sit-on mowers

Sit-On Mowers: Our Two Best Mowers

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best sit-on mowers. It’s essential to have a solid tractor mower when you have to manage a large garden, yard or field. We stock a full range of both Stihl and Cub Cadet mowers for all situations. Here are our two top picks for most domestic situations and for larger open yards, fields and gardens.

The Best Sit-On Mower For Domestic Use: The Stihl RT 4082

With a focus on performance, the entry-level Stihl 4082 Mower is extremely popular for domestic users for its manoeuvrability, range, practical design, relative affordability and durability. For a model of its class, it stands above the competition. Currently on sale, reduced down to €3,399.00. It has a range of up to 4km2. It is given its appearance due to a smaller front wheel tower, which allows for a much tighter turning circle over a regular sit-on mower.  This design also allows for a much clearer forward view making it ideal for a typical domestic garden with flower bed and smaller obstacles which, with a regular tractor mower, can seriously reduce mowing times and mean you’re constantly leaning out of the seat to try and get a view of what’s ahead. Simply put, this is an excellent machine for getting the job done efficiently.

The Best Option for Large Spaces and Professional Use: The Stihl RT 6127 ZL 49″sit-on mowers

While the RT 4082 stands out for its manoeuvrability and practicality, with a clear line of sight for those nitpicky areas in the garden space, the Stihl RT 6127 is a workhorse that can efficiently cut down lawns, fields and pitches up to 10km2 in size. While its more-standard tractor design means you’re going to need a bit of space to turn, this is not a problem for the kind of work the 6127 can handle. Large, open yards, fields and pitches that allow for straight runs with relatively minimal turning.  While the 4082 has a cutting width of .8 of a metre, the RT 6127 has a massive 1.25-metre cutting width and double the power output at 14kw/hr versus the RT 4082’s 7.5kw/hr. This means that each pass will cut almost 40% more grass. To accommodate this, its tank can hold an additional 33% of fuel with a capacity of 9 litres per fill.

If you’d like more information on our sit-on mowers, contact us today on 021 4965 132

garden toy ideas

Garden Toy Ideas: 3 Ideas for Spring

If you’re looking for garden toy ideas, we have a few solid suggestions. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we offer free shipping for Garden Toys in Ireland. Here are three ideas for your kids as we start the new year and creep swiftly towards Spring!


It’s still a bit rainy and windy, and so there hasn’t been much trampoline-related activity in Ireland.  But it’s an excellent time to buy as the best deals are available off-season. We have the full range of BERG trampolines with robust anchoring systems that won’t let your trampoline take off. The Berg Favorit is appropriately named as it’s the most popular of the full BERG trampoline range. It comes in four different sizes, ranging from 9ft, 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft diameters. These are great for older kids 6+, with supervision. These come with durable, weatherproof padding and safety nets which will last five years. The trampoline itself can last much longer if kept well, making these an excellent investment.

Go Karts for All Ages

For kids under six years of age, a Berg Go-Kart can be a great source of fun and adventure. We have a full range suitable for kids as young as ten months and into the teens.  The Berg Reppy range is great for kids between 2-6 years old. They come in three great-looking colours and garden toy ideashave a light (9kg) frame, which makes carriage easy. The kids love the soundbox built into the steering wheel, which includes sound effects like revving, braking, a motor start and a horn.

Garden Toy Ideas: Playhouses

Who didn’t dream of having a playhouse when they were a kid? EXIT’s range of cedarwood playhouses is both aesthetically pleasing and fun for kids, which make them a win-win to have in the garden. They come in different configurations depending on the kind of child you have. If they’re (hyper) active, then a set with a swing and slide might be ideal, such as the Aksent Wooden Play Tower. This also comes with a space beneath the house for a sandpit, which can provide endless fun for kids aged 3+.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in this article we may have something more suitable available. Feel free to contact us any time on 021 4965 132.

advantages of owning a hot tub

Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub

What are the advantages of owning a hot tub? We all enjoy a hot tub on occasion; Whether at our gym, spa or when we’re enjoying a stay at a hotel. But here in Ireland, owning a hot tub is still considered a novelty. Yet there are a vast number of health benefits to owning one. While visiting a spa can be a nice treat, you only get the real benefits from repeated use. Here we’ll talk about the advantage of having an inflatable jacuzzi in your own home.

Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub: Stress Relief

Stress is the leading health issue in the modern world. Even in children, teenagers and the elderly, depression, anxiety, and other related problems are rife. Stress plays an aggravating role in most mental and physical problems, so if you can find ways to improve your stress levels, you will increase your health. 

Hot tubs can relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

The warmth of the water and pulsating massaging jets can alleviate pain, tension, and sore muscles — the heat, water, and relaxing environment and relieve arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. By raising your body temperature, your blood vessels dilate, increasing circulation. Stiff joints can also be freed up, and the buoyancy of the water helps encourage free movement. 

Improve sleepadvantages of owning a hot tub

The cumulative effects of sleep loss and common sleep disorders increase the risk of diabetes, depression, stroke and heart attacks. A calming nightly routine is great for your health, and a hot tub can be the antidote to insomnia. Just 15-20 minutes in the hot tub before bed can alleviate anxiety and induce more restful sleep. 

