side discharge tractor mowers

Side Discharge Tractor Mowers

Side discharge tractor mowers are often a more suitable choice for larger green areas that don’t necessarily require a perfect ‘manicured’ look, while still providing an excellent clean cut. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stock one of the best ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland. We stock both Stihl and Cub Cadet tractor mowers. The Stihl range is great for domestic and commercial properties that require pickup, but for larger spaces that are more about maintenance than aesthetics, the Cub Cadet range is second to none.

Side Discharge VS Mulching

Using a side discharge tractor mower can sometimes offer a better cut quality when compared to mulching. When you’re cutting grass in a side discharge system, it’s shooting grass clippings out immediately. This means blade deck has the must suction to draw the blades of grass up towards the blades. This is important because, in general, you should aim to only cut 33% off the length of the grass at any one time. Cutting the grass in this way helps maintain lawn health, prevent damage and discolouration.  If you’re looking for a tidy lawn, it’s important to cut the grass regularly to prevent long clippings from getting shot out and making it look like you’re making bails. 

Side Discharge Tractor Mowersside discharge tractor mowers

Side discharge tractor mowers are often less prone to clogging, and because it tends to be more efficient, it allows for cutting larger areas with less hassle.  Mulching can put more strain on the engine as it’s cutting through more grass continuously. The already-cut clippings are still swirling around within the deck. Mulching also tends to clump up the grass a little more, so if it’s too long or the weather is damp or wet, it’s going to be more problematic to cut. The clumps can accumulate inside the deck and around the blade, which reduces the ‘suction’ action. This means that not only is it more prone to having issues, it’s also going to have a less even cut. This can be an essential factor for those who are looking for a more manicured look.

Cub Cadet’s range of side discharge mowers allows you to tackle large green areas that don’t require the added task of accumulating and dumping clippings. Used in this mode, it can handle many more extensive residential or agricultural areas. If you still want to use your tractor mower to attain a tidy finish, you can use the addition mulch kit and grass catcher accessories.  

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RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower

iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower

We’ve had many people asking about the iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower. Robot Lawnmowers attract a lot of attention from gadget fans and those who are looking for ways to decrease maintenance time and costs around their home, yard or open spaces. The one that tends to get the most interest is the higher range RMI 632 which is feature-rich, including GPS, and can cover a range of up to 5,000m2

The iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower can navigate around various obstacles including trees, posts and garden fixtures. The iMow is superb for open spaces. It will maintain the short cut of the grass without any hands-on work on your part. It will perform well over one hour of cutting for each charge, covering an area before returning to its charging dock, then coming back to tackle the next area. 

You can run restricted areas if there is a tree or obstacle you don’t want it to go near. This can be done using a restricting wire. This prevents the iMow from getting snagged or stuck by rocks or obstacles. It will keep the grass nice and flush and can be programmed to cut at certain times of the day so that it’s not interrupting your day.

iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower: Capabilities

The iMow can handle hills and navigate up and down slopes of about 20 degrees quite well despite only having two wheels. And while it’s listed as only handling 5,000m2, we have had reports from some customers that it can handle larger areas (though it’s not guaranteed by Stihl to do so).

The iMow requires its docking station, so if anyone tries to steal the iMow, it’s effectively useless to the thief. It also has safety and security settings built-in, such as a 4-digit pin code which is required to be entered before it will re-activate after it has stopped or has been lifted. 

The iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower doesn’t cut in a pattern so you won’t have that striped appearance. But the advantage is that the grass always looks well-maintained. It uses an algorithm to find the most efficient and fastest way to cut the lawn based on a random pattern. Also if it hits a solid obstacle, the blades will reverse in the direction so that the edge remains sharp and prevents the grass from being ‘bent over’ to one side. The iMow has sensors so that you can select it not to cut when it’s raining so that you can prevent traction from causing damage to the grass or turf. 

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sit-on mowers

Sit-On Mowers: Our Two Best Mowers

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best sit-on mowers. It’s essential to have a solid tractor mower when you have to manage a large garden, yard or field. We stock a full range of both Stihl and Cub Cadet mowers for all situations. Here are our two top picks for most domestic situations and for larger open yards, fields and gardens.

The Best Sit-On Mower For Domestic Use: The Stihl RT 4082

With a focus on performance, the entry-level Stihl 4082 Mower is extremely popular for domestic users for its manoeuvrability, range, practical design, relative affordability and durability. For a model of its class, it stands above the competition. Currently on sale, reduced down to €3,399.00. It has a range of up to 4km2. It is given its appearance due to a smaller front wheel tower, which allows for a much tighter turning circle over a regular sit-on mower.  This design also allows for a much clearer forward view making it ideal for a typical domestic garden with flower bed and smaller obstacles which, with a regular tractor mower, can seriously reduce mowing times and mean you’re constantly leaning out of the seat to try and get a view of what’s ahead. Simply put, this is an excellent machine for getting the job done efficiently.

The Best Option for Large Spaces and Professional Use: The Stihl RT 6127 ZL 49″sit-on mowers

While the RT 4082 stands out for its manoeuvrability and practicality, with a clear line of sight for those nitpicky areas in the garden space, the Stihl RT 6127 is a workhorse that can efficiently cut down lawns, fields and pitches up to 10km2 in size. While its more-standard tractor design means you’re going to need a bit of space to turn, this is not a problem for the kind of work the 6127 can handle. Large, open yards, fields and pitches that allow for straight runs with relatively minimal turning.  While the 4082 has a cutting width of .8 of a metre, the RT 6127 has a massive 1.25-metre cutting width and double the power output at 14kw/hr versus the RT 4082’s 7.5kw/hr. This means that each pass will cut almost 40% more grass. To accommodate this, its tank can hold an additional 33% of fuel with a capacity of 9 litres per fill.

