paddling pools with free delivery

Paddling Pools With Ireland Delivery

If you’re looking for paddling pools with Ireland delivery, we can help. We have free delivery for any order over €125, and we have a range of paddling pools available to suit your needs. We also have hot tubs and family pools available in our garden pools section. As with our other products, we source the best quality companies with the best quality products. We look for pools that can take a beating and can last more than one summer.

Smaller Paddling Pools

Our smaller paddling pools may not qualify for free delivery if bought alone, but if you’re looking for a small pool for toddlers, the Sunnyland Splash is ideal. It has a little slide and a shallow, safe design. It uses bright, fun colours to keep your younger kids entertained for hours. It’s easy to inflate and fill with water, and you can attach your garden hose to the pool so that the centre of the pool sprays a little fountain of water.
The Bestway Fill ‘N Fun paddling pool is suitable for older children aged 3+. It has an excellent design, and its dimensions are 2.44m x .46metres in height. It’s easy to set up; you just unfold it and fill it with water. Rather than an inflatable wall, it uses rigid, durable PVC sidewalls. It has a sturdy vinyl base designed to take a beating.

Paddling Pools With Ireland Delivery: Water Slidespaddling pools with free delivery

If you’re looking for a miniature waterpark for your kids, we have the solution. H2OGO! Provide a range of water parks designed to provide endless hours of fun for your kids throughout the summer weeks. The Splash Tower Mega Water Park is an inflatable paddling pool combined with an inflatable slide and climbing wall. You attach a regular garden hose to the tower and transform it into a fun and unusual attraction for your kids. It’s easy to set up and includes an inflator that will get everything up and running in about two minutes. The only difficulty will be getting your kids to come in for their dinner!
The Turbo Splash Water Park takes everything fun about the Splash Tower Mega and adds a curved slide instead of a straight slide, an even larger play pool area and a water gun. This means that as your kids are taking turns on the slide someone else can shoot them with water.

You can view our full range of waterslides here, and if you have any questions give us a call today on 021 4965 132

best electric go-kart

Best Berg Electric Go-Kart: Which One Is It?

What’s the best Berg Electric Go-Kart? That depends on the style you want. BERG provides some of the best outdoor toys available, and their range of Go-Karts are no exception. They have a full range of karts for kids aged from 10 month-olds to adults kids. Many in their range have different features and options. Their Electric offering, the E-BFR, is no different. 

Best Berg Electric Go-Kart: The Berg Hybrid E-BFRbest electric go-kart

Not everyone wants to go full-electric. While your hybrid car might switch to diesel once you get going, the E-BFR Hybrid Go-Kart increases the juice when you increase the leg power. It uses a torque sensor to gauge how hard you’re peddling and provides power assistance to match your efforts.  It has four power levels. At the lowest is Eco, followed by Tour, Sport and finally TURBO and has three braking systems, a coaster brake, a handbrake and a parking brake.

The Berg X-Plore Electric  Go-Kart

With sturdy off-road pneumatic tyres and a swing axle, the Berg X-Plore can handle the rough and tumble around a yard or uneven lawn. As with the other karts in the range, the seat is adjustable so that as you grow, it can continue to accommodate you. The X-Plore models come in three types: The E-BFR which has an electric assist. The X-Plore BFR and BFR-3, which have similar dimensions to each other and are not electrical in design but have off-road capabilities.

Berg Extra Sport E-BFR

The Extra Sport E-BFR comes in two striking colours: Red and blue. With a classic design, these two karts have mudguards and a front spoiler, and as with all Berg Karts, they are compatible with the range of Berg Go-Kart Accessories. These include trailers, sirens, and other cool add-ons which can add to the fun. As with the other E-BFRs, the kart is guaranteed for two years and is built to last for many more after that.

Berg Black Edition E-BFR

To some, the Best Berg Electric Go-Kart is the Black Edition. It has a unique design on the tyres and the spoilers. The Berg frames are robust enough to handle professional use, and the standard size for the E-BFR range is 165cm length x 81cm width x 86cm height, with a max user weight of 100kg.

If you’d like to find out more about our range or have questions about our free delivery to anywhere in Ireland, give us a call today on 021 4965 132

Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower

What’s the Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower?

What’s the Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower? Once people are convinced that robotic lawnmowers can do an excellent job of maintaining an ample lawn space, the next questions that usually arise are what are the costs and how expensive is it to run. The Stihl iMow range offers robotic lawnmowers for every type of space and situation (these also come with free shipping direct to any home in Ireland). 

Running Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower: BatteryRunning Cost For a Robotic Lawnmower

Probably the most expensive part of any electronic product these days is its battery. The state of the art in battery technology today is Lithium-Ion. A higher-end lithium-ion battery such as the Stihl Lithium-Ion PRO can be fully recharged up to 1200 times. If you were to let the iMow recharge ten times per month (that’s twice per week), it would take up to 10 years before you reach 1200 cycles. Though of course, during that time there would be natural degradation of the battery, and so the amount of charge per cycle would be less. But in general, you can expect at least 2-4 years of dependable usage if using your iMow this frequently. We discussed the best robotic lawnmower depending on garden sizes so you can get an idea of what best suits your needs.

