best tractor mower accessories

Best Tractor Mower Accessories

What are the best tractor mower accessories for sweeping, spreading or aerating? It depends on the size of your workload and the make and model of your machine. In addition to having one of the most extensive ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland, we also provide a full range of accessories for Cub Cadet and Stihl tractor mowers. Let’s look at the accessories based on category.


We carry tow sweepers that work well on most tractor mowers. Both tow options can be emptied from the driver’s seat. You’ll find this is a huge advantage when you’re working in a large area. Agri Fab’s 44″ sweeper has been designed to prevent ‘skipping’, which happens when leaves and debris prevent the brushes from turning with the wheels. This often resulted in having to make multiple passes. Agri Fab improved this tendency drastically, and you’ll see a far better result.  The 52″ Sweeper can hold 708L of leaves and debris and has semi-pneumatic tyres which can significantly improve traction.

Best Tractor Mower Accessories: Spreadersbest tractor mower accessories

Spreaders come in a range of options. The capacities for tow spreaders are 85lb and 130lb.  The 85lb Tow Spreader gives an 8-10’ spread-width, and each fill will cover roughly half an acre (2000m2). The 130lb Tow Broadcast Spreader is a heavier duty alternative which has a spread-rate control and can cover up to 2,300m2 on each fill. This model works with all makes of tractor mower with a universal hitch pin included. It also has broader, larger tyres which keep it running well on less even ground. 


Aerators can go a long way to removing compaction sods, allowing for significantly improved fertility and growth. The 40″ Aerator has ten aeration disks working in unison and covering a metre width area. It aerates to 6.5cm and doesn’t cause soil plugs, and it has a transport position to safety move this when not in active use. The 48″ Aerator is, of course, bigger and better. It covers a 1.2-metre width and uses a weight plate to provide substantial penetration even in thick, tangled sods. It uses eight spools, having a set of 32 coring-points (four per spool) which can each remove ¾-inch plugs from the earth. This also has wider profile tyres adding to stability while preventing damage to the lawn while in use. 

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Pro ZTL lawnmower

Pro ZTL: Cub Cadet’s Z5

Pro ZTL lawnmowers are high precision machines which require skill to operate safely. But in return for the steep learning curve needed to master a ZTL comes vastly improved speed and efficiency. We’re happy to include the Cub Cadet Z5 to our list of Pro Zero Turn Mowers. For professionals, this machine has everything you need — from comfort to efficiency. Let’s take a look.

The Cub Cadet Z5 Pro ZTLPro ZTL lawnmower

With excellent visibility, the Cub Cadet Z5 has an incredibly comfortable seat with a high back. If you’re used to the typical bucket seats of lesser models, this machine will come as a pleasant surprise. If you’re spending significant amounts of time cutting grass, this model will significantly reduce the time spent as well as the associated discomfort that can come with it. This is because of its improved seat, improved position and reduced vibration.

The Cut

The cutting width is much larger than the Cub Cadet Z1 at 152cm compared to the Z1’s 137cm. This is a considerable increase in cutting diameter which pays off in straight runs, especially along larger areas. Whereas the Z1 can cut up to 13,500 square metres per hour, the Z5 can cut up to 15,000 metres at the same time. To help with this increased volume over time, it has a more powerful 17.15 kW engine compared with the 14.4Kw of the Z1. Naturally, as with any Zero Turn Lawnmower, you still gain from this advantage in smaller areas with more obstacles. The reduced turning circle on these machines makes for a far more precise cut with far less of a need to go over the same area. You can easily catch hard-to-reach places thanks to the displaced deck, which is off-centre so that you can get a good cut near poles, walls or garden features. The deck placement alone is a smart innovation which pays off.

The Z5 Engine

Compared with the Z1’s dual hydraulic transmission, the Z5 uses dual hydrostatic transmission to allow for more variable speed control and a superior power-to-weight ratio.  The most considerable improvement of the Z5 over the Z1 is in the fuel volume. Instead of 2 x 13-litre tanks, the Z5 has 2 x 28 litres. This will dramatically reduce the time you spend refuelling — so you can spend more time getting the job finished. 

