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Electric Pruner: The Stihl GTA 26

An electric pruner can be a useful addition to your arsenal. This is for you if you are a professional landscaper. As a battery-powered pruner with a miniature chainsaw, the GTA 26 must be treated with great care and only used after training and learning about its safety features. This is a heavy-duty pruner, so you will need to wear full protective clothing at all times. 

The GTA 26 is a high-quality piece of machinery. It can be excellent for a landscaper who may need to perform a large amount of lighter work. It can cut vines or other thin branches that are growing around a tree, or remove brush that’s tangled up. The GTA 26 can be an excellent option for quickly and comfortably removing these obstacles without cumbersome, larger machines which can be more dangerous in certain areas.  A handheld pruner used constantly can be a strain, especially if this is just one small job of many. The pruner takes away that strain and increases your efficiency. With regards to battery life, if you are continually cutting it may last about 15 minutes, but for normal usage where you are going from one area to another it will likely last up to one hour. This is not a replacement to a full electric chainsaw and doing any kind of saw work will wear the battery out in a matter of minutes.

The GTA 26 Electric Prunerelectric pruner

The Stihl GTA 26 is essentially a miniature electric chainsaw. It has a 4″ blade with the same chain used in Stihl’s electric pole saws.   The GTA 26 comes in a pack with the pruner, the battery and charger, as well as oil for the chain. It weighs 1.2 kilograms, a little heavier than a box of cereal, so it’s comfortable to hold and use. 

When using the pruner, ensure that the chain is well lubricated. This chain doesn’t spin very quickly so it won’t wear as fast compared with a regular chainsaw. It has a built-in battery gauge so you can tell if the battery needs replacing. The pruner is suitable for pruning small limbs and relatively little branches. It isn’t ideal for cutting larger pieces of wood that would require a regular or electric chainsaw. Stihl also provides electric garden shears, though note that the batteries for this device are not compatible with the GTA 26.

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Battery Powered Hedge Cutter: The Stihl HSA 45

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are proud suppliers of the Stihl range. The Stihl HSA 45 is Stihl’s lightest hedge cutter and it’s ideal for lighter work around your home and garden. As part of Stihl’s Lithium Ion range, the HSA 45 has an integrated battery and is lightweight, quiet and well balanced, making it really easy to handle when cutting small trees and hedges. This battery powered hedge cutter has enough power to trim branches of up to 8mm in diameter. This allows you to keep your shrubs and hedging well maintained. View our full range of hedge cutters.

Battery Powered Hedge Cutter Range

The Stihl HSA 45 can handle up to 40 mins of runtime with its standard battery. This allows you to cover up to 80 square metres of hedging in one charge.  There’s also a clear LED battery level indicator on the side of the device so you know how much time you have left before you need to recharge. battery powered hedge cutter


The Stihl HSA 45 hedge cutter uses double-sided, single-edged cutting blades. These work quite well on lighter annual growth. There’s also a plastic ‘tip protector’ at the end of the blades, which helps prevent you from damaging it if you’re cutting near a wall or steel fencing. This protector also has a handy hole so you can hang the hedge cutter when you’re not using it. 

Stihl Battery Powered Hedge Cutter Safety

To prevent the cutter from being switched on accidentally, it comes with an insertable ‘activation key’. Remove this when the machine is charging or stored away. This keeps it safe from kids or accidental activation. It also has a standard two-handed safety handle which requires activation with both hands in order to function. 

How Does it Compare with Regular Hedge Cutters?

As with any battery powered garden tool, you get lightness, ease of handling and convenience at the expense of power and also run time. So for this reason, we recommend our range of higher powered hedge cutters for professional level work or larger gardens with thicker growth. If you’d like to discuss further, please give us a call today on 021-4965132

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How to Use a Pole Saw

Do you own, or are you considering buying a pole saw in Cork or Ireland? Pole Saws are an invaluable tool around the garden, and it’s helpful to know when it’s appropriate to use it.

