Store Your Tractor Mower

How to Store Your Tractor Mower During Frosty Periods

In Ireland, we usually don’t have to worry too much about sub-zero temperatures. When you properly store your tractor mower this is almost a non-issue. However, if the weather is due to get very cold and you don’t plan to use the equipment, there’s no harm in taking precautions.  These directions should be suitable for most ride on lawnmowers.

Always read and follow the manual for your particular make and model. But the first step is general before doing any work on the mower is to prevent accidental ignition. The safest way to do this is to disconnect the spark plug wire.

How to store your tractor mower for long periods

Petrol goes stale in about a month, so if you’re not planning to use your tractor mower you can add a fuel preserver to your lawnmower’s tank. This sits on the top of the fuel and lessens the chance of water contamination, which happens when condensation builds up around the fuel tank, also known as “sweating”. Fuel preserver also prevents gum formation in the essential parts.

You can ensure that the preserver is spread throughout the system — just run the engine for 10 minutes. While the engine is still warm, change the oil, the filter and fuel filter. If you want to remove the oil us a drain pain to avoid a mess. We also provide ride on lawnmower service and repairs and can take care of this for you if necessary. Before installing a new filter, lightly oil the gasket with clean oil and tighten it once sealed. Make sure not to overfill it with oil.

If your spark plugs need changing, now is also a good time to do this. Before putting this away in storage, start the engine for a few moments to check for leaks. If there are no issues you’re almost done. The final step before storage is to disconnect the battery cable from its terminal. Always start with the negative cable, then the positive. It’s best to store the battery somewhere cool and dry if your storage area is not suitable. We do not recommend storing tractor mowers outdoors, even with coverings. If possible, we recommend renting a storage space if there is nothing available in your area.

If you’d prefer to get your tractor mower serviced professionally, you can call us today on 021 4965 132

how to store your inflatable hot tub

How to Store Your Inflatable Hot Tub

While we tend to get more moderate temperatures which will allow you to use inflatable hot tubs in Ireland throughout much of the winter, Most Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs are not designed to function when the temperature drops drop below 4c. When the weather approaches freezing, it’s important to store your inflatable hot tub. Here are some tips for safely disassembling the hot tub when you do need to pack it away during colder periods, or if you don’t plan to use it.

One exception to this is the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki, which is designed for all-year-round use. In Canada and the Northern States of the US, winter hot tubs are a popular social event even in temperatures reaching minus double digits. The contrast between the cool frosty weather and the heated pool is incredibly comforting and relaxing.

Packing Away Your Hot Tub

It’s really all about the weather. Inflatable hot tubs aren’t designed to work in frost and if the water in the pump freezes it’s likely to damage the unit. It’s best to pack the hot tub away a few weeks before frost or freezing is likely. Once you remove all standing water off the covers, disconnect the pump and pipes. Then drain everything completely. Once empty, clean it thoroughly as it may have gathered dirt over the months. Once it’s bone dry, pack it away.

How to Store Your Inflatable Hot Tub: Deflate it Fully

To get the air out of the inflatable hot tub, release the valve (marked number 1). This will take about 10 minutes and you may need to apply some pressure to get all the air out. Once you deflate it fully, clean the base off with a hose. Do the same for the inside and cover. The inflatable lid that sits inside the cover tends to get dirtiest. This is likely because the chlorine can’t reach it, so it tends to accumulate mildew and other organic materials.

It’s a straight forward job. Just make sure you dress appropriately for cold and wet weather. As with most inflatable products, you are unlikely to put it back into its original packaging.  Don’t try to force it back into the original packaging as this can damage it. If it doesn’t fit, even after being deflated, you can protect it with plastic or covering and store it away somewhere dry, where it’s unlikely to be damaged by outdoor equipment or kids playing about. This should be more than adequate. 

Need help with your hot tub? Give us a call today on 021 496 5132

kids go karts for sale

Kids Go Karts for Sale

We currently have some kids Go Karts for sale. As winter descends upon us, some activities become less appealing even for kids. Some equipment gets put away in storage, some, unfortunately, some goes in the bin. But others continue to provide value, year in and year out. BERG’s range of Go Karts are hardy and durable, and as far as outdoor activities go, Go Karting remains fun even during the winter months. While we have a whole range of Go Karts for sale, today we want to focus on two areas that are very popular.

Themed Kids Go Karts for Salekids go karts for sale

Go Karts are easily one of the top-rated outdoor sports toys for active children. If your child is interested in playing pretend, there are themed Go Karts which, when combined with accessories, can add weeks of additional value to the Go Kart. For example, the Farm Range includes a John Deere ‘Tractor’ Go Kart for ages 5+. It has three gears and is modelled to resemble everyone’s favourite farming equipment, including a faux ‘exhaust’. Some of the accessories available include a working lift bucket, a pallet fork and a rollbar with a flashing light. The lift bucket and pallet fork work using a winch and pulley system which is great fun.