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower: The Ultima ZT1

A Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower is by far the best you can get in terms of speed, durability and efficiency. And on the top of this range is Cub Cadet’s Zero-turn Pro Mowers. The ZT1 54″ is Cub Cadet’s 2019 model. It is the result of over 63,000 working hours of research, design and testing — and it shows. The research focused on what professionals need and want. The design was refined over and over based on consumer feedback, and that’s how they ended with the ZT1. 

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower: Ultima ZT1Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower

This machine is fast and efficient. Cub Cadet has built it solid, with a square steel frame. Its engine can save up to 25% on fuel costs compared with other models of similar specification. In terms of comfort, the ZT1 is in a class of its own. The back seat is high and upright. Compared with many plastic bucket seats out there, it’s extremely comfortable to work on for hours at a time.  The Lat Bars have comfortable, rubberised grips and are fully adjustable to whatever position you need. You can change the deck, and seat height, using a peddle and adjusting wheel. There are LED headlights set to ‘always on’ for maximum visibility. There’s a thick rubber footpad to reduce vibration coming up through your feet. Compared with consumer-level ride-on lawnmowers this is in a class of its own

Cutting and Performance

The ZT1’s (and Cub Cadet Z5) cutting deck has been offset to the side so that it pokes out beyond the chassis and wheels. Most tractor mowers have the deck directly under the seat and centred within the chassis, which means your tractor mower takes up less space. But it also means you’re “shooting blind” at times. With the ZT1, you can get a good, clean trim and clearly see where you’re cutting and this is especially useful when you’re cutting around edges or features.

The trailer hitch allows you to pull tractor mower accessories, such as aerators, sweepers or garden carts. Since ZT Mowers are about performance and don’t have built-in collectors, the addition of a sweeper such a the Agri Fab Tow Smart can be great for tidying up the grass after mowing. You can offset this to match the cutting deck, so it catches the majority of clippings. The Agri Fab Tow Smart has an easy-to-reach handle so you can quickly dump clippings and is an excellent addition to the setup. 

The ZT1 is currently available for €16,999. For a no trade-in straight deal price, please call us today on 021 4965 132. 

sit-on mowers

Sit-On Mowers: Our Two Best Mowers

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best sit-on mowers. It’s essential to have a solid tractor mower when you have to manage a large garden, yard or field. We stock a full range of both Stihl and Cub Cadet mowers for all situations. Here are our two top picks for most domestic situations and for larger open yards, fields and gardens.

The Best Sit-On Mower For Domestic Use: The Stihl RT 4082

With a focus on performance, the entry-level Stihl 4082 Mower is extremely popular for domestic users for its manoeuvrability, range, practical design, relative affordability and durability. For a model of its class, it stands above the competition. Currently on sale, reduced down to €3,399.00. It has a range of up to 4km2. It is given its appearance due to a smaller front wheel tower, which allows for a much tighter turning circle over a regular sit-on mower.  This design also allows for a much clearer forward view making it ideal for a typical domestic garden with flower bed and smaller obstacles which, with a regular tractor mower, can seriously reduce mowing times and mean you’re constantly leaning out of the seat to try and get a view of what’s ahead. Simply put, this is an excellent machine for getting the job done efficiently.

The Best Option for Large Spaces and Professional Use: The Stihl RT 6127 ZL 49″sit-on mowers

While the RT 4082 stands out for its manoeuvrability and practicality, with a clear line of sight for those nitpicky areas in the garden space, the Stihl RT 6127 is a workhorse that can efficiently cut down lawns, fields and pitches up to 10km2 in size. While its more-standard tractor design means you’re going to need a bit of space to turn, this is not a problem for the kind of work the 6127 can handle. Large, open yards, fields and pitches that allow for straight runs with relatively minimal turning.  While the 4082 has a cutting width of .8 of a metre, the RT 6127 has a massive 1.25-metre cutting width and double the power output at 14kw/hr versus the RT 4082’s 7.5kw/hr. This means that each pass will cut almost 40% more grass. To accommodate this, its tank can hold an additional 33% of fuel with a capacity of 9 litres per fill.

