Best Pressure Washers

Best Pressure Washers

Stihl builds some of the best pressure washers on the market. While many pressure washers available today may do a decent job, too many brands fall apart after a few uses or simply fail to start up. Stihl’s high-quality machines are lightweight yet robust and powerful. They’re built to last and can take a few knocks. Check out our full range, which includes free delivery of all Power Washers in Ireland.

Best Pressure Washers Under €200Best Pressure Washers

The Stihl RE 90 is Stihl’s entry-level Pressure Washer. It is very compact and lightweight but doesn’t skim on features. It has a strong aluminium head; a spray set for cleaning cars and using cleaning products, an adjustable nozzle so you can select different types of spray, and a generous 6m hose, which allows you to reach around a car or clean around the house without having difficulties with short cables.

The Stihl RE 110

The RE 110 is a step up from the RE 90. It includes all the features of the RE 90 but packs more punch. It has 10% greater operating pressure which results in an additional 30l/h of output, and you also get an additional one metre of hose totalling seven metres. The handle is telescopic so you can easily pack it away and extend it when you want to get a good clean on harder-to-reach areas.

Best Pressure Washers for Power Users

If you need your power washer for more than the basic around-the-house jobs, the Stihl RE 143 Plus may be the piece of equipment you need. While remaining compact, the RE 143 Plus has an adjustable operating pressure bar, allowing you to go from 10  bar to 140 — 40% more power than the RE 90. This additional power means you output an additional 192 l/h, totally 540 litres per hour. The Re 143 can also handle warmer water temperatures, with a max temp of 60c compared with the RE 90’s 40c. Surprisingly, despite the extra punch, this machine does not run much louder. The Sound power level is about 90 dB(A) compared with the RE 90’s 88 dB(A). As with any piece of equipment such as this, it’s always good to wear ear protection when using the machine for any length of time. 

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power hose for sale

Power Hose For Sale

Looking for a power hose for sale? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are a supplier of Stihl products and offer free shipping for our power hoses. They’re one of the best out there, and one of their advantages is that they always provide a great range of products to suit each individual’s needs and budget. While you can view all our Stihl Power Hoses, here are a few on sale.

Stihl RE 143 Plus Power Hose  €832.00 €769.00

Since the RE 143 is the most expensive of Stihl’s power hose on sale, and so it is also the one for the biggest budget. Its hose is twice the length of entry-level power hoses. It operates at a max pressure of 140 bar, which is 40% greater than the entry-level model. So this tool is excellent for really difficult to remove problems like moss and slime build-up on decking. As with the other models, it comes with a detergent tank for when you want to wash the car or decking with soap. It uses lightweight aluminium for the telescopic handle, making it easy to handle.

Stihl RE 88 Power Hose on Sale for €214.00

The RE 88 will get the job done around your home, including the car, the deck, cleaning the yard and concrete. It has a six-metre high-pressure hose, can operate in a pressure range of 10-100 bar. While 40% less powerful, the RE 88 is relatively lightweight at only 9kg compared with the RE 143’s 27kgs. So it’s much better suited for around the home, especially for people with mobility issues or who just don’t want the hassle or need the extra power. 

Stihl RE 129 Plus €510.00 €449.00

While the other RE 143 can manage a max pressure of 140, the RE 129 is just shy of that with a pressure range of 10-135 bar. In terms of its weight, it’s very much ‘mid-range’ weighing in at 20kgs. Not as bulky as the 143 but nowhere near as portable as the RE 88. However, it is able to handle hot water with temperatures up to 60c compared with the RE 88’s 40. This means it’s going to be more efficient for cleaning decking and cars.  It has a 5-metre cable and a 9-metre pressure hose.

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