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Garden Toy Ideas: 3 Ideas for Spring

If you’re looking for garden toy ideas, we have a few solid suggestions. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we offer free shipping for Garden Toys in Ireland. Here are three ideas for your kids as we start the new year and creep swiftly towards Spring!


It’s still a bit rainy and windy, and so there hasn’t been much trampoline-related activity in Ireland.  But it’s an excellent time to buy as the best deals are available off-season. We have the full range of BERG trampolines with robust anchoring systems that won’t let your trampoline take off. The Berg Favorit is appropriately named as it’s the most popular of the full BERG trampoline range. It comes in four different sizes, ranging from 9ft, 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft diameters. These are great for older kids 6+, with supervision. These come with durable, weatherproof padding and safety nets which will last five years. The trampoline itself can last much longer if kept well, making these an excellent investment.

Go Karts for All Ages

For kids under six years of age, a Berg Go-Kart can be a great source of fun and adventure. We have a full range suitable for kids as young as ten months and into the teens.  The Berg Reppy range is great for kids between 2-6 years old. They come in three great-looking colours and garden toy ideashave a light (9kg) frame, which makes carriage easy. The kids love the soundbox built into the steering wheel, which includes sound effects like revving, braking, a motor start and a horn.

Garden Toy Ideas: Playhouses

Who didn’t dream of having a playhouse when they were a kid? EXIT’s range of cedarwood playhouses is both aesthetically pleasing and fun for kids, which make them a win-win to have in the garden. They come in different configurations depending on the kind of child you have. If they’re (hyper) active, then a set with a swing and slide might be ideal, such as the Aksent Wooden Play Tower. This also comes with a space beneath the house for a sandpit, which can provide endless fun for kids aged 3+.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in this article we may have something more suitable available. Feel free to contact us any time on 021 4965 132.

playhouse for christmas

A Playhouse for Christmas?

“Can I get A Playhouse for Christmas?” It can be a worry when you first see your kid’s Christmas list. What nobody wants is to have the experience of seeing Santa Clause pay hundreds for the latest trendy toy only to have their child look at it with bewilderment, throw it aside and play with its box! They might entertain themselves for the hour that the box lasts. But nobody wants to be bereft with buyer’s remorse. Thankfully we have a full range of affordable playhouses for kids that were built to last beyond the first few days of excitement. 

Why Get a Playhouse for Christmas?playhouse for christmas

Kids are what make Christmas special. Part of the fun is in reliving your childhood through their eyes. Seeing the excitement running up to the big day. The sheer glee when they tear open their presents. It all makes for a memorable experience. The hope is always that they form great memories, and when you get them something it’s not to distract them for five minutes. You want it to last. So when, as you’re looking over your child’s shoulder to their crayon-scribbled Christmas list to Santa, you see, “Can I have a Playhouse for Christmas?”, you might be forgiven for a moment of pause! The truth is that there are many pricey, somewhat garish playhouses out there. And none of them come cheap. Rather than being yet another piece of plastic in the garden they are actually beautiful to look at.

A Playhouse for Christmas — and Beyond

One strategy to avoid Santa’s remorse is to look for a playhouse that will last. One that provides joy outside of the fads. Something that encourages imagination, physical activity, and interaction with others. Something which, as long as it lasts, and as long as your child hasn’t outgrown it, will provide a source of unending play. Our playhouses come in a few main different shapes and themes such as the Aksent, the Loft, and the Crooky.

They’re made in Scandinavia using a quality Cedarwood. This wood is resistant to rain and wood rot and does not splinter. And despite being wooden, it only needs minimal care every two years. Most of us have something from our childhood, that special thing that we connected with. Be it a swing set, a dollhouse or a playhouse. Whatever it was, it somehow survived the thrashing of childhood. EXIT’s playhouses are the kind of toys that survive a beating more than long enough to leave lasting memories. 

If you’d like to view our playhouses or have any questions, give us a call on 021 4965132

playhouses for outdoors

Playhouses For Outdoors: How To Keep Them Maintained

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best playhouses for outdoors.  Produced by EXIT, a company with a reputation for building superb toys and equipment that can last in almost any weather conditions. Our customers sometimes ask about how long these playhouses last and how much they can be altered. 