The Specials range also have different themes and configurations which can be a lot of fun. These include the BERG ‘Chopper’ Go Kart, built to resemble the motorbike. This also comes with a two-seater “sidecar” configuration.

Self-Propelled Kids Go Karts for Sale

While this post focuses solely on Go Karts for Kids, it’s worth mentioning that these models are also suitable for adults, since you’ll almost be tempted to have a go yourself. Go Karting as a professional sport for adults can handle incredible speeds, with the fastest models accelerating from 0-60mph in 1.5 seconds. BERG found this to be a little excessive for kids, so they have capped their speed at 16kmph! The E-BFR range of electric go-karts still move at relatively significant speeds. While they’re for kids aged 6+, we recommend supervision at all times. It’s worth noting that the E-BFR range is considerably more expensive, ranging from €1,799, so it’s not going going to be suitable for everyone.

Have any further questions or thoughts? Feel free to contact us today on 021 496 5132

How To Secure Your Trampoline

How To Secure Your Trampoline in High Winds

In Ireland, you didn’t often have to worry about how to secure your trampoline. But these past few years have seen increasingly extreme weather. While Dublin trampolines may have escaped this current round, the recent hurricane along the west coast has taken many of Ireland’s trampolines on unnecessary journeys. When the weather gets extreme, we have to make sure we’re not adding to dangerous debris that can get swept up and cause damage or injury. Not to mention the fact that we’ll lose some expensive pieces of outdoor equipment.  Here are a few tips to help avoid that.

How To Secure Your Trampoline in High Winds: Keep It Indoors

When possible, it’s always best to take the trampoline indoors when more extreme weather hits. We’ve all seen Twister — even cows are fair game! Unless you have a sunken trampoline, which has its underside sheltered and as it’s surrounded on all sides, it’s easier to hold down with weights, putting it at less of a risk of being lifted. If you don’t have a sunken trampoline and you don’t have the space to store it fully assembled, consider disassembling and keeping it in storage for a few days. 

Keep It In Shelter

If you can’t take your trampoline indoors, secure the trampoline in an area in your outdoor space that’s best sheltered from the wind. When the weather gets extreme, the surface area of your trampoline acts like a “wing”. It only takes so much wind force to lift the trampoline out of your garden and deliver it swiftly through the window of your neighbour’s greenhouse. Not fun.

Get a Trampoline Tie-Down Kit

In situations where the trampoline must stay indoors, the best solution is to secure it to get a trampoline tie-down kit. You can purchase a trampoline tie-down kit that is suitable for the size, make and model of your trampoline. Our BERG anchor kit is €45 and is compatible with all BERG models.

A tie-down kit uses large stakes with a corkscrew design. These are screwed into the ground, increasing the grip on the ground. Straps attach from the corkscrew stakes to the trampoline. Once set up, they’re hardly noticeable and can be left all-year-round.  When the weather gets extreme, you could also consider using sandbags on top of and around the legs of the trampoline.  

Have any questions or concerns? You can reach us today on 021 496 5132

best kids toys in 2019

The Best Kids Toys in 2019

The best kids toys in 2019 are those that get kids away from screens and outdoors. Kids need to be active, with fresh air and active play. Child obesity is becoming an epidemic worldwide, with obesity rates doubling between 1982 and 2008. There is a worrying correlation with the rise of computer games and the ease and accessibility of “convenience foods”. With that in mind, here are some kids toys in 2019 that’ll give them the best chance of a healthy, happy childhood.

The Best Kids Toys in 2019: Go-Kartsbest kids toys in 2019

In recent years there’s been a massive influx of electrically assisted transportation. Devices such as E-scooters have taken over the scene. Unfortunately, kids want the electrically assisted models. This means that a great chance to promote healthy activity for your kids could be taken away.  To help combat this, Berg has a whole range of Go-Karts available, whether you have a younger child or in the older age brackets up to 12 years of age. And we also stock Berg’s fully electric and hybrid models. We recommend a hybrid model as a good compromise if your child is adamant on the electrically assisted version.

Berg Trampolines

Trampolining is an ageless outdoor activity that’s just good enough to be an Olympic Sport. Kids absolutely love trampolines, and once there’s suitable caution and parently oversight, they can be an excellent way to encourage healthy activity in your kids. In addition to promoting flexibility and strength, children tend to exercise their creativity, developing their own imaginative games. Whether you’re looking for a trampoline in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland, we provide free delivery to your door.


While typically team sports tend to repel the quiet, introverted kids, many still get enjoyment out of basketball. Your kids can hone their skills dunking, jumping and throwing as a solo activity; Flexing their joints in the fresh air as nature intended. Of course, just one basketball ring is enough for a group to get a game going, making it extremely flexible, and one of the reasons why decades later, basketball is still up there as one of the best kids toys in 2019.

