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garden toy ideas

Garden Toy Ideas: 3 Ideas for Spring

If you’re looking for garden toy ideas, we have a few solid suggestions. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we offer free shipping for Garden Toys in Ireland. Here are three ideas for your kids as we start the new year and creep swiftly towards Spring! Trampolines It’s still a bit rainy and windy, and so […]

playhouse for christmas

A Playhouse for Christmas?

“Can I get A Playhouse for Christmas?” It can be a worry when you first see your kid’s Christmas list. What nobody wants is to have the experience of seeing Santa Clause pay hundreds for the latest trendy toy only to have their child look at it with bewilderment, throw it aside and play with […]

playhouses for outdoors

Playhouses For Outdoors: How To Keep Them Maintained

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best playhouses for outdoors.  Produced by EXIT, a company with a reputation for building superb toys and equipment that can last in almost any weather conditions. Our customers sometimes ask about how long these playhouses last and how much they can be altered.  Maintaining Your […]

toys for outside

2 Toys for Outside This Winter

If you’re considering buying toys for outside this winter, we have a few ideas for you and your kids. While our neighbours in the US, Britain and the European Continent frequently have to set themselves up for a few inches of snow around this time of year, in Ireland we generally get away with a […]

childrens swings

Children’s Swings

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we aim to provide the best quality outdoor toys and children’s swings in Ireland. And to make things easy, we provide free shipping for most of our items. Whether you’re looking for sports toys or swing sets attached to a playhouse, we have it all. Here are three Children’s Swings […]

exercise for kids

Exercise for Kids: 3 Tips To Get Kids Active

Exercise for kids is something we have to consciously consider these days. With technology encroaching on all aspects of our lives, from education to entertainment. As with any home and garden centre that supplies kid’s toys, we’re no stranger to active kids! And aside from seeing our own little monsters in action, we see every […]

2 Playhouses That Are Perfect Gifts For Kids

2 Playhouses That Are Perfect Gifts For Kids

A child needs their own personal space as well as adults in the home. Children need a place that they can call their own, owning a playhouse ensures they have one. Playhouses give a child a space that is completely theirs, that they can go when they need quiet time or want to enter into their […]

Best Outdoor Playhouses

Best Outdoor Playhouses

A playhouse is one of the greatest joys of someone’s childhood. Playhouses give children hours of fun through imagination and roleplay. Not all playhouses for kids are the same though. There is a wide array of designs, sizes, features, and prices of playhouses. Here is our fantastic selection of the best outdoor playhouses. EXIT Crooky […]

4 More Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

4 More Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

Exit playhouses are great toys that will keep children occupied during these long summer months. They need little maintenance and have the capability of providing hours of high-quality entertainment to the children that play in them. With the explosion of technology use amongst younger generations, it has never been more important for children to take […]

5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

As well as adults, kids need to have their own personal space. Children need a place where they can develop a sense of independence and escape to just be free and by themselves. Exit playhouses can be the perfect solution for that. Every parent wants their child to be happy and getting a playhouse for […]

EXIT Playhouse Accessories

EXIT Playhouse Accessories

Exit Playhouses are toys which provide a great avenue for entertainment to children in their home garden. They are a great big stand-alone toy but what can make them even better is the addition of some cool accessories. EXIT playhouse accessories are high-quality pieces of materials which last for a long period allowing children to […]