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ways to have fun with your hot tub

3 Ways to have fun in a hot tub

While nobody has any trouble finding ways to have fun in a hot tub, there may be one or two ideas that you have overlooked that can be well worth playing with. Coupled with a few hot tub accessories such as spa pillows and underwater lights you can really set the atmosphere for fun. So […]

Lay Z Spa: What You Should Know

While there are many portable hot tubs on the market, Lay Z Spa hot tubs are our first choice and here is what you should know about the range. In addition to having a great warranty, they have high-quality materials and a pump that all combine to give you a durable, reliable hot tub that […]

maintain your hot tub at home

How to Maintain Your Hot Tub at Home

We occasionally get questions from customers about how you maintain your hot tub at home. So here are a few guidelines to give you an idea of what you can expect and how to get the most out of having a hot tub in Ireland. Keep your water clean When running your tub, the most […]

is the lay z spa worth the effort

Lay Z Spa: Is it Worth the Effort

The Lay Z Spa is arguably the best range of inflatable hot tubs available on the market, which enables you to enjoy garden luxury on a budget. Having test-driven it ourselves and hearing responses from our family, friends, and customers, we are happy to report that the Lay Z Spa is worth the effort. With […]

the Most Popular Hot Tub

Most Popular Hot Tub?

What’s the most popular hot tub on the market at the moment? As with anything, it depends on what type you’re looking for (a regular fixed tub or a portable, or inflatable?). We focus primarily on inflatable hot tubs. We think they’re ideal for Ireland. Rigid bodied portable hot tubs aren’t really that portable. Sure, […]

best hot tub in 2022

Best Hot Tub in 2022?

What’s the best hot tub in 2022? Hot tubs exploded in Ireland in the last couple of years, but we’ve been in the business for a lot longer. We’ve seen and tested some great products on the market and also encountered some awful ones. And so when we recommend a product we do so only […]

inflatable vs portable

Inflatable versus Portable Hot Tub

There are now plenty of hot tubs on the market, and plenty of questions around inflatable versus portable tubs. While fixed structure tubs are not so popular in Ireland, we are seeing some hard-sided portable hot tubs. We hear a lot of questions about inflatable hot tubs. Especially the Lay-Z-Spas we reviewed and offer to […]

lay-z-spa temperature

Lay Z Spa Temperature FAQ

We’ve been huge proponents of hot tubs in Ireland — well before it was cool! So we’ve had years to compare offerings, and having reviewed Lay-Z-Spa tubs over the last few years, providing them to our customers, listening to their feedback and questions and seeing how the tubs perform in Irish weather, here are a […]

Taking a Dip in the Maldives

Taking a Dip in the Maldives

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have all found ourselves redefining (sometimes grudgingly) what it means to go on a break. We’ve had to re-assess our living spaces, and make the best of our situation. One of the strange consequences was that many people came to appreciate the benefits of having their own hot […]

lay-z-spa system

About the Lay-Z-Spa System

The Lay-Z-Spa system comes with the hot tub, the outdoor pump/heater and AirJet. The AirJet circulates and bubbles the water around the outer edge creating a lovely whirlpool effect. This means you can sit against the wall the bubbles keep coming.  The integrated pump and heater takes in cold water, heats it and pump it […]

The Best Value Ride-On Mower

The Best Value Ride-On Mower for Medium Lawns

The best value ride-on mower has got to be, hands down, the Stihl tractor lawnmower: The 32″, 37″ a 43″ and a 49″ deck size are all twin blade systems. These are ideal for Irish grass with our wet weather. You have a twin-piston engine that’s well known. Made in Austria, this is a durable […]

Multitool For The Garden

A Multitool For The Garden

Stihl’s Kombisystems are a great multitool for the garden. We’ve been selling machines for over thirty-five years, and when we find a product we like, we’re delighted to sing its praises! The Kombisystem is a German-made product. Stihl manufactures this top-quality Kombi system in Europe. It has a range of four engines with fourteen different […]

make light work of hedging

Make Light Work of Hedging

When you have a small-sized garden, you don’t really need the biggest or most powerful machinery. But if you’ve got any length of hedging at all, around your property, using manual hedge clippers can be a bit of a strain. But then, getting a large hedge trimmer comes with so many downsides. It’s heavy to […]

Best Selling Battery-Powered Lawnmower

The Best Selling Battery-Powered Lawnmower

When you’re using a typical petrol-powered mower, you have a lot to contend with. We all take it for granted, but when you think about it, it can add up to a fairly cumbersome user experience, especially when you have a smaller lawn that just needs a bit of trimming. First, you’ve got the petrol, […]

kayaking on a budget

Kayaking on a Budget

Kayaking on a budget can be difficult when so many makes and kayak models cost upwards of €1,000. Many kayaks are built for a specific type, such as whitewater, slalom or surfing. But for those who are just looking to get out on the water, things can get expensive, with many touring boats costing a […]