The Blades

Aside from the battery, the part of your robotic lawnmower most prone to wear and tear is the blade. The iMow has a system whereby each time it hits a hard surface, the rotation reverses. This means both sides of the blade wear equally. Stihl recommends replacing the blade after 200 operating hours. You may get more extended periods if you have no substantial obstacles in your path. But of course, when cutting grass, it’s crucial to have a clean cut. Blunt blades tear the grass rather than cut cleanly, which can cause discolouration of the lawn. So if you want a beautiful green garden, it’s best to replace this. Thankfully the blade is relatively inexpensive at about €24. If you’re running your iMow constantly, you might have an average running time of 40 hours per week. At that rate, you can expect to go through one blade every five weeks at high usage. Though of course, with the iMow you can choose when and how long your iMow operates (and with the RMI 632 GPS assisted robotic lawnmower you can do even more!). It doesn’t have to be continually working and can be programmed to run once or twice per week.

If you have any questions about our robot lawnmowers, contact us today on 021 4965 132

Best Inground Trampolines

What Are The Best Inground Trampolines?

Which are the best inground trampolines? That depends on what you want it for, who will be using it and for what purposes. We have the full range of Berg and EXIT in-ground trampolines which have something for everyone. With an Inground trampoline, you’ll need to dig a pit beneath the trampoline. The depth you’ll need for this pit will depend on the size of the jumping surface. Details of this are in each item description.

The Best Inground Trampolines in Terms Of Cost

The best value options by EXIT and Berg are the EXIT InTerra and the Berg Inground Favorit.  Each option comes in different sizes, with the same basic setup. The EXIT InTerra comes in 10, 12 and 14-foot options with a price range between €449.00 – €649.00. The Berg Inground comes in 6.5, 9, 11, 12.5 and 14-foot options. The prices range between €229.00 and €679.00 for the largest option. The two smaller options are perfectly priced and sized for kids, or for adults who have space restrictions or prefer to use this solely for the workout or health benefits.  Berg’s offering also has an option for a safety net which we recommend, especially for children. 

Size and QualityBest Inground Trampolines

If you’re looking for a more extensive setup, this is going to provide two crucial benefits; A more substantial area means it’s safer to perform stunts. It also provides a greater area with more springs and more potential energy, allowing for greater jumping heights. The higher-end models also have the best quality in terms of padding. While the full range has excellent durability, the top end models take the extra step of coating all metal springs in gold to prevent corrosion and increase longevity. The two contenders in this space are the EXIT Supreme which comes in one size at 14ft x 8ft, this costs €1049, and the Berg Inground Grand Elite which ranges between €1,199.00 – €1,549.00. The padding in both options is protected against wear and tear as well as the effects of UV light, which can deteriorate the materials and typically bleaches the materials over time when left outdoors.

View our full range of trampolines (including free shipping anywhere in Ireland). If due to high demand you cannot order online, you can reserve yours by calling today on 021-4965011.

How To Maintain Your Barbecue

How To Maintain Your Barbecue

Want to know how to maintain your barbecue? We all know that the fun of a grill is being able to invite family and friends to your yard, cook them up a storm and make some fantastic burgers. But the not-so-fun part is the maintenance. We’ve all enjoyed barbecues in Ireland for years now — enough to know that the day-after clean-up can be a bit of a hassle. Here are a few tips to keep it easy and ensure your barbecue is ready and serviceable for the next weekend of sunshine.

Avoid Strong ChemicalsHow To Maintain Your Barbecue

Our range of Campingaz BBQs include easy-to-clean surfaces, but not all grills are made equal.  Strong chemicals might remove the dirt from your barbecue, but chemicals can also be unhealthy and can stay on surfaces after the fact (and potentially affect the taste of your food, to boot!). Instead, just use ordinary dish soap and a scouring pad like steel wool (provided you don’t use too much force as it can damage your barbecue). It’s very straight forward to clean the grill with water and soap. You may still have a little discolouration on the metal after cleaning, but that’s caused from heat and not dirt – so provided you have cleaned it well, the stain is not a problem.

The Burners

Clean the burners as any remaining grease or grime can leave off thick smoke. This can make cooking on the grill like cutting onions. Also, give the diffuser plates a scrape to remove the grease and dirt, and give them a clean with water and soap to remove the heavy dirt. Again, discolouration doesn’t matter. Once you have the grime off, you’re going to have a clean and tear-free cooking experience.  Be sure that the holes on the burners are open and clear.  Any debris or dirt is going to cause a blockage, which will increase the risk of smoke (and tears), and can cause an uneven temperature on your cooking surfaces.

How To Maintain Your Barbecue While It’s Outdoors

You might get grease on the outer frame, thermometer, as well as on the inside of the grill. If you’re leaving it outside for a few days, it can be okay to leave the grease! Provided it’s for a relatively short period, it can act as a protective coating to prevent rusting. Of course, it will also need a protective layer to keep the rain away. When you’re ready to use it again, remove the grease from the surfaces.

