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Tree Rigging Equipment

Tree Rigging Equipment for Professions

As providers for tree rigging equipment for professional arborists, we’re always keeping our ear to the ground, looking for new equipment that can provide superior to weight ratios, that meets standards through rigorous safety testing, and can do all that for a reasonable price. So with that in mind, we have a couple of new pieces of rigging equipment in our arsenal. Let’s have a look.

Stein Stainless Steel Rigging Pulley

The Stein Stainless Steel Rigging Pulley comes in at just 1.5kgs, with a 182mm length and  100 mm width; this polished stainless steel pulley has a minimum breaking strength of 100 kN.

Tree rigging equipment: ISC Hot Forged Pulleys

When it comes to small rigging pulleys, ISC always looks to bring more strength into a smaller package. It weighs 1.6kg and has a minimum breaking strength of 100 kN. Thanks to its hot forging technology, the ISC Small Hot Forged Pulley  gives you maximum security and strength. It uses high-quality materials and components to deliver a robust system. Rope wear is always a concern. ISC tackles this with its rounded edges and high-efficiency self-lubricating bushings to help keep the friction (and temperature wear) as minimal as possible. In addition, it has a spring-lock closure mechanism and corrosion-resistant anchor pin. The impressive strength-to-weight ratio delivers exceptional load-bearing capability. The ISC Small conforms to EN12278:2007* and is CE certified to the EU Machinery Directive 2005. Dimensions are 182 x 100.

The ISC Mini Hot Forged Pulley

ISC is always looking to bring more strength into a smaller package. They reduced the ISC mini‘s weight by 1/3rd compared to its small forged pulley, giving you a weight of 400 grams, and it has a minimum breaking strength of 85 kN. Its dimensions are 126L x 76w, and like its bigger counterpart, it is fitted with a spring-lock closure mechanism.

Other Equipment

It’s always good to have a few extra krabs. Our range of steel karabiners provide solid safety for yourself or your equipment; we offer a full range that is all tested for safety and quality. As with all of our climbing equipment, our priority is to professionals working in the arborist business.

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