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D:\Desktop\Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers.jpg

Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers: A Comparison

When comparing Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers for residential users, it comes down to a few key points.  At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a large selection of both Zero Turn and tractor lawnmowers

Why Choose a Zero Turn?

A Zero Turn’s biggest pro is its manoeuvrability. They can quickly get around flower beds, shrubs, trees, rocks and other obstacles without issue. If you have a relatively flat garden, this is an excellent machine for getting around quickly and efficiently. You can also see what you’re going to mow next as there’s much higher visibility. 

The disadvantage is that it might take a few sessions to figure out the controls. When you’re turning, you have to keep both wheels moving or else you’ll tear up the grass.  Zero turns don’t have the versatility of tractor mowers. They’re a one-trick pony that can mow grass effectively, but they don’t have the option for towing.  They also have low traction due to the 360-degree turnability of the wheels. Because of its uneven centre of gravity, there’s also a risk of lifting the wheels off the ground on slopes. 

Lawn Tractor Mowers

The most significant advantage of a regular tractor mower over a zero turn is its versatility. It’s not just about cutting grass, it can tow, spray, spread and mulch. It’s straightforward to drive with a regular steering wheel. The disadvantage is that they’re far less manoeuvrable compared with the Zero Turn. If your lawn has many obstacles, you’re going to be reversing, going over the same spots, getting stuck, and more.  The Tractor Mowers are far cheaper than Zero Turns. 

Mowing Speed

With a zero turn mower, you can cut the grass at much more efficient speeds. Even straight back-and-forth cutting can be significantly sped up with a zero turn; it’s usually the rotation at the end of a strip that slows you down – especially if your lawn runs up against obstacles like a low-lying wall, enclosing structure or garden shed.  For a regular flat garden space, the Zero Turn is roughly 30% faster. And for areas that need tighter turns, such as around outdoor lamp posts, fences, trees, etc., you can expect a performance increase of about 40%.

You can view our full range zero turn and tractor mowers. If you have any further questions, contact us today on 021 4965132

ride on lawnmower sale

Ride On Lawnmower Sale: 3 Great Discounts

We have a Ride On Lawnmower Sale at Douglas Forest and Garden this winter. While we stock various models of Cub Cadet, we have three great deals currently on Stihl’s range of tractor mowers. Stihl (Formerly Viking) mowers are well known for their quality. When it comes to ride on lawnmowers, the best time to buy is after the busy summer season. Many people start looking at what they want around October, but it’s not too late. 

Ride On Lawnmower Sale: The Stihl RT 4082 32″

Currently on sale, the RT 4082 was €3,681 and is currently available for €3,399, for over €280 in savings.  The RT 4082 is Stihl’s base model. It’s perfect for large lawns of up to 4,000m². Naturally, Stihl built the RT 4082 smaller and more compact than the rest of their range. This also gives it a relatively tight turning circle and good manoeuvrability. You can adjust the driver’s seat, though it does not have a suspension system as the other models have. Its cutting width is 0.8 metres, and you can dump grass from its 250-litre grass catch box. You do this using the handle beside your seat. You can also replace the grass box with a mulcher if this better suits your needs.

The Second sale offer: The Stihl RT 5112 Z 43″

This is a higher scale model, which has been reduced from €4,499 to €3,999 for a saving of €500.  The RT 5112 has a powerful two-cylinder engine and 1.1-metre cutting width. It has a large catcher box which makes it suitable if your lawn is anything up to 8000m². Its adjustable, spring-loaded seat provides comfort compared with the lower end models available and overall this is an excellent machine for making a clean, tidy cut.