Our barbecues come with free Ireland delivery. Have any questions? Call us today on 021 4965 132


A Hoverboard Go-Kart?

Have you heard of a Hoverboard Go-Kart? You take everything great about hoverboards, and you strap it to a Go-Kart chassis. We’ll get into why you’d want to do that in a moment, but first, let’s look at the Hoverboard that powers this idea. Many reviewers have recognised the Oxboard series for their excellent quality construction, good battery life and intuitive controls. 

Creating Your Hoverboard Go-Kart

Whatever Hoverboard you choose, you can attach it to the Oxboards Super Kart. Oxboard has a range of hoverboards ranging from the ONE-T Hoverboard (currently costing €189) to the Oxboarod PRO (Currently available for €309) and a few different models in between. Of course, the most crucial feature of any hoverboard is its battery, and that is the main difference between the different models in the Oxboard range. If you plan to use this a lot, you may want to look into the higher range models as these have the best battery technology which combines capacity with durability. The best performing batteries tend to have a longer battery life as they require fewer cycles.

The Super Karthoverboard-go-kart

Oxboards Super Kart converts any of Oxboard’s range of hoverboards into a street go-kart including a handbrake. It has an adjustable frame, so it is suitable for any ages (provided they’re old enough to use the equipment safely). The chassis is very light and portable. And because it’s removable from the hoverboard motor, it’s effortless to take with you wherever you roam. It uses a few simple straps to attach to the Hoverboard. This makes it easy to set up, and it’s incredibly easy to operate. Remember that with a Go-Kart, you have a lower profile, and it’s harder for people to see you. Never use this on roads where you are not only vulnerable but also high risk. You must also wear protective equipment despite being closer to the ground as Oxboard hoverboards can reach a speed of up to 15kmph.

If you’re interested in a hoverboard, Go-Kart, or E-Scooter, why not check out our full range? Most of our products include free delivery to your door, anywhere in Ireland. Any questions? Give us a call on 021 4965 132

electric pruner

Electric Pruner: The Stihl GTA 26

An electric pruner can be a useful addition to your arsenal. This is for you if you are a professional landscaper. As a battery-powered pruner with a miniature chainsaw, the GTA 26 must be treated with great care and only used after training and learning about its safety features. This is a heavy-duty pruner, so you will need to wear full protective clothing at all times. 

The GTA 26 is a high-quality piece of machinery. It can be excellent for a landscaper who may need to perform a large amount of lighter work. It can cut vines or other thin branches that are growing around a tree, or remove brush that’s tangled up. The GTA 26 can be an excellent option for quickly and comfortably removing these obstacles without cumbersome, larger machines which can be more dangerous in certain areas.  A handheld pruner used constantly can be a strain, especially if this is just one small job of many. The pruner takes away that strain and increases your efficiency. With regards to battery life, if you are continually cutting it may last about 15 minutes, but for normal usage where you are going from one area to another it will likely last up to one hour. This is not a replacement to a full electric chainsaw and doing any kind of saw work will wear the battery out in a matter of minutes.

The GTA 26 Electric Prunerelectric pruner

The Stihl GTA 26 is essentially a miniature electric chainsaw. It has a 4″ blade with the same chain used in Stihl’s electric pole saws.   The GTA 26 comes in a pack with the pruner, the battery and charger, as well as oil for the chain. It weighs 1.2 kilograms, a little heavier than a box of cereal, so it’s comfortable to hold and use. 

When using the pruner, ensure that the chain is well lubricated. This chain doesn’t spin very quickly so it won’t wear as fast compared with a regular chainsaw. It has a built-in battery gauge so you can tell if the battery needs replacing. The pruner is suitable for pruning small limbs and relatively little branches. It isn’t ideal for cutting larger pieces of wood that would require a regular or electric chainsaw. Stihl also provides electric garden shears, though note that the batteries for this device are not compatible with the GTA 26.

View the rest of our professional battery garden tools. If you have any questions about our free delivery service for specific equipment, please contact us today on 021 4965 132

electric garden tools

Electric Garden Tools

Electric garden tools are becoming more popular each year. As battery technology improves, the advantages of a lighter, quieter power tool become more appealing to more people. In particular, Stihl’s range of domestic-use battery powered garden tools is excellent for less-intensive professional use, at home and around the garden. With much lighter designs, these are comfortable for everyone to use. Here are a few examples.

Electric Garden Tools: The FSA 57 Trimmer

When you’re keeping your garden tidy, cutting the grass and weeding the flower beds, you’ll always have areas around the parameter that you just can’t reach with the mower. The only efficient way to get at these areas is with a trimmer. But most trimmers have a loud, heavy two-stroke engine and are designed for larger-scale use. The FSA 57 Trimmer bridges that gap. Designed for lighter use around the yard, it’s quiet and light, with minimal vibration thanks to its electric motor. And with Stihl’s range of batteries, it has a run life of 25 minutes per battery. You can swap batteries if you need a bit more time to finish the job, so you have more than enough to keep things tidy around the yard.

