Avenli Dipping Test Strips (50 Pack)
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Avenli Dipping Test Strips (50 Pack)

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  • 3 in 1:Swimming pool precision test strip, each test strip can be tested at the same time: Total Chlorine, test range 0-1-3-5-10; PH, test range 6.8-7.2-7.4-7.6-8.0-8.4; Total Alkalinity , The test range is 0-40-80-120-180-240.
  • Moisture-proof packaging:Each one is packed in 5 small aluminum foil bags, 10 pieces in aluminum foil bag, 50 test papers per bottle
  • Easy to use:It is also very simple for first-time users, just take a piece of test paper and immerse it in water for about 2 seconds, remove it and put it flat, and compare the reading with the color card after 15 seconds.
  • Health Test: It is recommended to test at both ends of the pool twice a week to obtain the best results, so that you can know whether the pool water is in a healthy and clean state.
  • Application:Suitable for drinking water, aquariums, swimming pools and spas, sewage and other liquids. It can also be used to test hot tub water, it will work normally.

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Name: 3in1 pool PH test paper
Size: 9.5*7*3.5cm
Test Range:
Free chlorine test range: 0~10ppm
pH test range: 6.8~8.4
Total alkalinity test range: 0~240ppm
Quantity: 50 pcs

1.Test free chlorine/bromine, pH, total alkalinity.
2.The color difference is obvious, and it is easy to compare the color of the strip with the color table.
3.Test on both ends of the pool twice a week for best results.
4.Immerse in water for instant reading and place in a container that is easy to store.