Inground Trampolines

Inground Trampolines offer an excellent compromise for those who want to keep a tidy outdoor space but want to maximise the fun and enjoyment. In-ground trampolines are also much easier to step onto than their regular counterparts. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a range of BERG trampolines which are well-known for being one of the world’s best manufacturers of trampolines. Built to last, this range can put up with our Irish weather without much difficulty. Here a few of BERG’s best Inground trampolines starting with the lowest in cost.

BERG Inground Trampolines: The Favoritinground trampolines

The Favorit comes in five different sizes with an optional safety net, and so its price ranges from €229 to €679. While being the entry-level model, it’s still equipped with BERG’s GoldSpring Solo springs which are weather-resistant and incredibly robust. It has thick protective padding along its edge. Made from PVC on the upper and under layer, it’s built to last years. The optional safety net has a self-closing entrance to prevent people from stumbling through it accidentally. Though of course, as with any trampoline, children must be supervised at all times.  As with all the other models, BERG’s trampolines are UV resistant so that the sun doesn’t bleach or damage them as you typically get with other trampolines left outdoors for long periods. 

The BERG Champion

Ranging in price from €459 to €1,089, The Champion is a higher-end offering. Coming in four different sizes (9,11,12.5 and 14 feet) with the option of comfort or deluxe safety net, as well as BERG’s higher-end “Twinspring” gold weatherproof springing system, AirFlow jumping mat which reduces air pressure allowing for much higher jumping height and sturdy steel construction. Its PVC Padding is also thicker for extra safety.

The BERG Elite 

The Elite is a much bigger sized trampoline. Ranging from €839.00 – €1,409 and coming in 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft, an arrangement of colours and two safety-net options (as well as a no safety net option). As with the Champion, the Elite has extra-thick PVC padding, the option for a higher quality safety net with self-closing entrance, and its TwinSpring GoldSpring technology is placed at an angle so that the increased area of the jumping mat doesn’t reduce its springiness.  The springs are also extra long to accommodate the larger jumping surface. 

If you’d like to find out more about our inground trampolines, feel free to call us today on 021 4965 132