The HSA 56 Hedgetrimmer

Like the trimmer, the HSA 56 hedge trimmer bridges that gap when a professional-level petrol-powered engine is overkill, and a lighter, more portable option is preferred. With an excellent balance and minimal vibrations, you can comfortably use the HSA 56 for as long as you need. It can run for a minimum of 100 minutes using the AK 20 Lithium-Ion battery pack, or a minimum of 50 minutes with the AK 10. As far as electric garden tools go, the HSA 56 is perhaps one of the more impressive examples that makes it great for keeping your hedges and light foliage tidy throughout the year with minimal effort.

The Stihl MSA 120 C-BQ Chainsaw 12″ electric garden tools

The MSA 120 C-BQ is excellent for keeping your garden trim and tidy. It’s great for smaller branches and bushes around the garden. It can also be used for cutting up firewood for your home stove. Chainsaws are potentially dangerous without proper handling; our range is only available for collection in-store only. Before purchasing any chainsaw, we recommend you go over the safe usage and features of the machine before you use it.

View our full range of battery-powered garden tools. Most of our equipment (not including chainsaws) has free delivery to Ireland when you order online. For any queries contact us on 021 4965 132

barbecues ireland

Barbecues Ireland: The Best Options For Any Situation

We have some of the best barbecues Ireland has to offer — with free delivery to your door!  View our full range of BBQs Ireland. Whether you’re camping, need something compact, or you’re seeking the highest-quality option that can bang out burgers for family and friends, we have something for every situation. We selected our range based on the best manufacturers, including Campingaz, who have been innovating in the space since 1949. 

Fully-Featured Barbecues Ireland, Delivery Includedbarbecues ireland

We have a select range of full-featured BBQs. The Campingaz 4 Series has several high-end options which are perfect for your garden space.  The Classic LS, like the rest in the series, is built to solve two of the biggest niggles with barbecues — the mess, and the risk of food poisoning! While most barbecues have an uneven cooking temperature across the surface of the grill, the Campingaz designed their range to cook with an even temperature throughout. This means that you don’t have to worry about one stray sausage ruining your friend or family member’s weekend. A significant pain that often accompanies barbecues is the tricky nature of clean-up. Dried and burnt food clings to cooking surfaces, and these surfaces are often not fully removable. Campingaz has fully-removable surfaces so you can take them out, give them a quick run over with some steel wool, and then throw them into the dishwasher with everything else without the messy and time-consuming scrubbing that nobody wants after a great day of relaxation in the sun.

Options For Camping and Smaller Spaces

If you have a smaller space or would like to be able to take your BBQ away with you on a trip, we have the Party Grill range. The beauty of the Party Grill 400 is that it can do more than burgers and sausages (if you are so inclined!). Campingaz built this to accommodate all sorts of cooking for all different tastes, from BBQs to making a cup of tea. Even the lid can function as a Wok. So if you ever crave a stir fry, you’ll have the option! As with all of our options, there’s a built-in ignition, and you can replace the gas cylinder during cooking. So if you ever had that experience of your gas running out during cooking, unlike some options out there, you can easily switch the cylinder without ruining the food.

View our full range of barbeques with free delivery in Ireland. If you have any questions about our range or our delivery service, you can call us today on 021 4965 132

bbq with delivery in Ireland

BBQ Ireland Delivery

We provide a BBQ Ireland delivery service direct to your home — so you can enjoy the barbie without the queue! We have taken into account the different setups people have at home and selected a range that suits everyone, from shared flats with a balcony to those of us who have a nice outdoor space to enjoy. We provide one of the best ranges of BBQs in Ireland, including Kuhn, Party Grill and Campingaz.  Here are a few highlights from our selection:

The Kuhn Rikon Tabletop Gas BBQbbq with delivery in Ireland

The Kuhn Rikon is an excellent compact barbeque which provides portability and easy storage with a beautiful and intelligent design. While most portable options focus more on substance over style, the Kuhn Rikon manages both very well. This is the perfect option for smaller homes with a more confined outdoor area or apartment dwellers who may have a smaller outdoor space, such as a balcony. The Rikon has beautiful (removable) beech wood side trays, which help with your cooking endeavours but are also removable, which is especially handy for more restricted spaces. The Rikon sits on your table or any well-support surface, has an integrated thermometer, and works with your regular butane or propane camping gas cartridge. It also comes with a full set of high-quality utensils which cost €19.99 to buy separately.

The Campingaz Master 3 Series LS BBQ Ireland Delivery Included

On the higher end, for those who have more space, is the Master 3 Series LS. This is the perfect option for those of us who love eating but could do without so much maintenance. This model helps prevent the usual problem with BBQs, which is that they don’t cook all the food evenly. Nobody wants to give their friends and family food poisoning, and the Campingaz range achieves even heat distribution to help prevent this risk so the master chef can relax and enjoy the party.  The other major hassle that can accompany a barbeque is the clean-up, and Campingaz addressed this with their “InstaClean” system, which means all the cooking surfaces are easily removed and thrown in the dishwasher so we can let the robots do the dirty work.