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Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers: A Comparison

When comparing Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers for residential users, it comes down to a few key points.  At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a large selection of both Zero Turn and tractor lawnmowers

Why Choose a Zero Turn?

A Zero Turn’s biggest pro is its manoeuvrability. They can quickly get around flower beds, shrubs, trees, rocks and other obstacles without issue. If you have a relatively flat garden, this is an excellent machine for getting around quickly and efficiently. You can also see what you’re going to mow next as there’s much higher visibility. 

The disadvantage is that it might take a few sessions to figure out the controls. When you’re turning, you have to keep both wheels moving or else you’ll tear up the grass.  Zero turns don’t have the versatility of tractor mowers. They’re a one-trick pony that can mow grass effectively, but they don’t have the option for towing.  They also have low traction due to the 360-degree turnability of the wheels. Because of its uneven centre of gravity, there’s also a risk of lifting the wheels off the ground on slopes. 

Lawn Tractor Mowers

The most significant advantage of a regular tractor mower over a zero turn is its versatility. It’s not just about cutting grass, it can tow, spray, spread and mulch. It’s straightforward to drive with a regular steering wheel. The disadvantage is that they’re far less manoeuvrable compared with the Zero Turn. If your lawn has many obstacles, you’re going to be reversing, going over the same spots, getting stuck, and more.  The Tractor Mowers are far cheaper than Zero Turns. 

Mowing Speed

With a zero turn mower, you can cut the grass at much more efficient speeds. Even straight back-and-forth cutting can be significantly sped up with a zero turn; it’s usually the rotation at the end of a strip that slows you down – especially if your lawn runs up against obstacles like a low-lying wall, enclosing structure or garden shed.  For a regular flat garden space, the Zero Turn is roughly 30% faster. And for areas that need tighter turns, such as around outdoor lamp posts, fences, trees, etc., you can expect a performance increase of about 40%.

You can view our full range zero turn and tractor mowers. If you have any further questions, contact us today on 021 4965132

ride on lawnmower sale

Ride On Lawnmower Sale: 3 Great Discounts

We have a Ride On Lawnmower Sale at Douglas Forest and Garden this winter. While we stock various models of Cub Cadet, we have three great deals currently on Stihl’s range of tractor mowers. Stihl (Formerly Viking) mowers are well known for their quality. When it comes to ride on lawnmowers, the best time to buy is after the busy summer season. Many people start looking at what they want around October, but it’s not too late. 

Ride On Lawnmower Sale: The Stihl RT 4082 32″

Currently on sale, the RT 4082 was €3,681 and is currently available for €3,399, for over €280 in savings.  The RT 4082 is Stihl’s base model. It’s perfect for large lawns of up to 4,000m². Naturally, Stihl built the RT 4082 smaller and more compact than the rest of their range. This also gives it a relatively tight turning circle and good manoeuvrability. You can adjust the driver’s seat, though it does not have a suspension system as the other models have. Its cutting width is 0.8 metres, and you can dump grass from its 250-litre grass catch box. You do this using the handle beside your seat. You can also replace the grass box with a mulcher if this better suits your needs.

The Second sale offer: The Stihl RT 5112 Z 43″

This is a higher scale model, which has been reduced from €4,499 to €3,999 for a saving of €500.  The RT 5112 has a powerful two-cylinder engine and 1.1-metre cutting width. It has a large catcher box which makes it suitable if your lawn is anything up to 8000m². Its adjustable, spring-loaded seat provides comfort compared with the lower end models available and overall this is an excellent machine for making a clean, tidy cut.

The Best Ride on Lawnmower Sale: Stihl RT 6112 ZL 43″

While this has a smaller saving than the RT 5112, the RT 6112 ZL has been reduced from €3,681 to €3,399 for a saving of over €280, this is Stihl’s second most powerful ride on lawnmower and is an excellent purchase for when you’re working on larger green spaces over long periods of time. While it has the same 1.1-metre cutting width as the RT 5112 and equipped with the same two-cylinder engine, and the same grass collection box size of 350 litres, what makes this model different is the comfort. It’s been designed to minimise the vibration while driving.  Effectively reducing vibrations to 50% of the RT 5112, from a measurable value of 0.98 ahw Seat m/s² to 0.50 ahw Seat m/s², this is going to be a far more comfortable mower to ride on for hours at a time. It also features a grass metre so you can tell when it’s time to empty before you start to experience chugging. 

If you’d like to see some models available in our ride on lawnmower sale, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965132

lawn care tips

Winter Lawn Care: 4 Tips For 2019

As Autumn shifts further towards winter, we’re not getting many dry days. If you haven’t done so already, you may be waiting to pull the lawnmower out for final mowing session. Here are a few winter lawn care tips to help keep the grass in excellent condition, especially if this turns out to be a particularly wet or frosty one.

Gradually cut the grass short

Ideally, you gradually reduce the height of the lawnmower so that the grass it cut lower and lower. The gradual reduction in grass height prevents the grass from going in to “shock”. But still shortens it enough to deter rodents from nesting. In urban areas, rodent infestations are less common, but field mice can create nests in taller grass during the winter. This tears up large areas of grass and create ‘dead patches’ that can take months to heal.