Get More Fresh Air

Hot tubs are great even in cold wet weather. Being able to get outdoors in the fresh air and relax regardless of the weather, enjoying their many therapeutic benefits make them perfect for Ireland. They’re also highly usable for your family and friends. On a cold clear night, a hot tub is an excellent opportunity to recover.

Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub: Connect With Family

Hot tubs also provide an escape from modern life’s many trappings and reconnect with family. It creates an opportunity for everyone to leave the electronic devices in the house so you can completely switch off, relax, rejuvenate and set yourself up for a great day. 

If you have any further questions on our full range of outdoor jacuzzis (with free shipping anywhere in Ireland), feel free to contact us on 021 4965132.

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Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers: A Comparison

When comparing Zero Turn and Tractor Mowers for residential users, it comes down to a few key points.  At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a large selection of both Zero Turn and tractor lawnmowers

Why Choose a Zero Turn?

A Zero Turn’s biggest pro is its manoeuvrability. They can quickly get around flower beds, shrubs, trees, rocks and other obstacles without issue. If you have a relatively flat garden, this is an excellent machine for getting around quickly and efficiently. You can also see what you’re going to mow next as there’s much higher visibility. 

The disadvantage is that it might take a few sessions to figure out the controls. When you’re turning, you have to keep both wheels moving or else you’ll tear up the grass.  Zero turns don’t have the versatility of tractor mowers. They’re a one-trick pony that can mow grass effectively, but they don’t have the option for towing.  They also have low traction due to the 360-degree turnability of the wheels. Because of its uneven centre of gravity, there’s also a risk of lifting the wheels off the ground on slopes. 

Lawn Tractor Mowers

The most significant advantage of a regular tractor mower over a zero turn is its versatility. It’s not just about cutting grass, it can tow, spray, spread and mulch. It’s straightforward to drive with a regular steering wheel. The disadvantage is that they’re far less manoeuvrable compared with the Zero Turn. If your lawn has many obstacles, you’re going to be reversing, going over the same spots, getting stuck, and more.  The Tractor Mowers are far cheaper than Zero Turns. 

Mowing Speed

With a zero turn mower, you can cut the grass at much more efficient speeds. Even straight back-and-forth cutting can be significantly sped up with a zero turn; it’s usually the rotation at the end of a strip that slows you down – especially if your lawn runs up against obstacles like a low-lying wall, enclosing structure or garden shed.  For a regular flat garden space, the Zero Turn is roughly 30% faster. And for areas that need tighter turns, such as around outdoor lamp posts, fences, trees, etc., you can expect a performance increase of about 40%.

You can view our full range zero turn and tractor mowers. If you have any further questions, contact us today on 021 4965132

garden playhouse

Garden Playhouse: What’s Best For You?

A garden playhouse can provide months of fun for your child. Most children would give their teddy’s left arm for one. The problem is that some of them are made from materials that may be affordable, but they’re also cheap. It’s one thing to have our house floors usurped by plastic toys, but it’s another to have this start to spill out into our garden! Unfortunately, many garden playhouses are made from low quality plastics in gaudy bright colours. They tend to stand out, and while they’ll still provide plenty of fun for your child, they’re not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing.  If you’re looking for an outdoor playhouse, we have a full range of EXIT playhouses. These are designed to achieve two things.  

A Playhouse That Enables the Imaginationgarden playhouse

EXIT playhouses have plenty of floor space for fun, games and creativity. They are easy to assemble thanks to their prefabricated sections and offer a range of great accessories such as a birdhouse, flower boxes, picnic table and chairs, a chalkboard, and decoration set. They come in three main flavours or themes, fit for any child and any garden space. These are the Aksent range, the Crooky and Loft models. Each playhouse type can be raised on a platform.  This allows for the extra fun of climbing the ladder to reach the upper deck. And it also makes space ‘below deck’ for a sandpit, which is also available as an accessory. All themes come with an additional slide option. The Aksent range can also be equipped with extra features, so if you’re looking for a playhouse with a swing, this is the one to check out.

A Garden Playhouse Designed to Please Both Children and Adults

The EXIT range look amazing. They’re built with quality Scandinavian Cedar Wood which has been treated to last for years. The wood has not been treated with harmful chemicals and does not splinter. These are good for the environment and safe for children. They come in colours that are still vibrant and appealing to children while still remaining tasteful. And the construction is very beautiful so that your garden playhouse can become more of a ‘feature’ than another plastic item cluttering up the yard.

If you have any further questions about our full range of EXIT Garden Playhouses, you can contact us today on 021 4965132

most popular trampoline

The Most Popular Trampoline (With Free Shipping to Dublin and Ireland)

What’s the most popular trampoline? It really depends on a few factors, including who is using it: what age, what experience? Where they’re using it: will this be at home, how much space is available? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we only stock BERG trampolines. This is for the simple reason that these are by far, the best in terms of quality, durability and longevity. The range is suitable for all types of environments, from domestic to sports clubs. See our range of trampolines for Dublin and Ireland. If you’re looking for some insights, here is a list of the three most popular trampolines based on usage.

The Most Popular Trampoline based on Value and Portability

The BERG Champion comes in four different sizes ranging from 9ft – 14ft. The price range varies depending on the size, ranging from €639.00 – €1,089.00. the Champion is also available with two different safety nets depending on your needs (the Deluxe and Comfort). The Comfort is strong and durable, while the Deluxe offers additional protection. It has a reinforced top edge that is always tight and the supporting posts are curved for additional strength and durability. The netting in the deluxe is also of a higher quality built to last years. 