Be sure to view our full range of home-delivered barbeques in Ireland. If you have any questions about our delivery service or our online options, please don’t hesitate to call us on 021 4965 132

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower: The Ultima ZT1

A Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower is by far the best you can get in terms of speed, durability and efficiency. And on the top of this range is Cub Cadet’s Zero-turn Pro Mowers. The ZT1 54″ is Cub Cadet’s 2019 model. It is the result of over 63,000 working hours of research, design and testing — and it shows. The research focused on what professionals need and want. The design was refined over and over based on consumer feedback, and that’s how they ended with the ZT1. 

Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower: Ultima ZT1Professional Zero-Turn Lawnmower

This machine is fast and efficient. Cub Cadet has built it solid, with a square steel frame. Its engine can save up to 25% on fuel costs compared with other models of similar specification. In terms of comfort, the ZT1 is in a class of its own. The back seat is high and upright. Compared with many plastic bucket seats out there, it’s extremely comfortable to work on for hours at a time.  The Lat Bars have comfortable, rubberised grips and are fully adjustable to whatever position you need. You can change the deck, and seat height, using a peddle and adjusting wheel. There are LED headlights set to ‘always on’ for maximum visibility. There’s a thick rubber footpad to reduce vibration coming up through your feet. Compared with consumer-level ride-on lawnmowers this is in a class of its own

Cutting and Performance

The ZT1’s (and Cub Cadet Z5) cutting deck has been offset to the side so that it pokes out beyond the chassis and wheels. Most tractor mowers have the deck directly under the seat and centred within the chassis, which means your tractor mower takes up less space. But it also means you’re “shooting blind” at times. With the ZT1, you can get a good, clean trim and clearly see where you’re cutting and this is especially useful when you’re cutting around edges or features.

The trailer hitch allows you to pull tractor mower accessories, such as aerators, sweepers or garden carts. Since ZT Mowers are about performance and don’t have built-in collectors, the addition of a sweeper such a the Agri Fab Tow Smart can be great for tidying up the grass after mowing. You can offset this to match the cutting deck, so it catches the majority of clippings. The Agri Fab Tow Smart has an easy-to-reach handle so you can quickly dump clippings and is an excellent addition to the setup. 

The ZT1 is currently available for €16,999. For a no trade-in straight deal price, please call us today on 021 4965 132. 

Paddling Pools With a Twist

Paddling pools provide days of fun for kids during the summer period. And while we might have easy to entertain in our youth, kids nowadays have so much on offer that they can sometimes need an extra bit of excitement to draw them away from their screens. Luckily, outdoor toys have progressed along with everything else. We have many great garden pools to suit different needs, so why not check out our full range? Here are three great options for toddlers to 10-year olds:

A Paddling Pool Play Centre for Toddlerspaddling pools for toddlers

The Sunnyland Splash paddling pool is perfect for toddlers. It’s friendly and safe, has lots of fun colours and a little inflatable slide on the side. In the centre of the paddling pool is a smiley sunshine face which has a fountain for a nose (this connects easily to the garden hose). Lots of fun to be had here.

Paddling Pools on Fanta: The H20GO! Splash Tower

H20GO! are a brand that makes the kind of outdoor toys we could only dream of when we were small. The Splash Tower is like an inflatable Aquadome for out your back garden. You get a regular little paddling pool and make it into the splash pool for a giant inflatable water slide, and attach a climbing wall. Your garden hose connects to the top of the “tower” (about two metres in height). This toy is perfect for kids aged 5-10 (with adult supervision, of course). It’s effortless to set up — you may look at the photo and imagine yourself blue in the face trying to pump it. But thankfully, all of H20G0!‘s products include an air blower that will have the whole thing inflated in less than two minutes and keeps it that way automatically for the duration of your kids’ playtime.

Parental Advisory: Your Kids May Refuse To Come In For Their Dinner

The H20GO! Hurricane Blast is the kind of outdoor toy that might just transform our Nintendo Switch addicted youths into potential future Olympians! This extra-large pool has a bigger play pool and a climbing wall for kids to reach the tower. As for the slide, it’s more extended slide and has a big bend on it ends in a splash pool. The hurricane blast allows more space for more kids at once, so it’s great for larger groups and will provide countless hours of entertainment.

Many of our paddling pools come with free delivery. For any questions contact us on 021 4965 132

hot tub hire

Hot Tub Hire Or Buy Your Own Portable?

A hot tub hire can be a great idea if you want to enjoy chilling outside at home in the sun with your friends and family, drink in hand, music playing, and hot bubbling water soothing and massaging your tired muscles. A hot tub hire makes sense when regular hot tubs require extensive installation and maintenance, whereas you can have a portable option hired out for a weekend. These can be pricey to rent out, and that’s fine if you only intend to use it once. But if it’s something you enjoy doing and would consider doing it more than once, it will be a lot more cost-effective to buy your own portable. We have a full range of portable hot tubs which can be purchased and set up a couple of days before you plan to use it, and once you’re done, it’s yours to use whenever you want. 

