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Summer Garden Machinery

Summer Garden Machinery

As we head into the warmer months, what is the best summer garden machinery? Things are starting to grow, and soon there will be an explosion of growth. But, to tackle it, we need to keep things under control. Trimmers Every year is a battle to keep everything under control, and one of the best […]

how to prune a rose bush

How to Prune a Rose Bush

You can prune a rose bush at any time, but the best time is in late winter or early spring when the bush begins to show new growth. Pruning is an important activity that will keep an old bush producing blooms for decades to come. Rather than focusing on the calendar, pay attention to the […]

Pruning Landscape Trees

Pruning Landscape Trees

Pruning Landscape Trees at the right time will stimulate growth and flowering. Winter pruning for landscape trees. If a tree has been neglected over the years it might need some pruning. You want to assess the tree. What species is it, what’s the tree’s overall health? What is its setting? Is it in your yard, […]

Contouring your Hedging

Contouring your Hedging

Contouring your Hedging can be very difficult when you’re using the wrong tools. A heavy petrol-powered machine means you can’t get precision. For that kind of work, it’ll feel cumbersome and awkward. You’re going to be using a lot of muscular effort to keep the machine under control while you hold it up against gravity. […]

how to currectly prune a branch

How To Correctly Prune a Branch

Knowing how to correctly prune a branch can save you a lot of time, prevent accidental damage to your trees, and ensure that they heal rapidly and cleanly after the cut. This post is for you if you have some trees in your yard that needs to be pruned or maintained and you may benefit […]

Planning your Garden

Planning your garden doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes some time to mull over some ideas and imagine yourself in your new surroundings. It can help to draw a basic plan of your yard that integrates features and elements of the existing space. For example hills, trees, privacy issues (that may need privacy […]

Remove term: Maintaining Trees and Shrubs Maintaining Trees and Shrubs

Maintaining Trees and Shrubs

Maintaining trees and shrubs helps keep them healthy, encourage the best kind of growth and instead of having it die out prematurely, you can help promote longevity. It just takes some good soil support and occasional pruning. In Ireland, it’s often best to have well-drained soil. Especially for younger trees. Though it may mean your […]

lithium ion Shears

Lithium Ion Shears

Electric shears were not really feasible even fifteen years ago, but as Lithium-Ion technology improves and the usage times of electric garden tools improves, so do the possibilities. Lithium Ion Shears: The Stihl GTA 26 Range Still’s GTA 26 range is composed of a pruner, shears, and a telescopic shaft which can be used with […]

clearing brush

Clearing Brush

Clearing brush can be a nightmare in Ireland. As we step into Spring it doesn’t take long for thick briars, nettles, briars and thick-stemmed weeds to creep out and take over a green space, field or yard. And once summer kicks in it can be require repeated work to keep things from going wild. Thankfully, […]

hedge trimmers Cork

Hedge Trimmers Cork

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have one of the best ranges of hedge trimmers Cork has to offer. We also have a great range of gardening machinery suitable for the home or workplace. You can view our range of  hedgetrimmers or keep reading for a few highlights suitable for different people in different environments. […]

tree surgery tools

Tree Surgery Tools

If you’re looking for tree surgery tools, we have one of the largest ranges of arborist equipment in Ireland. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we seek out the best quality items we can find for our customers. We’ve been in the business for long enough to know that it serves everyone to only stock and […]

electric pruner

Electric Pruner: The Stihl GTA 26

An electric pruner can be a useful addition to your arsenal. This is for you if you are a professional landscaper. As a battery-powered pruner with a miniature chainsaw, the GTA 26 must be treated with great care and only used after training and learning about its safety features. This is a heavy-duty pruner, so […]

battery powered hedge cutter

Battery Powered Hedge Cutter: The Stihl HSA 45

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are proud suppliers of the Stihl range. The Stihl HSA 45 is Stihl’s lightest hedge cutter and it’s ideal for lighter work around your home and garden. As part of Stihl’s Lithium Ion range, the HSA 45 has an integrated battery and is lightweight, quiet and well balanced, making […]

pole saws cork

How to Use a Pole Saw

Do you own, or are you considering buying a pole saw in Cork or Ireland? Pole Saws are an invaluable tool around the garden, and it’s helpful to know when it’s appropriate to use it. When to Use a Pole Saw If you’re cutting thicker branches or vines and you can’t reach it, you’re either […]

4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment

4 Must Have Pieces Of Garden Equipment

Upkeeping your garden is easier and faster when you have the right garden equipment. However, rather than buying every piece of garden machinery going, we suggest having some of the most important ones at your disposal in your garden shed. The right garden tools are essential for carrying out different jobs around the home like […]