hot tub maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Need a few hot tub maintenance tips? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a range with some of the best hot tubs as well as accessories for maintaining your hot tub throughout spring and summer. Follow these guidelines to keep things pristine.

Hot Tub Maintenance: Keep your hot tub cover clean

Use some warm water and stain remover (or a little bit of bleach) to remove the mildew from the surface of your hot tub cover. Just be sure to use a minimal amount of bleach and rinse thoroughly afterwards. Wipe the inside of the cover once or twice a week at most. This will remove any mildew and accompanying odours.

Keep the hot tub – and its water – clean hot tub maintenance

Use a cleaner for your hot tub such as our range of hot tub cleaners. These effectively remove stains, algae and help clear the water. Or if you want you can also use white vinegar to clean around the jets and at the waterline to prevent staining and mildew, this is also very effective. Use the cleaning liquid, or about 5 or 6 jugs of vinegar added into the water to soak in the heated water for a couple of days to remove any build-up of slime that can occur during the periods when the hot tub is not in use. If you’re in an area with hard water, the cleaning fluid or vinegar can also remove the build-up around the filter and anywhere where the water is likely to accumulate. 

Drain and clean your tub every 3-4 for months, or more frequently if you use it every day. Think of it as a bathtub. You want to clean it regularly (and not use the same water the whole time). It’s essential to change the water frequently and also to shower before using it to reduce the build-up of grime.

Clean the filters

Remove and rinse the filters on the hot tub with a hose while you’re cleaning the hot tub. And be sure to keep cleaners on hand so that they’re always there and easy to use when you think of it. This will encourage you to maintain the hot tub as you’re using it, preventing the build-up of stubborn stains and keeping everything pleasant and enjoyable the whole time you’re using it. 

If you have any further questions about hot tub maintenance, call us on 021 4965 132.

side discharge tractor mowers

Side Discharge Tractor Mowers

Side discharge tractor mowers are often a more suitable choice for larger green areas that don’t necessarily require a perfect ‘manicured’ look, while still providing an excellent clean cut. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stock one of the best ranges of ride-on lawnmowers in Ireland. We stock both Stihl and Cub Cadet tractor mowers. The Stihl range is great for domestic and commercial properties that require pickup, but for larger spaces that are more about maintenance than aesthetics, the Cub Cadet range is second to none.

Side Discharge VS Mulching

Using a side discharge tractor mower can sometimes offer a better cut quality when compared to mulching. When you’re cutting grass in a side discharge system, it’s shooting grass clippings out immediately. This means blade deck has the must suction to draw the blades of grass up towards the blades. This is important because, in general, you should aim to only cut 33% off the length of the grass at any one time. Cutting the grass in this way helps maintain lawn health, prevent damage and discolouration.  If you’re looking for a tidy lawn, it’s important to cut the grass regularly to prevent long clippings from getting shot out and making it look like you’re making bails. 

Side Discharge Tractor Mowersside discharge tractor mowers

Side discharge tractor mowers are often less prone to clogging, and because it tends to be more efficient, it allows for cutting larger areas with less hassle.  Mulching can put more strain on the engine as it’s cutting through more grass continuously. The already-cut clippings are still swirling around within the deck. Mulching also tends to clump up the grass a little more, so if it’s too long or the weather is damp or wet, it’s going to be more problematic to cut. The clumps can accumulate inside the deck and around the blade, which reduces the ‘suction’ action. This means that not only is it more prone to having issues, it’s also going to have a less even cut. This can be an essential factor for those who are looking for a more manicured look.

Cub Cadet’s range of side discharge mowers allows you to tackle large green areas that don’t require the added task of accumulating and dumping clippings. Used in this mode, it can handle many more extensive residential or agricultural areas. If you still want to use your tractor mower to attain a tidy finish, you can use the addition mulch kit and grass catcher accessories.  

For more information on our range of tractor mowers and equipment, contact us today on 021 4965 132

tow spreader

Tow Spreader: The Agri Fab Tow Broadcast Spreader

A tow spreader is useful for fertilising and applying pesticides to a large green area, as well as being a helpful way of gritting any private or publicly accessible properties that are prone to icing.  If you have a large domestic or commercial yard and you also have a ride-on lawnmower, you might benefit from the Agri Fab Tow Broadcast Spreader. Our range of Agri Fab Spreaders also come in hand-operated models, but this larger capacity, towed version of the Smart-Spreader has an extra-large 58kg hopper.

Agri-Fab Tow Spreadertow spreader

The Agri-Fab 58kg Tow Spreader comes with a universal hitch-pin so that it can be used with any ride-on or lawn-tractor, regardless of manufacturer.  The extra capacity makes it possible to cover an area of up to 7600 square metres on a single fill. Of course, this depends on your rate of spread and the type of material you’re spreading. Grit is not going to spread as far as fertiliser, for example.