Hot Tub Hire? Why Not Buy Your Own?hot tub hire

A hot tub hire is appealing because most of us wouldn’t find it worthwhile to have a fixed installation at home. It’s expensive to install a fixed hot tub and doing so takes up permanent space. That’s before maintenance during periods when you won’t be using it. For a typical hot tub installation, you need someone to build and install it,  perhaps adding decking and other permanent fixtures around it. But a portable option, which is the same one used for hot tub hire, is inflatable. You can easily assemble it within an hour, and once it’s up, it’s just a matter of connecting it to water and letting the built-in system heat it. And when you’re finished using it, after a weekend or maybe after the summer, you can easily disassemble it and put it away so that it’s not taking up space in your garden. The heating process takes about 12-24 hours, so once you have everything in place, it’s just a matter of waiting. It will reach a hot, comfortably temperature of 40c.

Portable Hot Tubs to Buy: Different Sizes and Costs

Regular portable hot tubs come in various sizes, and so does Lay-Z-Spa’s range. With options for 4-7 adults at a time, there’s something for everyone— for example the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas which costs €579 to own and can comfortably fit 4-7 people. There’s also the budget option, the Lay-Z-Spa Miami which can seat 2-4 people and costs just €499 to own and use whenever you want. Of course, there is something for everyone, and the Lay-Z-Spa Maldives is on the higher end of the spectrum, with 8 Hydro jets and 140 Airjets, it fits 5-7 people comfortably. All of these come with free delivery to your home. 

If an option you’re interested in is not currently in stock, you can reach us on 021 4965 132 to reserve your order.

portable barbecues

Portable Barbecues: 2 Portable BBQs for Summer

Portable barbecues are perfect for those of us living in homes without much yard space or storage. Especially when you only get to use the barbecue for a few months out of the year. We have a range of barbecues to suit different situations and settings.

Portable Barbecues: Let’s Start With The Smallest

The Kuhn Rikon Tabletop Gas BBQ works best if you have a heat-resistant table to place it on (keeping in mind that it’ll be hot, so you don’t want it to be too near people sitting down). It has an attractive design and is perfect for small spaces such has on an apartment balcony. The BBQ comes in the following dimensions: 97cm in length, 39 cm in height, and 44cm in width.  

In addition to being relatively compact, the cooking surface is decently sized, measuring 47cm by 35cm. Built into the lid is a steel thermometer. It has an integrated electric lighter and uses regular gas to power it. It has an attractive design with two beechwood trays on either side of the cooker. These are removable if you have limited space, but they’re handy for holding utensils and plates. The Kuhn Rikon also comes with a three-piece set of BBQ utensils worth €19.99. 

Barbecues For campingportable barbecues

The Party Grill 400 is one of the most portable barbecues around. It functions as a stovetop, a griddle and the lid can be flipped around and used as a wok. It’s geared for campers and produced by Campingaz, who have been producing camp cooking products for over 80 years. This grill also includes a built-in electric ignition to keep things simple and straightforward. The Party Grill 400 can be placed outdoors on the ground. It also has a removable tripod system so you can keep the heat away from the ground and bring the grill closer to you. The party grill uses Campingaz cylinders, which they have designed for portability. 

Portable barbecues come in all shapes and sizes. While the Kuhn Rikon is perfect for at-home portability, the Campingaz Party Grill is exceptionally easy to carry around. The handles over the cover are very secure and can be used to hold the device with one handle. They also come with a carry bag so you can put it away when you’re not using it.  Order online, or to find out more, call us today on 021 4965132

outdoor play ideas

Outdoor Play Ideas For The Family

If you’re looking for outdoor play ideas for the family, we have plenty to offer this summer. Many of our items include free shipping anywhere in Ireland. Here are just a few from our selection. 


Playhouses never go out of style because children love to play pretend. EXIT’s range of Playhouses creates a perfect place for your kids to enjoy the outdoors, immerse themselves in their imagination and all the while the range provides a beautiful piece for the garden. Most children’s playhouses which come in gaudy plastics and colours. The EXIT range, however, comes in a Nordic style, with real wood and pastel colours, making it an attractive addition to any garden space.

Outdoor Play Ideas For Sports Fanatics

Whether it’s basketball or football, we have a full range of sports toys to keep the family entertained throughout the summer. Including a range of outdoor goals and nets in all sizes, and some adjustable to accommodate different age groups, there’s something for everyone. Including rebounder kits so that you can learn to improve your passing and shooting skills on your own.


What goes up must come down, and up again, and down again, and up again…! Trampolines are an endless source of entertainment, whether you’re an adult or a child, we have a range of trampolines so suit the whole family. Including a range of inground and flat ground setups so that you can keep your garden seamless while still providing a space for fun. 

Hoverboardsoutdoor play ideas

Hoverboards are all the rage for kids of all ages (including adult kids). They’re portable, fun and can allow anyone to practise their balancing skills (just make sure you wear a helmet…and padding!). We appreciate Oxboard’s range for their durability and excellent battery performance, so these are well worth considering. Oxboard also provide some of the best e-scooters around.

Outdoor Play Ideas For Grown-ups: Hot Tubs

For the older outdoor play, hot tubs can’t be beaten. They’re a perfect centrepiece for a family day at home. Enjoy the sunshine and a few homemade cocktails. Bask in the warm 40c water, and let the waterjets massage your muscles. We offer some of the best hot tubs around, and what’s more, these are easily disassembled so that you only have them in your garden when you want to use them.