Maintaining Your Playhouseplayhouses for outdoors

EXIT builds most of its playhouses using FSC® certified cedarwood (FSC 100%, SCS-COC-000652-WH). This wood doesn’t splinter and is naturally weather resistant. This means it’s highly resistant to wood rot, and you don’t need to treat the playhouse when you first get it.

The only exception to this is the EXIT Aksent range. These wooden playhouses are made from FSC certified Scandanavian pinewood (FSC 100%, SCS-COC-000652-WH). The pinewood is impregnated under high pressure to increase its lifespan. As with the Cedarwood, it doesn’t require any immediate treatment when you first get it. 

You can upkeep EXIT Playhouses for outdoors for years to come. Use a wood stain every second year to keep it preserved. And if at any time the wood develops mildew, it’s recommended you rub it off with a dry cloth and green soap. Green soap is usually an environmentally friendly, vegetable oil-based soap that is water-soluble. Once you do that, you’ll have it in good condition for years to come.

Modify Playhouses For Outdoors

Every person’s garden area is different. Sometimes a build won’t quite match your own situation. With EXIT’s playhouses, there is room to move things around as you see fit. If you want a playhouse with a slide, EXIT provides the option to move the slide to different positions. With most of their wooden options, you can attach the slide to different spots. In most cases, the stairs, as well as the slide, can be attached on either the left-hand or the right-hand side. In the Loft and Crooky with an extension or a veranda, the slide can also be mounted at the front side of the playhouse. 

We provide free shipping to anywhere in Ireland on all of our playhouses. If you have any questions, we might be able to help. You can reach us any weekday on 021 4965132.

toys for outside

2 Toys for Outside This Winter

If you’re considering buying toys for outside this winter, we have a few ideas for you and your kids. While our neighbours in the US, Britain and the European Continent frequently have to set themselves up for a few inches of snow around this time of year, in Ireland we generally get away with a milder winter period. This year, however, meteorologists predict that we may have a record cold spell this November and December — colder than the “Big Freeze” of 2010, and it could even be the coldest winter on record. The weather we can expect for the rest of 2019 may just be enough to make Teresa Mannion woozy. When the snow falls kids typically have enjoyment enough with the sheer novelty. But for all the time in between, here are two classic toys for outdoors that all kids will enjoy.  (Though it might be best to build a bunker and stock up on beans while you’re at it). 

1. A Playhouse

Provided we don’t have a hurricane warning, your kids will have plenty of fun with a playhouse for most days of the year. Getting your kids outdoors in the wetter periods of the year isn’t always possible, but with the right setup, some warm clothes (and a good floor mat) a playhouse can act as a ‘halfway house’ between the indoors and outdoors. And it’s a chance for your kids to stretch out their imagination — as well as stretch their legs!

2. Sports Toys For Outsidetoys for outside

So if the weather forecast is right this time (to be fair, they are getting better each year!), then there may be a spell this November/December when basketball and soccer are off the cards. But once Ireland returns to its nice, typical, mild damp winter, kids can get back to sports. The great thing about an outdoor basketball net or football goal is that they’re going to last a while. We provide high quality models by EXIT, who are the leading provider of outdoor sports equipment for people of all ages. No space/time to put up the goal or net? Just buy a basketball and let the kids have at it themselves. 

We have a full range of toys for outside, and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us on 021 496 5132

childrens swings

Children’s Swings

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we aim to provide the best quality outdoor toys and children’s swings in Ireland. And to make things easy, we provide free shipping for most of our items. Whether you’re looking for sports toys or swing sets attached to a playhouse, we have it all. Here are three Children’s Swings that are also packed with other fun features to keep your kids active and fit while having loads of fun outdoors.

The EXIT Aksent 2-Seat Children’s Swing Setchildrens swings

The EXIT Aksent provides great fun for kids aged 4+. These two-seat children’s swings are attached to a Scandinavian-style playhouse, which also includes a sandpit and slide. This allows your kids to have fun and develop their creativity while playing. The versatility will have your kids creating their own games (all without getting too cranky when they wait their turn on the swings).  Because of the Aksent’s design, it makes what would normally be a fairly mundane swing set into an at-home play centre — and its beautiful construction makes it something of a garden feature relative to the typical plastic construction and build of other outdoor children’s toys.  