To accommodate different spread material, reduce waste and get the right amounts in one pass, the tow spreader has an easy-to-use spread-flow control. This opens the flow plate in the hopper so that more or less medium can be spread. Your manual includes a simple table to help you determine the area of the space you’ll be spreading over. By calculating this with your average speed, you can decide which setting you’ll need to get the job done. 

In terms of build quality, the Agri-Fab 45-0463 Towed Spreader is sturdy and durable. It has a  fully-enclosed, commercial-grade gearbox built to last, a tubular steel frame and rust-free poly hooper. To work well with a tractor lawnmower, the tow spreader also features large pneumatic tyres. These improve the manoeuvrability and traction on rough or uneven terrain. 

When Using the Spreader

As with a pull spreader, you use a slight bit of overlap between passes to ensure an even spread. Be careful around trees and plants. Agri-Fab doesn’t recommend you use powdered chemicals as these don’t spread well compared with grit or regular fertiliser.  You can damage your grass by putting too much fertiliser in one area. To prevent this, you can soak the area thoroughly with a garden hose. 

For any questions about our spreaders, to make an order or for anything else, you can reach us on 021 4965 132.

Best Hot Tubs for 2020

Best Hot Tubs for 2020

What are the best hot tubs for 2020? While this depends on your planned setup and budget, we provide a range of portable Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs designed so you can quickly it set up during the times you want to get outdoors and enjoy a soak, and just-as-easily disassembled when you’re no longer using them. So for those of you who are not looking for a permanent structure, here is our list of the Best Hot Tubs for 2020.

Best Hot Tubs for 2020: The Lay-Z-Spa St MoritzBest Hot Tubs for 2020

The St Moritz Airjet Hot Tub is one of Lay-Z-Spa’s Mid-Range portable hot tubs. Currently reduced from €829 to €789, the St Mortiz can allow up to 7 adults to enjoy warm, bubbling water outdoors. The St Moritz has a maximum temperature of 40c in any weather, and 140 AirJet massage jets to help you relax and unwind. Including with the St Moritz is an energy-saving timer and integrated water filtration system, so that you don’t accidentally rack up an expensive electricity bill. The water filtration system keeps your water fresh for as long as you’d like to leave your hot tub outdoors. As with others in the Lay-Z-Spa range, the St Mortiz is built to last years. It uses a 3-ply reinforced Tritech material which offers strength and durability. The St Moritz uses a 2 kW heater and has a maximum capacity of 1190 litres. 

The Helsinki

When deciding on the best hot tubs for 2020, it’s important to consider the time of the year you plan to use it. The Helsinki is the best portable hot tub for outdoor use all year round. It is the only model in the range designed to work in cold temperatures. Using its Freeze Shield™ Technology for all-year use, you don’t have to worry about the system getting damaged by ice. If the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the system will activate, heating the water and essential components to prevent damage. This means you don’t need to take the hot tub indoors on colder nights – and you’re able to use this one even in the more glacial periods. 

We hope this gives you some idea of what’s available. While these are our two top picks, everyone’s needs are different. We encourage you to check out the full range of available hot tubs in Ireland with free shipping. 

Kids Bouncy Castle

A Kids Bouncy Castle With a Twist

A Kids bouncy castle never goes out of fashion. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a whole range of kid’s outdoor play equipment. As we head towards spring, some great toys are available on early sale. In days of old, we had to have our parents haul us to a holiday park or abroad to enjoy a waterpark, but today you can recreate some of the fun of a water park in the garden.  H20GO produce advanced outdoor toys that combine the fun of an inflatable bouncy castle with a paddling pool. Here are their three offerings currently on sale:

H20GO! TURBO SPLASH Combining a Kids Bouncy Castle with a Water ParkKids Bouncy Castle

Reduced from €499 to €425 for a €70 saving, the Turbo Splash is H20GO!’s entry-level water park bouncy castle. All three models are easy to inflate in two minutes, the Turbo Splash has a curved slide with a climbing wall that gives you access, plus a large paddling pool area. It’s also fitted with a water gun. These three models are suitable for kids aged between 5-10 years old. After you’ve inflated the castle, you just need to fix it to the ground using the supplied stakes and it’s ready for action. The H20Go! is made from a durable PVC-coated polyester — it’s built to last for years.  


The Hurrican Blast is reduced from €650 to €559 for over €90 savings. With a larger paddling pool area and a curbed slide with shower tunnel, this model can accommodate more kids for even more fun. The tunnel’s built-in shower system sprays you as you slide down.

H20GO! TSUNAMI WAVES Kids Bouncy Castle

The most expensive in the range of kids bouncy castles, reduced from €699 to €599 for a saving of €100, the Tsunami Waves has two slides, a water blaster gun, and a bucket that dumps water to keep the slide wet and slippery. It also comes with a basketball hoop and basketball and a spray tunnel!

