electric scooter advantages

Electric Scooter Advantages

What Electric Scooter advantages should you consider when comparing to e-bikes and hoverboards? E-scooters have many advantages as a means of transport. We hold some of the best e-scooters, made by the Dutch company Oxboard. Built to give you the best quality technology at the lowest prices these are robust and dependable and guaranteed to bring you lots of fun. 

What Kicked Off The E-Scooter?electric scooter advantages

The Segway was first released in 2001. Leading up to its public release,  big Silicon Valley influencers such as Steve Jobs, who had a sneak preview declared it would change personal transport as we know it. Yet when the segway was released to the public, everyone laughed. The things looked ridiculous; like an ancient roman racing chariot for nerds. They were also very expensive. But the biggest failure of the segway was the form. It looked silly. But the technology was revolutionary. Before this, nobody had built an electric personal transportation system (outside of golf carts).
Fast-forward twenty years and the patented, revolutionary gyroscopic balancing systems are now available in hundreds of hoverboards made in China. These take the basic technology of the segway and make it cool by removing the weird bucket and embarrassing handlebars. With the rise in interest in these hoverboards, entrepreneurs had a renewed interest in electric personal transport. Enter the electric scooter, with better, cheaper batteries. These are easier to use than a hoverboard, provide much of the advantages of a segway while being far more portable — and looking far cooler (which isn’t hard). So finally we are seeing the revolution in personal transport with hoverboards, electric bikes and e-scooters playing a big part in this move towards personal electric vehicles. Now let’s look at the Electric Scooter Advantages compared with competing modes of transport. 

Electric Scooter Advantages VS Other E-Transporters

Compared with a hoverboard, an E-scooter is much easier to handle. it’s also safer when used correctly as the handlebars aid with balance. Compared with an e-bike, they’re a little less safe, but they are lighter and more portable. Oxboard’s E-Kick scooters come in two options: the E-Kick, and the PRO2

The Pro2 has a much more powerful 350W motor compared with the E-Kick’s 250W. A maximum speed of 25-30kmph versus the E-kick’s 25kmph. And a maximum distance of 25km versus the E-kick’s 10-12. So when choosing your scooter it’s good to think about what your needs are. If you plan on using this as transport around town, then the PRO2 may be your choice. It has a greater distance and better speed. If you’re looking less transportation and more fun, the E-Kick will give you a better bang for your buck. 



Choosing a Hoverboard

Choosing a Hoverboard

Need help choosing a hoverboard? Hoverboards have exploded since they arrived on the market in 2015.  There are many different brands on the market. We solely stock Oxboard Hoverboards in Ireland. We chose Oxboard because they’re a well-known Dutch company that emphasises build quality and battery life. 

Are Hoverboards Easy to Ride?Choosing a Hoverboard

They’re quite easy to learn if you’re already well-coordinated and have had experience with balance boards or skateboards. After about five minutes, you’ll be able to move around and turn comfortably. If you aren’t as coordinated, you might need more time to get the hang of it. Make sure you wear full protective clothing — we have all seen the YouTube videos of what happens when you don’t! 
What model should you get? They all have the same maximum speed (15kmph), though for a first-time user the Oxboard ONE might be the right choice. It has a maximum range of 10-15 kilometres instead of 15-20km on the higher-end models but comes in at just €209. That’s a €100 saving.

How to Use It

When you first put a foot on the board, the pressure will make the board move. So to keep your balance, it’s best to start with your dominant foot first. Then step on with your other foot. Keep in mind that learning to use this indoors is not the same as out on the street where you’re going to have cracks, bumps and imbalances on the ground. Make sure you have plenty of practice before you go using this outdoors and then ensure you’re wearing padding. You will also be using the muscles of your feet and legs in new ways, so be prepared for aches and pains as you develop strength in this area!