Children’s Swings: The EXIT Aksent 1-seat swing

The Aksent also comes with a single swing rather than two. This takes up significantly less space and is great if you have fewer children or you just lack space. It is just as easy to assemble as others in the Aksent range. And in addition to the playhouse offering support, the frame of the swing set is anchored firmly to the ground with metal connecting pieces.

The EXIT Aksent swing nest

This version of the Aksent children’s swing and playhouse is great for the youngest kids. The nest swing is safe to use, providing better support for younger tykes (with adult supervision, of course). It still provides all the other features of the Aksent. The sandpit, located beneath the playhouse, is large enough to keep kids busy and occupied in and of itself. But coupled with the Aksent’s other features, this is a no-brainer for anyone looking to encourage their children to enjoy outdoor activities away from the screens. 

We hope this gives you some ideas for your outdoor space. If you have any questions about our swing sets (or free delivery), please don’t hesitate to call us on 021 4965 132

exercise for kids

Exercise for Kids: 3 Tips To Get Kids Active

Exercise for kids is something we have to consciously consider these days. With technology encroaching on all aspects of our lives, from education to entertainment. As with any home and garden centre that supplies kid’s toys, we’re no stranger to active kids! And aside from seeing our own little monsters in action, we see every day that the best way to get kids out exercising is to create an environment that inspires active play.

1. Create an Environment that Encourages Exercise

One way to make children see the activity as a form of punishment (and thereby set them up for a stagnant lifestyle) is to try and enforce regimented, gym-style exercise on kids. Children are spontaneous. They’re creative. And they already get too much structure in the school system. While it can be clear when children need activity if we try to enforce it can have the opposite effect. Rather than enforcing activity, we must inspire play. The reality of our modern age, we have teams of attention experts working on making games as addictive as possible. So to inspire your children to an alternative, you need to up the ante. 

2. Outdoor Toys: Natural Exercise for Kidsexercise for kids

We see time and time again, that when you take your kids out of their normal environment (the sitting room with their computer games), they seek new forms of stimulation. When families visit our garden centre, children instantly seek stimulation and gravitate to the things they can play on. Whether it’s playing house with the outdoor furniture on display, or our range of kids outdoor toys (at least the ones we can safely leave out!), children are always able to create their own games given half an opportunity. 

Find out what your children are interested in. Maybe it’s basketball or football, or playing house. Maybe it’s racecar driving, or they just love to move. Whatever the case, when you create an environment that has exciting possibilities for play, you automatically inspire exercise. You don’t have to do anything to inspire activity. Activity will happen. 

3. After you’ve set up the right conditions, create boundaries

Once you have created exciting alternatives that inspire movement and imagination, you can safely declare certain times of the day as “no Playstation” or “not internet” periods. Or if they’re the rebellious type tell them that certain times of the day are “No playing outside” periods so they rebel in the right direction! 

We hope this gives you some ideas. Most of our children’s toys include free delivery anywhere in Ireland, so be sure to check them out. And if you have any questions, you can call us on 021-4965132.

2 Playhouses That Are Perfect Gifts For Kids

2 Playhouses That Are Perfect Gifts For Kids

A child needs their own personal space as well as adults in the home. Children need a place that they can call their own, owning a playhouse ensures they have one. Playhouses give a child a space that is completely theirs, that they can go when they need quiet time or want to enter into their own little world. Here are 2 playhouses that are perfect gifts for kids.

2 Playhouses That Are Perfect Gifts For Kids1: Exit Loft 300 wooden playhouse

The Exit Loft 300 wooden playhouse is a beautifully designed playhouse that stands on legs and is equipped with a ladder and slide to provide endless fun. It is very easy to put together due to its prefabricated parts, there is also a manual included. The sleek Scandinavian designed Exit Loft 300 has beautiful white window frames with a waterproof roof. This playhouse is weather-resistant because it is produced from FSC® certified cedar wood which is resistant to weather influences and wood rot. The Loft 300 comes in a natural, red or green colour. This playhouse is definitely an outdoor toy every child should have in their garden.The dimensions for this playhouse are as follows:- Length – 268 cm, Height – 215 cm, Width – 190 cm, Platform height – 60cm and Length of the slide – 120 cm.    