Winter Lawn Care: use an aerator.

Frost and cold weather solidifies and compresses the earth, which can cause damage to your lawn. An aerator adds space to the soil which can prevent over-compaction. Some experts will also apply fertiliser at this point – this is something worth experimenting with to see if you notice appreciable results. If you’re aerating and fertilising using a tractor mower, avoid doing this in a strip pattern as you would when cutting the grass, as this can cause your lawn to grow in unnaturally straight-looking patterns. 

Keep the lawn clear

We all know this but it bears repeating — don’t leave anything on the lawn over the winter months. Check to ensure there’s nothing forgotten about, like a compost bin lid that came loose in the wind, a trailer for your tractor mower, or a few blocks from your greenhouse project that were left aside — they’ll kill the grass. 

Winter Lawn Care: Avoid Making Pathways

You might get away with it in summer, but as the ground turns to mud, taking the same pathways through the grass will kill the grass and create hardened pathways that can be difficult to fix next year. And of course, this applies ten times over for vehicles. If you must pass through the lawn try to take different routes each time when possible. 

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Store Your Tractor Mower

How to Store Your Tractor Mower During Frosty Periods

In Ireland, we usually don’t have to worry too much about sub-zero temperatures. When you properly store your tractor mower this is almost a non-issue. However, if the weather is due to get very cold and you don’t plan to use the equipment, there’s no harm in taking precautions.  These directions should be suitable for most ride on lawnmowers.

Always read and follow the manual for your particular make and model. But the first step is general before doing any work on the mower is to prevent accidental ignition. The safest way to do this is to disconnect the spark plug wire.

How to store your tractor mower for long periods

Petrol goes stale in about a month, so if you’re not planning to use your tractor mower you can add a fuel preserver to your lawnmower’s tank. This sits on the top of the fuel and lessens the chance of water contamination, which happens when condensation builds up around the fuel tank, also known as “sweating”. Fuel preserver also prevents gum formation in the essential parts.

You can ensure that the preserver is spread throughout the system — just run the engine for 10 minutes. While the engine is still warm, change the oil, the filter and fuel filter. If you want to remove the oil us a drain pain to avoid a mess. We also provide ride on lawnmower service and repairs and can take care of this for you if necessary. Before installing a new filter, lightly oil the gasket with clean oil and tighten it once sealed. Make sure not to overfill it with oil.

If your spark plugs need changing, now is also a good time to do this. Before putting this away in storage, start the engine for a few moments to check for leaks. If there are no issues you’re almost done. The final step before storage is to disconnect the battery cable from its terminal. Always start with the negative cable, then the positive. It’s best to store the battery somewhere cool and dry if your storage area is not suitable. We do not recommend storing tractor mowers outdoors, even with coverings. If possible, we recommend renting a storage space if there is nothing available in your area.

If you’d prefer to get your tractor mower serviced professionally, you can call us today on 021 4965 132

types of tractor lawn mower

3 Types of Tractor Lawn Mower For Your Lawn

We’re occasionally asked about the different types of tractor lawn mower we have at Douglas Forest and Garden. We stock the best quality garden equipment for home and professional use. No matter the task at hand, whether it’s a small garden or a large field you need to manage, we have the right lawnmower, or ride-on lawnmower, to suit your needs.

Cub’s 3 Types of Tractor Lawn Mower

Cub made its name for its range of zero-turn tractors. Zero-turn tractors are a higher-end range that enables far more manoeuvrability and reduced turf damage. They require a lot more skill and attention when used as they’re less stable on inclines.types of tractor lawn mower The Cub XZ2 and XZ3 range are great for larger areas that require a flawless cut for larger areas. The ‘Gold Standard’ in Professional-level tractor lawn mowers is the Cub Cadet Z5. This is a beat, with a 1.5m cutting area. Compare this with Stihl’s 1.25, and you can see how this would make a difference over a large field.

Cub also provides two other types of tractor lawn mowers. The second is its range of side discharge tractor mowers. As you’d expect, these expel mulch to the side of the vehicle as it cuts. These are good for situations when you don’t need a perfectly tidy lawn or field; these models leave clippings behind on the green. These allow for much faster cutting times as you do away with the need to pause the work in order to empty a full grass box.

Compare these with the direct collect models which, again as you’d expect, drive the grass directly into a grass box fixed to the back in order to allow mulch collection and keep your lawn or field nice and tidy. The disadvantage to this is that you’re going to have vastly slower cutting times you as must make repeat stops to empty the full grass box. 

Stihl Has One Main Type of Tractor Lawn Mower

While Cub has a range of side-discharge models and a separate range of direct collect models, Stihl has a different setup and chooses to go with direct collect as standard. It also features a tow hitch so that you can use your tractor for towing larger trailers and other equipment.

We hope this clarifies any questions you may have about the different types of tractor lawn mower we have in stock. And if you’re looking for regular Lawnmowers in Cork, we may also be able to help you. Be sure to check out our stock or give us a call on 021 4965132

best ride-on lawnmower

Best Ride On Lawnmower: Which Ride On Lawnmower Is Best For You?

The Best Ride On Lawnmower depends on the job at hand and what you need. At Douglas Forest & Garden, we have a full range of ride-on lawnmowers. When you’re talking about which one is best for you, we’re talking about the difference in price, range and speed at which it can cover the given range. Often it’s the size of the mower that makes the difference.