When to Use a Pole Saw

If you’re cutting thicker branches or vines and you can’t reapole saws corkch it, you’re either going to need to prune from a ladder, call in an expert or use a pole saw. A prune saw will allow you to cut from the ground to anywhere up to 6.4 metres. 

Because you must stand under the branch you’re cutting, safety is a must. Tree surgeons will usually secure branches with rope so that once they are cut there is no risk of them falling on top of them. You won’t be able to do this with a pole saw. For safety reasons, you must avoid cutting heavier wood. It’s for this reason that Pole Saws are designed for use on limbs of up to but not beyond a thickness of 5 centimetres.

Also be aware that if you hold equipment overhead for long periods of time you will get exhausted quite quickly, so it’s important that you take regular breaks. Exhaustion will make you sloppy, and it’s important to be alert and consider how you are going to make a cut safely before you begin. Also, be aware of power lines near any branches you are cutting. If the line is near or below the branch, call a professional. 

How To Safely Use Your Pole Saw

  1. Clear the way
    Make sure there are no obstacles near you. Your attention will be upwards and it’s easy to stumble or fall on something. For lower branches, it might be best to use handheld garden prunes.
  2. Plan where you will need to cut
    Don’t be impatient.  Most branches will need a number of smaller cuts to reduce the weight before your final cut.
  3. Position the saw
    Bring your pole saw to a vertical position using both hands. Take care to control its weight. When you bring the saw to your cutting spot, let the saw’s weight rest on the branch.
  4. Position yourself
    Find a position where you can hold the pole saw at chest level while standing well off to the side of the limb, never below it. The pole saw should be at an angle while you cut, not directly up and down. 
  5. Make a groove
    To start, cut perpendicular to the branch so that your first stroke create a groove in the wood to guide you. This will make the rest of the cut easier.
  6. Finish your cut.
    Keep your eye on the branch and be ready to step out of the way at any time.
  7. Clear the area 
    Remove all obstacles before cutting the next branch so that it does not trip you up.

Buying a Pole Saw

If you want to buy a pole saw either in Cork or anywhere in Ireland, we have a number of options available. We are big fans of Stihl products for garden work, and they make the best pole saws. If you need something with more reach, we can recommend the Silky Hayauchi Telescopic Polesaw. Have any questions or queries? Don’t hesitate to contact us today on 021-4965132


4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment

4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment

Upkeeping your garden is easier and faster when you have the right garden equipment. However, rather than buying every piece of garden machinery going, we suggest having some of the most important ones at your disposal in your garden shed. The right garden tools are essential for carrying out different jobs around the home like cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, trees and shrubs, getting rid of leaves and detritus etc. There are many tools available but here are 4 must-have pieces of garden equipment to have in your garden shed.

4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment1: Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers are one of the most useful pieces of garden equipment when it comes to taking care of your garden. They ensure your lawn is kept in top condition so you really should have one in your shed. They are very easy to use and maintain, there are many different makes, types and models of lawnmowers which offer great cutting performance and different features. When buying a lawnmower make sure you get one that suits your lawn size and preferable features.

2: Pruning Equipment

It is wise to invest in quality pruning equipment to keep your garden looking beautiful. There are various types and sizes of pruning tools depending on the type of job you are doing in your garden. Whether you are pruning or trimming small branches, large branches, bushes or shrubs, there is a tool perfect for every situation. Pruning regularly will keep the parts of your garden in the desired shape and size. Without pruning on a regular basis, hedges, trees and plants will grow rapidly and leave your garden looking like a mess.

3: Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is a small tool that is essential for doing different gardening tasks like digging, planting, smoothing or moving small amounts of materials. They are lightweight so they do not require a big physical effort to use and use for long periods of time. Hand trowels are perfect for many garden chores, operating in confined spaces and they are relatively low in cost. It is best to buy one with a sturdy connection between the blade and handle and one with a comfortable grip for your hands to avoid hand fatigue and give you optimal control.

