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pools for compact gardens

Garden Pools for Compact Gardens

We have a full range of garden pools and paddling pools for compact gardens, with perfect kids paddling pools as well as ones big enough for mam and dad and more. Make sure to check out that link but if you’d like to read about our top two picks below.

High-Quality Paddling Pools

Inflatable paddling pools are a great option for younger kids. They’re handy, portable and easy to set up. But most of them are fairly poor quality, – with most, you’re lucky for them to last a single summer. Bestway’s pools are built to last longer. Starting with their 6-foot diameter Fast Set round pool. This easy-to-set-up pool is ready for some fun in the sun in about 10 minutes. It has 3-ply heavy-duty PVC and polyester Tri-tech side walls, ensuring greater strength. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and a heavy-duty repair patch in case the kids try bringing a pogo stick into the water with them!

A common issue with inflatable paddling pools is drainage. If there’s no drain, you’re forced to lift or depress the walls to empty the water which can result in tears or damage to the lining or walls. This problem is averted here with a simple drain valve, so you can swiftly empty the pool for storage. With an assembled size of 6ft x 20in (1.83m x 51cm) and a water capacity of 940L, this pool is perfect for smaller gardens.

Garden Pools for Compact Gardens

While this isn’t the smallest, the Bestway 16ft Steel Pro Max Stone Pool Set is a good one to consider if you can fit it and have space to store it! It has easy installation with a 20-minute setup time (before adding the water and your family). Ye will be splashing away in no time. The round shape of the pool, complemented by walls featuring a 3-ply band, provides additional support.  This is a big pool so it will have a lot of water. Thankfully it comes equipped with a built-in flow control drain valve. You can connect your garden hose to this so you can effortlessly drain water away without turning your garden into a bog.

If this is too big, check out the rest of our pools. And if you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132