Most of our If you’d like more ideas for your kids, or you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact us on 021 4965 132

outdoor equipment

Outdoor Equipment

Whether you’re looking for play equipment so your kids can enjoy the outdoors or you’re a landscaper looking for the best quality equipment to get the job done, we provide plenty of outdoor equipment for everyone. Unlike on the continent, where there is a large enough population to have massive chains dedicated to outdoor pursuits. In Ireland, we must do our best to provide the best equipment available for the outdoors. We do this by providing a more versatile range.  Here are a few of our most popular items, many with free delivery anywhere in Ireland.


Playhouses have become a growing trend. Before the options were either DIY or buy something made from cheap moulded plastic, today we have incredible kits made from superior materials.  So if it’s a playhouse your kids are after, we provide high-quality playhouses created by EXIT. Their entry-level outdoor equipment bests most of the options available, in terms of design, quality and usability. If you’re looking for something higher range, they also provide the EXIT Loft playhouse range. The Loft 700 has a stunning finish and comes with a slide and sandpit. We can also comfortably recommend some of EXIT’s other outdoor children’s toys. 

Outdoor Equipment: Lawnmowers

If you’re a professional looking for lawnmowers in Cork or Dublin, check to see whether we provide free shipping to your location. We are stockists of Toro, Weibang and Stihl lawnmowers. The Weibang WB537SCV 3in1 – Shaft Drive Pro Lawnmower is a professional powerhouse with a 196cc engine that looks like something out of knight rider. Another machine to consider is the Toro Timemaster 30″ Self-Propelled. This has a 30″ cutting deck (compared with Weibang’s 22″, and has an extra bit of oomph thanks to its 223cc engine. This makes the Toro Suitable for larger gardens. If you’re seeking a tractor mower we may also be able to help; some models may not include shipping.

Outdoor Trampolines

While the wet weather has likely dampened thoughts of outdoor pursuits, the humble trampoline will never go out of style. If you’re looking for outdoor equipment such as a trampoline, look no further. We stock BERG’s incredible line of trampolines. And if you’re looking for a trampoline in Dublin we may be able to help you – with free shipping to your door.

childrens swings

Children’s Swings

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we aim to provide the best quality outdoor toys and children’s swings in Ireland. And to make things easy, we provide free shipping for most of our items. Whether you’re looking for sports toys or swing sets attached to a playhouse, we have it all. Here are three Children’s Swings that are also packed with other fun features to keep your kids active and fit while having loads of fun outdoors.

The EXIT Aksent 2-Seat Children’s Swing Setchildrens swings

The EXIT Aksent provides great fun for kids aged 4+. These two-seat children’s swings are attached to a Scandinavian-style playhouse, which also includes a sandpit and slide. This allows your kids to have fun and develop their creativity while playing. The versatility will have your kids creating their own games (all without getting too cranky when they wait their turn on the swings).  Because of the Aksent’s design, it makes what would normally be a fairly mundane swing set into an at-home play centre — and its beautiful construction makes it something of a garden feature relative to the typical plastic construction and build of other outdoor children’s toys.  

Children’s Swings: The EXIT Aksent 1-seat swing

The Aksent also comes with a single swing rather than two. This takes up significantly less space and is great if you have fewer children or you just lack space. It is just as easy to assemble as others in the Aksent range. And in addition to the playhouse offering support, the frame of the swing set is anchored firmly to the ground with metal connecting pieces.

The EXIT Aksent swing nest

This version of the Aksent children’s swing and playhouse is great for the youngest kids. The nest swing is safe to use, providing better support for younger tykes (with adult supervision, of course). It still provides all the other features of the Aksent. The sandpit, located beneath the playhouse, is large enough to keep kids busy and occupied in and of itself. But coupled with the Aksent’s other features, this is a no-brainer for anyone looking to encourage their children to enjoy outdoor activities away from the screens. 

We hope this gives you some ideas for your outdoor space. If you have any questions about our swing sets (or free delivery), please don’t hesitate to call us on 021 4965 132

sports gear

Sports Gear

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a lot of sports gear suitable for many situations, whether a community area or home. If you’re looking to pick something up, we also save you time by providing free shipping everywhere in Ireland. Just add whatever you need to your shopping cart and you’ll get it in a couple of days. Here are a few of our main items, including football and basketball gear.

Sports Gear: Basketball Backboard with ring

If it’s a basketball ring you’re looking for, we have a full selection by EXIT. This includes portable backboards with their own stand, or wall-mounted backboards for the house. We use EXIT basketball rings because they’re sturdy, durable and built to last. The portable version can use sandbags to provide support and stability. All versions have a net available and some versions have a flexible ring that springs when you perform a dunk.

Football Nets

If you’re looking for a football net, EXIT also has a full range. From the Flexx Popup for only €21 and  “Pico” portable, foldable sets for €104, right up to Scala 500cm x 200cm aluminium net. These football nets can accommodate various styles and ages. Whether it’s a quick kickaround in a field with friends or an organised children’s league, these nets are robust, built to last, and great craic.