The Best Ride On Lawnmower for Lawns under 4,000 Square metres

The Stihl RT 4082 is relatively compact and manoeuvrable compared to many larger, more expensive models. It has a small turning circle, and it easily mounted with a design more like an electric buggy than a tractor. It has a two hundred and fifty-litre grass collection box which can be dumped using a lever by the driver’s seat.

At 86db, it’s one of the quietest models but earplugs are still recommended. Its cutting width is .8 of a metre. It can cut the grass down to a height of 35-90 millimetres, and it has a 6l tank capacity. Notably, this has a relatively slow RPM for the blades at 2.700 RMP.

The Best Ride On Lawnmower For 8,000 Square Metres and Less

The STIHL RT 5112 Z ride-on mower can manage twice the distance of the RT 4082, with a range of up to 8,000 square metres.

It also has a spring-loaded seat which acts like suspension and has adjustable heights. Its cutting width is 1.1 metres, about 300cms more than the 4082. And it’s able to cut the grass to a broader range, from 30-90mm. Its catcher box can handle an extra 100l of clippings at 350 litres, and it has a 33% larger tank capacity at 9 litres.

The Best Ride On Lawnmower for Under 10,000 Square Metres

best ride-on lawnmower

The Stihl RT 6127 ZL is a higher range ride on lawnmower with similar features to the RT 5112. The main difference is that it can handle a higher cutting height from 30-100 millimetres. Its cutting width is far wide at 1.25 metres, though it has the same tank capacity as the RT 5112 at 9 litres, it can manage an additional 2,000 square metres in the same amount of time. It has a working speed of 3,000 RPM which means if the blades are well sharpened it’ll give a good cut. It is also equipped with a 350-litre grass catcher box. One thing to be aware of is that it’s notably louder at 89db, so you want to be wearing ear protection during the use of this vehicle.

We hope this gives you an idea of what you can expect. Please be sure to view our full range of ride on lawnmowers.

yellow grass after mowing

Do You Get Yellow Grass After Mowing?

Yellow grass can occur for a number of reasons. Two common causes are poorly maintained lawnmower blades and a low-quality lawnmower. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a lawnmower service to help sharpen your lawnmower blades and keep the engine running well. Here are some things to check before calling out. 

Do You Get Yellow Grass After Mowing?

Check the grass to see if you notice signs of drying out at the tips where the cut took place. Rather than a clean cut, has the lawnmower blade shredded and torn the grass?  This is a sure sign that either the lawnmower blade isn’t sharp enough or it’s a low-quality lawnmower where the blade is not turning fast enough to cut properly. Either way, the issue is damaging your lawn. Compare its specifications with our range of high-powered lawnmowers.

Is The Yellow Grass Weather Dependent?

Often if the soil quality is problematic you can get issues. The soil can cause yellow grass if it drains too quicyellow grass after mowingkly or holds too much water. If you get yellow patches in certain areas, check if the soil is sandier than the surrounding areas and therefore drying out faster. In those areas, you can always add something to the upper layers of soil to help increase its water retention, such as compost or mulch.

If there are rocks or stones in some areas of the garden that can also cause yellowing in some areas rather than others as the grass’ root system is inconsistent. If the species of grass bunches (such as tall fescue), then this is also going to make it more suspectable to yellowing after moving. In bunching species, it’s usually advised to keep the grass taller than 8cm.

We hope that this gives you some idea of why you may be experiencing yellow grass. If you still have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop by or give us a call on 0214965132.

Low Cost Tractor Mowers

We’re often asked if the low cost tractor mowers we stock, such as the Cub Cadet LT2, are any good.  The Cub Cadet LT2 is actually a solid machine.  Here’s a quick rundown of its best features.


The LT2 has great ergonomics. If you’re familiar to ride-on lawnmowers you won’t have an issue with it. The steering wheel is exceptionally light. It can be turned with one hand and has a nice tight turning circle for this type of tractor.  It easily has one of the most comfortable seats you can get on a lawnmower, with a high backrest and solid weight springs that aren’t too bouncy but have plenty of suspension for bumpier gardens. 

Whereas many ride-on lawnmowers have access to the petrol tank behind or under the sat, with the LT2 it is in an ergonomic position high up beside the steering wheel. This means to refill you don’t have to go opening up the seat or bonnet as in many other models. It’s a small thing but if you’re doing a lot of mowing this makes a difference. 

Low Cost Tractor Mowers: Safety

It includes a safety feature so that if you come off the seat the mower will stop.

Some mowers have features that prevent you from reversing or force you to push and hold a button to reverse. This can be problematic. If you want to reverse the LT2, you move the ignition key. Once it’s on (with a clear warning light), you are able to move in reverse without any hassle. low cost tractor mower

The reverse is slow, but it’s good enough – and you don’t want to be going that first in reverse for safety reasons. 

Low Cost Tractor Mowers: Build

Cadet makes many of its components with durable plastic, including the panel for the ignition key. Cadet made it with a solid plastic, but the only thing that’s somewhat ‘pokey’ is the engine speed lever — so you would have to take care when putting it in storage that it’s not at risk of being damaged by heavy items in storage. But other than that it’s not an issue.

You need to get the wheels greased whenever you’re getting it serviced.  The rear exhaust has a plastic lid covering it, which is durable but is still something to be mindful of if you are driving on an area with solid obstacles. 

