Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Airjet Hot Tub


  • 40°C Rapid Heating System
  • Suitable for Up To 7 People
  • Innovative Freeze Shield™ Technology for all-year use
  • 87 AirJet™ Massage System
  • Inflated walls made from ultra-rigid Drop Stitch material
  • Up to 2 Year Warranty


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Introducing the all-new Helsinki AirJet™. The future of hot tubs. This Nordic inspired spa features the new and unique Freeze Shield™ technology so you can now enjoy your hot tub all-year-round. From warm summer days to icy cold winter nights, the Helsinki AirJet’s innovative pump ensures you can experience true relaxation 365 days a year. This coupled with the ultra-strong Drop Stitch construction with realistic wooden design, sets a new standard in hot tubs and is totally unique from anything else on the market.

Suitable For Up To 7 People

Suitable for up to 7 adults, the Helsinki AirJet’s spacious surroundings can be enjoyed by you, your friends and your family. Including a cushioned insulated floor and generous seating area, you can really stretch out and relax.

New Freeze Shield™ Technology

Freeze Shield™ technology is a brand new market leading development, unique to Lay-Z-Spa. For the first time ever, inflatable hot tubs can be used all year-round; from the warm summer months to the coldest winter nights. Freeze Shield™ technology allows you to set the pump to run at a low temperature, in a power saving mode for long periods of time using minimal energy whilst ensuring that water temperature does not freeze (the pump must be powered at all times).

87 AirJet™ Massage System

Activate the 87 AirJet™ massage system and surround yourself in thousands of therapeutic bubbles in seconds. At the touch of a button the Helsinki can deliver an intense full-body massage that will help to relax your muscles and lower your stress levels.

40°C Rapid Heating System                                          

Re-invigorate your body and mind in water temperatures of up to 40°C. Able to heat, massage and filter at the same time, simply choose the temperature of your choice and the thermostatically regulated rapid heating system will do the rest.

Premium Drop Stitch Material

Inspired by traditional Nordic hot tubs, the Helsinki’s unique exterior uses ultra-rigid Drop Stitch material for long-lasting strength and durability. This coupled with its beautiful realistic wooden design, helps you to embrace the true Nordic lifestyle. The Helsinki also comes complete with a protective spa cover combined with insulating inflatable lid and double-lock securing clips.

5 Minute Setup

Taking less than 5 minutes to inflate using the supplied pump heater and hand pump, you can start enjoying the Helsinki in just three simple steps. Inflate, fill and then relax as you lower yourself into your very own hot tub. Putting away or transporting is just as easy. Simply empty and deflate and transport to your new location with no specialist equipment or extra costs required.

New Advanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount and that’s why all Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs include market leading safety measures. Unique to Lay-Z-Spa, the Ground Fault Detection System constantly monitors for a safely earthed power supply. Combined with the improved ultra-sensitive Portable Residual-Current Device (RCD) for secure double-layered protection, you can enter your spa with total peace of mind.

Chemical Care Made Easy

The new integrated ChemConnect™ dispenser makes hot tub chemical maintenance easy. Able to be attached to the internal wall of your spa, simply add multifunction chlorine tablets and adjust to determine chemical release.

Dedicated UK Customer Service & Up-To 2 Years Warranty

The Helsinki AirJet includes up-to 2 years warranty on the pump and up to 1 year warranty on the liner when you extend your warranty for free, as well as access to our dedicated UK support team as standard.


  • Digitally Controlled Heater Pump with Integrated Water Filtration & Airjet System
  • Inflatable Tub with Soft Cushioned Floor
  • Inflatable Lid with Top Cover
  • 2 x Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Filter Cartridges
  • 1 x Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Chemical Floater
  • Repair Patches
  • Access to a Dedicated UK Bestway Aftersales (Customer Support) Team


Item No:



5 – 7 Adults

Water Capacity (80%):

1123 Litres (297 Gallons)

Inflated Size:

1.80m x 66cm (71″ x 26″)

Filled Weight:

1,155kg (2,548lb)

Cable Length:

7m approx.


220-240V~50Hz, 2,060W at 20°C, Class II

Actual Water Flow:

1,325 litres per hour (350 Gal/h)

Max. Heat Capability:

40°C (104°F)


CE / EAC approved

Box Dimensions & Weight:

1 Colour Box: 1 ea. 39.5kgs (87lb)

How Easy Is The Helsinki To Set Up?

Very easy! The Helsinki only takes around 5 minutes to set up and up to 1-2 hours to fill with water depending on your water pressure. You inflate the Lay-Z-Spa using the pump and you don’t need any tools.

How Much Does The Helsinki Cost To Run?

We estimate that it costs around *£7 – £10 a week to run the Helsinki based on feedback we have had from our customers (*this is an estimate and does not take into consideration specifics such as electricity supplier and use frequency).

Does The Helsinki Have A Warranty & UK Support Team?

Yes to both! Our standard warranty for the Helsinki AirJet is 2 years on the pump and 6 months on the cover & liner, which you can extend by 50% for free by registering with us (details in the box). We have a free UK based support team who are fully trained to help Lay-Z-Spa owners.

Does The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Plug Into A Normal UK Socket?

Yes, all Lay-Z-Spas are designed to plug into a standard UK 13amp/240V electrical supply. We advise that you always use an RCD protected socket (like those installed in your home) and not an extension lead. The Helsinki comes with a 7 metre power cable.

Do You Need To Put Chemicals In The Water?

Yes, it is essential to use chemicals in your Lay-Z-Spa. We have a helpful First Time Hot Tub Owner Guide to Chemicals and we recommend Clearwater Chemicals which are designed with Lay-Z-Spas in mind.

Can You Put The Helsinki Indoors?

Lay-Z-Spas are suitable for use both outdoors and indoors. Most of our customers set them up in their gardens on artificial or normal grass, on a patio or in a summer house. For use indoors, you should take particular time and care to consider factors such as drainage and ventilation.

How Long Does The Helsinki Take For The Water To Heat Up When You First Fill It?

This can vary depending on the temperature of fresh water that goes into your spa and the ambient air temperature. On a typical summer’s day in the UK, it can take on average 6-12 hours to heat the water to 40°C. Once the water is up to your desired temperature, the pump can be left on, efficiently heating the water.