Sports Gear: Football Rebounderssports gear

We also stock EXIT’s soccer rebounders, which can be excellent training tools for all ages. They allow you to change the angle so that, with the help of a coach or friend, you can get a nice angle to simulate corner throws and foot skills. To help with foot skills, there is also the EXIT Rapido Skills Trainer. This provides a boundary around you in which to practice switching, reacting, and passing, with springy panels that bounce the ball back to you quickly — even while alone.  These come in different sizes, with the XL having a larger area for older or more experienced players to improve football techniques and skills.

We hope this gives you an idea of some of our sports gear currently on offer (with free shipping). If you have any questions or would like to know what else we might have in stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 021 496 5132

playhouses with a slide

Playhouses with a Slide: 3 Great Options

At Douglas Forest and Garden we provide a full range of premium playhouses with a slide, as well as other outdoor toys. While the summer is coming to an end, now is actually one of the best times to consider one, since there can be great deals (and we offer free delivery anywhere in Ireland). We have a full range, especially if its a playhouse with slide you’re looking for. We list some highlights below, all of which are built using fine materials with as much of a focus on style as on function.

Playhouses With a Slide: the EXIT Aksent wooden play towerplayhouses with a slide

The EXIT Aksent range comes in four sets. This version is their simplest which has the playhouse with a slide, but no swing set. Other options include a double, single or nested swing set. EXIT build their playhouses so that they’re beautiful and long-lasting. They can also put up with our Irish weather. This is also the tallest platform at 1.2 metres, making it suitable for kids ages 3+ (with adult supervision, of course). 

The EXIT Crooky 350 wooden playhouse

The EXIT Crooky comes with a really fun cartoony vibe which kids love. This particular model has an elevated platform (.6m) on which the playhouse and slide rests. The slide is at this level so it’s best suited for younger children aged 3+.  There are also accessories available, such as a set of stools for picnics, a chalkboard set for playing school, and a kid for decorating the house.

The EXIT Loft 550 wooden playhouse

The EXIT Loft 550 Playhouse is loads of fun for kids and built with Cedarwood, making it beautiful to behold. Rather than becoming another unsightly lump of plastic taking over the garden, it becomes something of a feature.  The platform on the Loft is higher than the Crooky. With a height of .9m, it’s suitable for kids aged 3+. The Loft 550 also has a sandpit and is propped on a platform. 

If you’d like to view other outdoor toys check out our full range. If you have any specific questions about playhouses with a slide or any other model type, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call here on 021 4965 132

trampoline outdoors

Can You Leave Your Trampoline Outdoors All Winter?

As the summer is coming to an end and we offer free delivery of trampolines in Dublin, we’ve been asked once or twice whether it’s okay to keep a trampoline outside in the rain. We stock BERG trampolines because they’re hardy, long-lasting and able to take a beating outside for years. And they’ll definitely put up with poor Irish weather for sustained periods. If you’re planning to use your trampoline, by all means, keep it outdoors (though never use the trampoline when it’s stormy).

Leaving Your Trampoline Outdoors

Make sure to give regular sprays of oil to the steel parts. And bear in mind that even with a BERG trampoline, harsh weather will accelerate the deterioration of the materials. If you’re using the trampoline it’ll be worth it, but if you’re not using your trampoline, we’d recommend you keep it indoors or dismantle it if there’s a lack of storage space. In between uses, it’s best to consider using a trampoline cover to keep the materials protected and clean. It’ll also prevent a buildup of debris on the surface which can cause issues.

Trampolines Can Be Slippery When Wettrampoline outdoors

If you or your kids use the trampoline while wet, make sure to check the surface isn’t slippery. Especially if you leave it outdoors for a long period without use; It can develop a slippery layer from fallen leaves and other organic materials. Of course, you should always inspect the trampoline before each use (especially the padding).

Trampolines Can Also Be Bouncier When Wet

It’s true that a trampoline can have more ‘bounce’ when soaked. In sunnier climates, trampoline users sometimes intentionally hose down their trampoline to add weight and bounce. Very reminiscent of that Hollywood “summer water sprinkler vibe”. In Ireland, we usually have a slightly different view on getting wet outdoors. But if you go out with the intention of getting soaked it can be good fun (as long as you’ve your warm clothes ready for when you come back inside). Still, we’d always recommend you fully read the safety instructions on your trampoline and follow their guidelines. Even if someone on YouTube is doing something that looks fun, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to copy them so always check first.

We hope this answers some questions you might have. If you’re looking to order trampolines in Ireland, give us a call today on 021 4965132

types of tractor lawn mower

3 Types of Tractor Lawn Mower For Your Lawn

We’re occasionally asked about the different types of tractor lawn mower we have at Douglas Forest and Garden. We stock the best quality garden equipment for home and professional use. No matter the task at hand, whether it’s a small garden or a large field you need to manage, we have the right lawnmower, or ride-on lawnmower, to suit your needs.

Cub’s 3 Types of Tractor Lawn Mower

Cub made its name for its range of zero-turn tractors. Zero-turn tractors are a higher-end range that enables far more manoeuvrability and reduced turf damage. They require a lot more skill and attention when used as they’re less stable on inclines.types of tractor lawn mower The Cub XZ2 and XZ3 range are great for larger areas that require a flawless cut for larger areas. The ‘Gold Standard’ in Professional-level tractor lawn mowers is the Cub Cadet Z5. This is a beat, with a 1.5m cutting area. Compare this with Stihl’s 1.25, and you can see how this would make a difference over a large field.