Honourable Mention For Older Kids and Adults: EXIT Swimming Pools

We also have EXIT Swimming Pools in stock this year. Kids aged 6+ and adults will love this. The EXIT Wood Pool 300cm x 70cm is the entry-level model costing €175.00. This comes with a filter pump to keep the water aerated and clean, with natural design to fit in with your garden space and a sturdy frame, it can look great in any garden. 

You can view our full range of outdoor pools, and if you have any questions you can reach us on 021 4965 132.

BERG Electric Go-Karts

BERG Electric Go-Karts: The Extra Blue

BERG Electric Go-Karts are known for their incredible durability and re-usability. BERG’s line of outdoor toys and equipment are unparalleled, we’re also proud carriers of their world-renowned trampolines, and we also stock their range of non-electric Go-Karts. When it comes to Go-Karts, BERG has almost three decades’ worth of experience under their belt. They recently began producing Electric Go-karts under the BFR Range, and the Extra Blue is their newest in this range. Here’s what makes the BERG Extra Blue E-BFR a great choice.

BERG Electric Go-Karts: The Extra Blue E-BFRBERG Electric Go-Karts

The Extra Blue comes with a two-year warranty and is suitable for kids from ages five and up. Though of course, it’s recommended that an adult accompanies kids under 12 at all times. As with most of BERG’s range, it has a smooth riding experience with pneumatic tyres. The tyres are attached to a swing axel, a type of independent suspension which reacts to irregularities, bumps and cracks on a surface so that you can experience a smoother ride. 

BERG’s full range of Go-Karts can accommodate children of all ages and sizes. The BERG XXL Frame is suitable for tall people to allow for years of fun. As your kid grows, they can continue using the Go-Kart. You can adjust the seat into eight different positions. Find the ideal position for you in the go-kart so you can reach the pedals at all time, then get back to tearing around without a care in the world! 

It also uses coaster brakes. Like the old school bicycles, you can stop simply by reversing slightly on the pedals.  This provides a much more effective and comfortable method for braking. It also includes a parking brake. In terms of appearance, it has reflector mudguards which protect you from mud and water splashes.  It can also attach to BERG Go-Kart accessories, including a trailer, second seat or flashing lights.

Like all BERG Electric Go-Karts, this should not be used on public roads or in public spaces. The BERG E-Go-kart also comes with an electric motor for pedal support. The 24V/240Wh battery is removable so that it’s easy to charge.

If you’d like to order the BERG Big Blue E-BRF (or try it out), call us today on 021 4965 132

Garden scarifiers

Garden Scarifiers: How To Maintain Your Lawn

Garden scarifiers can help with three problems that might affect your lawn: grass thatching, moss, and lack of aeration. A scarifier, like the Stihl RL 540, works by digging up debris and dead matter, bringing air and water flow back to the roots of your lawn so that it can flourish.  You’ll be amazed by the amount of dead matter that a garden scarifier will bring to the surface. It picks up moss and thatch but leaves the grass intact. 

Garden Scarifiers: What is Lawn ThatchGarden scarifiers

Lawn thatch is commonly believed to be the discolouring on the surface of the grass. In fact, it’s a layer of dead grass which clumps and solidifies an area of turn. When rain falls, thatch acts like a sponge and soaks up water without the water getting to the roots. If you use fertilisers, thatching will also prevent nutrients from getting to the roots. As a result, grass suffers, and by summer, the grass will discolour and eventually die when the thatching becomes too thick.

De-thatching and aerating

We’ve all had the experience of leaving a garden unattended for a few months only to find it develops thick clumps of moss and thatch. Moss has very similar effects to your lawn, so keeping it under control is essential for maintaining a great looking yard. Aside from using a scarifier, if you have a tractor mower you can also aerate your lawn using a Lawn Aerator.

A garden lawn might look okay other than some areas that look slightly matted or discoloured. These indicate where thatching or moss is causing a problem. These are areas where, under the surface, lie large masses of thick, dead grass. This will build up over time, cutting off oxygen and water from the soil and roots and eventually killing the grass. 

After you’ve passed over the area with the scarifier, you’ll have a substantial volume of matter which you can rake up. You should find your grass otherwise healthy and unscathed, and once it heals up, you’ll find the garden begins to flourish once again.

You can view our other lawn care tools here. For further questions, or to order online, you can contact us today on 021 4965 132.

Oxboard Hoverboards

We’re proud to introduce Oxboard hoverboards, cutting edge hoverboard technology from Holland. These are well built to make travelling and performing stunts safer, smoother and more enjoyable. And unlike most boards, they come with a two-year warranty. 

Oxboard Hoverboards: The PRO

The Oxboard PRO hoverboard is built with quality and fun in mind. Controlled using your feet to drive the hoverboard back and forth, it is also possible to rotate it a full 360 degrees. The PRO uses the TAO motherboard to ensure that the gyroscopic balancing motors are working well at all times to increase safety and improve the sense of smoothness and fun. The PRO is also equipped with a Samsung 4.4 Ah battery. This is cutting edge battery technology which allows you to enjoy long-distance travel of up to 15-20 kilometres on a single charge. Thanks to this charging technology, charging only takes about 3 hours. 