The Berg Talent is BERG’s entry-level model. This is a regular trampoline, supported on legs and available with a net enclosure for safety. The Talent comes in at €299 and is built for smaller garden spaces. As with most BERG trampolines, it has GoldSpring tech which helps make it more weatherproof. It has a thick PVC protective edge, and the safety net has a self-closing entrance. 

Popular In-ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are far more popular today as they take up less most popular trampolinespace and have a tidier appearance compared to a regular trampoline. Another advantage is that they’re more accessible since there’s no need to climb up before entering.  The most popular model in this range is the Berg Inground Elite. This comes in different sizes ranging from 11-14ft. The price range is between €839 – €1,409. While some sunken trampolines have inferior performance due to air pockets collecting underneath and causing a ‘cushion’ effect that dampens the springiness, BERG uses their ‘AirFlow’ jumping mat, which reduces cushioning and allows for much better jumping. In-Ground Trampolines can be fitted with a safety net making them more suitable for younger jumpers.

The Best Flatground Trampolines

Flatground trampolines differ from in-ground trampolines in that they’re not fitted with a safety net. These are more suitable for experienced trampolinists. BERG offers a few in their range. The Berg Flatground Champion comes in 4 sizes ranging from 11ft to 14ft, with a price ranging from €739 – €909 depending on the size. Finally, for clubs and indoor centres, the most popular model is the Berg Flatground Ultim Elite + Aerowall. Priced at €2,748, this 5×3 metres with an ‘AeroWall’ for jumping off and performing advanced tricks. This is definitely one for more experienced jumpers!

We hope this gives you an idea of our range. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can reach us on 021 4965132.


football goals

3 Most Popular Football Goals

The best football goals are now available with free shipping. Just as well. It’s the time of year when everyone is trying to check off their Christmas lists so they can relax and enjoy time off with family and friends. And while some kids (and adults) are harder to please than others, luckily football fanatics are going to be satisfied with football gifts ranging from the latest jersey or a few pieces of sports equipment. If you’re looking to get something in time for Christmas, we have a range of soccer goals, ranging from large to very small. Here are three of EXIT’s best.

Large Football Goals

So they’re suitable for all ages and all environments. The other advantage is that some are very portable. On the highest of our range is the EXIT Forza. This is a steel frame, five metres in width and two metres in height. These are very high quality, built to last in the outdoors for years. They include an anchoring system to keep them down no matter what the weather. The Forza is available to order today for €420.00.

Medium-Sized Goals

The next largest soccer goal is the EXIT Finta. This is similar in build quality to the Forza and has the same height but with a smaller width, three metres in width rather than five. The Finta also comes with a training screen, which is an excellent way for strikers to improve their aim. 

Best Football Goals for Kids or Smaller Fields

For something just as fun and a little less serious, there’s the EXIT Maestro.  This is 1.8 metres in width, and 1.2 metres in height. This makes it far more portable and more suitable for younger players. This also comes with a training screen to improve aim. 

Last but not least, are EXIT’s range of ultra-portable football goals. The EXIT Pico comes in a pair of two fold-out goals that are perfect for playing a game with friends in the back yard, the local field or park. These can be taken away quickly once you’re finished playing. Even more portable is the EXIT Flexx range of popup goals. At just €21.00, these are a great ‘stocking filler’ (so to speak!) for Christmas. Perfect for keeping in your car boot for whenever the mood strikes you, they come with a storage bag to keep them tidy and include anchoring pins to keep them still while you play.

If you’d like more ideas or you’re like to make an order, you can contact us today on 021 4965132

basketball gifts

Basketball Gifts For Christmas

As Christmas looms, it can be a struggle trying to come up with gift ideas for loved ones; especially when they don’t really know what they want themselves! Whether it’s a child or an adult, it’s easy to focus on the shiny and new technology. These are fun and have their place, but nobody needs more reasons to stay indoors staring at a computer screen. If your person has an interest in sports, then it’s no harm to encourage them to engage in outdoor sports.  The great thing about basketball gifts is that if you have a net, you can practice away solo. It can be a way to get outdoors and clear your headspace. We have a range of EXIT basketball nets. Some are wall-mounted, and others have their own stand and base. Here are three ideas for Christmas (most of which come with free shipping to anywhere in Ireland).

Basketball Gifts: A Wall-Mounted Basketball Net

 The entry model is the wall-mounted EXIT Galaxy basketball backboard with hoop and net. Naturally, as these are outdoor sports equipment they’re designed to hold up in all weather conditions for years. They’re built to last and continue providing enjoyment for years. The EXIT Galaxy comes in at €167.00. This model isn’t suitable for dunking. However, the next in the range, the EXIT Galaxy with Dunk Hoop, allows for a greater range of practice and play with a flexible hoop that springs back. This is available for €292.00.

A Portable Basketball Net

If you don’t have a suitable wall, you can also get a basketball hoop with its own stand; this is the EXIT Galaxy Portable Backboard. Coming in at €489.00, this is EXIT’s highest in the range, being both portable and with a dunkable hoop. Included is a counterweight system, which can hold down the net and stand so that it doesn’t topple (though you shouldn’t hang off the basketball net).  As the name suggests, you can quickly move this around, taking it into your garage when it’s not in use. This is easily adjustable to five different heights, ranging from 2.3 metres to 3.05 metres. 