2: EXIT Crooky 750 wooden playhouse

The Exit Crooky 750 wooden playhouse is playful and imaginative playhouse that is perfect for young children. It requires assembly but there is a manual included to make it an easy task. The high, cool Crooky 750 is equipped with a slide a sandbox for kids to enjoy playing. It stands on legs, has a veranda, balustrade and terrace. This beautifully designed wooden playhouse includes slanted windows, a slanted roof and a slanted door. The Exit Crooky 750 playhouse is weather-resistant, due to being made with FSC® certified cedar wood which is resistant to wood rot and weather conditions such as rain. The Crooky 750  comes in a grey-beige colour with a green slide. This playhouse will definitely provide endless fun and memories for children.The dimensions for this playhouse are as follows:- Length – 444 cm, Height – 281 cm, Width – 183 cm, Platform height – 120 cm and Length of the slide – 228 cm. Note they are no ground anchors included.

There are lots of benefits to a child having their own playhouse. To learn more about our playhouses visit us online today or call us on 021-496-5132.

Best Outdoor Playhouses

Best Outdoor Playhouses

A playhouse is one of the greatest joys of someone’s childhood. Playhouses give children hours of fun through imagination and roleplay. Not all playhouses for kids are the same though. There is a wide array of designs, sizes, features, and prices of playhouses. Here is our fantastic selection of the best outdoor playhouses.

EXIT Crooky Playhouses

There are 8 playhouses in our EXIT crooky playhouse range.

1: EXIT Crooky 100 wooden playhouse – grey-beige

2: EXIT Crooky 150 wooden playhouse – grey-beige

3: EXIT Crooky 300 wooden playhouse – grey-beige

4: EXIT Crooky 350 wooden playhouse – grey-beigeBest Outdoor Playhouses

5: EXIT Crooky 500 wooden playhouse – grey-beige

6: EXIT Crooky 550 wooden playhouse – grey-beige

7: EXIT Crooky 700 wooden playhouse – grey-beige

8: EXIT Crooky 750 wooden playhouse – grey-beige

EXIT Aksent Playhouses

There are 8 playhouses in our EXIT aksent playhouse range.

1: EXIT Aksent 1-seat swing arm for a wooden play tower

2: EXIT Aksent Swibee nest swing arm for a wooden play tower

3: EXIT Aksent wooden play tower – grey

4: EXIT Aksent wooden play tower with a 1-seat swing – grey

5: EXIT Aksent wooden play tower with a 2-seat swing – grey

6: EXIT Aksent wooden play tower with a 2-seat swing arm

7: EXIT Aksent wooden play tower with a nest swing – grey

8: EXIT Aksent wooden playhouse – grey

EXIT Loft Playhouses

There are also 8 playhouses in our EXIT loft playhouse range.

1: EXIT Loft 100 wooden playhouse

2: EXIT Loft 150 wooden playhouse

3: EXIT Loft 300 wooden playhouse

4: EXIT Loft 350 wooden playhouse

5: EXIT Loft 500 wooden playhouse

6: EXIT Loft 550 wooden playhouse

7: EXIT Loft 700 wooden playhouse

8: EXIT Loft 750 wooden playhouse

EXIT Beach Playhouses

There are 2 playhouses in our EXIT beach playhouse range.

1: EXIT Beach 100 wooden playhouse

2: EXIT Beach 300 wooden playhouse

Our fantastic selection of playhouses provides them with a space to have fun and widen their imagination. For more information regarding our EXIT playhouses call us today on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.

4 More Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

4 More Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

Exit playhouses are great toys that will keep children occupied during these long summer months. They need little maintenance and have the capability of providing hours of high-quality entertainment to the children that play in them. With the explosion of technology use amongst younger generations, it has never been more important for children to take some time outside to play and just be kids. Taking time away from a screen to go outside and play in a playhouse has lots of benefits. Here are 4 more reasons you should have an Exit playhouse in your garden.  