The Remote

One of the biggest issues with hoverboards is that they’re bulky, so you can’t carry them around with you everywhere. This means that when you call into a shop you might have to leave the board outside where it can be stolen. The Oxboard PRO also comes with a remote, which can lock the board making it unusable by anyone else.

The remote also increases the usability of the board. By default, the board is in Beginner mode where it is smoother and safer and a little slower. But once you’re comfortable with using the board, with a touch of the remote you can seamlessly switch from beginner mode to expert mode, where you can now move and turn faster and do more tricks. 

The Oxboard had 6.5-inch wheels which are made of a strong rubber to reduce wear and tear. They’re also able to handle cracked and bumpy pavement very well compared to lower quality competitors. The build of the board includes strong rubber bumpers for extra protection from scuffs and impacts during use. In addition to the board and remote, the PRO comes with a 220V charger, instruction booklet. Remember to always wear protective clothing with these — especially when you’re starting off!

View our full range of hoverboards. For orders or inquiries please contact us on 021 4965 132.


Hovershoes: The Oxboard Blades

Hovershoes are a lot of fun. The Oxboard blades are very similar to hoverboards. They’re a tonne of fun for the whole family. The main difference is that each foot can operate independently. This makes it more difficult to pick up but it also makes it a lot more fun. Still, if you’ve ever tried a hoverboard it’ll feel familiar. With Oxboard blades, you also have the option to link them together and use it like a hoverboard.

Oxboard ‘Blades’ Hovershoes

You can compare Oxboard blades to rollerblades, but where you never have to lift your foot off the ground. There’s a much steeper learning curve with blades compared with hoverboards, but it’s something that kids will pick up really quickly.

Oxboard’s blades and hoverboards are well built and highly durable. They’re also water-resistant which means they’re safe to use on wet days.  Blades (AKA hover shoes) are easier to store in your backpack which can be useful if you plan to use them for commuting. 

In terms of speed, these hovershoes can reach up to 8kmph. They have a maximum range of 10km per charge, and they can be charged within a few hours. They have a built-in readout so you can tell when you need to recharge them (and also avoid going out the door with blades that haven’t been fully charged and end up cutting out on you after a few metres!). 

In terms of weight, they can handle larger people up to 128kgs or 20 stone. It’s best to familiarise yourself with this on a carpeted space while you get used to it, and protective gear should always be worn for safety. 

Oxboard Blades VS Hoverboards

The main disadvantage of hovershoes over hoverboards are the maximum distance and speed. While the Oxboard PRO can travel 15-20km on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 15km per hour, the hovershoes have a maximum speed of 8km per hour and a maximum distance of 10km per charge. This is not a problem if you plan to use the hovershoes purely for tricks and playing around near home, but it might be a disadvantage for those seeking to use this as a means of transport. 

If you’d like to find out more about our hoverboards or free shipping to anywhere in Ireland, contact us today on 021 4965 132

electric garden shears

Electric Garden Shears: The STIHL HSA 25

Electric Garden Shears are growing in popularity. We provide a full range of STIHL electric garden tools, which can be used interchangeably with STIHL’s full range of battery packs and chargers. This provides you with a full range of cordless garden tools for around the garden and yard.  When you’re using a regular large two-stroke hedge trimmer, it can be very tricky manoeuvring it around the garden. Especially when cutting thick, woody hedging and you end up cutting pieces you don’t plan to. You have to be careful as you can do a great deal of damage to your hedging.

Electric Garden Shears: The STIHL HSA 25electric garden shears

The STIHL HSA 25 is an electric hand-held hedge trimmer which is very small, compact and far more manoeuvrable than your standard device. It works really well for contouring and sculpting trees and bushes. This allows you to do quality levels of trimming with high precision. 

The Blades

The Shear blades are laser cut and diamond ground. They branch to a diameter of 8milimetres and work at a speed of 2,000 strokes per minute. The blades counter-rotate which reduces vibration and improve handling. There is also a separate blade for trimming grass for those difficult-to-catch pieces that your lawnmower can’t get to. This is also great when you have grass growing in the sides and corners of your beds and growing boxes. It weights .6kg, making it significantly lighter than your typical large hedge trimmers.  It’s quite light giving it an excellent power to weight ratio. 

Its 10.8V motor will give you almost 110 minutes, or nearly hours of continuous runtime on one charge.  While the battery takes 3-5 hours for a full charge, you can purchase one of STIHL’s batteries to swap if you believe you may take longer to complete your work. The battery is straightforward to swap in and out.

In the HSA 25, each blade moves rather than just one. These are perfect for maintaining shrubs and bushes on residential and smaller properties. The trigger is operated using two or three fingers, making the handling easy. Be sure to keep your free hand away from the blades while in use! 

