hendon ladder

Hendon Ladders

If you’re doing a lot of hedge work then a good ladder is an important tool.  If you view our Hendon Tripod Ladders, you will see they have all three legs adjustable so they’re excellent for unstable ground. For extra security, they also have a chain from the front leg to the two ‘main’ legs, which prevents the front leg from spreading too far apart, which prevents the ladder from collapsing.

Hendon Ladder Construction

Hendon ladders are very strong and light. The legs height can be individually adjusted quite easily using a spring-loaded pin. This makes it easy to adjust but still very strong and safe. Each leg can be adjusted in about 12-inch increments. This means that you’re rarely if ever in a position where you’re unable to level-out the ladder. 

The front leg can adjust quite a lot so you can get it into situations, such as getting right in near a raised bed without losing stability. It can also allow you to avoid crushing shrubbery or a flowerbed in aways you would likely cause damage with a normal ladder.

Hendon Ladder Safety

The steps are comfortable with a 4-inch leg width. You don’t feel as if your feet are pressing into the steps, which is often the case with a ladder. This, plus the wide base and adjustment features, makes it ideal for use with heavy equipment such as a pole saw.hendon ladder

Hendon builds great ladders. They don’t bend or dent easily. Once you have one you’ll wonder how you managed without it. As a professional, you’ll be taking it out with you every day. 

Hendon Ladder Sizes

We provide various Hendon ladders in multiple sizes, including 6,8,10 and 12-foot ladders. This covers the vast majority of use cases and we can recommend them for professional use. 

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