Overall, except for some very minor things, this is an excellent machine and one we highly recommend if you’re looking for a low cost tractor mower. For more information please feel free to stop by or call us today. 

zrt mower

ZRT Mowers VS Lawn Tractor Mowers: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between ZRT mowers (zero turn mower) versus a standard lawn tractor? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide the best quality products for home and professional use. You can view our stock of professional-level zero turn mowers.

The clear advantages of a tractor mower make them a must for larger lawns, fields and garden areas. Tractor mowers cover a greater area, easier, and faster than a push mower. ZRT mowers are the next step up.

ZRT Mowers

When you compare a regular tractor mower with a zero turn lawn mower, you see increased speed and better control. A ZRT mower achieves an almost zero turning radius. It does this by replacing a regular steering wheel with two forward-back levers. Each leaver operates one of the two rear wheels. To allow for turning, its two front wheels are not connected to the engine. This offers the advantage of far better turning — at the expense of stability. A Zero turn mower is all about precision and increased speed. If you have a large area to cover and it is mostly flat,  a zero turn mower is going to be the better option versus a tractor mower.zrt mower

Are ZRT Mowers Good on Slopes?

One of the key disadvantages of zero turn mowers is that they tend to be unstable in sloped areas. This can make them unsuitable for some Irish terrain. Manufacturers recommend that you don’t operate a zero turn mower on anything greater than a 10-degree incline. Anything greater should be done with a regular mower or tractor mower as ZRT’s are less stable and there is a risk of toppling.

Disadvantages of a ZRT Mower

A zero turn lawn mower is a professional-level piece of equipment. It is also more difficult to steer and handle, which means there is a learning curve involved in operating it effectively without damaging your lawn. Because they offer increased speed and faster results that can cut your time spent by 50%, they come with a larger price tag which makes them unsuitable for most non-professionals. 

ZRT’s are also unsuitable for anything other than mowing the grass. You can get accessories for ride on lawn mowers that can be used to increase its utility. Zero turn mowers rarely have this ability and even when they have a tow bar, we do not recommend most of them for heavy-duty accessories. 

I hope that answers some of your questions. In addition to providing tractor mowers, we also provide high-quality service and maintenance. If you have any further questions relating to ZRT tractor mowers, please call us today on 021-4965132.

viking petrol mowers

What Happened to Viking Petrol Mowers?

We’ve recently been asked what happened to Viking Petrol Mowers. Viking is known for being the best manufacturers in the business and some people were confused about why we discontinued supplying their products. In actuality, Viking, which is based in Langkampfen, Austria, fully integrated with fellow Germany company STIHL in 2017. STIHL had owned Viking since 1992, so the only thing that has changed is the branding.  If you already own a Viking mower, ride on lawn mower, or any other Viking product, then don’t worry, you’re still covered.

What’s the difference?

Almost nothing has changed with Viking Petrol Mowers, except for the paint job. Ten years ago, STIHL tried selling Viking handheld power tools under the STIHL brand name. As a result, they saw significant increases in the sales of these tools. Based on this outcome they decided to do the same with their range of Viking lawnmowers. viking petrol mowers

Nothing has changed except the brand name and colour. Every green Viking-branded product was changed to the STIHL orange. Viking adopted STIHL’s brand name since they are the better-known company.  The products themselves are still manufactured at the Viking plant in Langkampfen. The only thing that has changed in terms of the quality of their lawn mowers is that they now produce more of them, having hired more staff at that location.

Viking Spare Parts?

Your warranty remains intact, and you are still entitled to all Viking services and spare parts without any changes.  As you may know, we also provide full service and repairs for lawnmowers.

For those who are unsure about the change, the future for STIHL is positive. The German manufacturer has been around for 90 years and is only getting bigger. We supply many STIHL tools and machinery because they are one of the best in the business and we make no exception with their lawn mowers. If you have any other questions about your Viking Lawnmower, please contact us today on 021-4965132.

Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Any Good?

We’re often asked, “Are robotic lawn mowers any good?”.  Robotic lawn mowers have become more and more popular over the past 10 years and they’re becoming more advanced. The question of whether they are any good comes down to what results you’re after. If you want a “well-manicured”, clean, green look, then how a lawn mower’s blades cut of the grass matters. You will want a machine which doesn’t fray or tear the blades of grass (which can cause browning and drying), so in this case, we would still recommend one of our range of push lawn mowers in Cork.

Push and ride-on lawn mowers have more powerful engines and higher RPM. This cuts the grass cleanly, which tends to keep it green and soft. Manual mowers also allow you to give your lawn that clean ‘striped’ appearance. A robotic lawn mower like the iMow cuts in a random pattern. But if you want an almost entirely automated management of your lawn, which never overgrows, we recommend a robotic lawnmower. Here’s a breakdown.


The Stihl iMow

We stock Stihl’s iMow lawnmowers, and the higher range model, the Stihl iMow 632 PC can cut an area of grass up to 4,000 square metres. You can remove the keypad so it’s easy to program (you don’t have to be crouched down to set it up). We currently have this model on sale.

The iMow RMI 422 P is the smaller model than the 632. It can cover up to 1,000 square metres — perfect for most homes. All Stihl iMowers run off Lithium-Ion batteries and are completely self-sufficient once they’re installed. This means that, theoretically, once they’re set up and properly programmed you shouldn’t have to touch them again. They have a timer scheduling system that’s very similar to that of a water sprinkler, so you can choose the days and times you want it to start cutting your grass. 