Cub also provides two other types of tractor lawn mowers. The second is its range of side discharge tractor mowers. As you’d expect, these expel mulch to the side of the vehicle as it cuts. These are good for situations when you don’t need a perfectly tidy lawn or field; these models leave clippings behind on the green. These allow for much faster cutting times as you do away with the need to pause the work in order to empty a full grass box.

Compare these with the direct collect models which, again as you’d expect, drive the grass directly into a grass box fixed to the back in order to allow mulch collection and keep your lawn or field nice and tidy. The disadvantage to this is that you’re going to have vastly slower cutting times you as must make repeat stops to empty the full grass box. 

Stihl Has One Main Type of Tractor Lawn Mower

While Cub has a range of side-discharge models and a separate range of direct collect models, Stihl has a different setup and chooses to go with direct collect as standard. It also features a tow hitch so that you can use your tractor for towing larger trailers and other equipment.

We hope this clarifies any questions you may have about the different types of tractor lawn mower we have in stock. And if you’re looking for regular Lawnmowers in Cork, we may also be able to help you. Be sure to check out our stock or give us a call on 021 4965132

swimming pools for sale

Swimming Pools for Sale

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we supply some of the best-quality outdoor tools and toys for all ages. If you’re looking to buy a swimming pool in Ireland, we’re big fans of EXIT. We provide their full range of outdoor pools and currently have some of these swimming pools for sale. You can view their whole selection or if you want to read some of our top picks, read on!

EXIT Swimming Pools For Saleswimming pools for sale

EXIT Provides a range of great above ground swimming pools for sale, with sizes that are suitable for small to larger groups and families. The EXIT Wood Pool, with dimensions of 360x76cm, makes it suitable for adults and children alike (with supervision, of course). These have a solid construction, using a black steel frame. It uses a flexible but robust line that has a nice ‘wood’ pattern to it. And it comes with a filter pump and liner repair kit just in case. Currently on sale for just €175, it’s a bargain. 

The EXIT Wood Construction

Because it has a round design, it’s fairly sturdy and can last for years. The filter pump keeps the water filtered, fresh and clean. Though you may also want to use chlorine tablets (which we have available) if you plan to leave the pool out for extended periods. While the outside of the pool has the wood effect, the inside has a blue colour to give it that fresh “swimming pool” feel. 

You can also purchase accessories for the EXIT wood. As mentioned before, a chlorine dispenser is available and recommended. There are also test strips so you can manage the water effectively and ensure it’s comfortable for everyone at all times. And also a pool maintenance kit, since the filter can’t clean everything. Lastly, the EXIT Wood has a pool dome which allows you to keep the heat in and the wind off your back while you enjoy some time outside. 

We hope this gives you an idea of some of our offerings. Be sure to check out the rest of our swimming pools (you may also be interested in our hot tubs) and if you have any questions feel free to call us on 021 4965 132

exercise for kids

Exercise for Kids: 3 Tips To Get Kids Active

Exercise for kids is something we have to consciously consider these days. With technology encroaching on all aspects of our lives, from education to entertainment. As with any home and garden centre that supplies kid’s toys, we’re no stranger to active kids! And aside from seeing our own little monsters in action, we see every day that the best way to get kids out exercising is to create an environment that inspires active play.

1. Create an Environment that Encourages Exercise

One way to make children see the activity as a form of punishment (and thereby set them up for a stagnant lifestyle) is to try and enforce regimented, gym-style exercise on kids. Children are spontaneous. They’re creative. And they already get too much structure in the school system. While it can be clear when children need activity if we try to enforce it can have the opposite effect. Rather than enforcing activity, we must inspire play. The reality of our modern age, we have teams of attention experts working on making games as addictive as possible. So to inspire your children to an alternative, you need to up the ante. 

2. Outdoor Toys: Natural Exercise for Kidsexercise for kids

We see time and time again, that when you take your kids out of their normal environment (the sitting room with their computer games), they seek new forms of stimulation. When families visit our garden centre, children instantly seek stimulation and gravitate to the things they can play on. Whether it’s playing house with the outdoor furniture on display, or our range of kids outdoor toys (at least the ones we can safely leave out!), children are always able to create their own games given half an opportunity. 

Find out what your children are interested in. Maybe it’s basketball or football, or playing house. Maybe it’s racecar driving, or they just love to move. Whatever the case, when you create an environment that has exciting possibilities for play, you automatically inspire exercise. You don’t have to do anything to inspire activity. Activity will happen. 

3. After you’ve set up the right conditions, create boundaries

Once you have created exciting alternatives that inspire movement and imagination, you can safely declare certain times of the day as “no Playstation” or “not internet” periods. Or if they’re the rebellious type tell them that certain times of the day are “No playing outside” periods so they rebel in the right direction! 