1: Obesity

As children grow, they will need more physical activity to boost their development. If your child doesn’t have a place to play, they may lose interest in it and prefer sitting down on the sofa, eating and watching TV. Eventually, this will lead to obesity. They will gain weight due to lack of physical activity and bad eating patterns. All food has calories so if they are not doing the necessary exercise to burn those calories then they are going to continue putting on excess weight, putting stress/strain on their body/organs and ultimately getting extremely unhealthy.

2: Better Sleep

After using a lot of energy, kids will have to recharge and sleep. They need a lot of sleep to recuperate the lost energy spent 4 More Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden from playing in their playhouse. Most children are quite hard to get to bed, especially if they are watching tv, playing with technology or engrossed in video games. Playing outside reduces the likelihood of kids developing a habit of going to sleep late at night, which is unhealthy. Playing all day in a playhouse would result in them having a sound, continuous and better sleep which would help improve their mental and physical development.

3: Imagination/Creativity

Playhouses give children more opportunities to play but more importantly be a child. Playhouses create that sense of magic and imagination amongst children. The memories created in such a special place last a lifetime. So it’s important to provide the best possible space for these memories to blossom. Playhouses for children provide an opportunity for their budding imaginations to literally take off. Play that is imaginative in nature is an important factor when it comes to cognitive development.

4: Teaches Responsibility

Playhouses are an excellent tool to teach kids about responsibility. They have to learn to play responsibly and look out for others, while also following the rules you have made for the play areas. This will help them for the future when they have to abide by more serious rules like school, work and the law.

If you would like to learn more about playhouses then call us today on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.

5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

As well as adults, kids need to have their own personal space. Children need a place where they can develop a sense of independence and escape to just be free and by themselves. Exit playhouses can be the perfect solution for that. Every parent wants their child to be happy and getting a playhouse for them might be one of the best things you can do to make them feel happy. They provide children with a safe and fun play area that doesn’t require constant parent supervision. All you need for one of these is a small area in your backyard for the playhouse. It is a small investment of money that has lots of worthwhile benefits for your kids. Here are 5 reasons you should own an exit playhouse in your garden.

5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

1: Exercise 

Children also need exercise like adults. Playing outside in a playhouse will increase the amount of time they will move their bodies around being active and exerting energy. Exercise keeps relieves stress, promotes healthy digestion as well as having them feeling better psychologically. Exercise is the best way to keeps healthy. Kids need a lot of exercises, especially as they are still developing mentally and physically. Engaging in an outdoor activity like playing in a playhouse, is a great way to keep them healthy and active.

2: Social Skills

Playing involves a lot of social activity, gives children the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and develop their social skills. The friendships and relationships that are formed in a playing environment are great for their overall social development. Whether this is with a friend, a cousin or a next-door neighbour, this will lay the groundwork for creating happy and healthy relationships in the future when they grow up.

3: Fresh Air

Getting access to good quality fresh air has many health benefits. If your child is playing in a playhouse out in the back garden rather than inside then they are much more likely to run in and out of the house, therefore getting much needed fresh air. Fresh air relaxes your body and mind, cleans your lungs and energises your whole body and the brain. Getting fresh air every day will help your child feel better and be healthier.

4: Immune System

When children are playing, they will be using a lot of energy from their body. If your child is not doing some sort of physical activity regularly then their body and immune system will become weaker. This will result in a lesser resistance from sickness and diseases. They will be accustomed to getting sick very easily from having a weak immune system. By setting up a playhouse you will encourage more physical activity and ultimately build up their immune system ensuring a healthier child.

5: Stronger Bones And Muscles

All the of the countless hours of playing in a playhouse brings lots of different movements and coordination patterns. These include things like climbing, crawling, sliding and jumping which will do wonders for them physically. The muscles in their legs, hands, and body will get stronger and healthier which will aid in overall bone health and growth.

Playhouses are something every child should have in their back garden. They will be instrumental in their upbringing and provide a great place for countless hours of fun, exercise, and many more of the benefits outlined above. You’ll also give yourself more quiet time to yourself. Visit us online today and check out our fantastic range of Exit Playhouses.