The iMow knows its own battery life and will automatically return to its charging dock without your help. Once recharged, it can resume cutting if needs be. 


One of the chief concerns with robotic lawn mowers is their safety. Are they safe to run unsupervised? The simple answer is yes. The iMow has built-in safety sensors. If it hits an obstruction like a rock, football, or tree or something left in the garden, the lawn mower will bump into it and then turn away in the opposite direction.

If someone tries to reach under, sensors will instantly stop the blades, and then the iMow will turn around 180 degrees and move 10 feet away before re-activating the blade.

The blade is deep inside the unit and is surrounded by a safety skirt so that the sensors can detect danger long before anything is at risk of ever touching the blades. To increase safety, rather than the blade itself being height-adjustable, the entire unit raises or lowers closer to the ground.


The eight adjustable heights (from 1-8) are adjusted by simply turning a knob on the panel. This raises or lowers the entire deck rather than the blade. You can also set it up to go to up to 4 different zones, and have it go to some zones more often than others. If you see one area needs more attention than another, you can change the plan so that it spends more time in that area than other areas. This ensures that your lawn can look good all of the time.


The iMow is the only robotic lawn mower that uses a standard lawnmower blade. Both sides of the blade are sharp, and to increase the lifetime of the blade, every time the iMow hits an obstruction it stops, then automatically reverses the direction of the blade until it hits another obstruction. This means that over time, wear and tear is evened out and the blade lasts twice as long. 


So, is a robotic lawn mower any good? It’s a question of the results you’re after. It depends on what you are personally after. If you want a well-maintained garden with no work on your part, we recommend the iMow hands down. If you want lush, green grass, you may prefer a regular lawn mower.

I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have any other queries don’t hesitate to check out our range, or call us on 021-4965132.

lawnmower service cork

How to Service Your Own Lawnmower

Note: This post is for those who just want a few tips and tricks for keeping their lawnmower well maintained. If you have any serious issues and the below steps do not work, we’d recommend you give us a call or drop your mower into us here at Douglas Forest & Garden. We have a dedicated in-house service for lawnmower repair.

Do Your Own Lawnmower Service in 7 Simple Steps

1. Read the manual

Not to be pedantic, but it’s always worth glancing over the manual that comes with your mower. Every lawnmower is different and some of them have their own quirks, so the first step before tinkering is always to check the manual to ensure you’re doing the right thing for your make and model.

2. Drain the petrol

If it’s the start of the summer and you have a bit of petrol from last year, drain it. Believe it or not, petrol spoils after a few months. It’s a common reason for lawnmowers to have issues. Before you spend twenty minutes straining yourself pulling the chord, drain the lawnmower and replace it with fresh petrol.

3. Check your lawnmower’s oil

If it’s very dark or contains floating debris, drain the oil and replace it with the appropriate oil. In most models, to change the oil you need to remove a drain plug beneath the lawnmower. Make sure that you drain it completely.  If the lawnmower doesn’t have a drain plug, check your manual to be sure, but in most cases, you need to tilt the mower on its side and drain it through the ‘fill hole’.

4. Clean the lawnmower’s undercarriage

With our wet Irish weather, grass can quickly cake into the undercarriage. The caked grass blocks the blade and clogs the discharge chute. You will need to turn the mower on its side to access the undercarriage. Before doing this it’s often best to ensure the petrol tank is empty as this can leak.

lawnmower service cork

As a safety precaution, always ensure the lawnmower is completely switched off, and remove or disconnect the spark plug before working. Use a wire brush to scrape grass clippings and dirt from the undercarriage and spray the remaining debris away with a hose. 

5. Change the sparkplug

Sparkplugs are inexpensive and easy to replace. If your lawnmower isn’t starting after a few tries and you have tried the above steps first, it might be time to change your sparkplug.

In most models, to do this you unhook the sparkplug wire and take out the old plug with a socket or monkey wrench. Make sure not to overtighten the new sparkplug or the lawnmower won’t start.

6. Sharpen the lawnmower’s blades

Branches, stones and other objects take their toll on a lawnmower’s blades, which become dull after a few uses. A dull blade tears grass rather than cutting it cleanly. You can sharpen the blades with a vice and metal file but we do not recommend this for the inexperienced. 

7. Get it serviced professionally

If all else fails, getting a professional lawnmower service ensures that it’s in top working order for the summer. Our lawnmower service will do all of the above steps, plus check and service the lawnmower’s air filter, engine, and examine for faults.

If you are looking for a new lawnmower we recommend you check out our site as we often run a lawnmower sale. Any questions? Please give us a call on 021-4965132.


lawnmower sales in cork

Lawnmower Sales Cork

If you are seeking lawnmower sales in Cork, Douglas Forest & Garden can help. We offer 100% secure online booking and you can then stop by and collect your purchase. We currently have great sales on Stihl Lawnmowers. Stihl is our preferred brand due to its durability and price. Here is an overview of just some of the lawnmowers we currently have on offer, starting on the higher end which also offers a greater discount. As sales can expire or change, please be sure to view more of our Lawnmower sales

    1. Stihl RM 756 YC 21″ Hydrostatic Drive

      €2,279.00 €1,999.00

      Stihl developed the RM 756 YC as one of their flagship models. They developed it for tough, long-lasting use by professionals. It has a 54cm/21″ cutting width and a variable hydrostatic drive, which is designed to mow areas of up to three thousand square metres. It has a sturdy ‘hybrid’ housing which is, like all Stihl models, quite durable. The fold-up handlebars are adaptable to body height and the RM 756 also has an anti-vibration system so that you can mow away the entire working day.