We hope this gives you some ideas. Most of our children’s toys include free delivery anywhere in Ireland, so be sure to check them out. And if you have any questions, you can call us on 021-4965132.

best hot tub

Inflatable Jacuzzi: View Our Full Range

Inflatable Jacuzzis are growing in popularity here in Ireland. While a traditional jacuzzi needs serious planning to get it to become a fixture in your outdoor space, inflatable jacuzzis (hot tubs to be precise), aren’t going to take over your garden or yard. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stock one of the largest ranges of hot tubs in Ireland. View our full range of Lay-Z-Spa outdoor jacuzzis with a robust design and very easy setup. Here are some from our selection:

The Cheapest Inflatable Jacuzzi

The Cheapest Inflatable Jacuzzi, the Miami Airjet, comfortably seats four people. It’s suitable for couples and families, and it’s a great chance to to relax and unwind in hot, bubbly water with a soothing Airjet massage jet system (it has 81 individual AirJets to ease out those tense muscles).

The Miami Airjet has most of the features of our other hot tubs on sale. As with the other models, it has the advantage of portability, you really need no further excuse to enjoy the luxury of your very own spa.  As with the Maldives, it has a max temperature of 40°C. It has a Rapid Heating System, and as mentioned, 81 individual Lay-Z-Spa Airjet Massagers. As we’ve mentioned before, the Miami is by far the cheapest hot tub you can get at this level of quality.

hot tubs on sale



The Best Inflatable Jacuzzi for Larger Groups

The “Lay-Z-Spa Maldives” is our higher-end inflatable hot tub. It’s extremely relaxing thanks to its 8 hydro jets (the ones that massage your body), and 140 Airjets (the ones that give you the bubbles). As with most Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs, its max temperature is forty degrees Celcius. The thing about the Maldives is that it can comfortably hold up to six people at a time. 

Best inflatable jacuzzi

The Best Value Inflatable Jacuzzi 

The best value inflatable jacuzzi must be the Lay-Z Spa Vegas Pool.  Its chief advantage is its size, with the following dimensions: 196cm x 61cm. Because it’s one of the smaller of the options, you can fit it in many garden spaces. It comfortably seats up to four adults.  It can be easily assembled in about 10 minutes. Then it’s just a matter of leaving it to fill and heat. It has a relatively rapid heating system which warms water about 1.5-2°C degrees per hour up to a maximum of 40 degrees, so once it’s set up you might want to leave it to heat overnight. The downside of this hot tub is that, while it uses air jets to get you nice bubbles, it doesn’t have the water jets to give you that relaxing massage sensation.

best inflatable jacuzzi

We hope this gives you an idea of our range. We encourage you to view our full range of inflatable jacuzzis for sale. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 021-4965132

are electric shredders any good

Are Electric Shredders Any Good?

We sometimes have customers ask, “Are electric shredders any good?”.  The answer is that it depends on the make and model, and it depends on what you’re after. Garden shredders aren’t cheap, even ones designed for extremely minimal, domestic shredding. And people are rightly dubious of electric shredders. The lower-end models are built for very minimal work (and some brands don’t seem to be built for any work at all). 

Are Lower-End Electric Garden Shredders Any Good?

Lower-end models are suitable for domestic use where someone has a small garden with primarily hedging where the branches are thin and not very ‘woody’, or few small trees with slender branches. They aren’t good with heavy work. They will break down fast or the blades will wear down if used for extended periods, taking large loads. These lower-end brands and models will break down with one or two heavy uses. Typically, these lower-end models state their “max branch thickness” for intake. But this isn’t necessarily the optimal branch thickness. Many lower-end brands and models can only manage half the stated max branch thickness before grinding to a halt — or wearing the blades down with one or two uses. For this reason, if you have a larger garden or anything beyond minimal growth, you’re almost always better off going for a higher-end model.

The Stihl GHE 355 Electric Shredder

The GHE 355 is Stihl’s higher-end model electric shredder. The GHE 355 is going to be plenty for m

are electric shredders any good

ost domestic use cases. It works well on small to medium-sized gardens, though it’s not suitable for professional use. It’s more suitable for larger quantities of hard tree branches, woody brush and bushes. One of its most significant advantages over a petrol-driven shredder is its cost and its weight, at almost half the price of the lower-end petrol shredder. Weight wise the GHE 355 comes in at 30kgs whereas the 370S weighs 45kg thanks to its petrol engine. Both models are loud. They are over the safe usage limit of 80db, so we recommend you wear ear protection while operating any shredder.  

If you’re still unsure what’s best for your situation, feel free to give us a call today on 021-4965132

berg dublin

Berg Dublin: All Berg Trampolines and Toys

BERG is Dublin’s Go-to for outdoor Go-Karts and Accessories. We gladly stock all BERG products and recommend them for their durability and design. BERG has a reputation because their products last for years with minimal care. You can view our full range of BERG toys and accessories (Free Shipping to Dublin). Or read on for an overview of some of BERG Dublin’s best products.