Keep It Simple: The Basketball

A simple basketball is all anyone needs to get out, get some fresh air and move their bodies. Whether they play alone or with friends, just one basketball is all it takes to keep you occupied.  The EXIT Basketball comes in the official competition size seven and costs €26.00.

We hope this gives you some ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965 132

hot tub for christmas

A Hot Tub for Christmas?!

If you have a special someone (perhaps Santa himself) who enjoys an occasional drink and a dip into hot water in the outdoors, then a hot tub might be a great Christmas gift. Though we usually imagine ourselves perched in a hot tub in above-freezing temperatures, some in our range of hot tubs are incredibly robust and easy to assemble and can still be enjoyed in the cooler winter periods. You don’t have to believe me just yet.  Our full range of hot tubs can make for a great gift.

A Hot Tub for Christmas?…Really?!

Some things seem really odd until you try them. If you were to suggest to some people the idea of sitting outdoors in a hot tub in Irish weather, many will furrow their brows slightly and promptly change the topic of conversation! But some things only sound terrible until you try them. Take for example the Bloody Caesar. You’ve probably heard of the Bloody Mary. The Bloody Caesar takes the Bloody Mary, what most would already consider an abomination of a cocktail, with its vodka, tomato juice, spices, ice and sticks of celery and adds clam juice. Yes, it sounds absolutely wrong, and you’d be forgiven for assuming such a cocktail would make for a terrible decision for any adult of sound mind and stomach. But it’s only when you try it that you understand why it’s so popular in Canada (It doesn’t taste fishy, by the way).hot tub for christmas

Another crazy thing Canadians love is getting into a hot tub in subzero temperatures. They’re not alone. Scandanavians are also partial to a hot tub in the snow. Yes, it sounds wrong, but there’s a good reason for it. The contrast between ice-cold outdoor temperatures and toasty bubbly warm water works really, really well together.  It gives you a chance to genuinely enjoy the outdoors, even have a drink, during a period when we’re usually hibernating. Not every hot tub in our Lay-Z-Spa range is suitable for winter temperatures (not that Ireland has to worry about minus thirty degrees Celcius any time soon), but there is one model in particular that not only looks really nice, but also does a great job all year round, and that is the aptly named the Helsinki.

The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki: The Hot Tub Santa Would Want You To Have

The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki is equipped with Freeze Shield™ technology. This allows you to set the pump to run in a power-saving mode for long periods of time. It uses minimal energy to make sure that the water in your pump, pipes and the hot tub doesn’t freeze. This means you can set it and forget it, even during our Christmas — which who knows, may even be white this time.

If you’re thinking about getting a special someone a hot tub for Christmas, or you’d like to learn more about the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki or our other Lay-Z-Spa models, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965 132

best electric go-kart

The Best Electric Go-Kart This Christmas?

“What’s the best Electric Go-Kart?” Every kid wants the latest and greatest toy and gadget on Christmas, and Go-Karts are no exception. Thankfully, our range of BERG Electric Go-Karts are all based on the same chassis and have similar features, which makes the preference down to a few key areas. Namely how they look, what accessories they offer and their battery life. Here are a few of the best options we have this Christmas.

The Berg E-BFR Range: What You Need To Know

BERGs electric go-karts come in six versions. All are suitable for kids aged six plus. They have similar weight (ranging from roughly 48-60 kilos). They’re all also roughly the same size. Though each model is different they are all roughly sized a little under or over 168 x 85 x 87.5 cm. They will require assembly by Santa Clause the night before Christmas, and these can go to quite high speeds, up to 16kmph, so they require adult supervision and should not be used on public roads. 

The Best Electric Go-Kart For Those That Want To Peddle: The Berg Hybrid E-BFR

Berg’s Hybrid E-BFR combines full automation with good old fashioned exercise. This means it’s healthier for your kids, it’s also able to last longer on a single charge. With this model, the harder you pedal, the more the motor will kick in to propel you thanks to its built-in torque sensor. The 250-watt motor is connected to a 24-volt battery, which can provide up to two hours of propulsion. The Hybrid has four settings: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo, so the battery life will vary depending on how much you work you want the motor to take on. The Hybrid also has an LCD display which includes a speedometer, current battery capacity and distance travelled. 

The Best Electric Go-Kart for Off-Road Adventures: The Berg X-Plore E-BFR

The Berg X-Plore E-BFR is both themed and outfitted for more “off-road” adventures around your garden and yard. It is equipped with sturdy off-road pneumatic tyres which are built to handle rough terrain and pathways without any problem. You can also equip it with some of BERG’s great Go-Kart accessories, such as sirens, lights, or rollbars.  

Of course, the best model for your kid really depends on their personality, interests and temperament. So it’s always best to ask them what they’re after before having Santa Clause pull the trigger. If you have any questions about our range (or about our free shipping offer to anywhere in Ireland), please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 021 4965 132


playhouse for christmas

A Playhouse for Christmas?