    2. Stihl RM 448 VC 19″ Self-Propelled

      €639.00 €599.00
      The RM 448 has a cutting width of 46cm/18″, making it best-suited for lawns of up to 1200m² in size. It is housed in a light polymer and has a powerful OHV engine. It has a variable speed adjustment and an easy start system to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can also adjust the deck height, with six different settings, and it’s all done using one operating lever making it nice and easy.  You can view this mower here.

    3. Stihl RM 248 18″ Push

      €420.00 €399.00lawnmower sales in cork
      The STIHL RM 248 best suits medium sized lawns up to 1200m². You can easily move this one around the garden, even if there’s a bit of a slope. It also has a large 55-litre grass catcher box. You can also adjust its height with seven different settings, allowing heights ranging from 25cm to 75cm.


    1. €799.00


With the STIHL RM 650 V petrol lawn mower, you can mow your lawn efficiently and with ease and also make good use of the grass for fertiliser. It has a cutting width of 48cm/19″, making it ideal for large lawns. You can also use it as a practical mulching mower without having to change the blade. Simply fit the supplied mulching plug and you’re good to go. When you use it in mulching mode, it finely shreds the grass clippings and evenly distributes them directly onto the lawn, acting as a natural fertiliser.

The RM 650’s “Vario” drive system allows you to easily control your moving speed so you can easily adapt to slopes and different lawn conditions. You can control the mowing speed without changes affecting the engine/blade speed of the Kohler engine.
The RM 650 also has a 7 setting height adjustment, and a fold-open 70-litre grass catcher box. 


    1. View More Of

Our Stihl Lawnmower

    1. Sales, Cork. For any questions or to order a lawn mower, please call



ride on lawn mowers in cork

Ride On Lawn Mowers Cork

If you are looking to buy a ride on lawn mower, Cork’s Douglas Forest and Garden have the best quality tractor mowers available. This includes Stihl and Club Cadet Tractors. We also service and repair lawn mowers, which is why we stand by these manufacturers for their efficiency and reliability.
We also stock ride on lawn mower accessories including sprayers, sweepers and trailers, so that you can get the most out of your tractor. While we are based in Cork, all of our ride on lawn mowers come with free delivery to anywhere in Ireland. Visit us online now to view our full range of tractor mowers. ride on lawn mowers in cork

How to Choose a Ride On Lawn Mower

Anyone with a sizable garden knows the pain of managing a lawn with a regular push lawn mower. Here are a few pointers to help you evaluate if a ride on lawn mower is best suited to you. 

  1. Evaluate the length and width of your garden. One acre is equal to roughly 4,046 square metres.
    Multiply the length of your garden by the width in metres and divide your total by 4,046 to determine the size of your garden in acres. 
    A medium-small garden is one which is under half an acre in size.
  2. A ride on lawn mower is best suited to a larger space, which is anything over half an acre. 
  3. Ride on lawn mowers are pricier and require maintenance, including blade sharpening.
    This is something we cover at Douglas Forest and Garden.
  4. Check the cutting width of each model. A larger cutting width will mean fewer passes to finish the job. 
  5. Search YouTube for amateur reviews of the model you are interested in. You can often find helpful tips and suggestions. Here is an example.


Ride On Lawn Mowers Cork

Follow this link to view our full range of ride on lawn mowers. If you have any questions about any of our models or our free delivery service, please contact us on 021 4965132 We also provide lawn mower repairs and servicing. 


Cub Cadet Tractor Mowers Cork

Cub Cadet Tractor Mowers Cork

Every inch of grass is a canvas, you can create beauty with a Cub Cadet tractor mower to your home garden grass. Cub Cadet tractors set a high standard of mowing performance. They are designed to give you an unmatched strength and durability. These mowers combine fantastic cutting, collecting and mulching along with responsive handling. With incredible comfort, innovative technology and versatility, you can rely on these mowers to make the most of your grass. We have different types and models in store, here is our full range of Cub Cadet tractor mowers.

Direct Collect Tractors

Cub Cadet direct collect tractors transport grass clippings into a grass catcher box in the easiest way possible. All direct collect tractor models feature a durable grass catcher bag.  These mowers are the perfect option for people who have a large area of grass and require a lawn tractor with great power, endurance and cutting performance as well as easy collection. An integrated handle is located on the box to make removing and emptying the grass box fast and easy from the driver’s seat. Here are all our direct collect tractor models.

Cub Cadet LT2 NR92 Tractor 36″

Cub Cadet LT3 PR105 Tractor 41″

Cub Cadet XT1 OR106 Tractor 42″

Cub Cadet XT2 QR106 106cm/42″ Twin Hydro Tight Turn xTreme Tractor

Cub Cadet XT3 QR106 Twin Hydro Tractor 42″

Cub Cadet Tractor Mowers CorkSide Discharge Tractors

Cub Cadet Side discharge tractors are perfect for homeowners with gardens that have a variety of grass conditions or require a higher work rate than a rear collecting tractor mower. When discharging the clippings from the grass, they are released through an opening on the side of the cutting deck and spread back onto the grass. The clippings will act as natural fertilizer giving you a more healthy and beautiful looking area of grass. Here are all our side discharge tractor models.

