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Hoverboards With The Best Range

Hoverboards With The Best Range

What are the hoverboards with the best range? Really the greatest limitation to your hoverboard is the battery, and this is also the most expensive part of the device. Until battery costs come down, this will continue to be the case. But if you’re looking for a hoverboard with great range, check out our full stock.

Hoverboards With The Best Range: The Oxboard

Oxboard were the first hoverboard we decided to hold in stock. After trying out a number of makes and models we came upon the Oxboard and we were pleasantly surprised. At the time they were not very well known, yet their quality and battery life were both excellent. The entry-level Oxboard we hold is the Oxboard ONE-T. This is good for casual users or children, but for longer ranges, it’s the least powerful, with a maximum range of 8-10km in one charge.

The next-best in the range is the Oxboard ONE. This mover can travel ten to fifteen kilometres on a single charge and comes with a two-year warranty.

The longest distance is available with the Oxboard ONE PRO. This has all the features of the ONE (including the two-year warranty), but also is packed with an even more powerful battery which allows it a total range of fifteen to twenty kilometres in one charge. The re-charge time is four hours.

The Longest Distance Hoverboard: the Ninebot S

Segway are the first company to create gyroscopic personal transportation, and their experience shows in the Ninebot S.  One of the major downsides of a hoverboard is that they’re not the easiest (or necessarily the safest) forms of personal transportation. The Ninebot S aims to reduce risk of falls using its special knee supports. These also make steering more intuitive; rather than relying on putting pressure on one side or the other to turn the platform, which can feel unstable for some, you instead control your direction with your knees.But if you’re looking for Hoverboards With The Best Range, it doesn’t get much better than the Ninebot S at a maximum distance of twenty-two kilometres

Also Consider the Ninebot E-Scooter

Ninebot also provides a range of scooters. When you’re considering an electric scooter, the E22E is a great choice. With a maximum speed of twenty kilometres per hour and a maximum range of up to twenty-two kilometres, it is on par with the Ninebot S hoverboard.

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