“Can I get A Playhouse for Christmas?” It can be a worry when you first see your kid’s Christmas list. What nobody wants is to have the experience of seeing Santa Clause pay hundreds for the latest trendy toy only to have their child look at it with bewilderment, throw it aside and play with its box! They might entertain themselves for the hour that the box lasts. But nobody wants to be bereft with buyer’s remorse. Thankfully we have a full range of affordable playhouses for kids that were built to last beyond the first few days of excitement. 

Why Get a Playhouse for Christmas?playhouse for christmas

Kids are what make Christmas special. Part of the fun is in reliving your childhood through their eyes. Seeing the excitement running up to the big day. The sheer glee when they tear open their presents. It all makes for a memorable experience. The hope is always that they form great memories, and when you get them something it’s not to distract them for five minutes. You want it to last. So when, as you’re looking over your child’s shoulder to their crayon-scribbled Christmas list to Santa, you see, “Can I have a Playhouse for Christmas?”, you might be forgiven for a moment of pause! The truth is that there are many pricey, somewhat garish playhouses out there. And none of them come cheap. Rather than being yet another piece of plastic in the garden they are actually beautiful to look at.

A Playhouse for Christmas — and Beyond

One strategy to avoid Santa’s remorse is to look for a playhouse that will last. One that provides joy outside of the fads. Something that encourages imagination, physical activity, and interaction with others. Something which, as long as it lasts, and as long as your child hasn’t outgrown it, will provide a source of unending play. Our playhouses come in a few main different shapes and themes such as the Aksent, the Loft, and the Crooky.

They’re made in Scandinavia using a quality Cedarwood. This wood is resistant to rain and wood rot and does not splinter. And despite being wooden, it only needs minimal care every two years. Most of us have something from our childhood, that special thing that we connected with. Be it a swing set, a dollhouse or a playhouse. Whatever it was, it somehow survived the thrashing of childhood. EXIT’s playhouses are the kind of toys that survive a beating more than long enough to leave lasting memories. 

If you’d like to view our playhouses or have any questions, give us a call on 021 4965132

robotic lawnmowers

Robotic Lawnmowers on Sale

Looking for Robotic Lawnmowers on Sale? While this is the time of year when cutting the grass is the last thing on anybody’s mind, it’s also a great opportunity to pick up a good quality machine at a discount. Stihl’s iMow Series of Robotic Lawnmowers present a fully-automated solution to an ongoing problem. Though some people find cutting the grass to be a chance to switch off and enjoy the outdoors; it’s not a problem they feel needs to be fixed. But for others, it can feel like more of a chore. And then there are those of us who just like to try out the latest gadgets.

Robotic Lawnmowers on Sale: The Stihl RMI 422 1,159.00

Reduced from €1,558 to €1,159, the RMI 422 offers a sizeable €399 savings to be made on Stihl’s entry-level iMow. The major difference between all the models is their cutting width and maximum lawn cutting area. In the RMI 422’s case, the maximum lawn area is 800m2. If you have a slightly larger garden space, you can also get the more expensive RMI 422P, which is discounted from 1,766 to €1,579 for a saving of €187. The RMI 422 P can cover an extra 200 square metres of garden space. With this model, you can expect it to start cutting the grass for about ten hours each week. You can choose what hours of the day and what days of the week, your iMow starts cutting. This is really handy. It means you can ensure that kids and animals are out of its way when it’s running. The other advantage of this scheduling system is you can be sure you’re out of earshot while it’s operating. Not that the iMow is particularly loud, at 60 dB(A), it’s about at or lower than a regular mower. 

Robotic Lawnmowers on Sale: The Stihl RMI 632 P iMow 2,699.00

For much larger spaces, you can also jump up through the range to the RMI 632 P. Reduced from €2,806, this offers a saving of €107. This is a beast relative to the entry-level models, able to handle garden sizes of 4,000m2.  As with the other models, when its battery eventually runs low it’ll return to its charging station, recharge, then go back out and resume the work if it’s necessary. Depending on the length of grass you’re after, you can adjust it from 60mm grass height down to 15mm. There’s an on-board control panel which you can use to program everything else.

If you’re looking for robotic lawnmowers on sale, we have a few other options. Feel free to check out of the full listing, or contact us here on 021 4965132

kids go-kart sale

Kids Go-Kart Sale: 4 Deals For Kids Aged 3+

Our Kids Go-Kart Sale is just in time for Christmas. Go-Karts never go out of style. And with the holidays approaching, you may see your kids mention one of these on their Christmas list. If you are looking for a discount, we stock BERG Go-Karts, which are well known for their durability, longevity, and capacity for good fun. Here are a few notable models currently on sale.

The Berg Buddy Range (Suitable for 3-8 years)

The Berg Buddy range has a great selection of Go-Karts for kids aged 3-8 years. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some with a fun twist that kids love (such as the BERG ‘Choppy’, made to look like a Chopper Motorcycle). There are two models in their selection that are currently on sale.

The Berg Buddy Lua 279.00 259.00kids go-kart sale

The Lua is all about style. This striking Go-Kart combines pink, mint and cool graphics that kids love. It has all of Berg Go-Karts features, including forward and reverse peddling, as well as peddle-braking.

Berg Buddy B-Orange Go Kart 279.00 259.00
The B-Orange is the same as the Lua but with a metallic orange colour. The swing axle gives the Go-Kart stability and will provide your kids with hours of fun over the Christmas and New Year.