Cub Cadet LT2 NS96 Tractor 38″

Cub Cadet LT3 PS107 Tractor 42″

Cub Cadet XT2 PS117 Twin Hydro Tractor 46″

Cub Cadet XT3 QS137 Tractor 54″

Zero-Turn Steering Tractors

Cub Cadet zero-turn steering tractors are perfect for reducing the amount of time spent mowing. The bigger your lawn and the more turns required to mow it, the more of a reason to have this type of mower. Zero-turn mowers come equipped with 360° turning technology that lets you easily cut around obstacles with confidence. These mowers feature four-wheel steering with steering wheel control giving you increased stability and a faster cutting time. These tractors offer incredible efficiency, great comfort and fantastic durability. Here are all our zero-turn steering tractor models.

Cub Cadet XZ2 107 Zero-Turn Mower 42″

Cub Cadet XZ2 117 Zero-Turn Mower 46″

Cub Cadet XZ2 127 Zero-Turn Mower 50″

Cub Cadet XZ3 122 Zero-Turn Mower 48″

Cub Cadet Z1 137 Zero-Turn Mower 54″

Cub Cadet Z5 152 Zero-Turn Mower 60″

With a Cub Cadet tractor mower, you will experience enjoyable mowing with an impressively beautiful cut. Order your Cub Cadet tractor mower from Douglas Forest & Garden today. You can visit us in-store, or call us on 021-496-5132.


4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment

4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment

Upkeeping your garden is easier and faster when you have the right garden equipment. However, rather than buying every piece of garden machinery going, we suggest having some of the most important ones at your disposal in your garden shed. The right garden tools are essential for carrying out different jobs around the home like cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, trees and shrubs, getting rid of leaves and detritus etc. There are many tools available but here are 4 must-have pieces of garden equipment to have in your garden shed.

4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment1: Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers are one of the most useful pieces of garden equipment when it comes to taking care of your garden. They ensure your lawn is kept in top condition so you really should have one in your shed. They are very easy to use and maintain, there are many different makes, types and models of lawnmowers which offer great cutting performance and different features. When buying a lawnmower make sure you get one that suits your lawn size and preferable features.

2: Pruning Equipment

It is wise to invest in quality pruning equipment to keep your garden looking beautiful. There are various types and sizes of pruning tools depending on the type of job you are doing in your garden. Whether you are pruning or trimming small branches, large branches, bushes or shrubs, there is a tool perfect for every situation. Pruning regularly will keep the parts of your garden in the desired shape and size. Without pruning on a regular basis, hedges, trees and plants will grow rapidly and leave your garden looking like a mess.

3: Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is a small tool that is essential for doing different gardening tasks like digging, planting, smoothing or moving small amounts of materials. They are lightweight so they do not require a big physical effort to use and use for long periods of time. Hand trowels are perfect for many garden chores, operating in confined spaces and they are relatively low in cost. It is best to buy one with a sturdy connection between the blade and handle and one with a comfortable grip for your hands to avoid hand fatigue and give you optimal control.

4: Blower

When the autumn season comes in, leaves start to fall and gather around your garden. When it comes to getting rid of all these materials falling in your backyard, driveway, or lawn raking and picking them manually can be a frustrating task. As well as that, you will be wasting so much time and energy. Garden blowers make leaf and detritus clearing an easy and time-saving task so they are must-have pieces of garden equipment.

To see our full range of garden tools and machinery, visit us online today or visit us in store in Frankfield, Cork.

How To Install The Viking iMow

How To Install The Viking iMow

Gone are the days of walking endlessly up and down pushing a lawnmower. Thanks to the iMow, you can sit back and relax while it cuts the lawn for you. Buying the iMow is easy but what can be hard is installing it. The installation process is the most important aspect in relation to achieving the best cutting results possible. Don’t worry we are here to help you by taking you through the necessary steps to install the Viking iMow. Here is everything you need to install your docking station, perimeter wire and iMow to perfection.

How To Install The Viking iMow1: Prep The Lawn

Before you do anything, simply make sure your lawn is clean, tidy and free of any toys, objects and debris like twigs and leaves. Make sure your grass is cut to an acceptable length which tends to be a length no longer than 10mm. When these minor details have been checked off the checklist, you can proceed to the more important parts of the process.

2: Plan The Layout/Position Your Perimeter Wire

You will need to plan the layout for your perimeter wire, the best course to take through your lawn. Create islands around obstacles you want to stay clear of. You also need to plan and determine the best position for your iMows charging station. Ideally somewhere flat and in a middle ground which can be accessed from all angles. Stay away from sprinklers and near to a power outlet. Lay your perimeter wire at a reasonable distance from the edge of where you want to cut. The perimeter wire must be laid flat.

3: Program & Charge

Then place your iMow in the charging station to start charging our iMow so it builds up a charge. Set your settings on the machine to your preference like the cutting height and time settings, these can be changed whenever you want using the control panel. Do not cut any corners to save time as this will only result in your lawn suffering.

4: Detailed Check Of Installation & Make Any Adjustments Where Necessary

It is worthwhile checking your installation after you are confident it is completed. Take a step back, have a walk around your perimeter wire and make sure your settings are set to your liking and appropriate to how you want the lawn cut. Make any necessary adjustments before beginning to use the iMow mower.

5: Sit Back & Watch Your iMow Work

Once you have done all the above steps, you are good to go. It is now time to let your robotic mower go to work and do the hard work for you while you sit back and relax. If you are experiencing any problems with your iMow make sure to contact your Viking dealer for further assistance on the issue.

To learn more about our full range of Viking iMow, call us on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.