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Black Friday's Best Deals

Black Friday’s Best Deals: What’s On Offer?

Looking for Black Friday deals? We have some great products on sale this week. It’s the perfect time to pick something up, especially if it was already on your Christmas shopping list. Here a few of our select offers with the best discounts. You can also view our full Black Friday Offers if you have […]

right soccer goals

The Right Soccer Goals To Improve Your Aim

Choosing the right soccer goals to improve your aim can be complicated. If you’re anything like me, you probably make decisions more complicated than they need to be! Here are a few things to consider to make this a quick and easy decision rather than something you have to spend an afternoon researching. Here in […]

Best Value Football Goals

Best Value Football Goals

What are the best value football goals? When we’re sourcing new products, we consider many aspects of a design. Our priority is to find equipment that is going to last. There are many types of football goals on the market, which simply don’t hold up to a beating. For this reason, we’ve come to only […]

Football Dribbling Drills

Football Dribbling Drills to Improve Your Game

Football dribbling drills are essential for any soccer or GAA player. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide football equipment to help you perfect dribbling, passing, striking and other critical techniques to up your game and get more out of your sport.  Learning to use less force when dribbling To up your game using these […]

football goals

3 Most Popular Football Goals

The best football goals are now available with free shipping. Just as well. It’s the time of year when everyone is trying to check off their Christmas lists so they can relax and enjoy time off with family and friends. And while some kids (and adults) are harder to please than others, luckily football fanatics […]

basketball gifts

Basketball Gifts For Christmas

As Christmas looms, it can be a struggle trying to come up with gift ideas for loved ones; especially when they don’t really know what they want themselves! Whether it’s a child or an adult, it’s easy to focus on the shiny and new technology. These are fun and have their place, but nobody needs […]

how to slam dunk

How to Slam Dunk in 6 Easy Steps

When kids first start to play, the first thing they want to learn is how to slam dunk. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a wide range of basketball equipment, and we currently offer free home delivery of basketball hoops in Ireland for most purchases.  Many of our hoops are suitable for slam dunks […]

soccer equipment

Soccer Equipment

Soccer equipment is always needing repair and replacement. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a range of soccer training equipment that’s suitable for kids and adults alike. Whether it’s for training, practise or play, we have some items that will accommodate all levels. Soccer Equipment: Goals EXIT build high-quality, durable soccer goals in various […]

toys for outside

2 Toys for Outside This Winter

If you’re considering buying toys for outside this winter, we have a few ideas for you and your kids. While our neighbours in the US, Britain and the European Continent frequently have to set themselves up for a few inches of snow around this time of year, in Ireland we generally get away with a […]

sports gear

Sports Gear

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a lot of sports gear suitable for many situations, whether a community area or home. If you’re looking to pick something up, we also save you time by providing free shipping everywhere in Ireland. Just add whatever you need to your shopping cart and you’ll get it in […]

exercise for kids

Exercise for Kids: 3 Tips To Get Kids Active

Exercise for kids is something we have to consciously consider these days. With technology encroaching on all aspects of our lives, from education to entertainment. As with any home and garden centre that supplies kid’s toys, we’re no stranger to active kids! And aside from seeing our own little monsters in action, we see every […]

outdoor toys

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys let kids (and adults) have a great time while staying active. At Douglas Forest and Garden we have it all. Check out our full selection of outdoor garden toys for all ages.   Outdoor Toys for Sports Whether you need sports toys like football goals or basketball nets, trampolines, or go-karts, it’s all here. […]

EXIT portable basketball board

Portable Basketball Backboards by EXIT

Portable basketball backboards provide the best playing experience compared with wall-mounted nets. Let’s look at the features of these two EXIT basketball nets. EXIT makes very high-quality products which we are proud to supply here at Douglas Forest and Garden. Their outdoor toys and swimming pools are also very well built with a solid frame, […]

Benefits Of Basketball For Kids

Benefits Of Basketball For Kids

Basketball is the perfect sport to get children off the couch and outside being active. It can be played at any age and is suitable for all genders. Basketball doesn’t require any particular skill level to play, all that is needed is a ball and hoop. This fun to play sport has lots of benefits […]

Rebounders For Sale

Rebounders For Sale

Football rebounders are multifunctional so they can be used for all sorts of sports. They train all sorts of ball skills like passing, reactions, shooting, goalkeeping, kicking, throwing and heading. EXIT rebounders are easy to take along and use at any location meaning you can train whenever and wherever. For people who love playing football […]