BERG Trampolines

View our full range of BERG Trampolines with free shipping directly to your home.  BERG makes the most well-known “Regular” trampoline, the kind you raise up on legs. And they also build “In-Ground” and “Flat-Ground” trampolines. All BERG trampolines are built to last and require minimal maintenance.

We recommend “Flat Ground” trampolines if you want to maintain a tidy look to your garden while letting your kids (or you) have some fun. Rather than raising the trampoline on legs, you dig a hole beneath. This puts the jumping surface at ground level.  As with anything, there are pluses and minuses. The flat ground trampoline is tidier. And it lets your kids play more creatively since there isn’t a need to mount the platform. The downside is that a flat ground trampoline is unsuitable for younger children as there are no protective nets to keep them within the bouncing surface. 

If you have younger kids but you’d still like to have a lower profile, you can also consider BERG’s “In-Ground” range of trampolines. These also have the jumping surface at ground level, but they come with a safety net around the edges. 

BERG Dublin: Go-Kartsberg dublin

Our range of Berg Go-Karts caters for kids aged from ten months to twelve years old. For the youngest, we have the Berg GO² Blue. Suitable for ages 10-30 months, this tiny go-kart helps your toddler develop, starting with scooting and building up to pedalling.  The pedals fold down when your child is ready to use it.

There’s a range suitable for each age group up from toddler, including themed versions for all ages, such as the “BERG Buzzy Jeep” for the youngest kids and the Berg Jeep Revolution BFR-3  for ages 5+. Most of the older kids’ Go-Karts are also compatible with the full range of accessories, which range from trailers to passenger seats, loudspeakers, pallet forks and bulldozers. It’s safe to say that there’s plenty for everyone. 

Free Delivery to Dublin

We’re offering Free Delivery to Dublin for all BERG toys and accessories. Simply add what you’d like to the shopping cart, complete your order, and your kids will be in for a nice surprise within a couple of working days. If you need help choosing the right BERG toy for your kids, or you’d like more information regarding our delivery service, please give us a call on 021-4965132

stihl kombi for sale

Stihl Kombi For Sale

If you are looking for a Stihl Kombi for sale, we have three recommendations with free shipping. As all Stihl Kombis will power KombiTools, your choice is down to whether you need one for professional or domestic use. The higher-end models are more powerful and have less vibration and are built for long-term or professional use. You can also view our full range of Stihl Kombi engines.

The Stihl KM 131 Kombi for Sale €696.00 €599.00

The Stihl KM 131 is suited for professional use. As Stihls highest range kombi engine, it has significantly reduced vibration while providing excellent power output at 1.4/1.9 kW/bhp. This current sale puts the KM 131 at a lower price than the 111R. The KM 131 uses the updated 4-MIX engine. Naturally, as a kombi engine, it will power many different attachments for property and garden maintenance. The KM 131 is compact and easy to transport. As with all the other Stihl Kombis, it weighs in at just four and a half kilograms before adding extensions or fuel. The KM 131 can take up to .75 litres of petrol at a time while maintaining a comfortable weight and balance during your workday.

Stihl KM 94 RC-E €599.00 €499.00

The KM 94 is a domestic power tool. Its powerful engine outputs 0.9/1.2 kW/bhp. The kombi only weighs four kilograms, this is a great weight-to-power ratio for around the home. The KM 94 does not have the newer engine of the KM 131, and so there is roughly 15% more vibration levels. But since this is more for domestic use, this isn’t going to be much of an issue unless you’re doing extended periods of work day-in and day-out.

KM 56 RC-E Stihl Kombi For Sale €428.00 €299.00stihl kombi for sale

The KM 56 has a power output of 0.8/1.1 kW/bhp. A little less than the KM 94 and roughly 50% less power than the professional level KM 131. It weighs in at 4.3 kilograms, which makes it .3 kilograms heavier than the 94. This model works best in domestic use cases without prolonged intensive use. 

We hope this gives you a sense of some of our Stihl Kombi range. Remember that all Stihl Komibis for sale come with free shipping anywhere in Ireland. Be sure to check out the Stihl Kombi Attachments to see just how versatile these power tools can be. And if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on 021-4965132 and we will do our best to assist you.

power hose for sale

Power Hose For Sale

Looking for a power hose for sale? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are a supplier of Stihl products and offer free shipping for our power hoses. They’re one of the best out there, and one of their advantages is that they always provide a great range of products to suit each individual’s needs and budget. While you can view all our Stihl Power Hoses, here are a few on sale.

Stihl RE 143 Plus Power Hose  €832.00 €769.00

Since the RE 143 is the most expensive of Stihl’s power hose on sale, and so it is also the one for the biggest budget. Its hose is twice the length of entry-level power hoses. It operates at a max pressure of 140 bar, which is 40% greater than the entry-level model. So this tool is excellent for really difficult to remove problems like moss and slime build-up on decking. As with the other models, it comes with a detergent tank for when you want to wash the car or decking with soap. It uses lightweight aluminium for the telescopic handle, making it easy to handle.

