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great under pressure

Great Under Pressure: Stihl’s Yard Hoses

Stihl’s pressure washer range works great under pressure. The problem with most pressure washers is that they don’t last. Because most of us aren’t going to use a power washer that often, we may assume we can get away with a low cost one. And you might get lucky and find a well-made off-brand model […]

outdoor maintenance

Outdoor Maintenance: The Stihl RE 150 Plus

Outdoor maintenance is an important task; whether you’re houseproud, or you’re cleaning up after some work, you will need the right equipment to do a good job. Whether you need to clear the concrete yard of soil, mulch and debris, or you have to clear away concrete or wood shavings, then a good power hose […]

stihl power hose

Stihl Power Hose: The RE 110

A Stihl Power Hose is one of the best you can get on the market, and the RE 110 is an excellent mid-level washer than can get the job done for most domestic tasks. We offer free delivery in Ireland when you purchase online from Douglas Forest and Garden if you want to view our […]

Pressure Washing Adaptors

Pressure Washing Adaptors

We’re sometimes asked if “Pressure Washing Adaptors” that connect to your hose work. These are passive ‘wands’ that typically attach to your regular hose. Many of these have been well marketed online. They have a long, narrow nozzle that attaches to your regular garden hose. These may have good looking construction and have a handle […]

Best Pressure Washers

Best Pressure Washers

Stihl builds some of the best pressure washers on the market. While many pressure washers available today may do a decent job, too many brands fall apart after a few uses or simply fail to start up. Stihl’s high-quality machines are lightweight yet robust and powerful. They’re built to last and can take a few […]

power hose for sale

Power Hose For Sale

Looking for a power hose for sale? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are a supplier of Stihl products and offer free shipping for our power hoses. They’re one of the best out there, and one of their advantages is that they always provide a great range of products to suit each individual’s needs and […]