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chainsaw safety

Chainsaw Safety Guide

At Douglas Forest & Garden,  we treat chainsaw safety as our priority. For this reason, we stick to manufacturers that we know and trust. Stihl is one of our preferred manufacturers for various garden equipment, and their chainsaws are no exception.  The Irish Health and Safety Authority released this chainsaw safety guide which we strongly […]

lawnmower service cork

How to Service Your Own Lawnmower

Note: This post is for those who just want a few tips and tricks for keeping their lawnmower well maintained. If you have any serious issues and the below steps do not work, we’d recommend you give us a call or drop your mower into us here at Douglas Forest & Garden. We have a […]

Garden Machinery Repair & Servicing Cork

Garden Machinery Repair & Servicing Cork

There is nothing worse than gardening around your home and your equipment won’t work properly. Everyone has been through it or something similar, you’re halfway through cutting your lawn when suddenly your lawnmower makes a strange noise and gives up. This leaves your garden looking out of sorts and worse off than when you started. […]