If you have any further questions about electric garden shears or any of our other STIHL battery-powered tools, you can reach us any time on 021 4965132

Electric Lawnmowers

Stihl’s Electric Lawnmowers: The 448 TC

Electric Lawnmowers are growing in popularity as the battery technology improves. Stihl provides a growing range of battery-powered garden tools, and this includes battery-powered lawnmowers. These batteries can be used interchangeably with all of Stihl’s cordless electric range. Today we’d like to go over one of STIHL’s flagship cordless lawnmowers

The RMA 448 TC is suitable for more extensive lawns of up to 500m2. This can be done with one fully charged 36v lithium-ion battery. These mean there’s no need for cables, giving you full freedom.  The 448 TC mower has two battery slots. One slot powers the machine and the other is there to be quickly swapped out if you need it. If you don’t already have a Stihl battery pack, you can purchase the 448 TC with an AP300 battery and AL300 Quick Charging dock. The AP300 battery is STIHL’s most powerful handheld battery. Designed for larger jobs, it has an integrated LED charge indicator, so you know when the battery needs charging. The battery weighs 1.8kg and stores 227 Wh of energy, working optimally in temperatures between 5 and 40c — perfect for our Irish climate. The handlebar is adjustable in height and angle without the use of tools. It’s also retractable for when you want to put it in storage. The height of the deck is also adjustable using the built-in lever. You can change it between 25-75mm. 

Electric Lawnmowers: CuttingElectric Lawnmowers

The cutting blades have a cutting width of 46cm. They are designed to use air pressure to lift the grass upright before cutting to give a more even and complete cut. The air then blows the grass into the box, which can store up to 55l of grass. There’s a built-in grass level indicator, so you know when it’s full. It’s effortless to empty, with the entire box being removable and the top ‘lid’ opening out fully. 

A mulcher is also available as an add-on if you prefer to use the grass clippings to keep your lawn fertilised (while doing away with the need to dump the grass cuttings). The RMA 448 also has a wheel drive to assist with slopes and difficult areas. There is also an ‘eco-mode’ to regulate the cutting speed to preserve battery life and get more from each choice. 

You can view the rest of our STIHL battery garden tool range, and if you have any questions you can contact us on 021 4965 132


The charge of battery power tools shows no signs of receding at any time soon – both professional users and homeowners are coming around to the benefits of battery, with less noise, lower vibrations and no emissions at the top of the list!

If you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a battery powered tool, there are plenty of ways to get the most of it. We’ve put together an expert guide to understanding and looking after your battery so that it can deliver the performance you need.


Tools that are kept clean work with less friction, which means that less power is needed to run the tool, and your battery will run for longer. Make sure that all parts of your machine are free from dirt and well lubricated before use.


Trying to use a wet battery in your cordless power tool is a bad idea, but if it does get wet or dirty, simply switch off the machine, remove the battery, wipe it down with a cloth, then put the battery somewhere under cover and let it dry. If the openings in the battery or the charger is dirty, clean them gently with a soft brush.

Make sure that the battery’s contact points don’t come into contact with anything metal either as this can damage it.


The optimum temperature for a battery during charging is between 0°C and 40°C. Batteries may not charge if they are colder or hotter than this. STIHL battery chargers feature an integrated cooling function which actively cool the batteries whilst charging.


The LEDs on your battery are designed to show how much charge you have left in the battery, and on STIHL batteries, they can also indicate faults. If the LEDs are red, instead of green, any of the following could be causing a problem.

  • One red LED means the battery is too hot or too cold. If the battery is too cold, slowly warm it up by leaving it indoors for a while. If it’s too warm, you need to let it cool down.
  • Three red LEDs continuously lit up means that the machine itself (rather than the battery) is too warm. Allow it to cool down before using it again.
  • Three red flashing LEDs means that there is a fault in the tool, and it needs to be assessed.
  • Four red flashing LEDs means there is a fault in the battery which should also be assessed.


Deep discharge can causes damage to your battery, and reduces its long-term capacity so you get less charging cycles. STIHL’s intelligent battery system monitors the voltage in the individual Lithium-Ion battery cells so that it is impossible to exhaust or over charge the battery and damage it in this way.


STIHL advise against storing the battery in the power tool itself. Take it out and store it separately in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight and ideally in some packaging, such as cardboard, to protect it. It can be stored at a temperature between -10°C and 50°C. If you aren’t going to be using it again for a while, we suggest leaving it with a charge level of 40–60%.

RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower

iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower

We’ve had many people asking about the iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower. Robot Lawnmowers attract a lot of attention from gadget fans and those who are looking for ways to decrease maintenance time and costs around their home, yard or open spaces. The one that tends to get the most interest is the higher range RMI 632 which is feature-rich, including GPS, and can cover a range of up to 5,000m2

The iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower can navigate around various obstacles including trees, posts and garden fixtures. The iMow is superb for open spaces. It will maintain the short cut of the grass without any hands-on work on your part. It will perform well over one hour of cutting for each charge, covering an area before returning to its charging dock, then coming back to tackle the next area. 

