swimming pools for sale

Swimming Pools for Sale

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we supply some of the best-quality outdoor tools and toys for all ages. If you’re looking to buy a swimming pool in Ireland, we’re big fans of EXIT. We provide their full range of outdoor pools and currently have some of these swimming pools for sale. You can view their whole selection or if you want to read some of our top picks, read on!

EXIT Swimming Pools For Saleswimming pools for sale

EXIT Provides a range of great above ground swimming pools for sale, with sizes that are suitable for small to larger groups and families. The EXIT Wood Pool, with dimensions of 360x76cm, makes it suitable for adults and children alike (with supervision, of course). These have a solid construction, using a black steel frame. It uses a flexible but robust line that has a nice ‘wood’ pattern to it. And it comes with a filter pump and liner repair kit just in case. Currently on sale for just €175, it’s a bargain. 

The EXIT Wood Construction

Because it has a round design, it’s fairly sturdy and can last for years. The filter pump keeps the water filtered, fresh and clean. Though you may also want to use chlorine tablets (which we have available) if you plan to leave the pool out for extended periods. While the outside of the pool has the wood effect, the inside has a blue colour to give it that fresh “swimming pool” feel. 

You can also purchase accessories for the EXIT wood. As mentioned before, a chlorine dispenser is available and recommended. There are also test strips so you can manage the water effectively and ensure it’s comfortable for everyone at all times. And also a pool maintenance kit, since the filter can’t clean everything. Lastly, the EXIT Wood has a pool dome which allows you to keep the heat in and the wind off your back while you enjoy some time outside. 

We hope this gives you an idea of some of our offerings. Be sure to check out the rest of our swimming pools (you may also be interested in our hot tubs) and if you have any questions feel free to call us on 021 4965 132

swimming pool maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance: How To Maintain Your EXIT Swimming Pool

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a whole range of EXIT swimming pools. Known for their durability and longevity, EXIT above ground pools are perfect for the summer. But as with anything, swimming pool maintenance is a must. The water, in particular, must be kept clean. Here’s how.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Because still water is at risk of infestation from algae, mould and bacteria, it requires a filter pump to remove the dirt and aerate the water, keeping it clear and clean. EXIT pool cartridges are used with your filter pump to help clean your pool.  Because still water is at risk, it’s important to keep the filter pumps on even when the swimming pool is not in use.

Removing debris is the first step in swimming pool maintenance, but this will only go so far as microbes are everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before bacteria breeds. For this reason, you’ll also want to regularly disinfect the water with chlorine. The most common way to do this is by using chlorine tablets. These can be combined with with the EXIT floating chlorine dispenser. The dispenser floats across the pool surface, spreading the chlorine more evenly than if the tablet was simply left to dissolve in one area of the pool.

Maintaining Water Balance

Chlorine will not effectively clean the pool water if the PH balance is inaccurate. We provide water test strips to monitor your water’s PH balance, as well as the water’s chlorine level and alkalinity. Quickly dip and remove one of the testing strips into the pool. Hold it horizontally and check the results on the colour chart printed on the container. The test strips highlight the water’s pH balance, as well as Total Alkalinity levels. Three separate sections indicate each individual level. swimming pool maintenance

Keep It Covered

With anything from wind and rain likely to add dirt into the mix, it’s best to use a pool cover when you’re not using it. And while the pump will do a good job of cleaning the water, it’s still advisable to perform a quick clean before each use using the EXIT swimming pool maintenance kit. This kit includes a net and a vacuum head for getting rid of debris. 

If you have any other questions about maintaining your swimming pool, please give us a call today on 021-4965132.

exit swimming pools cork

The ‘Stone’ Exit Swimming Pool

Summer is coming and we’re starting to think about life outside the home and in the garden. When we get sunshine, Cork can be one of the most beautiful spots in the world to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family. And what better way to take advantage of it than in a pool? At Douglas Forest & Garden, we have the entire range of Exit Swimming Pools available, and it’s about this time of year when people start asking us about our range of Exit Swimming Pools. In particular their largest model, the Exit Stone. Here’s a rundown of what you get with the Exit Stone Swimming Pool and why we can comfortably recommend it – even in our Cork climate.

  1. The Exit Stone (5.4-metre length x 2.5-metre width x 1 metre depth)

The Stone Exit Swimming Pool is Exit’s largest pool. Included with the Stone is the Exit ‘Pool Dome’ and filter pump, and, of course, a ladder.  The Stone is perfect for up to 9 people to enjoy over the summer.  But unlike other outdoor pools, Exit comes with a ‘Dome’ — making it perfect for Ireland.

The Dome

The Stone Swimming Pool comes with a ‘Dome’, a hood which keeps your pool clean, and crucially for Cork, helps heat the water. This allows you to enjoy your swimming pool throughout the summer without having to worry about the weather. This tall, transparent hood has three windows and a door, so you can adjust the heat. It straps around the outside of the pool and stays there quite happily – even with a breeze. The Dome makes the pool perfect for our Irish weather. It keeps the breeze and bugs away and, like a greenhouse, keeps your pool warm.exit swimming pools cork

The Dome is opened and closed easily with a gas-powered hinge mechanism, but you can also leave the Dome open just by the pool ladder so you can get in and out easily without messing about.  The dome is very spacious – not too low – so you and your 8 friends can throw a ball around and enjoy yourselves.

Strength and Durability

The Stone Exit Swimming Pool (named for the ‘stone-like’ effect on the outside) isn’t going anywhere. It’s very strong and durable, with a frame composed of thick, black steel (50 mm diameter). The steel is galvanised and powder coated to protect from rust. The walls are composed of  3 durable layers of PVC and polyester. They’re strong and sturdy and they take a fair beating. But just in case the pool eventually succumbs to wear and tear, Exit provides a liner repair kit. Also included is a filter pump, which keeps the water fresh and prevents pollution. This is easily mounted on the pool (and can be replaced easily using a filter cartridge – which is included).

One other question we get asked about the Exit swimming pool is how to keep it clean. It’s not as difficult as people think. While the pump does an excellent job of keeping the water fresh, we recommend you also use chlorine tablets and a low-cost chlorine dispenser can be purchased at Douglas Forest & Garden to do this.   I hope this answers any questions you may have. But if you have any further thoughts or questions, please give us a call today on 021-4965132