Kids Go-Kart Sale: The Berg Farm Range (Suitable for Ages 5+)

The Berg Farm Range takes all the core features that BERG are well-known for, and add in some cool themes that let your kids go wild in their imaginations. The Farm Range currently has five models on sale. Each of the discounted models has the same pricing, we reduced them from the standard €789 to €669 for a great saving of €120. The Farm Range have a tyre and exhaust look to make them appear like a tractor. Whether it’s a John Deere or a New Holland, your kids will love this. Here are two highlight models:

Berg Fendt BFR Go Kart + Free Passenger Seat 

The Fendt is very popular, with deep-tread tyres combined with the swing axle, these have a solid grip in the mud and works well even on uneven terrain. As with all other models, it has a back-pedal brake and also allows you to easily pedal both forwards and backwards. 

Berg Claas BFR Go Kart + Free Passenger Seat

The Claas has a cool ‘exhaust’ along its side which kids love. This looks especially well when you add in one of the available accessories, such as a lift bucket, pallet fork or rollbar with flashing light.

If you have any questions about our Kids Go-Kart Sale, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965132

ride on lawnmower sale

Ride On Lawnmower Sale: 3 Great Discounts

We have a Ride On Lawnmower Sale at Douglas Forest and Garden this winter. While we stock various models of Cub Cadet, we have three great deals currently on Stihl’s range of tractor mowers. Stihl (Formerly Viking) mowers are well known for their quality. When it comes to ride on lawnmowers, the best time to buy is after the busy summer season. Many people start looking at what they want around October, but it’s not too late. 

Ride On Lawnmower Sale: The Stihl RT 4082 32″

Currently on sale, the RT 4082 was €3,681 and is currently available for €3,399, for over €280 in savings.  The RT 4082 is Stihl’s base model. It’s perfect for large lawns of up to 4,000m². Naturally, Stihl built the RT 4082 smaller and more compact than the rest of their range. This also gives it a relatively tight turning circle and good manoeuvrability. You can adjust the driver’s seat, though it does not have a suspension system as the other models have. Its cutting width is 0.8 metres, and you can dump grass from its 250-litre grass catch box. You do this using the handle beside your seat. You can also replace the grass box with a mulcher if this better suits your needs.

The Second sale offer: The Stihl RT 5112 Z 43″

This is a higher scale model, which has been reduced from €4,499 to €3,999 for a saving of €500.  The RT 5112 has a powerful two-cylinder engine and 1.1-metre cutting width. It has a large catcher box which makes it suitable if your lawn is anything up to 8000m². Its adjustable, spring-loaded seat provides comfort compared with the lower end models available and overall this is an excellent machine for making a clean, tidy cut.

The Best Ride on Lawnmower Sale: Stihl RT 6112 ZL 43″

While this has a smaller saving than the RT 5112, the RT 6112 ZL has been reduced from €3,681 to €3,399 for a saving of over €280, this is Stihl’s second most powerful ride on lawnmower and is an excellent purchase for when you’re working on larger green spaces over long periods of time. While it has the same 1.1-metre cutting width as the RT 5112 and equipped with the same two-cylinder engine, and the same grass collection box size of 350 litres, what makes this model different is the comfort. It’s been designed to minimise the vibration while driving.  Effectively reducing vibrations to 50% of the RT 5112, from a measurable value of 0.98 ahw Seat m/s² to 0.50 ahw Seat m/s², this is going to be a far more comfortable mower to ride on for hours at a time. It also features a grass metre so you can tell when it’s time to empty before you start to experience chugging. 

If you’d like to see some models available in our ride on lawnmower sale, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965132

how to slam dunk

How to Slam Dunk in 6 Easy Steps

When kids first start to play, the first thing they want to learn is how to slam dunk. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a wide range of basketball equipment, and we currently offer free home delivery of basketball hoops in Ireland for most purchases.  Many of our hoops are suitable for slam dunks and are adjustable for kids of all sizes, so with that in mind, here are a few tips for kids who are looking to improve their game.

Dribble toward the basket

You’re allowed take two steps with the ball in your hand, so be sure to dribble right up till about a metre from the hoop. You should jump with the leg opposite your dunking hand, and focus your attention on the ball and the centre of the hoop. If at this early stage you’re unable to get high enough, you might need to take time and practice to build up strength and jumping height. 

Start with the ball in one hand

While the two-handed slam offers the most control and prevents in-air tackles (and looks a lot cooler), it’s also much harder.  The two-handed slam is maybe the most dominating move in basketball, but it takes a lot more leaping to touch the rim with two hands.

Use a smaller ball

When you’re first starting out, it’s much easier to practice with a small basketball. You can “palm” it more easily, control it in your approach, and you’re more likely to get it in the ring.

This also gives you a chance to get a feel for ball control when your arm is extended. Even people with large hands who can palm a full-sized basketball will sometimes lose their grip when dunking, so you need to get a feel for manoeuvring the ball and controlling it in the air.

How to Slam Dunk: Think of the entire movie — not just the goal

While we can focus all our attention on getting the ball in the net, too much attention here can cause you to hurt yourself. Make sure you land safely. Spend plenty of time working on your follow-through and landing, thinking of it as an entire sequence. Failure to do this and you’ll be like Wiley Cayote when he realises he’s suspended in mid-air over a chasm.