Choosing a Hoverboard: Durability and Speed

Oxboards are very durable. After about four hours they are fully charged, and the charge will last for 15-20km on the higher end Oxboard Pro. They will take a beating when you’re outdoors, especially when you lose control or come off the board. So you’ll likely see scuff marks on the corners after a time. Be aware that these boards can reach speeds of up to 15kpmh. Don’t go straight to full speed until you’re comfortable with the controls. And make sure that your feet are placed evenly on the board so that you don’t start turning in the middle of accelerating.



A Hoverboard Go-Kart?

Have you heard of a Hoverboard Go-Kart? You take everything great about hoverboards, and you strap it to a Go-Kart chassis. We’ll get into why you’d want to do that in a moment, but first, let’s look at the Hoverboard that powers this idea. Many reviewers have recognised the Oxboard series for their excellent quality construction, good battery life and intuitive controls. 

Creating Your Hoverboard Go-Kart

Whatever Hoverboard you choose, you can attach it to the Oxboards Super Kart. Oxboard has a range of hoverboards ranging from the ONE-T Hoverboard (currently costing €189) to the Oxboarod PRO (Currently available for €309) and a few different models in between. Of course, the most crucial feature of any hoverboard is its battery, and that is the main difference between the different models in the Oxboard range. If you plan to use this a lot, you may want to look into the higher range models as these have the best battery technology which combines capacity with durability. The best performing batteries tend to have a longer battery life as they require fewer cycles.

The Super Karthoverboard-go-kart

Oxboards Super Kart converts any of Oxboard’s range of hoverboards into a street go-kart including a handbrake. It has an adjustable frame, so it is suitable for any ages (provided they’re old enough to use the equipment safely). The chassis is very light and portable. And because it’s removable from the hoverboard motor, it’s effortless to take with you wherever you roam. It uses a few simple straps to attach to the Hoverboard. This makes it easy to set up, and it’s incredibly easy to operate. Remember that with a Go-Kart, you have a lower profile, and it’s harder for people to see you. Never use this on roads where you are not only vulnerable but also high risk. You must also wear protective equipment despite being closer to the ground as Oxboard hoverboards can reach a speed of up to 15kmph.

If you’re interested in a hoverboard, Go-Kart, or E-Scooter, why not check out our full range? Most of our products include free delivery to your door, anywhere in Ireland. Any questions? Give us a call on 021 4965 132

best e-scooter

Oxboard’s Best E-Scooter: 2 Models Available With Free Shipping Anywhere in Ireland

Finding the best E-Scooter can be a challenge. There are so many brands out there, and they are fast becoming a big thing, with kids and adults alike taking to the streets and parks and using it as a mode of transport. The Oxboard models are built for people aged 14 and up.  Oxboard is a top-rated Dutch company specialising in electronic transporters such as hoverboards.  They are regarded for quality builds and durability. Oxboard offers two e-scooter models:

1. The Oxboard E-Kick

The E-Kick is light, tough and durable and comes in at the best price of €259. it has a good battery built to last 10-12km on a single charge and can carry up to 120 kilos. It’s highly portable, with a much smaller “kick-start” engine designed to kick in when you give it a push to get going. The great thing about the E-Kick is that it’s so lightweight, and the battery and motor so neat, that if it runs out of juice, it works just as seamlessly as a regular scooter. So unlike a lot of models out there, even if your battery dies while you’re out and about, you won’t suddenly feel like you’re scooting along on an old 1954 Whirlpool Washing Machine.

2. The PRO2: Oxboard’s Best E-Scooterbest e-scooter

The PRO2 is Oxboard’s newest model and comes in black and white. It comes in at €599 and here is what you get for the price. The PRO2 is all about the motor. It has a powerful 350-watt engine which can carry up to 130kgs with a top speed of 25km/h. With a 7.5Ah battery, this will let you drive up to 30 kilometres before you need to charge up. Charging takes about 3.5 hours. 

Naturally, with such a powerful motor, you need to be able to slow yourself down, and the PRO2 comes with two independent disc brakes, front and back. One notable difference between the PRO2 and many competitors is the more extended deck to accommodate the larger battery while giving you more space. The PRO2 has lights on the front and back, including a brake light. The PRO2 is also portable with a foldable handle and weights 15kg. It comes with a two-year warranty and uses 8.5inch tyres.