You can run restricted areas if there is a tree or obstacle you don’t want it to go near. This can be done using a restricting wire. This prevents the iMow from getting snagged or stuck by rocks or obstacles. It will keep the grass nice and flush and can be programmed to cut at certain times of the day so that it’s not interrupting your day.

iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower: Capabilities

The iMow can handle hills and navigate up and down slopes of about 20 degrees quite well despite only having two wheels. And while it’s listed as only handling 5,000m2, we have had reports from some customers that it can handle larger areas (though it’s not guaranteed by Stihl to do so).

The iMow requires its docking station, so if anyone tries to steal the iMow, it’s effectively useless to the thief. It also has safety and security settings built-in, such as a 4-digit pin code which is required to be entered before it will re-activate after it has stopped or has been lifted. 

The iMow RMI 632 Robot Lawnmower doesn’t cut in a pattern so you won’t have that striped appearance. But the advantage is that the grass always looks well-maintained. It uses an algorithm to find the most efficient and fastest way to cut the lawn based on a random pattern. Also if it hits a solid obstacle, the blades will reverse in the direction so that the edge remains sharp and prevents the grass from being ‘bent over’ to one side. The iMow has sensors so that you can select it not to cut when it’s raining so that you can prevent traction from causing damage to the grass or turf. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more,  contact us today on 021 4965 132.

best compact trampolines

Best Compact Trampolines

If you’re looking for the best compact trampolines to suit your garden space or yard, we have a few ideas. We only stock BERG trampolines for the simple fact that they set the industry standard. Strong, durable, built to last, with excellent attention to detail, if you’re looking for a trampoline that will stick with you for years to come, these are the ones to choose.

Best Compact Trampolines: What Are the Options

BERG provides a range of compact trampolines in various styles to suit different setups. BERG’s standard range comes in 9ft, 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft diameters at the larger end of the range. They also have larger options for much larger spaces, but that’s for another post!

The entry-level is the BERG Favorit. These are excellent, high-quality trampolines that are built to last while skipping on a few features to provide value over frills. These come with a safety net, but of course, as with all trampolines, you must supervise children and teens as misuse of the trampoline can result in injuries.

The BERG Champion range provides everything that the Favorit does. It also has the option for a deluxe safety net. It uses an “Airflow” mat, which reduces air resistance which can enable up to 50% more airflow and therefore more spring. The Champion also uses a different springing system which makes them longer and more supple without reducing the surface area of the mat. Key areas of the Champion are also coated in extra-thick PVC, which gives them a longer lifespan. 

In-Ground Trampolines

The Berg Inground Favorit offers everything the standard Favorit range does. It also creates a lower profile by integrating with the lawn. This may be ideal for some people interested in finding the best compact trampolines for their space. But a sunken trampoline might not be suitable for all areas as it requires digging a pit beneath the mat surface. This makes it ideal for permanent setups. But if you intend on putting the trampoline away when it’s not in use, then this is not going to be ideal and you may prefer a standard setup.

If you don’t see something you’re interested in this post, be sure to check out our full range of trampolines. And if you have any questions, you can call us any time on 021 4965 132

go karts for toddlers

Go Karts for Toddlers

Are you looking for Go Karts for Toddlers aged between 10-30 months? BERG has a massive selection of Go Karts for Sale for kids and adults of all ages. Most of our products come with free shipping to your door anywhere in Ireland.

Go Karts for Toddlers: The Go2go karts for toddlers

BERG’s Go2 range is made especially for toddlers and they come in three colours, blue, pink and mint green. As long as your tike weighs under 20kg this is suitable for them. All three versions come in the same dimensions, 65 x 45 x 44cm and weighs in at a light yet sturdy 3.85kg.

The BERG GO² is BERG’s smallest go-kart. It’s designed to ‘grow up’ with your toddler, starting with when they can scoot and continuing with them until they can learn to pedal. Its peddles are fold-up, so for the earlier months, your child can scoot around like a push car. Its wheels are spaced nicely away from the seat so that your toddler won’t squish their toes, and the wheelbase is extra-wide to give them plenty of stability. When your child is old enough, you can fold down the pedals so they can use it just like a grown-up go-kart.

With a little bit of basic assembly, this toy will be ready to be your child’s companion for the next two years of their life. Of course, it goes without saying, but since these Go-Karts don’t have brakes (and your young one would be too young to know how to use it properly anyway), these are not suitable for use without adult supervision. And as with any Go Kart for toddlers, they are unsuitable for public roads, slopes, driveways, or near water. 