Don’t hang on the rim

It looks very cool, but in most games, you’re not allowed to do this. So not only is it a bad habit, but hanging on the rim can damage your basketball hoop. And it can also throw your centre of gravity off which can lead you to fall backwards, which puts you at risk of a serious head injury. 

How to Slam Dunk: Be persistent

Any new coordination is going to take time and practice. Just be sure to keep your focus on your aims: ball in net, safe, soft landing. If you focus on your goals, your brain will figure out the best way of achieving this for you. All you have to do is practise. If you miss, fall, or don’t reach the net, that’s not a failure. It’s your best attempt in this moment. Continued practice will bring a more refined, better attempt. Do this repeatedly, day after day, and you’ll be springing at the net in no time.

If you’d like help with choosing a net for you or your kids, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965 132

soccer equipment

Soccer Equipment

Soccer equipment is always needing repair and replacement. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a range of soccer training equipment that’s suitable for kids and adults alike. Whether it’s for training, practise or play, we have some items that will accommodate all levels.

Soccer Equipment: Goals

EXIT build high-quality, durable soccer goals in various sizes for different activities. For example, the EXIT Scala aluminium football goal comes in various sizes (including 500 x 200cm). This range is built to be strong yet lightweight. Highly portable, with an anodised coating to protect against the harsh Irish weather. Their “Maestro” (180cm x 120cm) is small enough to be used in even the smallest garden space. It has a smaller size which promotes accuracy and precision. There is also the “Flexx” Range, which is a set of two fold-up goals (120cm x 80cm). These are perfect for any situation. They allow you to enjoy soccer at any time and at any location,  whether at home, in your garden,  the schoolyard or while out camping. We also provide EXIT’s rebounders and “Kickbacks”, which comes in a range of sizes and are great for practising passes and kicks when you don’t have a practice partner.

Other Soccer Equipment

Of course, it isn’t soccer without a ball. In addition to the standard size five football, we also provide EXIT’s foam ball in black. These are much softer. Exit built these with younger children in mind. They’re fully waterproof so you can use it in and near water without any issue. We also provide a pack of 20 Line Marker Cones so that you can easily build a training course for you and your team. When you aren’t playing in a game, this is the perfect way to practice dribbling and quick manoeuvres in tight spaces. The marker cones come in a carry bag for easy storage.

In terms of foot skills, the EXIT Rapido foot skills trainer is an excellent way to improve your passing and handling skills. You stand in the centre of the circle and “pass”, kick, rebound and manoeuvre without a partner. The Rapido stops you from wasting time retrieving the ball every two minutes. The circle consists of six panels, each which reacts differently with the ball to create a dynamic environment for honing your soccer skills.

If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965 132

benefits of outdoor play

The Benefits of Outdoor Play

The benefits of outdoor play are becoming more necessary. Today, as technology is becoming increasingly the default, we’re seeing an increase in various childhood issues. Many people are pointing fingers at technology for the rise in obesity, ADD/ADHD and other issues. An argument can be made that technology is addictive to young children, and its negative effects can be sobering. A 2018 study by Cyber Safe Ireland showed that 92% of Irish children aged between 9 and 13 own a smart device. Now, more than ever, we need creative ways to encourage activity in younger people. Thankfully, kids tend to be drawn to outdoor toys. Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to encourage them as much as possible.

Benefits of Outdoor Play: Neurological Development

The growing trend of kids spending time indoors on their devices is very new. We do not know with certainty how this can affect a child’s development. But what we do know is that the brain is plastic. It can change and adapt depending on what we do in our day. “Exercising your brain” is a thing. Your kids need plenty of stimulation to create new neural connections so they become smarter, abler, healthier adults. Physical activity and interaction with the environment is a huge source of new stimulation that is impossible to gain from a smart device.benefits of outdoor play

The benefits of outdoor play also extend to your child’s physiology. Active outdoor play increases flexibility (and crucially, prevents inflexibility), and helps to refine their motor skills beyond the thumb and index finger, to incorporate the whole body in a wide array of movements that are essential for development, muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. 

We all have a natural need for physical exercise and activity. When we run, climb on the playhouse swing, jump, skate, or ride a bike in the fresh air and sunshine. They like to use their whole body when they play outdoors (so make sure your kid is dressed for the weather) and find such physical activities interesting and challenging.

When children are climbing, pushing or swinging, the fine and gross motor movements required to balance and coordinate their body is bathing their brain in neural activity. It’s stimulating muscle fibres to strengthen and lengthen. It’s stimulating bone density and strength, and most of all…it’s fun! When it comes to outdoor play, the benefits cannot be underestimated.  So get them out there having fun!

trampoline safety tips

Trampoline Safety Tips

Keep these trampoline safety tips in mind before you order your trampoline. While Trampolines can be safe for adults and kids and injuries are rare, most trips to the hospital caused by trampolines in Dublin were a result of one jumper colliding with another, individuals falling off the edge of the trampoline, or individuals attempting stunts.

Trampoline Safety Tips: Be aware of these trampoline injury statistics

One report estimated that 75% of all trampoline injuries occurred to children under 15 years of age. About 15% of those were injuries to children under 6 years of age. In extreme cases, where misuse of the trampoline caused severe injuries or even death, most victims were teenagers aged between 12 to 19. 

