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essential arborists equipment

Essential Arborists Equipment

As one of the most dangerous professions, arborists must rely on the highest quality gear to ensure they can complete their work on time, efficiently and safely. Here’s our list of Essential Arborists’ Equipment.  We have provided Irish arborists with the equipment they need to get the job done. Here are a few of the […]

arborist safety

Arborist Safety

Tree surgery is one of the most dangerous professions. As such, arborist safety gear is essential. There are also some basic rules that all professionals know. If you’re doing some tree work as an amateur, it’s critical to understand the following safety tips. Make a Complete Assessment Before Beginning Before beginning any work, take a […]

chainsaw boots

Chainsaw Boots

Proper protective clothing is essential for anyone operating a chainsaw, and this means investing in chainsaw boots. Every cut you make with a chainsaw carries risk, and having adequate PPE helps ensure that you walk away unscathed. Regular steel-toecap boots are not enough; Regular fabrics and materials can invite the blades of a cutting saw […]

getting the axe

Getting the Axe

Whether you’re an arborist who is working day-to-day in the lumbar industry or a homeowner who needs to keep things tidy during the spring and summer growing months, or you need to cut wood for your stove or fire, an axe is an indispensable, simple tool that helps you get the job done. At Douglas […]

PPE Equipment

Wearing the Correct PPE

Wearing the correct PPE clothing is essential for your safety. When a chainsaw comes in contact with your PPE equipment, such as protective pants, they have a split second where they either work and save your life and limb, or they fail. As with safety equipment such as a motorcycle helmet, the quality and build […]

Best Quality Domestic Saw

Best Quality Domestic Saw

The best quality domestic chainsaws are built to last for years, even when they’re not always used. We’ve been in the garden and forestry industry for years now. So we’ve seen first-hand why Stihl is a cut above the rest. When we sell a Stihl product, we can be sure it will not be sent […]

Tree Rigging Equipment

Tree Rigging Equipment for Professions

As providers for tree rigging equipment for professional arborists, we’re always keeping our ear to the ground, looking for new equipment that can provide superior to weight ratios, that meets standards through rigorous safety testing, and can do all that for a reasonable price. So with that in mind, we have a couple of new […]

Best Chainsaw in 2022

What’s the Best Chainsaw in 2022?

What’s the Best Chainsaw in 2022? Every year we like to review our product range, examine the wider market and see what’s out there. Our goal is to evaluate what we have in stock and ensure we alway provide the best machinery on the market for the best price. This goes with all of our […]

Chainsaw Safety Gear

Chainsaw Safety Gear

Chainsaw safety gear is essential for anyone doing any kind of work with a chainsaw. Whether you’re on the farm, the field or the forest. We’ve been working in the business for decades and have seen thousands of chainsaws. The one thing that never failed to shock us was the attitude the general public has […]

Your Basic Climbing Kit

Your Basic Climbing Kit

For beginning climbers, it’s easy to think you need more than just your basic climbing kit. With any new sport or hobby, the temptation is to stock up on all the fancy equipment. But if you’re just starting out, you only need a few select pieces of climbing equipment to get going. Your Basic Climbing […]

Keeping Safe on the Field

Keeping Safe on the Field

As an arborist, keeping safe on the field means understanding you’re always in the path of risk. It’s important to keep safety in mind at all times. Anything can happen and it doesn’t take much asking around to hear some graphic stories of what can go wrong when proper caution isn’t taken and when you […]

right gear for the climb

The Right Gear for the Climb

Whether you’re climbing trees for work or climbing cliffs for sport, the equipment can overlap, with, of course, some considerations for the differences in height and requirements for technique. We provide climbing equipment to Ireland, focusing on the best hardware for those working day-in and day out. The Right Gear for the Climb: How Vertical […]

Heat When Working Outdoors

Beating Heat When Working Outdoors

Strong heat when working outdoors can be a real pain point for us here in Ireland. We usually don’t have the equipment or the physical adaptations to handle the more extreme temperatures. In the hotter summer months, your usual Personal Protective Equipment can be very uncomfortable and bring its own range of unpleasant issues. Here […]

Chainsaw Protection

Chainsaw Protection

Chainsaw protection is a must. Whether you are doing some short work around the garden or you’re a professional landscaper or arborist, the right equipment will keep you safe. Chainsaw Protection for the Legs Hand-held chainsaws are one of the greatest causes of personal injuries. It just takes one mistake to cause a serious accident.  […]

Tree Surgery Equipment

Tree Surgery Equipment: Where to Find It

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a large range of tree surgery equipment. We have supported the arborist and forestry profession for years, so we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our site easier to navigate so that, should you need a […]