To find out more or to order, contact us today on  021 4965 132

best garden pools

Best Garden Pools

We have some of the best garden pools available this summer. And with free delivery anywhere in Ireland you can’t go wrong! If you pre-order today, you’ll have your pool arrive by mid-June, so it’s best to get ahead of the curve. No matter the type of garden pool you’re looking for, we have a great range suitable for the whole family.

Best Garden Pools: The Bestway Rangebest garden pools

The Bestway 9ft 10″ Pool which is made from a very strong and durable “Tri-Tech” material. As with all of Bestway’s range, this is a complete set that’s easy to set up (no tools needed). Instead, the frame is connected together with a Seal and Lock system. In addition to the tri-tech materials, the frame itself is made from corrosion-resistant metal which means that your pool is covered by a two-year warranty. The Bestway is easily stored away when the summer fun ends. Similarly, Bestway offer the 10ft Steel Promax. This is a circular design which comes with a filter pump, filter, two attachable cup holders and a repair patch.

For a large pool, Bestway offers the 13ft 1″  Pro Rectangular Pool Set. All of the larger Bestway pools have a ‘flow control’ valve so you can easily drain your pool. Rather than flooding your garden, you can attach a hose and have the water drain away in a better location. 

Garden Pools for Large Groups

Bestway’s 13 ft 6” x 6 ft 6″ x 48″ power  steel rectangular pool set is one of the longest and deepest in the range. Despite the larger size it’s just as easily assembled and easy to store away when you’re finished. This larger pool comes with a safety ladder so you and your family can easily get in and out of the pool. And to help keep this considerably larger mass of water clean and fresh, the Power Steel Rectangular Pool comes with a 530 gallon water filter pump.

The Best Pools for Children

Bestway’s 6ft Fast Set Paddling pool is great for the kids. It’s an inflatable setup that you can have up and running within 10 minutes and costs only €32.99. For larger families, there is also Bestway’s 10-foot paddling pool for only €45.00. This can comfortably allow your kids to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine with extreme portability and comfort! 

If you have any questions about our pools or our free delivery on specific orders, you can reach us on 021 4965 132

best e-scooter

Oxboard’s Best E-Scooter: 2 Models Available With Free Shipping Anywhere in Ireland

Finding the best E-Scooter can be a challenge. There are so many brands out there, and they are fast becoming a big thing, with kids and adults alike taking to the streets and parks and using it as a mode of transport. The Oxboard models are built for people aged 14 and up.  Oxboard is a top-rated Dutch company specialising in electronic transporters such as hoverboards.  They are regarded for quality builds and durability. Oxboard offers two e-scooter models:

1. The Oxboard E-Kick

The E-Kick is light, tough and durable and comes in at the best price of €259. it has a good battery built to last 10-12km on a single charge and can carry up to 120 kilos. It’s highly portable, with a much smaller “kick-start” engine designed to kick in when you give it a push to get going. The great thing about the E-Kick is that it’s so lightweight, and the battery and motor so neat, that if it runs out of juice, it works just as seamlessly as a regular scooter. So unlike a lot of models out there, even if your battery dies while you’re out and about, you won’t suddenly feel like you’re scooting along on an old 1954 Whirlpool Washing Machine.

2. The PRO2: Oxboard’s Best E-Scooterbest e-scooter

The PRO2 is Oxboard’s newest model and comes in black and white. It comes in at €599 and here is what you get for the price. The PRO2 is all about the motor. It has a powerful 350-watt engine which can carry up to 130kgs with a top speed of 25km/h. With a 7.5Ah battery, this will let you drive up to 30 kilometres before you need to charge up. Charging takes about 3.5 hours. 

Naturally, with such a powerful motor, you need to be able to slow yourself down, and the PRO2 comes with two independent disc brakes, front and back. One notable difference between the PRO2 and many competitors is the more extended deck to accommodate the larger battery while giving you more space. The PRO2 has lights on the front and back, including a brake light. The PRO2 is also portable with a foldable handle and weights 15kg. It comes with a two-year warranty and uses 8.5inch tyres.

All Oxboard E-Scooters come with free shipping anywhere in Ireland. For inquiries, or to find out which is the best e-scooter for you, call us today on 021 4965 132

slip n slide for kids

Slip N Slide For Kids

A Slip N Slide can provide endless hours of fun, and let’s admit it — we all wanted one when we saw them on the telly when we were kids! H2OGO!’s range is a perfect easy-to-setup option for your garden. You’ll find it very quick and easy to set up — it’s just a matter of attaching a garden hose for the water, and your kids are good to go! With summer looming and no sun holidays looking likely this year, we expect these to sell out fast but you can pre-order today for delivery in Mid-June. There are three options:


The Single is €23.99 when you pre-order, and has one 5.4-metre lane for your kids to enjoy and is excellent for flat gardens. To set it up, you get your hose and fill the “Speed Ramp” with water. The Speed Ramp does what it sounds like, and allows kids to enjoy the water slide even if the garden is flat. Just fill the ramp with water to weigh it down, and fill the inflatable air cushions with air to keep things nice and safe.