These are sobering statistics which highlight the importance of trampoline safety. So with all of that in mind, don’t let that stop you or your kids from enjoying yourselves. Provided there’s proper supervision and real rules in place, a trampoline is a fun and safe way to exercise, get outdoors and have fun. To help keep it that way, here are a few trampoline safety tips to keep in mind.

Seven Trampoline Safety Tips

  • Have adult supervision at all time, and a spotter next to the trampoline in case they lose their footing.
  • For safety reasons, children under 5 shouldn’t be allowed to use the trampoline.  To stop the younger kids from climbing on unsupervised, keep chairs and ladders stored away. 
  • Never allow more than one person to jump at a time. Collisions can easily happen when people share a trampoline and this is one of the most common causes of injury.
  • Keep the trampoline away from fences, lamp posts, trees or other potentially dangerous objects.
  • Somersaults, flips and other stunts should not be allowed. It’s easy for people without experience to try these stunts, and easier still for them to give themselves an injury in the process.
  • Never allow children to jump off the trampoline. Kids should be encouraged to stop jumping, move to the edge and slide off safely. A common injury with trampolines are broken or sprained ankles from jumping off the trampoline onto the ground. 
  • Wet trampolines are dangerous. Don’t allow kids to play on wet days and ensure it’s dry and provides safe footing before each use.

If you have any other questions, or you’re looking for further trampoline safety tips with regards to the placement or other factors, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965 132

playhouses for outdoors

Playhouses For Outdoors: How To Keep Them Maintained

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide some of the best playhouses for outdoors.  Produced by EXIT, a company with a reputation for building superb toys and equipment that can last in almost any weather conditions. Our customers sometimes ask about how long these playhouses last and how much they can be altered. 

Maintaining Your Playhouseplayhouses for outdoors

EXIT builds most of its playhouses using FSC® certified cedarwood (FSC 100%, SCS-COC-000652-WH). This wood doesn’t splinter and is naturally weather resistant. This means it’s highly resistant to wood rot, and you don’t need to treat the playhouse when you first get it.

The only exception to this is the EXIT Aksent range. These wooden playhouses are made from FSC certified Scandanavian pinewood (FSC 100%, SCS-COC-000652-WH). The pinewood is impregnated under high pressure to increase its lifespan. As with the Cedarwood, it doesn’t require any immediate treatment when you first get it. 

You can upkeep EXIT Playhouses for outdoors for years to come. Use a wood stain every second year to keep it preserved. And if at any time the wood develops mildew, it’s recommended you rub it off with a dry cloth and green soap. Green soap is usually an environmentally friendly, vegetable oil-based soap that is water-soluble. Once you do that, you’ll have it in good condition for years to come.

Modify Playhouses For Outdoors

Every person’s garden area is different. Sometimes a build won’t quite match your own situation. With EXIT’s playhouses, there is room to move things around as you see fit. If you want a playhouse with a slide, EXIT provides the option to move the slide to different positions. With most of their wooden options, you can attach the slide to different spots. In most cases, the stairs, as well as the slide, can be attached on either the left-hand or the right-hand side. In the Loft and Crooky with an extension or a veranda, the slide can also be mounted at the front side of the playhouse. 

We provide free shipping to anywhere in Ireland on all of our playhouses. If you have any questions, we might be able to help. You can reach us any weekday on 021 4965132.

portable jacuzzis

Portable Jacuzzis: 3 Great Options

Portable jacuzzis are hot tubs designed to be easily assembled or disassembled. We stock Lay-Z-Spa Outdoor Jacuzzis, which are inflatable, robust and extremely easy to set up and disassemble when needed. And while now is the time of year when most people are winding down their outdoor adventures, it’s also the best time to pick up some good discounts. 

The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet – €100 Discount

The Hawaii is one of Lay-Z-Spa’s upper range portable jacuzzis. As with most of Lay-Z-Spa’s higher range offerings, it uses strong, adjustable water jets to massage tired and achy muscles. It has eight such jets, as well as over one hundred air jets to create that relaxing bubble effect. It also comes with an in-built water treatment system, and can rapidly heat the water to forty degrees celcius, and the heating system comes with a timer so you can have it ready for you when you return home from work. As with all other Lay-Z-Spa products, the Hawaii comes with a one-year warranty.

Save €40 on “Palm Springs” Portable Jacuzzis

The Palm Springs Jacuzzi has all the same features of the Hawaii, but it’s built slightly smaller to accommodate 4-6 people rather than 5-7. The slightly smaller volume with the same heating system means that it can heat to temperature faster, though naturally it’s meant for a smaller group size. This is fine for most occasions, and the trade-offs are worth it for most. And despite a smaller discount than the Hawaii it still works out about €70 cheaper. 

Introducing the “Paris” Portable Jacuzzi

The Paris is one of Lay-Z-Spa’s mid-range offerings. While it doesn’t offer the massaging water jets, it has over eighty air jets to provide plenty of relaxing bubbles. It’s large enough to accommodate up to 5 people. It features a lighting system which can switch between seven different colours using the wireless remote. As with all the other jacuzzis on offer, you can assemble the Paris and have it ready to fill in about ten minutes. Disassembling it takes a little longer at times as you’ll need to drain the water and air before it can be fit to pack up for the winter, but it gives you a sense of just how portable these are. 

Have any questions? We offer free shipping on all our portable jacuzzis. To find out more feel free to contact us today on 021 4965132