Stihl RE 88 Power Hose on Sale for €214.00

The RE 88 will get the job done around your home, including the car, the deck, cleaning the yard and concrete. It has a six-metre high-pressure hose, can operate in a pressure range of 10-100 bar. While 40% less powerful, the RE 88 is relatively lightweight at only 9kg compared with the RE 143’s 27kgs. So it’s much better suited for around the home, especially for people with mobility issues or who just don’t want the hassle or need the extra power. 

Stihl RE 129 Plus €510.00 €449.00

While the other RE 143 can manage a max pressure of 140, the RE 129 is just shy of that with a pressure range of 10-135 bar. In terms of its weight, it’s very much ‘mid-range’ weighing in at 20kgs. Not as bulky as the 143 but nowhere near as portable as the RE 88. However, it is able to handle hot water with temperatures up to 60c compared with the RE 88’s 40. This means it’s going to be more efficient for cleaning decking and cars.  It has a 5-metre cable and a 9-metre pressure hose.

 We hope this gives you an idea of what is on offer. If you have any questions or would like to view our equipment in the store, please feel free to contact us on 021-4965132

the best robot mower

Best Robot Mower: Which Stihl iMow Is Best For You?

The Best Robot Mower is the best one for the task at hand. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we believe in the right tool for the job. Not everyone needs the newest, fastest, most powerful gadget. Sometimes less is more. So with that in mind, let’s talk about Stihl’s range of robot mowers

Stihl is one of our go-to manufacturers for professional and domestic gardening equipment. They have superior quality in everything they do, with robust materials built to last. Their robot mower range is no exception.  Stihl has a range of six different robot mowers ranging from entry-level for small gardens to a more professional level for large lawns.

The Best Robot Mower for Small-Medium Sized Gardens

The Stihl RMI 422 is the entry-level robot mower which can maintain lawns up to 800 square metres in size. Yet it’s still packed with nifty features. Once you install it, it’ll mow, recharge and schedule itself automatically. As with the other models, it mulches the grass rather than collecting it. Its cutting height can be adjusted between 2-6 centimetres. 

The Best Robot Mower for Gardens up to 3000 square meters

The Stihl RMI 632 can cover almost four times more than the entry-level robot thanks to a much larger lithium-ion battery. Aside from that, it shares most of the same features. It has the same cutting height of 2-6 centimetres. Its cutting width is about 33 percent larger than the 422 at 28 centimetres versus the 422’s 20cm. Its larger battery adds an extra five kilos to its weight so that the 632 is fourteen kilos versus the 422’s nine.

The Best Robot Mower for Lawns Up To 5000 square metresthe best robot mower

The Stihl 632 can cover the largest area while also satisfying gadget lovers. The 632 allows you to control the iMow using a smartphone app. This lets you change your mowing plan, check on its status, or tell it to delay a mowing session if it’s not a convenient time (Sunday mornings for example!).

As you know, robotic mowers aren’t toys (at least not toys for children). So during its active times, young children, bystanders and animals need to be kept clear of the working area. Please refer to the operating instructions for further information.

Thank you for reading. We hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 021-4965132

loading ramps

Loading Ramps

Loading ramps are essential if you’re using a small vehicle for work, such as a tractor mower. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a range of small vehicles that may require carriage for a job. We sell small vehicles like tractor mowers, and Forzaline’s aluminium curved van ramps are ideal for this task. As you’d expect, they come as a set of two. The van ramp’s length is two metres, and each ramp is .2 metres in width. The max load of the combined ramps is 400kg which is more than enough to handle most tractor mowers.

loading rampsForzaline Loading Ramps

The arched aluminium loading ramps are very lightweight. This makes it easy to load your tractor mower or vehicles up onto your trailer. Straps that come with the ramp are used to keep your ramps secure to your trailer without them sliding away when you’re loading and unloading.  The loading ramps are ideal for heavier vehicles that are lower to the ground. It has a rough surface to maintain grip while you’re travelling up. 

The aluminium is corrosion resistant, it’s easy to load up, take off, store away. And it has far less weight than the typical steal ramp but still able to handle a large capacity of up to 400kg. You can use the ramps with a van or a trailer. If you use something like an American-style pickup truck with a tailboard, be aware that hinged doors can slip or break under a load. Ensure that the tailboard is fully secured and able to handle the weight before you use the ramps.

Loading Ramp Safety Tips

Never drive a vehicle up the ramps. Your vehicle’s wheel torque may pull the ramps away from underneath it. The vehicle must be put in neutral and towed onto the vehicle. Take extra care to ensure nobody is directly behind the vehicle when you are pushing it onto the trailer or van, and ensure there is ample space behind you so that no persons or property are at risk. Once your ride-on mower or vehicle is loaded to your trailer or van we recommend you strap it down.

We hope this helps. If you’d like to view the ramps or speak to someone about your needs, please give us a call today on 021 4965 132.