EXIT Playhouse Accessories

EXIT Playhouse Accessories

Exit Playhouses are toys which provide a great avenue for entertainment to children in their home garden. They are a great big stand-alone toy but what can make them even better is the addition of some cool accessories. EXIT playhouse accessories are high-quality pieces of materials which last for a long period allowing children to enjoy them on their playhouse for a long time. There is a great range of accessories available to give your playhouse that personalised touch and feel. From birdhouses to chalkboards to flower pots to decoration kits we have all the products you need to make your playhouse your own. Here is our full range of EXIT playhouse accessories.

EXIT Anchoring Set

EXIT Playhouse Accessories

The EXIT anchoring set for play equipment and playhouses consists of four-anchors and a fastening set. This set is rust free and allows a playhouse to be easily anchored. The anchoring set ensures that the playhouses and play equipment are always standing firmly on the ground. Even when children are having the wild fun, it can withstand the force placed on it.

EXIT Birdhouse

The EXIT birdhouse is a great accessory for all animal lovers. Birds can seek shelter in it and you can sprinkle bird feed for them to ensure they never go hungry. Not only will you add a cool feature to your playhouse but you will also make birds happy. Dimensions of the birdhouse- Height 26cm, Width 18cm, Depth 11 cm and Weight 0.5 kg.

EXIT Decoration Kit

The EXIT decoration kit consists of a chalkboard, three wooden flowers and three wooden hearts. It is easy to mount to the playhouse using a screw set which is also included. Children can use their creativity and decorate the chalkboard to their liking. This is a great set to let kids express themselves in different ways.

EXIT Floor Board (Loft 150)

The EXIT floorboard is suitable for the extension of the Loft 150 wooden playhouse and is supported by a wooden frame. This floorboard is easy to assemble, weather resistant and is manufactured from cedar wood. The wooden frame is included.

EXIT Floor Boards (Loft 100 & Crooky 100)

The EXIT floorboards are suitable for the Loft 100 and Crooky 100 playhouses. A wooden frame supports the two floorboards. These floorboards are easy to assemble, weather resistant and are manufactured from cedar wood. The wooden frames are included.

EXIT Flora Flower Boxes

The EXIT flora flower boxes are wonderful accessories for people who are interested in flowers and plants. With these boxes, you can plant all types of flowers or plants in them. The set contains 3 wooden flower boxes.

EXIT Parasol

The EXIT parasol ø120cm is perfect for protecting children against the sun during very warm and sunny days. Some tables have a hole in the middle so you can easily secure this parasol into it. The parasol is black in colour.

EXIT Picnic Set (4-Stools)

The EXIT picnic set consists of a beautiful wooden table with four children stools. The EXIT parasol can easily be inserted into the middle of the table. That way, you can play and sit outdoors even during very warm days. The dimensions of this picnic set are:- Wooden table (65x30x45 cm) and 4 wooden stools (30x20x25 cm).

EXIT Picnic Set (2 Stools)

The EXIT picnic set consists of a beautiful wooden table with two children stools. The EXIT parasol can easily be inserted into the middle of the table. That way, you can play and sit outdoors even during very warm days. The dimensions of this picnic set are:- Wooden table (40x30x45 cm) and 2 wooden stools (30x20x25 cm).

EXIT Safari Chalkboard

The EXIT safari chalkboard is a cool weather resistant feature that children can add to their playhouse to express themselves in different ways. Children can use their creativity to decorate the chalkboard whatever way they want. This chalkboard is easy to mount to any playhouse. Dimensions for the chalkboard are as follows:- Height 39 cm, Width 36 cm, Depth 1 cm and Weight 3 kg.

EXIT Sandpit Cover (Loft & Crooky)

The EXIT sandpit cover fits on the sandboxes of the Loft and Crooky playhouses. This accessory only covers series 500, 550, 700 and 750 playhouses. The cover keeps the sandbox clean and keeps animals from using it. Pegs are included so that it will remain in place under all weather conditions. Ground tarp and anchoring set included as well.

These playhouse accessories are a great additional feature to add to any playhouse. By adding different accessories, you add fun to your playhouse and inspire your children to play actively and imaginatively. To find out more about our playhouses accessories or playhouses then call us on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.