Go Karts for Older Children

To keep the Go2 light and easy to use for toddlers as they learn to scoot, they’re constructed lightly. This makes them perfect for younger children, but it also means they’re unsuitable for children over 36 months. If your toddler has older siblings who might want to have a go (or get a bit jealous) it’s best to provide them with their own Go Kart. For example the Buzzy range for kids aged 2-5  years old.

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Football Dribbling Drills

Football Dribbling Drills to Improve Your Game

Football dribbling drills are essential for any soccer or GAA player. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide football equipment to help you perfect dribbling, passing, striking and other critical techniques to up your game and get more out of your sport. 

Learning to use less force when dribblingFootball Dribbling Drills

To up your game using these exercises, you will need a ball and a set of football marker cones. One of the most common issues for players is they use too much power when controlling the football. Here is a drill that can help you get a feel for the right amount of power to use. For these drills, you’ll need to place a series of cones in a line about half a metre apart and place about fifteen in a row. The aim is to dribble the ball between the cones using as many tight, small controlled movements as you can.

Ensure that your touches only move the ball a few inches at a time, so that you’re just tapping it with about three touches to travel is between the two cones. What you’re learning to do is to stop pushing the ball too far, which causes you to overcompensate, lose your centre of balance and ultimately lose control of the ball. Small, controlled touches are the way to do this. 

You can try to take it between five cones using just one foot, then try dribble through then following five using the other.

Football Dribbling Drills: Speed Dribbling

Place two rows of cones. Have one row about two metres from the other to create a “lane”, and in each row have each cone about 1.5 metres apart.  The aim here is to dribble the ball between the cones as fast as you can while maintaining control of the ball between each cone. This isn’t about focusing on touches and control, but instead on speed. You should aim to be taking about two steps for every touch of the ball that you make. Practice springing down this lane while controlling the ball with the left leg, then come back and sprint again this time controlling the ball with your right leg. 

Controlled Speed Dribbling

Keeping the same setup as the last exercise, this time you go at about 70-80% of your full speed and rather than trying to go as fast as possible, aim to make one touch of the ball with every second step. This involves using less force as in the second exercise so that every second step brings you to the ball so you can tap it with the same foot. Practice this drill once with your right foot and then again with your left foot. This skill can give you the ability to perform fakeouts as you take a shot at goals

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sit-on mowers

Sit-On Mowers: Our Two Best Mowers

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best sit-on mowers. It’s essential to have a solid tractor mower when you have to manage a large garden, yard or field. We stock a full range of both Stihl and Cub Cadet mowers for all situations. Here are our two top picks for most domestic situations and for larger open yards, fields and gardens.

The Best Sit-On Mower For Domestic Use: The Stihl RT 4082

With a focus on performance, the entry-level Stihl 4082 Mower is extremely popular for domestic users for its manoeuvrability, range, practical design, relative affordability and durability. For a model of its class, it stands above the competition. Currently on sale, reduced down to €3,399.00. It has a range of up to 4km2. It is given its appearance due to a smaller front wheel tower, which allows for a much tighter turning circle over a regular sit-on mower.  This design also allows for a much clearer forward view making it ideal for a typical domestic garden with flower bed and smaller obstacles which, with a regular tractor mower, can seriously reduce mowing times and mean you’re constantly leaning out of the seat to try and get a view of what’s ahead. Simply put, this is an excellent machine for getting the job done efficiently.

The Best Option for Large Spaces and Professional Use: The Stihl RT 6127 ZL 49″sit-on mowers

While the RT 4082 stands out for its manoeuvrability and practicality, with a clear line of sight for those nitpicky areas in the garden space, the Stihl RT 6127 is a workhorse that can efficiently cut down lawns, fields and pitches up to 10km2 in size. While its more-standard tractor design means you’re going to need a bit of space to turn, this is not a problem for the kind of work the 6127 can handle. Large, open yards, fields and pitches that allow for straight runs with relatively minimal turning.  While the 4082 has a cutting width of .8 of a metre, the RT 6127 has a massive 1.25-metre cutting width and double the power output at 14kw/hr versus the RT 4082’s 7.5kw/hr. This means that each pass will cut almost 40% more grass. To accommodate this, its tank can hold an additional 33% of fuel with a capacity of 9 litres per fill.

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garden toy ideas

Garden Toy Ideas: 3 Ideas for Spring

If you’re looking for garden toy ideas, we have a few solid suggestions. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we offer free shipping for Garden Toys in Ireland. Here are three ideas for your kids as we start the new year and creep swiftly towards Spring!


It’s still a bit rainy and windy, and so there hasn’t been much trampoline-related activity in Ireland.  But it’s an excellent time to buy as the best deals are available off-season. We have the full range of BERG trampolines with robust anchoring systems that won’t let your trampoline take off. The Berg Favorit is appropriately named as it’s the most popular of the full BERG trampoline range. It comes in four different sizes, ranging from 9ft, 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft diameters. These are great for older kids 6+, with supervision. These come with durable, weatherproof padding and safety nets which will last five years. The trampoline itself can last much longer if kept well, making these an excellent investment.