The Best Ride on Lawnmower Sale: Stihl RT 6112 ZL 43″

While this has a smaller saving than the RT 5112, the RT 6112 ZL has been reduced from €3,681 to €3,399 for a saving of over €280, this is Stihl’s second most powerful ride on lawnmower and is an excellent purchase for when you’re working on larger green spaces over long periods of time. While it has the same 1.1-metre cutting width as the RT 5112 and equipped with the same two-cylinder engine, and the same grass collection box size of 350 litres, what makes this model different is the comfort. It’s been designed to minimise the vibration while driving.  Effectively reducing vibrations to 50% of the RT 5112, from a measurable value of 0.98 ahw Seat m/s² to 0.50 ahw Seat m/s², this is going to be a far more comfortable mower to ride on for hours at a time. It also features a grass metre so you can tell when it’s time to empty before you start to experience chugging. 

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lawn care tips

Winter Lawn Care: 4 Tips For 2019

As Autumn shifts further towards winter, we’re not getting many dry days. If you haven’t done so already, you may be waiting to pull the lawnmower out for final mowing session. Here are a few winter lawn care tips to help keep the grass in excellent condition, especially if this turns out to be a particularly wet or frosty one.

Gradually cut the grass short

Ideally, you gradually reduce the height of the lawnmower so that the grass it cut lower and lower. The gradual reduction in grass height prevents the grass from going in to “shock”. But still shortens it enough to deter rodents from nesting. In urban areas, rodent infestations are less common, but field mice can create nests in taller grass during the winter. This tears up large areas of grass and create ‘dead patches’ that can take months to heal.

Winter Lawn Care: use an aerator.

Frost and cold weather solidifies and compresses the earth, which can cause damage to your lawn. An aerator adds space to the soil which can prevent over-compaction. Some experts will also apply fertiliser at this point – this is something worth experimenting with to see if you notice appreciable results. If you’re aerating and fertilising using a tractor mower, avoid doing this in a strip pattern as you would when cutting the grass, as this can cause your lawn to grow in unnaturally straight-looking patterns. 

Keep the lawn clear

We all know this but it bears repeating — don’t leave anything on the lawn over the winter months. Check to ensure there’s nothing forgotten about, like a compost bin lid that came loose in the wind, a trailer for your tractor mower, or a few blocks from your greenhouse project that were left aside — they’ll kill the grass. 

Winter Lawn Care: Avoid Making Pathways

You might get away with it in summer, but as the ground turns to mud, taking the same pathways through the grass will kill the grass and create hardened pathways that can be difficult to fix next year. And of course, this applies ten times over for vehicles. If you must pass through the lawn try to take different routes each time when possible. 

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Store Your Tractor Mower

How to Store Your Tractor Mower During Frosty Periods

In Ireland, we usually don’t have to worry too much about sub-zero temperatures. When you properly store your tractor mower this is almost a non-issue. However, if the weather is due to get very cold and you don’t plan to use the equipment, there’s no harm in taking precautions.  These directions should be suitable for most ride on lawnmowers.

Always read and follow the manual for your particular make and model. But the first step is general before doing any work on the mower is to prevent accidental ignition. The safest way to do this is to disconnect the spark plug wire.

How to store your tractor mower for long periods

Petrol goes stale in about a month, so if you’re not planning to use your tractor mower you can add a fuel preserver to your lawnmower’s tank. This sits on the top of the fuel and lessens the chance of water contamination, which happens when condensation builds up around the fuel tank, also known as “sweating”. Fuel preserver also prevents gum formation in the essential parts.

You can ensure that the preserver is spread throughout the system — just run the engine for 10 minutes. While the engine is still warm, change the oil, the filter and fuel filter. If you want to remove the oil us a drain pain to avoid a mess. We also provide ride on lawnmower service and repairs and can take care of this for you if necessary. Before installing a new filter, lightly oil the gasket with clean oil and tighten it once sealed. Make sure not to overfill it with oil.

If your spark plugs need changing, now is also a good time to do this. Before putting this away in storage, start the engine for a few moments to check for leaks. If there are no issues you’re almost done. The final step before storage is to disconnect the battery cable from its terminal. Always start with the negative cable, then the positive. It’s best to store the battery somewhere cool and dry if your storage area is not suitable. We do not recommend storing tractor mowers outdoors, even with coverings. If possible, we recommend renting a storage space if there is nothing available in your area.

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