All Oxboard E-Scooters come with free shipping anywhere in Ireland. For inquiries, or to find out which is the best e-scooter for you, call us today on 021 4965 132

Oxboard Hoverboards

We’re proud to introduce Oxboard hoverboards, cutting edge hoverboard technology from Holland. These are well built to make travelling and performing stunts safer, smoother and more enjoyable. And unlike most boards, they come with a two-year warranty. 

Oxboard Hoverboards: The PRO

The Oxboard PRO hoverboard is built with quality and fun in mind. Controlled using your feet to drive the hoverboard back and forth, it is also possible to rotate it a full 360 degrees. The PRO uses the TAO motherboard to ensure that the gyroscopic balancing motors are working well at all times to increase safety and improve the sense of smoothness and fun. The PRO is also equipped with a Samsung 4.4 Ah battery. This is cutting edge battery technology which allows you to enjoy long-distance travel of up to 15-20 kilometres on a single charge. Thanks to this charging technology, charging only takes about 3 hours. 

The Remote

One of the biggest issues with hoverboards is that they’re bulky, so you can’t carry them around with you everywhere. This means that when you call into a shop you might have to leave the board outside where it can be stolen. The Oxboard PRO also comes with a remote, which can lock the board making it unusable by anyone else.

The remote also increases the usability of the board. By default, the board is in Beginner mode where it is smoother and safer and a little slower. But once you’re comfortable with using the board, with a touch of the remote you can seamlessly switch from beginner mode to expert mode, where you can now move and turn faster and do more tricks. 

The Oxboard had 6.5-inch wheels which are made of a strong rubber to reduce wear and tear. They’re also able to handle cracked and bumpy pavement very well compared to lower quality competitors. The build of the board includes strong rubber bumpers for extra protection from scuffs and impacts during use. In addition to the board and remote, the PRO comes with a 220V charger, instruction booklet. Remember to always wear protective clothing with these — especially when you’re starting off!

View our full range of hoverboards. For orders or inquiries please contact us on 021 4965 132.


Hovershoes: The Oxboard Blades

Hovershoes are a lot of fun. The Oxboard blades are very similar to hoverboards. They’re a tonne of fun for the whole family. The main difference is that each foot can operate independently. This makes it more difficult to pick up but it also makes it a lot more fun. Still, if you’ve ever tried a hoverboard it’ll feel familiar. With Oxboard blades, you also have the option to link them together and use it like a hoverboard.

Oxboard ‘Blades’ Hovershoes

You can compare Oxboard blades to rollerblades, but where you never have to lift your foot off the ground. There’s a much steeper learning curve with blades compared with hoverboards, but it’s something that kids will pick up really quickly.

Oxboard’s blades and hoverboards are well built and highly durable. They’re also water-resistant which means they’re safe to use on wet days.  Blades (AKA hover shoes) are easier to store in your backpack which can be useful if you plan to use them for commuting. 

In terms of speed, these hovershoes can reach up to 8kmph. They have a maximum range of 10km per charge, and they can be charged within a few hours. They have a built-in readout so you can tell when you need to recharge them (and also avoid going out the door with blades that haven’t been fully charged and end up cutting out on you after a few metres!). 

In terms of weight, they can handle larger people up to 128kgs or 20 stone. It’s best to familiarise yourself with this on a carpeted space while you get used to it, and protective gear should always be worn for safety. 

Oxboard Blades VS Hoverboards

The main disadvantage of hovershoes over hoverboards are the maximum distance and speed. While the Oxboard PRO can travel 15-20km on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 15km per hour, the hovershoes have a maximum speed of 8km per hour and a maximum distance of 10km per charge. This is not a problem if you plan to use the hovershoes purely for tricks and playing around near home, but it might be a disadvantage for those seeking to use this as a means of transport. 

If you’d like to find out more about our hoverboards or free shipping to anywhere in Ireland, contact us today on 021 4965 132