4: Blower

When the autumn season comes in, leaves start to fall and gather around your garden. When it comes to getting rid of all these materials falling in your backyard, driveway, or lawn raking and picking them manually can be a frustrating task. As well as that, you will be wasting so much time and energy. Garden blowers make leaf and detritus clearing an easy and time-saving task so they are must-have pieces of garden equipment.

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Reasons To Prune Your Home Garden

Reasons To Prune Your Home Garden

Pruning is the trimming and cutting of plants to get rid of any injured, dead, or infected parts. Pruning is also used as a preventive measure to make space for any new seedling or growth. There are lots of different pruning toolsReasons To Prune Your Home Garden and types of pruning. It is an important gardening skill that all homeowners should be able to carry out effectively and complete regularly. Here are some of the reasons to prune your home garden:-

  • Pruning your garden plants on a regular basis can help to extend their life.  Removing a portion of the oldest plant will encourage new growth, thereby promoting a more vigorous and healthy plant.  
  • Removing any dead, damaged, or infected parts of a plant will increase its health, it also prevents insects or other organisms from harming the rest of the tree. That can save the plants life, and more importantly, save you money on a replacement plant.
  • Pruning can prevent health problems from happening in the first place.  Thinning out branches will increase the amount of airflow and light to the centre of the plant. This will help to minimize the potential of developing diseases and other problems.
  • Pruning will also visually enhance the appearance of the plants in your garden. Pruning out the oldest plant parts and branches encourages the growth of new wood and plants and suppresses unwanted growth which will keep our gardens looking young and healthy.  
  • Pruning can also help to control the size and shape of plants, which will prevent them from becoming overgrown in the garden. This helps maintain the form and structural integrity of it.
  • It increases the amount and quality of flowers and fruit that are produced in your garden.  
  • Pruning encourages the growth of new healthy shoots. By cutting your branches back to just above the lowest outward facing bud, encourages new shoots to grow outwards instead of congesting the centre of your plant.
  • Pruning begins training younger trees for pollarding or for trellising to form an espalier.
  • Removing the parts of plants and branches from a tree provides clearance and easy access to your garden.

Gardeners and homeowners use various garden tools and tree designed for the maintenance of their gardens such as saws, clippers, hand pruners, shears or trimmers. In general, pruning can be done at any time of year and will give you a better looking and more healthy garden. If you would like to learn more about pruning then call us on 021-496-5132 or visit us online today.

*Note: You may only cut your shrubs at certain times of year. It is an offence to ‘cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy hedgerows on uncultivated land during the nesting season from 1 March to 31 August, subject to certain exceptions’.


8 Pruning Tools You Need For Your Home

8 Pruning Tools You Need For Your Home

8 Pruning Tools You Need For Your HomePruning is essential for providing a beautiful appearance and healthy garden. When you prune a plant you change its form and its growth pattern. If you’ve ever struggled with it, you know what it’s like. Lots of time can be spent fighting and wrestling with plants, tearing until a branch comes free and you can even end up with sore arms and damaged plants. This can all be avoided with the right pruning tool. Different tools have different features and work better than others in certain situations. Here are 8 pruning tools you need for your home.

1.Silky Super F180 Saw

The Silky Super F180 Saw is a lightweight and strong folding saw containing a 7-inch blade. This blade is rust resistant, hard chrome plated and taper ground with an impulse-hardened non-set tooth designed for a greater cutting efficiency. This pruning tool consists of a smooth cutting technology and a sharp blade with four cutting angles providing a fast, clean and very smooth cutting action. Its fibreglass polypropylene handle with a rubber insert ensures a firm and comfortable grip. It is ideal for all pruning tasks and outdoor projects.

2. Silky Pocketboy Saw

The Silky Pocketboy Saw is a folding saw with 10 inch-teeth per 30mm making it perfect for all pruning tasks in your garden. This tool consists of a strong and comfortable rubber handle making it easy to grip and a mirror polished blade which can be set to two angles. It also comes with a case and there are replacement blades available.