Go Karts for All Ages

For kids under six years of age, a Berg Go-Kart can be a great source of fun and adventure. We have a full range suitable for kids as young as ten months and into the teens.  The Berg Reppy range is great for kids between 2-6 years old. They come in three great-looking colours and garden toy ideashave a light (9kg) frame, which makes carriage easy. The kids love the soundbox built into the steering wheel, which includes sound effects like revving, braking, a motor start and a horn.

Garden Toy Ideas: Playhouses

Who didn’t dream of having a playhouse when they were a kid? EXIT’s range of cedarwood playhouses is both aesthetically pleasing and fun for kids, which make them a win-win to have in the garden. They come in different configurations depending on the kind of child you have. If they’re (hyper) active, then a set with a swing and slide might be ideal, such as the Aksent Wooden Play Tower. This also comes with a space beneath the house for a sandpit, which can provide endless fun for kids aged 3+.

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advantages of owning a hot tub

Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub

What are the advantages of owning a hot tub? We all enjoy a hot tub on occasion; Whether at our gym, spa or when we’re enjoying a stay at a hotel. But here in Ireland, owning a hot tub is still considered a novelty. Yet there are a vast number of health benefits to owning one. While visiting a spa can be a nice treat, you only get the real benefits from repeated use. Here we’ll talk about the advantage of having an inflatable jacuzzi in your own home.

Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub: Stress Relief

Stress is the leading health issue in the modern world. Even in children, teenagers and the elderly, depression, anxiety, and other related problems are rife. Stress plays an aggravating role in most mental and physical problems, so if you can find ways to improve your stress levels, you will increase your health. 

Hot tubs can relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

The warmth of the water and pulsating massaging jets can alleviate pain, tension, and sore muscles — the heat, water, and relaxing environment and relieve arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. By raising your body temperature, your blood vessels dilate, increasing circulation. Stiff joints can also be freed up, and the buoyancy of the water helps encourage free movement. 

Improve sleepadvantages of owning a hot tub

The cumulative effects of sleep loss and common sleep disorders increase the risk of diabetes, depression, stroke and heart attacks. A calming nightly routine is great for your health, and a hot tub can be the antidote to insomnia. Just 15-20 minutes in the hot tub before bed can alleviate anxiety and induce more restful sleep. 

Get More Fresh Air

Hot tubs are great even in cold wet weather. Being able to get outdoors in the fresh air and relax regardless of the weather, enjoying their many therapeutic benefits make them perfect for Ireland. They’re also highly usable for your family and friends. On a cold clear night, a hot tub is an excellent opportunity to recover.

Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub: Connect With Family

Hot tubs also provide an escape from modern life’s many trappings and reconnect with family. It creates an opportunity for everyone to leave the electronic devices in the house so you can completely switch off, relax, rejuvenate and set yourself up for a great day. 

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Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers: A Comparison

When comparing Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers for residential users, it comes down to a few key points.  At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a large selection of both Zero Turn and tractor lawnmowers

Why Choose a Zero Turn?

A Zero Turn’s biggest pro is its manoeuvrability. They can quickly get around flower beds, shrubs, trees, rocks and other obstacles without issue. If you have a relatively flat garden, this is an excellent machine for getting around quickly and efficiently. You can also see what you’re going to mow next as there’s much higher visibility. 

The disadvantage is that it might take a few sessions to figure out the controls. When you’re turning, you have to keep both wheels moving or else you’ll tear up the grass.  Zero turns don’t have the versatility of tractor mowers. They’re a one-trick pony that can mow grass effectively, but they don’t have the option for towing.  They also have low traction due to the 360-degree turnability of the wheels. Because of its uneven centre of gravity, there’s also a risk of lifting the wheels off the ground on slopes. 

Lawn Tractor Mowers

The most significant advantage of a regular tractor mower over a zero turn is its versatility. It’s not just about cutting grass, it can tow, spray, spread and mulch. It’s straightforward to drive with a regular steering wheel. The disadvantage is that they’re far less manoeuvrable compared with the Zero Turn. If your lawn has many obstacles, you’re going to be reversing, going over the same spots, getting stuck, and more.  The Tractor Mowers are far cheaper than Zero Turns. 

Mowing Speed

With a zero turn mower, you can cut the grass at much more efficient speeds. Even straight back-and-forth cutting can be significantly sped up with a zero turn; it’s usually the rotation at the end of a strip that slows you down – especially if your lawn runs up against obstacles like a low-lying wall, enclosing structure or garden shed.  For a regular flat garden space, the Zero Turn is roughly 30% faster. And for areas that need tighter turns, such as around outdoor lamp posts, fences, trees, etc., you can expect a performance increase of about 40%.

You can view our full range zero turn and tractor mowers. If you have any further questions, contact us today on 021 4965132