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How to Use a Garden Shredder

How to Use a Garden Shredder

If you have a lot of organic debris that builds up in your garden or yard, a garden shredder can help with breaking it down. Whether you want to reduce space requirements from organic waste or you plan to use the shredder for mulching, a suitable shredder will get the job done. Choose the Right […]

how to use a wood chipper

How to Use a Wood Chipper

Knowing how to use a wood chipper can make a huge difference for larger yards and gardens. A wood chipper is a fantastic way to dispose of trees and branches while creating mulch. A layer of mulch over your soil increases fertility and helps maintain a good temperature during the winter. Tree branches and tree […]

A Film About Irish Arboriculture by Douglas Forest & Garden Billy and John AKA The Sawbandits, have been documenting their working life as tree surgeons in Ireland with their YouTube channel since 2021. With over 100,000 views on their uploads so far, they have been sharing their experiences to inspire and educate others about the profession  As Ireland’s leading arborist supplier, we have been […]

What You Can Put in a Garden Shredder

What Can You Put in a Garden Shredder?

What Can You Put in a Garden Shredder? Shredders are ideal for mulching smaller debris around your garden or yard. While wood chippers use fast-moving blades to chip away at wood, shredders are designed to crush and split small branches, as well as ‘wetter’ debris such as leafy wood and bushes. This allows the branches […]

how a wood chipper works

How Does a Wood Chipper Work?

How does a wood chipper work, and which is best suited for you? Different types of wood chippers are available on the market, depending on whether you’re a domestic user or a professional in the landscaping or forestry industry. For most people, a garden wood chipper has more than enough power. How does a Wood […]

garden wood chipper

Garden Wood Chipper: The Cobra Range

A high-quality garden wood chipper will save you a tonne of time. Like many, you may have already tried using a regular garden shredder and found that it was not able to break down the thicker tree limbs into chips. Instead, you’re left drip-feeding small pieces of wood into the shredder, hoping it doesn’t break […]

Chainsaw Trousers Ireland

We provide one of the largest ranges of Chainsaw Trousers in Ireland. All with free and fast delivery for purchases over €60. Chainsaw PPE is essential for anyone operating a chainsaw. It only takes a split-second for life-changing injuries to occur. The best way we can protect ourselves from this is by wearing appropriate gear […]

how to sharpen your chainsaw

The Stihl Chainsaw Sharpener

The Stihl chainsaw sharpener is an essential bit of kit for any arborist or landscaper who is using their chainsaw regularly. A sharp blade goes a long way to ensure safe use of your machinery and increase your work efficiency. The best way to sharpen your Stihl chainsaw is with the 2-in-1 filing guide. This […]

Forestry Equipment Supplier

Forestry Equipment Supplier – Free Fast Delivery in Ireland

Douglas Forest and Garden are Ireland’s biggest online forestry equipment supplier. We stock the best tried and tested quality machinery and products used by professionals in the industry. Whether you’re looking around for chainsaws, climbing equipment or PPE, we have it all in one easy place with fast deliveries that are free for purchases over […]

our range of silky saws with delivery in ireland

Silky Saws Ireland

If you’re looking for a lightweight, strong folding saw, we have the best range of silky saws with delivery in Ireland. These are perfect saws for outdoor ventures and work. Whether you’re out bushcrafting, a camping trip, or you’re doing a bit of clearing as a landscaper and just need to clear some brush or […]

tree surgery tools

Preparing for a Tree Climb

Whether you’re an arborist or a non-professional, preparing for a tree climb is extremely important. This can be hazardous work when undertaken without proper climbing equipment or preparation. Especially if you plan to use a cutting saw. Ensure you have appropriate clothing Appropriate PPE gear and clothing is essential when climbing. Your clothing should allow […]

essential climbing gear

Essential Climbing Gear

What is the essential climbing gear? While professional arborists and expert rock climbers know the score, as climbing sports are becoming more popular in recent years, more and more newcomers come into the scene with little experience. This explosion in growth came as the technology and equipment have improved, with more clubs offering experiences to […]

essential arborists equipment

Essential Arborists Equipment

As one of the most dangerous professions, arborists must rely on the highest quality gear to ensure they can complete their work on time, efficiently and safely. Here’s our list of Essential Arborists’ Equipment.  We have provided Irish arborists with the equipment they need to get the job done. Here are a few of the […]

arborist safety

Arborist Safety

Tree surgery is one of the most dangerous professions. As such, arborist safety gear is essential. There are also some basic rules that all professionals know. If you’re doing some tree work as an amateur, it’s critical to understand the following safety tips. Make a Complete Assessment Before Beginning Before beginning any work, take a […]

chainsaw boots

Chainsaw Boots

Proper protective clothing is essential for anyone operating a chainsaw, and this means investing in chainsaw boots. Every cut you make with a chainsaw carries risk, and having adequate PPE helps ensure that you walk away unscathed. Regular steel-toecap boots are not enough; Regular fabrics and materials can invite the blades of a cutting saw […]