ is the brand name of the first whirlpool […]

Lay Z Spa: What You Should Know

While there are many portable hot tubs on the market, Lay Z Spa hot tubs are our first choice and here is what you should know about the range. In addition to having a great warranty, they have high-quality materials and a pump that all combine to give you a durable, reliable hot tub that […]

Best Value Inflatable Tubs

Best Value Inflatable Tubs

What are the best value inflatable tubs? While it depends on your price range and how many people you intend on seating, Lay-Z-Spa has some great ‘middle of the road’ offerings that have a lot of the premium features but don’t have the premium price tag. We offer the full range of hot tubs (available […]

buying a jacuzzi

Buying a Jacuzzi: What’s Involved?

Buying a Jacuzzi or hot tub these days isn’t as expensive as it once was. You had to have a dedicated section of your lawn or garden to install the system in the past. It needed year-round maintenance and cleaning. Most people opted to build a decking area for it, which also needed to be […]

hot tub party ideas

Hot Tub Party Ideas

Here are a few Hot Tub party ideas to daydream about while we wait for COVID to become a non-issue.  At this stage, we’re all dreaming about how we can get together and have fun. Even in Ireland, Hot tubs can be a great way to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family in […]

hot tub comparison

Hot Tub Comparison: Lay-Z-Spa’s Entry Level Versus Top Model

Let’s make a hot tub comparison: What’s the difference between Lay-Z-Spa’s entry-level hot tub versus their top of the range model? While Lay-Z-Spa’s most basic options are still great, they pull out all the stops on their higher-level products. These are full of features designed to help you and your whole family relax and enjoy […]

affordable hot tubs

Affordable Hot Tubs: 2 Great Options

Affordable hot tubs are on the menu, thanks to Lay-Z-Spa. In the past, with traditional hot tubs, you needed to invest in a permanent setup. This typically involved installing a decking area, installing plumbing, as well as allocating a section of your outdoor space for a permanent fixture. This is fine in many countries, though […]

hot tub hire

Hot Tub Hire Or Buy Your Own Portable?

A hot tub hire can be a great idea if you want to enjoy chilling outside at home in the sun with your friends and family, drink in hand, music playing, and hot bubbling water soothing and massaging your tired muscles. A hot tub hire makes sense when regular hot tubs require extensive installation and […]

Best Hot Tubs for 2020

Best Hot Tubs for 2020

Update: we’re into a new year! Here’s the best hot tub in 2021.   What are the best hot tubs for 2020? While this depends on your planned setup and budget, we provide a range of portable Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs designed so you can quickly it set up during the times you want to get […]

advantages of owning a hot tub

Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub

What are the advantages of owning a hot tub? We all enjoy a hot tub on occasion; Whether at our gym, spa or when we’re enjoying a stay at a hotel. But here in Ireland, owning a hot tub is still considered a novelty. Yet there are a vast number of health benefits to owning […]

hot tub for christmas

A Hot Tub for Christmas?!

If you have a special someone (perhaps Santa himself) who enjoys an occasional drink and a dip into hot water in the outdoors, then a hot tub might be a great Christmas gift. Though we usually imagine ourselves perched in a hot tub in above-freezing temperatures, some in our range of hot tubs are incredibly […]

portable jacuzzis

Portable Jacuzzis: 3 Great Options

Portable jacuzzis are hot tubs designed to be easily assembled or disassembled. We stock Lay-Z-Spa Outdoor Jacuzzis, which are inflatable, robust and extremely easy to set up and disassemble when needed. And while now is the time of year when most people are winding down their outdoor adventures, it’s also the best time to pick […]

best hot tub

Best Hot Tub: Which Hot Tub Is Best For You?

The best hot tub is the one most suited to your needs. Everyone wants a model that is durable, long-lasting and most importantly, relaxing and fun. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we supply Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs because we think they’re the best for Irish conditions. In addition to being robust, they’re portable. You can put […]

hot tub accessories

4 Great Hot Tub Accessories

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a range of Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs for sale. We have a number of  hot tub accessories designed for the Lay-Z-Spa brand, which can greatly increase their fun and function. Here are a few we’d recommend if you’re planning to have a get-together. Lay-Z-Spa tubs are perfect for our […]