2. H2OGO!’s DOUBLE SLIP 16FTslip n slide for kids

The Double Slide is €24.50, is 4.8 metres in length and ideal for kids aged 3+. This model has two separate lanes so two kids can slide together, and the ride ends with a little splash pool finish. In addition to the hose, the Double Slip N Slide has built-in sprinklers to make sure the two lanes are nice and slippery!


Coming in at €31.99, the Triple Slide has the same length as the double, but it’s wider and has a larger splash pool to accommodate three kids at the same time.

Let’s Not Let Environmental Concerns Slide!

If wasting water or soaking your petunia bed are concerns, H20GO! have a neat little device to make sure your kids don’t end up wasting water and turning your garden into a marsh! It’s called the H20GO! Water Saver Timer, and it’s a simple, child-friendly pedal that runs the water continuously for 30-60 seconds at a time. The timer saves water by only running when the slide is used, helping the environment while covering for our kids’ lack of adherence to schedules and checklists!  It uses 4 AAA batteries (not included). The Water Saver costs €34.99 and is also available for pre-order.

If you have any questions about pre-ordering online, you can call us on 021 4965 132

inground trampolines

Inground Trampolines

Inground Trampolines offer an excellent compromise for those who want to keep a tidy outdoor space but want to maximise the fun and enjoyment. In-ground trampolines are also much easier to step onto than their regular counterparts. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a range of BERG trampolines which are well-known for being one of the world’s best manufacturers of trampolines. Built to last, this range can put up with our Irish weather without much difficulty. Here a few of BERG’s best Inground trampolines starting with the lowest in cost.

BERG Inground Trampolines: The Favoritinground trampolines

The Favorit comes in five different sizes with an optional safety net, and so its price ranges from €229 to €679. While being the entry-level model, it’s still equipped with BERG’s GoldSpring Solo springs which are weather-resistant and incredibly robust. It has thick protective padding along its edge. Made from PVC on the upper and under layer, it’s built to last years. The optional safety net has a self-closing entrance to prevent people from stumbling through it accidentally. Though of course, as with any trampoline, children must be supervised at all times.  As with all the other models, BERG’s trampolines are UV resistant so that the sun doesn’t bleach or damage them as you typically get with other trampolines left outdoors for long periods. 

The BERG Champion

Ranging in price from €459 to €1,089, The Champion is a higher-end offering. Coming in four different sizes (9,11,12.5 and 14 feet) with the option of comfort or deluxe safety net, as well as BERG’s higher-end “Twinspring” gold weatherproof springing system, AirFlow jumping mat which reduces air pressure allowing for much higher jumping height and sturdy steel construction. Its PVC Padding is also thicker for extra safety.

The BERG Elite 

The Elite is a much bigger sized trampoline. Ranging from €839.00 – €1,409 and coming in 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft, an arrangement of colours and two safety-net options (as well as a no safety net option). As with the Champion, the Elite has extra-thick PVC padding, the option for a higher quality safety net with self-closing entrance, and its TwinSpring GoldSpring technology is placed at an angle so that the increased area of the jumping mat doesn’t reduce its springiness.  The springs are also extra long to accommodate the larger jumping surface. 

If you’d like to find out more about our inground trampolines, feel free to call us today on 021 4965 132

hot tub maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Need a few hot tub maintenance tips? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a range with some of the best hot tubs as well as accessories for maintaining your hot tub throughout spring and summer. Follow these guidelines to keep things pristine.

Hot Tub Maintenance: Keep your hot tub cover clean

Use some warm water and stain remover (or a little bit of bleach) to remove the mildew from the surface of your hot tub cover. Just be sure to use a minimal amount of bleach and rinse thoroughly afterwards. Wipe the inside of the cover once or twice a week at most. This will remove any mildew and accompanying odours.

Keep the hot tub – and its water – clean hot tub maintenance

Use a cleaner for your hot tub such as our range of hot tub cleaners. These effectively remove stains, algae and help clear the water. Or if you want you can also use white vinegar to clean around the jets and at the waterline to prevent staining and mildew, this is also very effective. Use the cleaning liquid, or about 5 or 6 jugs of vinegar added into the water to soak in the heated water for a couple of days to remove any build-up of slime that can occur during the periods when the hot tub is not in use. If you’re in an area with hard water, the cleaning fluid or vinegar can also remove the build-up around the filter and anywhere where the water is likely to accumulate. 

Drain and clean your tub every 3-4 for months, or more frequently if you use it every day. Think of it as a bathtub. You want to clean it regularly (and not use the same water the whole time). It’s essential to change the water frequently and also to shower before using it to reduce the build-up of grime.

Clean the filters

Remove and rinse the filters on the hot tub with a hose while you’re cleaning the hot tub. And be sure to keep cleaners on hand so that they’re always there and easy to use when you think of it. This will encourage you to maintain the hot tub as you’re using it, preventing the build-up of stubborn stains and keeping everything pleasant and enjoyable the whole time you’re using it. 

If you have any further questions about hot tub maintenance, call us on 021 4965 132.