Cobra 24v Pressure Washer with Attachments

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The Cobra PW18024V 24v Li-ion cordless pressure washer can be used anywhere without access to electricity and a water supply. Simply submerge the hose and filter into any vessel containing water, attach your 24v Cobra battery and you are ready to clean.
› 1x 24v Li-ion Battery & Charger
› 2.0Ah Battery Capacity
› 180L/h Rated Flow Rate
› 2.2Mpa Rated Pressure (High)
› 0.8Mpa Rated Pressure (High)
› 4m Hose with Water Filter / Storage Bag Included
› Long Variable Spray Lance / Soft Brush & Wheel Brush Heads
› 5-in-1 Variable Spray Head / 1.8kg Weight (Including Battery)


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The Completely Portable Pressure Washing
System From Cobra

The Innovative PW18024V pressure washer is powered by Cobra’s 24v Li-ion cordless system. Unlike traditional pressure washers powered by electricity or petrol, the PW18024V is completely portable! You don’t even need a mains water supply. Simply drop the supplied hose and filter into a vessel containing water (a bucket

24v Cordless Pressure Washer with Attachments

The multitude of attachments will quickly and effectively clean cars, bikes, patios, garden furniture and much more. The battery is also compatible with the entire range of Cobra 24v garden tools.

5-in-1 Variable Spray Head
The shorter 5-in-1 spray head has 5 spray settings for cleaning and rinsing.
Variable Spray Long Lance
The extended variable spray lance will deliver either a strong jet or fine spray.
4m Hose with Water Filter
Submerge the 4m hose and filter in any water source, and your ready to go.
Stiff Wheel Brush Lance
The Wheel brush head is perfect for removing more stubborn dirt.
Soft Bristle Brush Lance
The soft brush head will gently remove dust, dirt and debris from any surface.
Foam Jet Nozzle Lance
Add detergent to the bottle to spray foam onto the item you are cleaning.