3. Silky Super Accel Saw

The Silky Super Accel Saw is a lightweight folding saw with a 210mm blade. This tool is specifically designed for aggressive cutting tasks. The blade is rust resistant, hard chrome plated and taper ground with an impulse-hardened non-set tooth designed for a greater cutting efficiency. This piece of pruning equipment is produced with a smooth cutting technology and a sharp blade consisting of four cutting angles providing a fast, clean and smooth cutting action every time. The non-slip cushioned comfort rubber handle and high-quality parts make this a high-performance tool that is ideal for all pruning jobs.

4. Silky Big Boy Saw

The Silky Big Boy Saw is a multi-purpose folding saw with a 360mm blade. It is the largest Silky folding saw available and consists of smooth cutting technology and a precision-ground, razor-sharp blade. The blade has four cutting angles along the length of the blade all ensuring a fast, clean and smooth cut. Its blade has a non-set tooth design allowing a greater working reach, faster-cutting ability and can handle large objects with little to no effort. This piece also has a non-slip two-handed rubberised cushioned handle ensuring a comfortable grip at all times. Its exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality of this pruning tool makes it ideal for all pruning tasks and wood related projects. 

5. Silky Gomtaro Saw

The Silky Gomtaro Saw is a straight blade pruning saw consisting of an ultra-strong, mono-constructed blade and MIRAI-ME smooth cutting technology. The blade is made up of a rust-resistant material, hard chrome plated and an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design. As well as that it is precision-ground and has four cutting angles which give a fast, smooth and clean cut every time. This piece of pruning equipment has a great cutting efficiency. The Gomtaro saw tool combines high-performance with a non-slip cushioned comfort rubber handle giving it a great grip feel and performance. It comes with a durable polypropylene sheath fitted with a belt clip. This tool is ideal for all pruning tasks.

6. Silky Zubat Saw

The Silky Zubat Saw is a heavy-duty, professional curved saw with 7.5-inch teeth per 30mm. This tool is suitable for cutting large branches and pruning above your shoulders. It consists of a moulded rubber handle and a specially designed sheath for the curved blade with a detachable belt holder. This saw is ideal for large sized pruning tasks and is available in different sizes.

7. Silky Sugoi Saw

The Silky Sugoi Saw is a fast cutting saw ideal for the professional arborist. This pruning tool is made with 6.5-inch teeth per 30mm. It has a uniquely shaped curved blade with a non-slip rubber handle making it a comfortable, high performing piece of equipment. Its 360mm scabbard features an easily replaceable plastic insert and both scabbards can be attached to the belt or to the leg. The blades can be sharpened with a feather-edge file and can be replaced simply by removing the screw. This tool is available in different sizes and is ideal for pruning large, tough objects.

8. Silky Hayauchi Telescopic Pole Saw

The Silky Hayauchi Telescopic Pole Saw is great for home gardeners and tree loppers. The oval aluminium shaped poles provide precise control over the direction of the blade, giving it strength and rigidity which is very important for high cutting. It has aggressive teeth on a precision Japanese steel blade. This tool has rigid aluminium poles that can quickly extend to the desired cutting length. The blade is nearly 16-inches and has the largest teeth available in a razor tooth design. It also has a sharpened base and tip for scoring the branch to avoid ripping damage to the branch collar. There are buttons on this tool which allow various length adjustments and its safety clamps holds them firmly in place. The pole has a comfortable and rubber hand-grip ensuring a good hold and control. The blade can be adjusted depending on if you are cutting low or high. This is the finest telescoping pole saw available on the market today.

Pruning is an essential part of home gardening. Successful pruning results come from using the best pruning tools so it is important to look at all the different pruning tools available and find the best fit for your garden. If you would like to find out more about our pruning tools visit us online today or call us now on 021-496-5132.