48″ Plug Aerator


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This plug-type aerator from Agri-Fab is best used in the late autumn or spring, when the moisture content of the turf is at its highest. It employs a set of 32 coring-points (four per-spool) that remove ¾-inch plugs from the lawn, in turn allowing sunlight, air, moisture and nutrients to penetrate the root system, while also loosening-up compacted soil. When undertaken regularly, this process will leave you with an enviably lush and green-looking lawn.

Thanks to its 140lbs weight-tray, the Agri-Fab 45-0299 is capable of penetrating the toughest soil-types (the coring-points are made from heat-treated steel, so they won’t buckle or break under heavy loads). It has a generous 48-inch working-width, so you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground with each pass.

The Agri-Fab 45-0299 Plug-Type Towed Aerator runs on a pair of wide-profile pneumatic tyres that provide traction and manoeuvrability, while also being gentle on the turf. The aeration-spools can be raised from the driver’s with a single cantilevered handle; and the aeration-depth can be adjusted up to 3-inches, to suit the application. A universal hitch-pin is included.

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  • Allows the turf to ‘breathe’ and loosens compacted soil
  • Aeration knives made from heat-treated steel for durability
  • Adjustable working-depth
  • 48” working-width for the fast coverage of large areas
  • Wide-profile pneumatic tyres won’t damage the lawn surface
  • Weight tray holds up to 140lbs for increased soil penetration
  • Suitable for use with all makes of ride-on mower
Aerator TypePlug
Towing MechanismHitchpin and Hole
+Working Width122cm
+Aeration DepthDown to 75mm
+Blades8 with a Total of 32 Hollow Coring-Points
Weight TrayYes - 80kg Capacity
Transport HandleYes
+AxleHeavy Duty
+Wheels255mm x 100mm - Solid Tyres
+DimensionsL: 89cm x W: 132cm x H: 91cm
Warranty3 Years